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Dabble Review

Dabble Review
About Site
Active Audience 65%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 43 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Fun app, nice features
  • Easy interface
  • Easy sign-up
  • Nice promotional videos on Youtube
  • Available only in the iTunes store. No way of getting the app outside the Apple environment
  • No availability outside North America

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That’s what ducks usually do to feed themselves — dabbling may give you second thoughts about a date if a date is the main goal for you. Of course, dabbling might be just a fun way to spend some time on your phone, chatting with someone even without any ideal end of that chat.

Watch the “Quill and Dabble” video on Youtube, and you will immediately understand what Dabble’s purpose is. If you would like to know if you will get the same lightness and irony form the real app, follow up through this review and learn all the features of this app and how it works. Let’s dive in!

When Was Dabble Founded?

Here’s a fun fact. Dabble.xyz, not to be confused with a million other websites with the same domain name, was officially born in 1997. Well, how could it be possible you haven’t ever heard about it, yet?

The domain was bought in 1997, but the website is new in its graphics, modern, usable, and very fast. The company owning it was founded in 2015, and that’s when our Dabble story begins. Right now, the app is experiencing some issues, check on the next paragraph to learn more about this, before we get started.

When Was Dabble Founded

Who Owns Dabble?

Inspired Logic Inc., as we said, was founded in 2015. There used to be Twitter and Facebook accounts for Dabble, but right now, they have been suspended, on Twitter, or more generally closed, on Facebook.

The only active account they have is on Instagram, but as you can see, the posts go back to 2018. As we are writing this review, the app is no maintained. It is still downloadable from the US and iPhones, but there are few people online, and Customer Support is not answering.

Maybe after they have launched it, they stopped doing marketing and keeping it maintained. Still, we will write about its features, hoping that one day they will go back on their feet.

Registration & Profile

Dabble offers you to sign-up without effort, in a few moments. As it usually happens in dating websites, you won’t spend that much time writing all about you before the subscription.

You just go to your app store and download the app. In the unlikely case you are living outside the US: you won’t be able to download Dabble. If you are living in the US, but you are not able to see the app, try looking for “Dabble dating” key phrase, or “dabble before you date.”

No life signs from Mars? Ok, we guess they have stopped the app for maintenance, as we suppose they will do soon enough: Dabble doesn’t have many users right now, and they are not doing that much marketing campaigns at the moment.

Well, we have managed to sign in after having downloaded the app. A beautiful white interface will display on your screen, and you will see all the features displayed on your phone screen. Let’s get through them.

Registration & Profile


Chatting and dabbling sound easy, but when you are there, the other person can annoyingly ghost you because of something rude you have said. So, take a look at the interface, and we will see together the best ways you can communicate with a person.

At the top right of the screen, there’s the chat tab. When you receive a notification, an orange dot will appear on it. Pretty easy, uh? There’s no magnifying glass icon to browse profiles, but we will list later some search features available here.

Once you have a match with someone, or when someone answers you back, you can freely chat with them, without any limitation. A good icebreaker might be the gift you send to people.

You can buy gifts using the Dabble’s currency, the small credits you can see at the top left of the screen. Once you have signed up for free, your balance should be zero. You can either buy credits or earn them by socially good behavior. The credits are indeed called “karma points,” and they are the way the app rewards you and asks you to stay.

Right now, it is quite hard to earn karma points, as there are not that many users online. We hope things will get better one day.


How To Search For People On Dabble?

No magnifying glass icon, as we have said prior. You will be able to see all the profiles in front of you as soon as you have signed-up, update your profile, and upload a profile picture.

Always remember, before you search, what you feel when meeting a totally blank profile. Some people become Ghostbusters instantly, and they swipe “no” to those grey silhouettes.

Let’s introduce you to a new feature! Meet the swipe function, pretty common among dating apps. Sometimes a swipe option will enable you to send a “like” to a person, and if the “like” is mutual, you can start a chat.

Here it’s not necessarily a two-way communication. You need to like this. Let us explain: here on Dabble, you can raise your karma level – remember, the karma points? – by sending a gift to a person.

So, here the “chat” and the “search” sections are quite similar, and they get along well with each other. You can’t search in a “normal” way, you can swipe, though, and you can send out messages before they swipe you back. So, that is a sort of search, are we right?

How To Search For People On Dabble

How To Delete Dabble Account

Deleting your account is not tricky at all. If you are about to write to Customer Support and ask them to do that for you because you are a privacy-worshipper, ask whether you would like your data to be deleted permanently. Remember the Privacy Conditions you have signed, as soon as you have been registered to the app?

They can’t delete all of your data, unfortunately, so don’t consume your time writing to Customer Support, which will not answer back. About your profile deletion see the small gear at the top left of the page? Those are the settings. You can quickly freeze your account from there.

You won’t be flooded by notifications of all the users sending you messages and horny pictures, again. Seriously, though, we recommend you to wait for them to renew the app before you unsubscribe. It will likely get back to the past glory, soon.

Members Structure

Well, what’s the average Dabble user… It’s like asking a zookeeper, “What is the average baby panda like?” Ok, that was specific: maybe you don’t know that yet, but pandas are very shy about mating, and a baby panda is like a comet star.

When a baby panda is born, let’s forget about his horrible pinkie, quite fun shape, but everyone drinks champagne in the zoo. So, here in Dabble, let’s say that a user is like a baby panda. You will get to know pretty all of them if you are a serial chatter, and you will be on Dabble for at least two months.

Still, this is the average: we have found both men and women, and there’s plenty of variety in regards to sexual preference and age. We haven’t seen any over-50, that’s for sure. Plus, you need to be at least 18 to subscribe.

The vast majority of users are open-minded and funny, but it’s impossible to track down such trends precisely.

Good news: we have found no scammers here on Dabble. All the users we have contacted seem real people.

Members Structure

Sexual Preferences

There’s no telling anything about the primary sexual preference, as there are a few users. You can select your sexual orientation, but it’s pretty hard to find a ratio. You can update your sexual preference by editing your profile, and consequently, it will be applied to your research filters.

Let’s say there are more straight men than straight women and more straight people than gay people.

Race And Ethnicity

All the people on Dabble come from the US. There’s no dominant ethnicity, here.

Religious Orientation

There’s no telling of religious orientation on Dabble. Are you a religious folk? Here’s our recommendation for you to try to look for specific religious websites and apps if you are a religious person seeking people who may think like you.

Still, if you would like to give Dabble a chance, who are we to stop you? Here the app is safe enough, and even though there is no moral code applied, the admins claim they will ban every bad behavior happening within the website.

So, feel free to report them any abuse, offense, nudity, and extreme rudeness. Please bear in mind that being a Justin Bieber’s fan is no offense. No, you don’t take it, not even if you are a Metallica listener. We are not considering that as a religion, here.

The report function works, so feel free to use it whenever you feel the conversation being hijacked by the other user’s bad speech and attitude.

Pricing Policies

The sign-up process to the app is totally free. Unfortunately, we were not able to perform any payment within the app. We suppose the same issue occurring with Customer Support is occurring here. They have temporarily stopped communications and payments, waiting for maintenance to be performed soon.

Well, we can’t tell what is going to be in the future. For now, you can swipe and chat as long as you can, for free. There are the credits, the karma points, which allow you to buy and send gifts to other users.

They are not like regular coins, as you actually win them by keeping on behaving on the app. If you are not rude, you send out gifts, you say hello, don’t send naked pictures after one message, maybe you will get extra karma points.

Hard to say now, though. We will update the review as soon as they will upgrade their pricing and let the audience know whether they will activate a paid membership or not. Let’s wait, fingers crossed!

Pricing Policies

Free Membership

With a free membership – which, by the way, is the only one available right now – you will be able to do everything on the app, except for sending as many gifts as you like.

You can see people who you have liked, you can swipe, see profiles, upload pictures, take a look at the gift shop, entertain yourself dabbling with a person, and even set up a date if you like to.

Well, you can always do that for free, but you get the point. You don’t need a paid membership nor credits, as there is no actual need to send out virtual roses.

It’s just a dating game, so consider the karma points as life points and the gifts as… Steaks, maybe? Chatting is then enhanced by all these collateral features, as it happens in games.

There’s no paid membership.

How To Cancel Dabble Paid Subscription?

As there is no paid subscription, you can’t cancel your paid subscription. It’s not possible to convert your karma points into real currency, as this is not actually a cryptocurrency.

Is Dabble Safety?

The app is secured using standard safety and security measures. As Customer Support is ghosting, and the payments are not available, we suppose it’s not updated.

So, we are not saying that your personal data is not secured, but avoid telling too much about yourself, because we are not technically sure they are not suffering data breaches.

If the company experiences a data breach, the personal data you gave them is being collected and sold online — like, your identity has value for some people. There should not be problems related to the app environment, though, nor to the ads you may find within the app.

Your phone browser will likely stop you from downloading malicious material and going to suspicious web pages. One last thing to say: unfortunately, the website is not currently using an Https protocol.

Is Dabble Safety

Quality Of Profiles

As said before, the people here on Dabble look real, and there are not fakers nor scammers. There are not that many users, though.

Website Design And Usability

There’s no way to get lost on Dabble. The functions are a few, and the user-friendliness is pretty high. In the worst-case scenario, you will receive too many notifications from the chat cartoon bubble.

If you are so cool everyone will like to speak with you, you can’t do much about that, do you? Dabble, and have fun.

The design is very modern, and the marketing campaign gives you the idea of a youngish, colorful, and very friendly environment.

How Does Dabble Work?

The whole concept is: chat, have fun, be free of making new acquaintances, and flirt a little. You can select profiles, send gifts like you are living in a social game. It’s not actually a social network; you can’t post anything nor participate in chat rooms.

At least, not yet. Your social activity will then be performed in private. Would you like to have a broader idea? Take a look at the videos on Youtube, uploaded by Dabble company itself.

Dabble App

The mobile app is only available for iPhone mobile phones. So, if you are currently using an Android phone, no chance you are going to use it. There are some iPhone emulators that you can run on your computer, though, if you prefer a desktop view.

Still, the whole app has been created for an on-the-go approach, and we see no point in emulating it on a desktop.

Alternatives Of Dabble

Well, the online world for wannabe matches is just vast. If you are interested in Dabble, we suppose you are in their target, so young, and from the US.

You can dabble as well from Tinder, Match.com, Badoo, Ok Cupid, Chat Zozo, just to mention some of them. The last one also offers the public chat room feature, which might be good if you are seeking a more social than private experience. Anti Chat is quite similar.


We finally came at the end of this review — hoping you have found it useful. Now you have a broad idea of what will expect you if you would like to Dabble a little yourself.

At the moment, they are not in their best shape, but they are still a good and fun app, which tries to make chatting and dating meet in a smooth and friendly way.

Contact Information

  • Company: Inspired Logic, Inc.
  • Address: no e-mail available on the website. Please use the contact form, which you can find within the main Dabble website.
  • Email: [email protected]
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