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Bristlr Review

Bristlr Review
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Active Audience 67%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-23
Profiles 2 400 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 6.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Extensive Database: Bearded man rules the platform as there is a vast repository of men waiting to be found by their girl. There is a massive database of profile pictures, sometimes more than one belonging to the same person.
  • Registration: The registration process is straightforward and easy to navigate, even for beginners. A few clicks can give you access to a world of potential handsome partners.
  • Originality: A feature called “Lothario detector,” which raises the alarm when the messages lack creativity and have been overused as a standard message for nearly all the users they find suitable.
  • No Ordinary photos: As a bright and attractive profile photo is the primary deciding factor to choose the guy you like. Sometimes the focus gets deviated from the other personality details.
  • No Matching Function: There aren’t any ways of finding out who you may like by the system if you haven’t filled much information. When you find someone interesting and good looking and approach them, the system may not find out who you may like. If you haven’t mentioned your other preferences in detail, the platform cannot provide you with suitable matches.
  • Less free perks: Bristlr platform can offer you rich functionalities only if you are on the premium version. The free perks may be quite limited if you intend to find the right date option for you.

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Bristlr is a dating site designed for women mad about men with beards, as their partner. Have you imagined what your perfect date should look like? Do you have a picture in mind which is quite clear? Imagine a man with a thick beard when an idea of a perfect date comes to your mind? Do you find the men with beard masculine and mature? The app Bristlr may be the ideal choice for you. They find these men attractive and see them as having a flawless fashion sense. Beards are now in trend more than ever before. As Bristlr entirely focuses on getting a bearded partner, most of the women join this website with high hopes. As per Bristlr’s review data, most women are active on the platform and suggest it to any ladies who adore bearded men. Bristlr is for anyone who wants to find a casual or serious relationship or sometimes hookups as their preferred arrangement. If you are looking for an honest Bristlr review, you have landed on just the right page.

When Was Bristlr Founded?

Bristlr Review

Bristlr came into existence in the year 2014. Bristlr is nearing about half a million connections covering more than 100 cities in the world. You can specify the criterion with age and other preferences to get the right match, or you can simply like someone’s profile picture at the onset.

Who Owns Bristlr?

John Kershaw, M14 industries, found Bristlr. He is a man with a beard himself. The only intention of the platform was to find a match for bearded men and for women who love beards.

Registration And Profiles

The signup process is not a very lengthy affair and can simply get you started with even connecting your Facebook profile. Your Facebook profile can easily pass on your essential information like birth-date, location, and profile picture to the Bristlr platform. This saves a lot of time, as filling profile information from scratch may be a big headache. You have it to your discretion to again visit your Bristlr profile anytime and make some edits to your profile information further. Only a profile photo may not describe you the best, and you may want to provide some specific details to get the best results. The best idea is to be as descriptive as possible to find relevant potential matches in the shortest amount of time.

You may select using your email address as a preferred method to sign up on the app. Further on, you may specify the details on your preferences and expectations with your preferred partner. If you chose an email signup method, you would be directed to a standard form to fill in more information like username, password, and specific interests your partner should resonate with. Usernames should be easy to remember and give you a suitable identity to represent yourself well. You will be asked for your location, profile picture if you confirm that you are a man of beard.

If you are signing through the mobile app, the signup procedure remains the same. You will have to confirm for the essential feature, beard, by clicking on the relevant checkbox. You can then use your Facebook account or an email signup form, just like the web version to get you started.

Communication And Matches

Bristlr Review

The interface shows you the profile pictures of the matches, which you may click if interested or pass to keep browsing. You have the option of expressing interest with a heart icon if you like anyone. You also have the option of rating the best beard on the platform. You can send a message request immediately if you want someone or can initiate video or voice calls as per your preferences.

If you are using a basic profile with no specific preferences mentioned, the Bristlr platform may show you a generic list of profiles. If you want to filter out age-based options, beard or no beard options, or search with specific keywords, you can always do that. When you view a profile picture with a high rated beard review, you can see that in their profile. You can also rate the best beard according to your choice. You can see five stars under his profile and click the number of stars according to the rating you want to give them. You can also choose to interact over video or voice calls with your potential dates.

How To Search For People On Bristlr?

Bristlr Review

Bristlr profile has a search feature to search for bearded men, non-beard people, or both. Bristlr review by many users shows that it is the best platform to find men with a thick beard. Bristlr’s search option is more elaborate if you have specified some details about your preferences in your profile. If it looks like more of a blank profile, you may stand fewer chances of being found. You can search for people, a few miles away from you, or search for people with specific interests as your search keywords. You can also filter results based on their age.

With a premium feature, you may also search for people who have liked you even if they have not matched with you. With the search feature, you may also search for “the best beards near your location” as your criterion.

How To Delete The Bristlr Account?

You have the option to hibernate the profile if you want to stop receiving any notifications. It will inactivate your profile for a while; your account still exists.

You can delete your profile by clicking on the profile section and delete the account by selecting the “delete account” option.

Members Structure

Bristlr Review

Bristlr is a platform that enables people who want a bearded man to meet a man who is proud to have one. In the very first instance, it is asked if you own a beard. The platform is not against any specific gender or sexuality. That is the main reason they have divided the people into two significant sections “with “or “without beards.”

Sexual Preferences

Bristlr app is open to all men and women irrespective of their sexual orientation. For Bristlr, the world is divided into mainly two categories: beard or non-beard people. They don’t differentiate people based on their sexual orientation and gender preferences. You can use #hashtags for options like gay, bi in your profile to appear accordingly. Bristlr wants people to enjoy being in their skin and celebrate their identities. According to the world Bristlr review statistics, people with different sexual orientations use Bristlr and are satisfied with its services.

Race And Ethnicity

Bristlr Review

As if Bristlr cares about the color of your skin. All that it cares is; do you have a beard? Are you looking for the special one with a beard? It does not care if you are single or married, man or woman, but if you belong to the “like beards” or “have beards” category. You can apply advanced filters to find results related to your preferences, but as per the app, there is no standard criterion to match people.

Religious Orientation

The users can apply filters if they want people following a particular religion as their potential date. However, the app does not favor any particular religion above others. The users joining Bristlr are sure that whoever they date, should have a beard or love beards. If you are interested in your partner’s religious orientation, you may want to search it with specific keywords.

Pricing Policies

Bristlr Review

The membership on Bristlr is pretty economical, and thus the majority of users tend to subscribe to premium membership plans.


Time Period



1 Month



3 Month



6 Months



Free Membership

As a free member, you get to access the following features upon joining the website:

  1. Joining is Free
  2. Option to sign up with email id or Facebook account.
  3. You can send hearts to the people you like and send message requests to your favorite profiles
  4. You can rate beards if you want them from the scale of 1 to 5
  5. You can reverse a move if you have accidentally shown disinterest on somebody
  6. Website blogs are great resources for the users that help them know current beard trends. Also, it is a great way to share success stories of their love with the other uses.

Bristlr Review
  1. Profiles Visit: By paying a small fee, you can avail of the functionality of checking who has visited your profile.
  2. Profile likes: You can see who has liked your profile recently
  3. Lothario Detector feature: A feature called “Lothario detector,” which immediately identifies if you are using the same message format to approach everyone on the platform. It can track if the message is copied/pasted to many profiles at the same time.
  4. Chatting feature: You can chat with anyone once they are matched with you.
  5. View Full profile: You can choose to show some individual sections of your profile only to your matches.
  6. Fewer Ads: It is a better option to use the paid Subscription of the site as fewer ads are shown on the interface.

How To Cancel Bristlr Paid Subscription?

  1. Go to the Settings Control panel on the platform
  2. Click on the cancel subscription option
  3. Confirm the cancellation
  4. You are restored to your earlier basic version of the app.

Is Bristlr Safe?

Bristlr Review

The site is functional, even with very little personal information from the user. Only your Facebook account or email id can get the app running. However, if, for any reason, the website demands more detailed personal information from you, it may ask you for your consent. The user’s data is stored on Amazon’s data center. They keep track of your IP address to prevent unauthorized login from any other source. The site generally reads your cookie information to remember your preferences and show some results based on your earlier activity. Bristlr uses Google Analytics to track who has an active connection with the website.

If you find anything suspicious in your interactions with someone, you can block and report the profiles as a safety measure. All the pictures of the website are stored on S3 storage, and the data is safe in the Mongo database. To enable the site to run correctly, there is a constant connection established between the website and middleware products. Bristlr platform passes only specific information of the users to them to carry out their tasks. It is clearly stated in the privacy policy of Bristlr that the platform is not responsible for the links shared by the user with external websites. The Bristlr support staff also helps you unsubscribe if you are facing any harassment issues on the site. You can write a letter as soon as you notice any unauthorized access to your account.

Quality Of Profiles

The user can make as generic or as specific a profile they wish to. They can get started with a basic profile with only an attractive profile picture and answering a brief questionnaire. The main intention of them joining Bristlr is to find casual or serious relationships and sometimes only hookups. As their intentions, their profiles are detailed too. As per Bristlr review compiled data, most users use this website for dating and hookups. However, there have been cases where people met and transformed their dating into successful marriages. The more information you provide about yourself on the platform, the site’s matching algorithm gives you accurate matches accordingly. Bristlr also encourages people of different gender and sexual orientation to find suitable matches on the platform.

Website Design And Usability

The web interface is simple and user friendly. The navigation through the pages is smooth, and the features easily understandable and easy to use. The registration process involves a few simple clicks, and you are ready to get started. Simple functionalities like uploading a profile picture and choosing a match preference are like a smooth terrain, even for beginners.

How Does Bristlr Work?

The registration process in Bristlr starts with a simple question “Do you have a beard.” It is a platform for all men who have beards and women who want men who own beards. The signup process is simple when it is done directly with your Facebook profile. It fetches some necessary information like a profile picture and birth-date from Facebook itself. You may have a basic profile, but it is better to be more descriptive if you want accurate matches. One can search for matches using keywords and preferred location. To know more about a person, you can click on his profile picture and see details about him.

You can tweak search results to see match suggestions of people you like or view people who have liked you. Unlike other dating apps, you can like the profile in the first instance or pass it.

If you don’t like someone, you may click on the “X” mark on the profile picture to scroll past that option. If you click on “X,” the profile is hidden for a month. After a month, you can undo it or hide them forever.

Bristlr App

Bristlr Review

The Bristlr app is available on the Google play store for free. The registration process is just the same as in the web version. The app has an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5 in the play store and has crossed over 100000 downloads. The app is the most popular among the UK audience. The app has an average rating of 2.5 in the apple store. The mobile version of the website overall covers all the functionalities as the website. It is all the more convenient to log in on the app whenever you like, so it is better to download it from the Play Store. Bristlr review is the best reference to improve the app on those pain points in the next version.

Alternatives Of Bristlr

Apart from Bristlr, there are several other dating websites that could help you find a suitable mate. Make sure to try any of these:

  1. LoveAndSeek: With its romantic ambience and vibrant layout, this dating app is perfect to set up fellow Christians on a lifelong journey of love.
  2. Pure: If you wish to have some fun while being under the covers, there is no better platform for you.
  3. OkCupid: The popularity of this US based dating app has spread faster than wildfire. If you are seeking a strong friendship as the base of your romantic relationship, this app is definitely for you.


This is a website with the main focus on beards and men with facial hair. This app’s primary use is being done for dating and hookups, as per data derived from Bristlr’s review. It is a perfect website for people who are at least sure they would go in for only bearded men. There are many dating apps, but this is the one that stresses on a specific facial feature and establishes a niche market for them. While studying numbers from the Bristlr review, most of them are satisfied with the system’s smooth functionalities. The owner of Bristlr is planning to add some great features like people can talk with each other without disclosing their original mobile numbers. Bristlr is the perfect app for women who have a liking for men with beards. Go signup today.

Contact Information

  • Company: M14 industries
  • Address: 17 Northumberland Square North Shields Tyne And Wear England Ne30 1px
  • Email: [email protected].
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