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BBPeopleMeet Review 2024

BBPeopleMeet Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 87%
Quality Matches 74%
Popular Age 18-24
Profiles 1 000 000
Reply Rate 81%
Ease of Use 7.3
Popularity 8.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • BBPeopleMeet keeps it simple for single Big and Beautiful men and women to find their partners, love, and friends.
  • There are some major pros of this app.
  • It is straightforward to navigate and search for users.
  • You can register pretty quickly and instantly start using it.
  • It is available for both Android and iPhone.
  • The app also ensures complete safety and privacy.
  • This app has some significant problems, such as.
  • Free users cannot communicate with suitable and potential matches.
  • Its interface is straightforward and bit outdated.
  • Being a specialty dating site, it doesn't offer much.
  • BBPeopleMeet's Customer service is not at all satisfactory.

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BBPeopleMeet is an app that targets singles on the heavier side. They can enjoy a comfortable and accepting environment in the app. BBPeopleMeet was designed with a very different and unique idea. Specifically, to meet the need for big, beautiful (BB) males and females looking for a serious relationship with their perfect match. The site is not the typical dating app. It is more inclined to help big and beautiful people find their love, relationship, friendship, and dates.

BBPeopleMeet has around 500,000 active users. It has more than 10,000 visitors and more than 1,000 sign ups every day. This site has a clutter-free and intuitive layout. Registering on this app is very easy. You can feel free to chat and make friends without any hesitation with the help of this app. This app aims to create a safe, accepting, and fun community that caters to full-figured individuals.

BBPeopleMeet is an app that mainly targets those people who are big and beautiful regardless of age, gender, and other cultural differences. In this app, you will find a different level of comfort related to your body, age, and gender, which helps to increase your confidence. It has provided its services to around 410,550 from the USA and Canada only. More than 100,000 members are active weekly. The process of sign up only takes a couple of minutes, and its price tag is very affordable.

When Was BBPeopleMeet Founded?

BBPeopleMeet was launched in 2002. People media developed it.

Who owns BBPeopleMeet?

People media founded this unique app. It is currently run by a popular dating business group, Match.com.

Who owns BBPeopleMeet?

Registration and Profiles

The registration process is straightforward and similar in BBPeopleMeet as most of the dating apps. Users will have to first install the application from either the app store or Google play. For sign up, you have to go through some mandatory information that you need to provide to get started, such as your user name, password, country, zip code, type of person you are interested in, date of birth, and email address. Once that has been done, the users will need to fill the necessary details about themselves. And, after that, you can set your profile. Once all the steps are completed, you can start searching to find their partners.


After the registration process gets completed, you can find other profiles. Next to your image, you will find two vibrant orange buttons with features you can use to show your interest or start a conversation. If you want to search a profile, you can search via general search, user name, who has viewed your profile, and who are currently online. If you go through the vague search in the BBPeopleMeet, you can filter by adding status, gender, location, ethnicity, and other preferences. The platform sends you five matches every day. If you say “NO,” they will proceed to others until the five profiles are done. And if you say “YES,” you can send a message to the person. However, you need to get a plan and subscription to be able to post messages.

How to Search for People on BBPeopleMeet?

If you don’t have the paid membership, you can search via a general search via the user name. You can find who has viewed your profile and who is currently online. You can filter by adding status, gender, location, ethnicity, and other preferences if you go through the vague search.

How to Delete the BBPeopleMeet Account?

If you want to delete your account permanently, simply go to settings and click my account from the menu. Once it has been done, go to account status changes and then click view account status link. After that, go to more account status changes and then click remove my profile. Once all the process is done, they will ask you a quick question before you confirm your cancellation.

How to Search for People on BBPeopleMeet?

Members of Structure

BBPeopleMeet mainly caters to heavy-weight people. It has over 500,000 members worldwide, 410,550 from the USA, and 100,000 members active weekly. Most of the people are from the 35 and above the group, male and female. Some members are from other countries but are living in the USA, and others were born in the USA. The gender proportion in the app has an almost equal percentage, 47% being female, and 53% being male.

Sexual Preferences

The BBPeopleMeet is an inclusive platform for people to find their partners. There are options for straight, which caters to males searching for female partners and vice-versa. Additionally, there are options for gay and lesbian catering to people looking for same-sex partners in the app. The other excellent option on this app is that it allows the users to choose what type of relationship they are looking for. It could be a simple dating or a long-term relationship or even a friend.

The users can also put out their relationship status in their profile. The three options are single, divorced, or widowed.

Overall, we can see that this app has tried to be an inclusive app when it comes to providing the services to the users no matter what their sexual preferences are and what their status is.

Race and Ethnicity

The BBPeopleMeet is an American dating app and thereby caters to the people living in the States. It doesn’t have set race and ethnicity guidelines. People of all races and ethnic backgrounds can quickly sign-up in the app and use the dating platform. As long as a user is from the USA or is living there, they can find their partners.

Religious Orientation

When it comes to religion and ethnicity, the app has no guidelines, like in the case of race and ethnicity. It doesn’t have any set rules for people of a particular religion. The BBPeopleMeet is an inclusive app where people of all faiths can use the app as long as they are from the states.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

The pricing policies for the premium version of BBPeopleMeet allow the users to use some additional features in the app. The cost of using the premium version is divided into three categories. A user can either pay every month or a half-yearly. In the monthly-based plan, a user has to pay 14.99 USD, where he/she can enjoy the premium features. If a user chooses the Standard six monthly plans, they are given the same premium features and can save up money by paying a one time fee. The cost accounts to 35.76 USD for this particular plan. When it comes to the Best Value Plan, the users can enjoy all the premium benefits and also have their profiles featured. This can give them a higher chance of finding their right partners.

The Best Value Plan’s fee in the BBPeopleMeet accounts for 42 USD for six months. The users, however, have to pay the amount at one go. The other options for the payment system go by weekly where they can enjoy the same benefits as the monthly system, but the user can do it weekly.

The standard version accounts for 1.49 USD per week, and the best value costs 1.75 USD per week.

Free Membership

In the free membership, you have many options to explore, such as searching, uploading photos, finding accounts, and viewing reports.

The BBPeopleMeet platform suggests five matches every day for you from which you can pick the person you like and can mail them for further conversation.

Features of Paid Membership

In the paid membership, the BBPeopleMeet users can enjoy many more benefits. They can send or receive messages from their partners of choice and use features like favorites, likes, and comments, yes to me, and flirt options. The paid membership also enables the users to highlight their profile pictures apart from all the other services.

How to Cancel BBPeopleMeet Paid Subscription?

Canceling a paid subscription in the app is a simple procedure. The BBPeopleMeet user has to go to the settings tab in the app. They can find the account section in the settings from the drop-down menu. Once the user has clicked on the account status change, they will be able to remove the automatic renewal option. After clicking the button, they can stop the payment cycle and end their subscription for the coming terms.

As the app has three types of the payment cycle, the users can also apply for the refund policy if they want to cancel the subscription before the due date.

How to Cancel BBPeopleMeet Paid Subscription?

Is the BBPeopleMeet Safe?

BBPeopleMeet is pretty safe when it comes to protecting the member’s privacy. As the app has set guidelines on ways to communicate with the profile members in the app, the app is safe to use. Moreover, the users can file a report or complaint against a user if the person doesn’t adhere to the community guidelines. The use of foul language, discrimination, and practice of other illegal-stuff is considered serious. When it comes to safety in terms of the app, the BBPeopleMeet has done a pretty decent job. It doesn’t compromise on the protection of its users.

The BBPeopleMeet puts much consideration into the security and privacy aspect of the app. To protect the user’s privacy and maintain a level of security in the app, the BBPeopleMeet continuously assesses the application for any threats in the system and works to improve on it.

The BBPeopleMeet meets the guidelines to protect the app from any malicious practices and keep the platform secure. The information collected by the BBPeopleMeet is strictly for the part of maintaining the services and adheres to the guidelines set by the law when using the information provided.

Quality of Profiles

The BBPeopleMeet’s profile consists of some good profiles. As the app focuses on bringing single heavy-weight people together who are genuinely looking for a date, the users are provided with the same. The people who join the app are given the option of giving as much information about them as they want.

Overall, the BBPeopleMeet has excellent filtering of profile features where the user can find their partner’s partner. The quality of the profile overall is good and shows the users the right fit for them.

Quality of Profiles

Website Design and Usability

When it comes to the best and worst part of the BBPeopleMeet, the website design, unfortunately, comes to the worst part of it. The web, as well as the design of the mobile app, is fundamental. The use of colors and fonts aren’t as appealing, and the graphics used in the app are also pretty basic. The non-elegant design might put a new user off, although the usability is quite good. The features are used to change, and there are not too many complications when using the app. Any new user can easily use the app even though they might not be a tech-savvy person.

How Does BBPeopleMeet Work

The BBPeopleMeet, being a dating platform, works towards providing a dating platform where users can find the right partners for themselves. There are various features in the app, which allows the users to find their partners.

If someone is earnestly looking for a dating partner, they are most likely to put up a lot of information about themselves with the hope of finding a compatible partner. The users can quickly see the profiles and see whether they are compatible with each other. This allows users to communicate with the right person who is looking for the same thing. The other features that the BBPeopleMeet are the “Who Do you Like” and “I’m Interested” allow users to play games that would enable them to choose from two profiles. A series of questions gives them an answer to who from the two profiles are more likely to be a match. The other feature, “I am interested,” enables the users to show interest in the profiles where they can click either Yes or No depending on the users.

BBPeopleMeet App

The BBPeopleMeet is available both in Android and iOS. The app is relatively simple to use, and the design is fundamental. Limited to the USA and Canada residents and catering to the people who fall into the “big” category, the app has a wide variety of options for single people to find their partners. Although the app might not look as appealing to others out there, the ease of use makes the app a popular one.

BBPeopleMeet App

Alternatives of BBPeopleMeet

Although the concept and the niche category of this app are relatively new, there are some alternatives to the BBPeopleMeet. The most popular ones being BBW, BHM, WooPlus, Match, LargeFriends, BBWRomance, BBW Cupid, and BBW Admire.


The BBPeopleMeet is a dating app that targets a particular niche, “Big and Beautiful.” Catering to the people who fall under the heavy-weight category, this app needs to be applauded for being an inclusive app irrespective of ethnicity, gender, and sexual preference. The app is easy to use, and the registration process is quick and straightforward. However, there are some downsides to the app, majorly the customer service, which doesn’t seem to be satisfactory. The app is also outdated and needs to come up with some new designs and graphics to appeal to the people. There is not much more for people who don’t have free membership and can hardly do anything other than look at the profiles.

Overall, the BBPeopleMeet has come up with the right intentions of providing partners for people in the niche of big and beautiful but has to work on the negative sides. With new advanced features added and the quality of the app improvised, BBPeopleMeet could be an excellent platform for the people to date.


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