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Kasidie Review

Kasidie Review
About Site
Active Audience 94%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 30-40
Profiles 564 345
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 7.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Events available all over the world, at a local or national level
  • Features available for hookups, such and Rendezvous, and Travel
  • There are many active users
  • This site is very easy to use
  • Serious data security issues
  • Beware of fake profiles since there are quite a few out there
  • Most single users are not interested in long-term relationships
  • If you are using this site on your phone, it might get a little slow
  • With a free account, users cannot see profiles of other members
  • There aren't that many users willing to chat with

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Kasidie is one of the biggest sites out there that caters to swingers. It mainly focuses on swinger couples hooking up with other swingers, both sexually and socially, but singles can sign up, too. Before you and your partner decide to join in this fun, expect from the beginning to encounter a very sexual vibe that includes tag lines and page slogans such as “You’ll be screaming my name!” There are many ways in which you can interact with other members, whether you’re single or in a relationship. When creating a profile, users will be asked to provide some information regarding their sexual preferences, which can also be made clear through users’ photo galleries. All photos are definitely meant to showcase the sexual side of anyone’s personality more than anything else.

When Was Kasidie Founded?

Kasidie has been helping swinger couples looking to spice up their sex life find like-minded individuals ever since 2008.


Who Owns Kasidie?

Kasidie belongs to Founding Epoch Networks (est. 1994) and Scott Purcell, who has been active in the online world since the beginning of the Internet era and already made over 60 million USD in the capital venture.

Registration And Profile

Kasidie lets people sign up either as couples or as singles. While the list of questions regarding one’s sexual preferences is not mandatory, users should provide a profile photo, their age, and the city where they live in. The signing up process is pretty fast and doesn’t require any email verification. Still, keep in mind that you’ll be asked to upload a profile photo from your computer, a picture shows your face.

It’s perfectly fine to have a person in the picture for couple profiles, and if you’re a little shy, you can blur some features. Users must provide a photo along with a valid location city to proceed any further, whereas these two must be recognized and approved by the site.

Once newcomers are done with this, though, they’re in! However, new users will still be presented with a long set of questions where they can rate sexual preferences and activities from 0 to 5, including everything from handjobs to dirty talking. This is definitely a free environment, but the one thing that this site does not accept and will ban for are any kids in account photos. So, unless you want to be blocked from using Kasidie, you better learn to separate your family values from your sexual adventures.


There are more than a few ways in which users can interact with other couples or singles on Kasidie. Members have the usual options such as chat and instant messages. Also there are Rendezvous and Travel services, which will help people find short-term sexual adventures whether they are in their home town or abroad. But probably the most interesting and unique feature of this platform is the fact that it creates events and parties both on a local and a national level, which will let swingers meet in real life and explore their wildest sexual desires. This is basically what Kasidie is all about. This site allows people to look for parties and events, access forum pages, and chat rooms.


However, users should keep in mind that messaging is considered a premium service, and they won’t be able to enjoy it with a free membership. With the Parties and Events features, anyone can look for events dedicated to swingers, both in local areas and worldwide. Forums are a way in which members can chat with each other on various topics, and while most discussions are related to sex, some aren’t. It will also be useful to know that Rendezvous is when people find meetups for the week, whereas in the Club Listing section, anyone can find local swinger clubs. You should find it easy to navigate around the platform due to its simple design, even though at first people might find it a little difficult to keep track of all the features at their disposal.

How To Search For People On Kasidie?

Searching for other members on Kasidie is free and available to all users. One of this platform’s best features is that it allows users to spice up their sex life at home and traveling. This site caters to people with a busy lifestyle. There are plenty of filters that members can use to find someone who can satisfy their desires. Anyone can search for users based on their sexual orientation, ethnicity, marital status, body type, hair, and eye color.

How To Delete Kasidie Account?

If you find that Kasidie is not the right place, you can delete your account by following a few simple steps. First, click on your avatar, and from the My Profile button, select Profile settings. Then you’ll find Delete my account button, which you have to click on. As soon as you do it, all your information will be removed from this platform. Once you have deleted your account, there’s no coming back unless you want to create a new one with a different email address.

Members Structure

Most members on Kasidie are swinger couples, but there are fewer male singles and more women. While there are members from all over the world, there are lots of couples from the US, so you should not be surprised to see lots of events and parties happening there in your feed. Also, this site offers lots of communication options because its main purpose is to reunite swinger couples in real-life for exchanging a wonderful sexual experience, and not to just chat about it over the Internet. One shouldn’t be surprised if there is not much going on in chat rooms. That’s because everybody is out having fun at dates and parties!


Sexual Preferences

You must guess by now that Kasidie is a place that promotes confidence and openness for all orientations. As swingers, there are a plethora of ways in which users can enjoy the company of others in a bedroom, so whether you’re straight, bi or bi-comfortable, gay or lesbian couples, there is enough room for everybody here!

Race And Ethnicity

Anyone can expect to meet people and couples from all corners of the world. That implies meeting people of all races and ethnicities. So, whether you’re Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, Asian, or other, you shouldn’t struggle to find someone to your liking!

Religious Orientation

You don’t need to provide this information on your profile, and there is no search filter to cover the religion subject on Kasidie, but since people from different countries come to this platform to fulfill their swing experience and fantasies, it’s good to know there will be members with almost all religious denominations.

Pricing Policies

Since the messaging feature doesn’t come with a free membership, it seems that it really is more useful to go for the paid version. There are many added benefits to this, and anyone can choose from three different packages, all pretty average in price. This means users don’t have to go to great lengths to get a lot more out of their swinger experience.

Free Membership

Even so, a free Kasidie membership is not to be overlooked since it does give one access to quite a few features. Free users can look for events and parties, search for other members, and browse through club listings and forums. It’s not that bad considering that it’s all free!

The paid membership on Kasidie rises high above the free version. User will be able to enjoy chat rooms, exchange emails, check out other people’s profiles, and also join discussions built around a lot of different topics. The paid subscription starts at 19.95 USD for one month, which is a pretty sweet deal considering all the added advantages.

For three months, the subscription will cost 15.00 USD per month, which comes to a total of 45.00 USD. If you like saving money, then this might be just the deal for you as the difference between prices per month is not to be overlooked.


With a six-month subscription, you will get 12.26 USD a month, so if you think that you are in it for the long haul, this might be the best deal for you. And if you are really sure that you’ll be enjoying Kasidie for a long time, then a one-year membership is the start of all deals, since it only charges you 10.82 USD for each month. You should keep in mind that your subscription will be renewed automatically, so if you want to go back to the free version, you should deactivate it before the renewal date.

How To Cancel Kasidie Paid Subscription?

No matter which kind of subscription you are on, you can always cancel it using your profile settings, so there is no need to worry.

Is Kasidie Safe?

Kasidie puts in a lot of effort to make its users feel safe and comfortable. You should go for a nickname and not for your real name on the profile, so you can feel as free as possible. If you want to be even more private, you can blur all your photos so you can feel that your identity is protected.

Also, all your information is kept hidden from third parties. Messages are hosted on the site’s internal system, so you’re that much more protected. But if you do run into suspicious members and unwanted messages, you can always block certain users.

A few other tips that should keep you on the safe side are not posting nude photos and only exchanging more clear photos of yourself with other members you’ve interacted with before. If you feel that you need more information, you should always feel free to read the Privacy page found on the site or reach out and contact the Kasidie staff team. All in all, Kasidie does a great job of keeping their user’s information private and providing them with ways in which they can feel comfortable and free to interact with each other.

Quality Of Profiles

Kasidie always verifies its user’s identities through their email addresses. The first thing that you will see on each profile will be a photo with the Kasidie watermark. While you’re not required to complete the set of questions shown to you after you went through the signing up process, answering them will help others understand better the things that make you stand out. But if you want to jump right into the action, you can always come back to this part later, as well as to your other profile information. You should also keep in mind when uploading your profile photo that it will be seen by all members of this site, both with a free and paid membership. If you sign in as a couple, there will be an extra section on your profile called His likes and Her likes, which will let other users know your particular preferences, so that party-goers are satisfied with the experience. You should keep in mind that most members go through the list of initial questions religiously, so you may want to think twice before skipping this long, but very useful and fun process, considering that the main purpose of this entire process is to fulfill all your sexual fantasies and desires.


You can also choose to become a Certified Member, which will give you a badge that lets other users know that this site has deemed you a real person. You don’t need to go through this process, but it might help make other users feel comfortable interacting with you. You can get this badge either by emailing your picture to [email protected]. In this message, people must showcase their username and the date on which they are sending this email. One more option is to ask another certified member you’ve met in person to certify your profile. All in all, given all these profile requirements, it can be said most Kasidie profiles are genuine and of high-quality.

Website Design And Usability

Kasidie uses many features that help users find each other and interact, but this certainly does not mean that it looks crowded or that it’s difficult to use. The only busy section of this site is a profile section. While on the rest of the site, there are tabs used for navigation, here you will need to scroll through the different and many options.

How Does Kasidie Work?

Kasidie makes life for swingers easier and fun. There are lots of useful features that help you find your most desirable sexual encounter. So, in a safe environment, you’ll have a chance to set up real-life dates, which is the ultimate goal of this site. You should also be realistic and accept that most singles on this site are not interested in anything more serious than a hookup or a one-night stand. There are many different services and features that make meeting other members easy, such as the Rendezvous, where you can look for short-term connections and then rate other users on a scale of 1 to 5 on the Sexometer. You can use this feather when you’re traveling.

You’ll also be shown dates and locations of future events and parties that cater to swingers in particular, and these will be either club events, national or international parties. Make sure you always have your passport on you, just in case one of these gorgeous gatherings sparks your interest. For the shy people out there, you’ll be happy to know there’s also a more tamed version of Kasidie called Katscity, which has replaced all photos of members with photos of puppies and kittens. Now, isn’t that cute?!

Kasidie App

Unfortunately, Kasidie has not thought of those always on the go, since there is no mobile app available. All one can do is wait and hope for the best, or use this platform through a smartphone browser.


Alternatives Of Kasidie

There are quite a few alternatives to Kasidie, and these include platforms such as Lifestylelounge, Coupleslust, Clubhedonism, Swapping.nunuah, and Swingular.


All in all, Kasidie reunites a huge number of swingers and swinger couples on a safe and very well thought-through platform. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a short-term thing or a longer-lasting bond, you can find something here since there are many different users on Kasidie who will tell you though their profiles the things they are into! Kasidie is also very easy to use and has quite a few smart features that will make meeting both easy and fun! You should share as much about yourself as you can to attract the attention of others, spark their interest, and attract them to a chat section, which is where the real fun begins. Then, you can start talking about setting up a date.

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