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Waplog Review

Waplog Review
About Site
Active Audience 68%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 23-24
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy signup process;
  • Available in 21 languages (updated to June 2020);
  • Thousands of users from different countries;
  • Friendly interface.
  • You can’t access Waplog from a private browser.

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After the wreck of your attempt to meet people at the club, it might be the right time to be into a dating app. Making new friends, to eventually find The One, might take you ages, and a lot of people can’t afford to spend that much time outside, looking forever for a match.

There’s a reason why dating apps are so popular. You can’t find a person living on planet Earth who has not at least heard about a dating app or website before. The most significant majority of people have little to no success stories to tell so that you might have been already discouraged, and you have turned back to Netflix.

Don’t get disappointed; read this fair review of an excellent dating app, Waplog. If you are a newcomer to dating-oriented social networks, you can use this article to learn more details. Are you looking forward to knowing more? Let’s get it started!

When Was Waplog Founded?

When Was Waplog Founded?

Waplog was founded in 2018, and now it’s hosting millions of users from all around the world.

Who Owns Waplog?

Waplog’s sister sites run under one name, “Waplog Social Network,” as stated in the Terms and Agreements. Not only does Waplog live under this flag, but also W-Match and Date Way do.

Registration & Profile

It will take you less than 1 minute to sign up from your desktop version (while the mobile app is even faster). You just have to type “Waplog” into your search browser, and you will find Waplog pretty easily.

Now, see the registration form? Go for it and give them your username – this doesn’t necessarily need to be a real name, it can be your nickname. Then specify a real mail, which they will not verify, anyways, and proceed to create a strong password.

What’s good about all this process is that you can’t perform it from a public Wi-Fi, meaning that the website will block a bunch of blacklisted VPNs. So, either you buy a good VPN, which is not recommended just for Waplog signup, or you wait to be safe at home, with your private Wi-Fi.

Talking about private stuff, you are registered. It could not have been easier! Now you are encouraged to update your profile by adding some notes about you in the description.

Try to picture yourself the feeling you might have from a blank page with a winking grey silhouette. Despite all the odds, even if you are not staying here for long, why not try a fair and honest experience by adding real value to your profile?

You will be asked that by a notification appearing in your mailbox — see the sidebar on the left? The webmaster will warmly welcome you on board.

Showcase yourself better by editing your profile and uploading a decent picture. Then you can dabble and start chatting!



Here on Waplog, they claim they are a social network. Actually, there is a public session where users add pictures of themselves and their lives. You will find it on the left sidebar.

Then, there’s the private chat, as in any other respectful dating app. Wondering if you are going to stay here for long? Take a deep breath and scroll the homepage down. As long as you follow this sort of recipe step-by-step, you won’t get lost.

How can you chat? That’s effortless: just go to whichever profile you like and click on it (the web browser version is being discussed, there’s not that much different from the mobile app).

Once you have clicked, three buttons will pop up: Chat, Like, Add to Friends. Chatting after having met is always the best, practically speaking. If you have built confidence and trust around you, people will likely say hello first. And that is the smartest way to network, isn’t it?

How to Search for People On Waplog?

As soon as you sign in, you will see a wonderland opening in front of your eyes — tons of profiles displayed as small smiling pictures. No nudity, no people explicitly touching things.

All of these pages are not shown to you according to your taste. How can Waplog already know what you think about sexual preferences? So, go straight to your profile and complete the blank fields.

Consider this as a kind reminder you are sending to Waplog. It’s like you are begging them to follow your fancies and to show you only some kinds of profiles. Let the algorithm work for you.

Then, if you would like to perform a manual search, these features are also available on Waplog. See the top research bar? Well, it will not definitely allow you to narrow the search, as it only has three filters: sex, age, and location.

So, between these two options, the former is the best.

How to Delete Waplog Account?

How to Delete Waplog Account?

Are you leaving? If you think that Waplog won’t be able to fit the bill, then go to your account settings and delete your account. You can also log out and then wait until you are sure about this.

Always remember that by signing the privacy policy, you accept all the conditions Waplog is offering you. So, you are giving them a part of your identity. No shame nor blame on them — it’s how it works.

It’s perfectly legit, and, for example, within the EU, you can appeal against something data violation you suspect you had experienced. Read through the privacy policy carefully, even before you subscribe, as it’s supposed to be.

Members Structure

There’s no average age. You are strongly encouraged to make sure you are not talking to an under-aged individual. Especially if you are sexting, this will be an issue for you. There are a lot of stories about teens blackmailing people for having sent them little too-much-nude pictures.

Let’s not force the fate —avoid users that look too young. There is no real hurdle at the entrance, so anybody could virtually sign in to Waplog.

Sexual Preferences

Sexual Preferences

The ratio is 65% men and 35% women. This comment is not meant to discourage you from being on Waplog, either if you are a guy or a girl. The ratio of homosexual males is still higher than that of homosexual females, here on Waplog.

So, basically, this app and web browser website is made more for straight people, but if you are a girl, you might find it easier to mate. As it always happens on dating and hookup services, this is the overall rate.

You may consider this as a good sign: no fake female profiles. Fakers are like the plague in medieval times if you would like to invest your time for a real date. If they hadn’t wanted to make you meet people, they would have flooded the website with actresses and professional or less professional fakers.

This way, they could have had a broader community but more focused on chatting than on meeting.

Race and Ethnicity

You can tell from your own country. In the US, the audience is broad. The multi-ethnicity is respected, and there are a lot of people from different ethnic groups. Of course, if you live in a mono-colored country, this may be more difficult to find partners online.

As a trend, it was noticed that in less popular dating apps, there are a lot of foreigners. Maybe because residents go more through “standard” channels or realize at a glance if there’s room for them on a website or not. It could be, but that should be an excellent topic of a sociological essay.

Religious Orientation

Religious Orientation

Are you a religious type? Maybe it would be best for you to find yourself a decent religious-oriented platform. Looking for like-minded people on a generalist dating website is Russian roulette.

You may find someone carrying in his/her profile a religious reference. But it can also be a scammer, or a mistake may occur. Maybe you read that they believe in God, but they believe in a sense that is not YOUR personal sense.

If you are a believer, or if you are looking for like-minded people, try to find a site with the religion’s name written within the domain name, like “Christian Dating,” for example.

Pricing Policies

There is no paid membership on the web version of Waplog. There is the possibility of buying gifts and coins on other social networks within the Waplog family (you will see them listed in the “Who Owns Waplog?” paragraph at the beginning of this review).

Some users wish every dating app were like that. Free, full of people, where you need to be trained to spot scammers.

Not that kind of person? Then a more restricted website might be better for you.

Free Membership

Free Membership

With a free membership, you can only sign up and edit your page on Waplog. Then, you can expose yourself by adding some details and showing all your might in chat sessions.

You can also add friends or favorites. Scroll the page down and take a look at what other members have posted within the social network’s home. Basically, all that you can expect from a dating-oriented social network is happening here on Waplog.

You can create a brand-new community online without the need to go anywhere. You will have a broader circle than the one you can have from your couch and your Facebook’s and Instagram’s accounts only.

Plus, Waplog hosts more mating-oriented people. Of course, it depends on the country you are connecting from. So, go and get them, sign up, and discover this on your own!

There is no paid membership on the website version of Waplog, so go for it if you would like to have a free experience and understand how all these features work.

This information may change with time, as nothing is forever in the dating business. They may add some paid tools in the future. Keep updated by visiting their main website.

How to Cancel Waplog Paid Subscription?

There is no paid membership, so it’s not possible to cancel it.

Is Waplog Safe?

Is Waplog Safe?

In the past, payments were performed by Waplog’s mobile apps through Apple or Android devices, so everything was being secured from there.

It’s unclear why they have stopped making members pay for their memberships and why they have created a website, parallel to the app. Right now, it is like that. So, the only security issues you should care about are data leaks. As it is clearly specified in the privacy policy, if a breach occurs, the website will communicate this to you as soon as possible.

They are performing standard security measures, so your data should be safe. What happens to the personal information you decide to share with other users on Waplog, there’s nothing the website can do for you. You will need to use your own judgment.

Quality of Profiles

The profiles are real, that’s for sure. You can also spot a scammer from the photos he/she is posting in the common section. Maybe you think that you should not lower your standards, so you are only seeking handsome and super-nice and intellectual people.

Some professional scammers are beautiful enough to earn your trust. However, there is no way to pretend you are an intellectual person, though. Despite scammers, the profiles’ quality is quite high. They are at least real.

Website Design and Usability

The design is pretty old-fashioned, and all the profiles displayed at once may overwhelm you a bit. Where are you in Paradise? Some newcomers may feel like that, while if you are an experienced dating app user, you will probably like the fact that the manual search filters do not narrow the search that much.

Then, the usability is average. You will find all the relevant sections within the sidebar. The grey silhouette marks your menu, then your profile picture. So, no big deal about the user-friendliness. It could be bettered, though. Feel free to send the developers some advice through the suggestions at the bottom of the page.

How Does Waplog Work?

How Does Waplog Work?

It’s pretty straightforward. You get the app (read about this in a minute), sign up, and create a profile (if you don’t have one), and then start chatting and talking with other people.

Waplog App

Good news, you dating app lover! There are both an Apple and an Android app. You are free to chat on the go. You can answer to your match from the gym or swipe from under the shower. Well, make sure your iPhone is waterproof, at least.

Alternatives to Waplog

The list of alternatives always depends on what you are looking for. Why are you here on Waplog? Did the we-are-social-network disclaimer attract you? Or are you just looking for a legit dating service?

There’s Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram. They are bigger, and they carry more user experiences, so to be continuously bettered. The same goes for security measures and privacy settings.

Try Match.com, OK Cupid, Badoo, Adult Friends Finder, Ashley Madison, Be Naughty, Tinder, or Grindr if you are not straight.



Not everything stands within a cluster. This may be valid for the dating apps marketing, as well. What can Waplog be for you? Your social network, more dating-oriented than Instagram? Or your dating app, less serious and populated by youngsters? Either way, it’s up to you to choose. And if you don’t want to do that, you can pick both. Two birds with one stone, and Waplog won’t be just your Snapchat’s clone. Hopefully, you have found some useful tips in this review. Are you ready for the final call? All that’s left is to wish you good luck!

Contact Information

Company: Waplog

Address: VLMedia Inc. Universiteler Mahallesi Ihsan Dogramacı Bulvarı Gumus Blok NO29 BK1-1 ODTU TEKNOKENT CankayaAnkara TURKEY (Data protection officer designed by Waplog)

Phone: +90(312)2101777 (for data protection only)

E-mail: customerdesk@waplog.com

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