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Chatstep Review

Chatstep Review
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Active Audience 94%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 1 580 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The messages you send encrypted
  • Security of the platform is incredibly high
  • Since it is free to use, you can enter the website whenever you feel like
  • You can add many members to your chatroom
  • You don't even have to create an account for opening the chat room
  • If you want to send something other than texts in the chatroom, you will need to register your account
  • The can only send things other than text in the form of an image

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In the era of chatting services, a chatroom was the only facility for a social activity online. At that time, Chatstep decided to open the opportunity for singles worldwide to connect with a single thread. Since then, Chatstep has been a popular platform among singles all across the internet.

The company is still popularly providing its services to the people in India and the United States. Though it has been through several child pornography controversies, it continues to be a shining star for the singles. Because of such controversies, the moderators of Chatstep are strictly monitoring the chats and users so that they can go against abuse and violence faster.

When Was Chatstep Founded?

One of the best advantages of using Chatstep is its simple interface. When the company website was created, it was simple and attractive. Users can even use a nickname to chat online. If you still don’t want others to know about your identity personally, you can also chat anonymously.

Who Owns Chatstep?

It is one of the private companies that strives to maintain the website’s liveliness to satisfy the consumers. In January 2019, the firm had about seven employees, having revenue of about $394,000. The company’s rising popularity can certainly enable the firm’s owner to bring forth new upgrades.

Registration & Profile

Registration & Profile

The users of Chatstep ensure to get access to the chatrooms anonymously. However, they can even get to use the registered account in no time to enter the chatroom. If you want to go to the chatroom anonymously, you need to join the chatroom before anything else. You can choose one from the list of available chatrooms.

After choosing one, the website will urge you to create a temporary username. Having a password is also essential for the users that can enable the individuals to come back to the chatroom quickly. You just need to agree to the terms and conditions before you create a username. If you aspire to leave the chatroom, you can go back and exit from the webpage. However, if you exit as an anonymous user, all the messages will be deleted.

If you want to register, you need to use your necessary information such as password, username, email, and captcha for registration. The benefit of registered users is that they can get the ability to create separate chat rooms and make them either private or public. You can leave the chatroom by clicking on the ‘leave room’ button in the menu. Such an activity would lead you to get out of the chatroom permanently.

Register users have three options by which they can get access to chatrooms online.

  • Registered users can create a separate chat room. After creating it, you will be asked to share a password and link to about 50 friends on social media platforms such as Facebook.
  • Public chat rooms are also available for individuals who like to enter anonymously.
  • Find a registered user or a friend who has created a chatroom. You can join using the link they provide.


The navigation of the website is simple that helps you in finding matches quickly. Once you find them, you can easily connect with other people with the rooms’ simple design. The messages are colored in different aspects so that you can identify the sender of the text.

If you happen to hear a ‘ding’ sound, it would mean that someone had started to reply to the chatroom. However, they sometimes get irritated when the music keeps coming because of the large group in the chatroom. At the time, you can just go in the notifications and disable it freely. If you are a registered user, you can share images by using drag and drop options.

Other than that, the website doesn’t have any criteria for filtering to find dates online. However, the one thing that enables the moderator to manage the entire platform includes each member’s division depending on ethnicity, religion, age, and other discussion topics. Such aspects help in avoiding miscommunication and conflict between two people in the chat group.

How To Search For People On Chatstep?

The simple navigation enables you to join the chatroom quickly. There are three categories among which you can choose in the chatroom. It includes the following aspects.

  • Fantasy option is available for the people aspiring to have role-playing conversations.
  • A friendly option is valid for the individuals heading for casual chat.
  • An image option is available for the users willing to exchange images.

Even though there is no ‘dating’ option, you can still find someone to date online with either casual chat or images. However, it is hard to find someone among the sea of people who don’t want to be in a relationship. Since Chatstep is a platform for people to join anonymously, there is no way to find profiles online.

How To Delete Chatstep Account?

It is easy to delete a Chatstep account. If you are an unregistered user, you can leave the chatroom, and the data will be deleted automatically. Even if you are a registered user, your account data will be raised since the website doesn’t hold any kind of information about the user.

Members Structure

Members Structure

You will find about 7000 users entering the chatrooms all across the world. The majority of these users come from Germany, the United Kingdom, India, and the United States. Indian users are specifically active in creating chatrooms. They create the chatrooms in three possible categories mentioned above. The users can join the fun because of the list of public chatrooms available online, depending on the topic of interest individually.

The users already chatting within the chatrooms are supposed to follow all the terms of use and guidelines. The moderator makes such regulations for the benefit of the users.

Once you enter the chatroom, you will see the usernames of the ones joining along with you on the sidebar. You will also see a circle beside the usernames displayed to indicate the status of the particular person. If the circle is green, that means the person is online. You can quickly leave the chatting without any hindrance if the content being discussed is especially disturbing.

Sexual preferences

Since it’s a chatting app, you don’t have to think about the preferences in particular. However, the individuals searching for a date online with the help of Chatstep can learn to find anyone. If they are interested in same-sex relationships, they can find someone online through chatrooms.

Race And Ethnicity

There is absolutely no differentiation and issues between the two races and religions. This platform is valid for most users to just have fun online without heading toward violence and rudeness. People from all ethnic backgrounds can join the fun without being afraid to be discarded aside. If you still find someone being rude to you, you can just block that person.

Also, the platform is devoid of any age restrictions online. You will find as many as 40% of teenagers online in chatrooms. Among the regular visitors, about 20% of them are users belonging to the age group of 18-25. Other than that, 15% of the total users are individuals aged between 25-35. The additional 15% belongs to the people having the ages between 35-45. Lastly, only 10% belong to the category of older people.

Religious Orientation

Someone can’t find out more about the users’ religious background joining the platform except for the distribution done by the chatroom services for better management. Such facilities enable users to join without any religious restrictions online.

Chatstep helps in distributing each member depending on religion and ethnicity. Once you join anonymously, you don’t have to share anything personal with other people in the chatroom you have selected. After joining the platform, you won’t be added somewhere. You don’t belong religious so you can reduce the discomfort in your heart while chatting.

Pricing Policies

Pricing Policies

Chatstep is majorly a chatroom facility that enables people all around the world to connect despite living far away. However, this platform is not for hooking up casually. It is not even an official dating website. Therefore as compared to others, the ratings of Chatstep when it comes to the dating platform are typically lower than anything else. It is the reason why this platform is still available for free to all users online.

Users don’t have to pay for creating a registered account and sharing files online through Chatstep. The new users tend to be surprised after checking out the pricing section.

Free Membership

Since you don’t have to pay for registering online, you can now use the free services in the chatroom. One of the best features available online is creating the chatroom. The company enables you to find a clean room ignoring all the explicit adult contents online. Along with that, you can join the category of the chatroom that you are interested in. It might include three aspects, such as image, fantasy, and friendly.

Besides that, you can also use the aspect of public chatrooms that can be used by anonymous and registered users. Register users can manually leave the chatroom, while an anonymous user would automatically exit the room, and the data will be deleted. As a registered user, you can also join several rooms if you know about that particular chatroom’s name. The individual chatroom can also have a specific password that you should know about before joining.

Since this is a worldwide chatting platform available to all the users in many countries, it doesn’t require you to pay a single penny. The simple design and easy navigation help you to find friends easily without hindrance. You can see website features through the dashboard. You can also go through the side menu after joining a chatroom.

How to cancel Chatstep paid subscription?

This particular website doesn’t have any payment system. Since it is available for free, you just need to join the chatroom either after registration or anonymously. At this point, there is no question of canceling the subscription. However, you can delete the account by getting out of the chatroom. Since Chatstep doesn’t save any registered or anonymous online users, your account information will be deleted after leaving all chatrooms. The only difference is that the registered user can use the password to get back in.

Is Chatstep Safe

Is Chatstep Safe?

According to the safety and security guidelines, Chatstep doesn’t promise to store any personal information on the platform’s shared files. The conversations will have no trace on the internet. That means you can chat anonymously, and others will not know your identity.

Individuals above 18 years of age can join the chat room quickly. Indeed, this means that you’ll face adult content online while chatting with others. This security method helps in saving the innocence of teenagers and children at a younger age.

It is also possible to face situations like cyberbullying online in chatrooms. If you happen to find any person in the public chatroom bullying others, you can just report their posts to the authority and leave the chatroom. However, one major disadvantage is that you don’t have any means to report the users since they can be both registered and anonymous. However, you can report the individual posts in the chatroom. For more security, the company allows you to have a private messaging facility among any two people in the public group.

Quality of Profiles

When you are chatting with people online using Chatstep, their username is displayed on the left side. In your profile, you can even add your picture. This aspect is highly optional. The profile initially displays all the list of chatrooms you have joined until now.

Website Design and Usability

Website Design and Usability

The website is designed so that you will get three main features, namely public, join, and create. You can get to your destination by clicking either of the available feature or tabs mentioned above. However, you cannot temporarily access the side menu options like settings, logout, and help.

How Does Chatstep Work?

You can create an anonymous account and use any special username before joining the public chat. If a user clicks on the join button, they will be transported to that particular chatroom. There, you can quickly leave the conversation if it doesn’t match up to what you want.

Chatstep App

The desktop version is ultimately superfast for both computer and mobile browsers. This website can be accessed from a mobile phone with the help of any browser available. However, at present, you won’t find any standalone software for the mobile platform.

Alternatives of Chatstep

The best alternative Chatstep for all users across the world are mentioned below.

  • Bazoocam

It is one of the well-known platforms mainly meant for international video chat aspect connecting everyone in a single thread.

When it comes to finding random pairs, this is a perfect place for you. The website arranges any two random people available on the website for video chatting.

It is one of the most popular companies for providing hookup services to people online.



Even though dating platforms and social media applications have reduced the popularity of chatroom services, Chatstep is still one of the most popular platforms. Users can utilize such facilities to find friends and dates online. This app particularly allows you to find someone easily with the help of chatrooms available. There are three types of chat rooms for you: public, join, and separate chat rooms specifically made by registered users. Security facilities are also available when it comes to Chatstep. The moderators monitor all the chats so that the chances of cyberbullying and violence can be reduced.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

Address: United States, California, San Francisco.

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