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Huggle Review

Huggle Review
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Active Audience 51%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 18-45
Profiles 1 000 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 7.9
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The dating app is free to use.
  • You can find your dating partner fast.
  • The platform takes care of user's privacy and safety.
  • The app encourages location-based dating and friendship.
  • Huggle can be used for serious and one-night relationships.
  • The platform may be unsuitable for the small towns.
  • Self-authentication process
  • You must sync all information from your Facebook account during registration.

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If you want to find people who are ready to start real-life relationships as soon as possible, the Huggle dating app is probably what you need. The purpose of this dating app is to unite people based on the places they have recently visited.

To start using the app, you need to register and create a profile. The whole procedure will take several minutes, and it’s quite simple. Still, one thing must be taken into account – the registration is only allowable for people who have reached the age of the majority. If you are less than 18, you can’t register on this dating platform.

The platform is suitable both for straight people and for representatives of the LGBT. Harassment is strictly forbidden on this dating platform.

The Huggle dating platform is relatively new on the dating market. It was launched in 2016. The founders of this dating app are the blogger Valerie Stark and Model Tina Sanders.

Like any other dating platform, the Huggle has both advantages and dis

advantages. Let’s start with the advantages of seeing what benefits it can give to its users:

  • The dating app is free to use.
  • You can find your dating partner fast.
  • The platform takes care of user’s privacy and safety.
  • The app encourages location-based dating and friendship.
  • Huggle can be used for serious and one-night relationships.

Apart from the advantages, several disadvantages can also be distinguished:

  • The platform may be unsuitable for small towns.
  • Self-authentication process
  • You must sync all information from your Facebook account during registration.

Though the Huggle platform has several disadvantages, it’s still worth trying because the number of advantages it has for its uses is prevailing. The main advantage is that this app is free to use.

Huggle Review

When Was Huggle Founded?

As it was already mentioned, the app was launched in 2016. For a short period of work, it has already gained popularity. More and more users join the Huggle app every day. The apps headquarter in London, the UK.

Who Owns Huggle?

The Huggle app was invented by Valerie Stark and Tina Sander. Cooperating with Andrey Andreev, they were managed to make this dating app quite popular. Recently, the Badoo, another famous dating app, has announced that it has acquired the Huggle app.

Registration & Profile

To register on Huggle, you need to have a Facebook account. So if you don’t have it, you need to register on Facebook first. The registration is simple and requires only five minutes of your time.

Creating an account is easy; you only need to apply a “Continue With Facebook” button. In this way, you will allow the app to use your Facebook information for creating a Huggle profile. You shouldn’t be worry because the app will make visible only your basic information such as your name, age, and profile photo.

It should be mentioned that the app performs a strict procedure of photo verification. The photo must show your face; nude photos are prohibited. Group photos and pictures of children are also forbidden.

Everything is quite simple with the Huggle, as you can see. After the registration is finished, you can start searching for your ideal partner immediately. Your profile page can be linked to Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.

Registration & Profile


Once you have found a perfect match, you can start a conversation with your potential partner. You can start talking about the preferred places you have recently visited, and the place you would like to visit in the future. You can send photos and videos of places you have visited too. If someone on the platform seems rude or annoying, you can easily block this member by clicking the block button that can be found on the profile page.

To start communication on the platform, just send a message to a person you would like to communicate with. Messaging is possible if a person you liked on this dating platform liked you back. It must be mentioned that this dating platform offers free options. Though other dating platforms provide most of the communication options only to premium users, Huggle offers all its features for free. So, register on Huggle to start meeting interesting people from all over the world free of charge.

How to Search for People on Huggle?

It’s not difficult to start searching for partners on Huggle. The platform offers basic and advanced search options. Advanced search means that you can search for a person according to refined criteria. You can apply such search parameters as gender, age, online now, and so on. Local search is also available. It must be mentioned that this dating app is location-oriented. Local search is used when one wants to find a person who lives in his/her area.

How to Delete a Huggle Account?

If you want to delete your account for some reason, you can delete it at any time by going to the settings and choosing the appropriate button. The app saves your data for about 30 days. During this time, you can re-activate the account. When you delete your account, the dating site has the right to cancel your content.

How to Delete a Huggle Account?

Membership Structure

Most of the users of Huggle are people who reside in the USA. However, the platform welcomes users from other countries to join this platform. The app is also popular among users from the UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

There are more male users on the platform. But the difference is not significant. 55% of the users are men, while the other 45% of the users are women.

The platform is popular among young and middle-aged users. Though, quite senior users can also be met on the platform. The registration is allowable only if a person is 18 and more.

Sexual Preferences

As for the sexual preferences of Huggle users, the platform invites people with traditional, gay, and lesbian sexual orientations. Everyone has equal rights and obligations on the platform. Harassment and insult are strictly prohibited. However, it should be noted that most of the users on Huggle are straight singles.

Race and Ethnicity

Users of any race and ethnicity can join this dating platform. During registration, the dating app doesn’t ask you to specify your race and ethnicity. People from all over the world use this dating app. Most of the users are from the USA, though the platform is also popular among users from the UK, Germany, Canada, and even Morocco.

Religious Orientation

Some religious-based dating sites encourage members to follow religious canons. Things are different with Huggle. People belonging to any religion can join this great dating platform. During registration, the dating site doesn’t ask to provide information about your religious identity. Therefore, it means that this dating app welcomes users of any religious belonging to get the benefits of this dating platform.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

Unlike other dating platforms that provide their users free and premium memberships, the Huggle is fully free to use. There are no tariff plans or paid subscriptions. There are dating platforms that position themselves as free dating sites, but they have hidden charges. Things are different with Huggle. The platform offers all its features absolutely for free. Both Android and iPhone users can download and install the app and start dating other users of the platform free of charge.

Free Membership

The Huggle provides its users with free services. It means that only free membership is available on Huggle. You don’t need to pay additional fees to use the special features of the app. You can register, create a profile, start searching and contacting other members of the platform absolutely free of charge.

A paid membership is not provided on Huggle. All options can be used for free. Unlike other dating platforms that have hidden fees, this dating app allows using all of its basic and advanced features free of charge. No tariff plans and no hidden charges are on the Huggle.

How to Cancel Huggle Paid Subscription?

Most dating sites and apps have paid subscriptions that are automatically renewed. One must disallow the membership before the expiry of the current period. Since the Huggle app doesn’t have any pricing policy, users shouldn’t cancel paid subscriptions.

How to Cancel Huggle Paid Subscription?

Is Huggle Safe?

The Huggle is a safe dating platform. It has a strict user policy regarding the safety of its users. First of all, if the users are not registered on the platform, they can’t view the profiles of other members. This provides a basic level of security. Secondly, the platform performs a strict verification procedure. In this way, the app tries to reduce the number of fake accounts. All the users’ data is encrypted via an SSL connection. It makes it technically impossible to intercept the users’ messages or data. Moreover, the block option is also available. You can block or report to the app’s administrators if one of the users seems suspicious to you. The blocked user can’t view your profile and can’t contact you anymore.

Though the platform has a strict safety policy, the fake accounts can still be met. Sometimes, scammers create them to get a financial benefit from other users. So, every user must follow some simple safety rules not to take the scammers’ bait. First of all, never provide your personal information or upload it on your profile page. Secondly, carefully check the user’s profile before you start communicating with him/her. The fake accounts are not very informative, as a rule. Thirdly, read the users’ reviews before you join the dating platform. They will help to understand whether the platform is safe or not.

Quality of Profiles

The registration on Huggle implies that a user must link his/her Facebook account. All the users’ basic information is added from the Facebook account; that is why they don’t need to fill it in manually. The Facebook photo will also be displayed on the user’s profile page. Still, the users can change and add the photos after their registration. It’s recommended to add clear photos without blemishes. It will help make the profile more attractive for other users encouraging them to visit your profile page. This can help to find your perfect partner in the shortest possible time. Remember, the Huggle performs a photo verification procedure. Group or nude photos are strictly prohibited.

Quality of Profiles

Website Design And Usability

The interface of the Huggle is user-friendly, and it’s easy to navigate. The main colors of the app’s interface are blue and white. The colors are bright but not irritating. The sections are well-organized. All is quite well-structured on this dating platform. As was already mentioned, the platform is easy to navigate. So, even if you are not a tech-savvy user, it won’t be difficult for you to understand how everything works on this platform.

This dating platform is only available on mobile devices. The desktop version is not provided.

How Does Huggle Work?

To start using the Huggle app, you need to register first. The registration is simple and requires only several minutes. You need to link your Facebook account to register on this dating app. After the registration is finished, start searching for your ideal partners. The platform offers basic and advanced search options. Huggle is a location-based dating app; that is why location search is also provided. Location search is performed when a user wants to find potential partners who live near him/her. After you’ve found someone you would like to communicate with, you can contact this person by sending a message. All the communication options are provided for free on this dating platform. So, register and start communicating with strangers on the platform to find your perfect match.

Huggle App

Huggle is a mobile app. The desktop is not provided. All users can download this dating app both on their Android and iOS devices. The download and installation are performed free of charge.

Nowadays, more and more people prefer dating on the move using their mobile devices. Huggle’s owners keep up with the times; that is why they have created a free dating app for convenient dating on the go. It’s very easy to use the app. It’s well-structured, and everyone can easily understand how it functions. The main thing is to check the stability of your Internet connection.

So, download and install the Huggle app for free and start enjoying communicating with interesting people on the platform.

Huggle App

Alternatives of Huggle

If you are in search of similar to Huggle dating platforms, this shortlist of dating platforms can be helpful for you.

  • Hinge is a perfect dating app for those who are in search of serious relationships. The platform has millions of users, and it can boast cool dating options. This dating app offers its users free and paid memberships. The prices are quite affordable on Hinge.
  • Badoo is a great modern dating platform. It has a fairly extensive set of free functions, so you don’t have to sign up for a paid subscription to feel comfortable on the platform. You can rate photos, write messages, and view profiles for free. Still, if you want to get even more options, you need to purchase a premium membership.
  • Coffee Meets Bagel is a mobile dating app for those who want to meet interesting people online and find long-lasting relationships. The platform has millions of users ready to date. The app has free and fee-based options. Not to be limited to this dating platform, it’s better to acquire a premium subscription. The prices are upper average.

This is just a small list of dating apps that can be used to find your perfect partner. Still, the Huggle dating platform has one significant advantage. Unlike other dating platforms, all its options can be used absolutely free of charge


Is Huggle safe?

Huggle is exceptionally safe compared with most dating sites. The profile photos and information are verified by extensive cross-checking. Huggle’s set-up and search process leave little opportunity for fraudsters and scammers to gain a toe hold on the site. Profile information keeps to essential details, and no financial information links to the app.

Is Huggle a real dating site?

Huggle is primarily a friendship site with the option to meet potential dates. Huggle has been around since 2015 and uses geolocation to match and introduce people to each other. You can indicate you are open to dating and meet other members with this intention.

How to use Huggle?

The verification process with Huggle takes around five minutes, but your profile information transfers from your other social media sites. You can sign-up and be active on Huggle in five minutes.

When you log in to Huggle, you get a selection of people who visit the same places as you. You assess with a swipe to the left (no) or right (yes) to indicate an interest in getting to know them. If they are interested in getting to know you, they will swipe right on your profile. Then the two of you can start to build up a relationship through an exchange of messages. When you are comfortable with each other, you can arrange to bump into each other at one of your mutual favorite spots.

Is Huggle free?

Huggle is a free app to download and use in iOS, Android, and Windows.

Does Huggle really work?

Huggle will show you profiles of people who visit the same places as you. Huggle works as a way of getting in touch with people in your area for fun and friendship. Huggle will only work for you if there are people in your area who have joined Huggle.


If you want to find people who prefer vising the same places as you are, the Huggle dating app is what you need. To start using this dating platform, you need to register via your Facebook account. The whole registration procedure takes several minutes. Huggle is a free dating app, so you don’t need to pay for using its dating options. This dating platform offers only a mobile app; the desktop is not provided. The Huggle mobile app can be used both by Android and iOS users.

The platform is safe. It provides a strict procedure of verification. All the users’ data is encrypted, so it’s impossible to intercept it. Moreover, any user can block another user if his/her behavior seems inappropriate.

The platform welcomes users from all countries. People of all religions and sexual preferences can use this dating app.

So, if you are searching for a free dating app where you can meet hundreds of interesting people, pay your attention to Huggle. It’s really worth trying.


Contact Information

Company: Huggle App (UK) Limited

Address: The Broadgate Tower, Third Floor, 20 Primrose Street, EC2A 2RS London, the United Kingdom

E-mail: [email protected]

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