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UkraineDate Review

UkraineDate Review
About Site
Active Audience 71%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 26-29
Profiles 490 850
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Every profile must be verified; you need to provide them with your ID;
  • Not many scammers;
  • The girls here are wonderful and highly committed: they are here mostly to find a genuine relationship;
  • Usable interface.
  • Quite pricey;
  • You can’t sign up and take a look without uploading your official ID (unless you access from your mobile phone and download the app).

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Beautiful and strong, that’s what a lot of men in the US think about Ukrainian women. The web is packed with dating websites, but some of them are not decent and fail to provide users real arrangements. Not many of those sites are like UkraineDate.

Whether you’re a Ukrainian woman or a foreign man visiting Ukraine (or willing to), this website may be the right fit for you.

You must understand one thing beforehand: there are several types of different platforms. Some of them are completely free. You don’t have to pay for anything, because all the essential features are at your disposal. On others, you are free to chat and create a match without spending your money.

UkraineDate is not free. You need to prove that you are a real user willing to pay for high-quality services. But other apps can be downloaded without any charge! This is what you may think in the first place.

Actually, it’s true, but avoiding scammers and fakers is a serious job. If you follow this review, you will understand whether the money you will have to spend on UkraineDate is worth it or not.

UkraineDate Review

When Was UkraineDate Founded?

It was 2007 when GoDaddy.com, LLC, first bought the UkraineDate domain. Now, the property has been passed to other safe hands, but the website is still running and attracting new users.

Who Owns UkraineDate?

At the moment, UkraineDate is held by Cupid Media Pty Ltd, a trademark of Ecom Holding Pty LTD, as well as the Cupid Media Logo. Ecom Holding Pty is an Australian company, still acquiring new dating platforms and creating a large empire online.

They are unstoppable and keep on making confidential appraisals to companies operating in the dating business. As an online empire, they manage several dating websites successfully.

Registration and Profile

One note before starting: if you’re signing up with a blacklisted IP, for example, an anonymous browser, or a cheap VPN, UkraineDate won’t allow you to get in until they have verified you are a real person.

This process may take 48 hours, so if you’re planning a trip to Ukraine, make sure you do everything on time.

Registration and Profile


There are no matches here. Chatting with everyone is available if you’re a gold user. You can communicate with free visitors if you’re a platinum subscriber. You can do nothing but watch and search for amazing profiles if you don’t pay.

Those are the 3 main ways of communication on UkraineDate.

How to Search for People on UkraineDate?

See the main purple toolbar? Here you can navigate through the website. You can go to the “popular search” option and see what people are looking for. Not a mass person? Open the “improve your affinity” tab and try to select the filters you like the most.

These filters will apply to the images and profiles you see on your homepage. So, make sure they are accurate and reflect your real taste!

How to Delete UkraineDate Account?

You can delete your UkraineDate account clicking on “switch off the profile.” This is the easiest way to get rid of it, but you may as well contact the Customer Support representatives and ask them to help you.

You might encounter some persuasion to stay, but explain your position clearly, and everything should be good in the end. Your request might take longer to process due to the technical aspect of it, but be patient and ask again in 48 hours if needed.

How to Delete UkraineDate Account?

Members Structure

The girls, as well as men, are just awesome. The majority of the community is taken up by Ukrainian women and men, of course. International members keep on changing, and as one can assume, you are a non-Ukrainian-based person who is fond of Ukraine’s looks.

All the profiles have been verified, so there are just a few fakers and almost no scammers. You are paying a lot to stay here, so luckily, there are fewer fakes and phishers than on other similar services.

Still, it’s recommended to pay attention and not to share your personal or credit card details.

Sexual Preferences

Straight. You have no other choice, and you can’t even pick something different once you have signed up. Well, actually, you can search for your same-sex when you join UkraineDate after registration.

But there’s little choice.

Sexual Preferences

Race and Ethnicity

Ukraine’s ethnicity is the main one. Assuming you are a Western man or woman looking for a Ukrainian date, there’s not much more to say about this aspect.

Religious Orientation

In Ukraine, the most practiced religion is the Christian Orthodox church. If you have never heard about it, please be aware that it has nothing to do with Orthodox Islam or Orthodox Judaism.

It’s just a shade of Catholicism, so to say. They have their own Pope, the Patriarch, but they are not as strict as Orthodox Jews, for example. They are not fanatics; it’s a mass religion.

Well, this trend does NOT mean that the most significant part of the girls or men is religious on UkraineDate . Nobody really can’t tell. What can be said is that there is no mention of religion in the profile descriptions of members online.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

There are 3 memberships: free, gold, and platinum. Let’s see more in detail what every option entails. Of course, if you don’t plan to go to Ukraine, and you think this depends on the hookups or dates you find on UkraineDate, make sure you don’t spend too much money just on one site.

You are relying on the case, in a certain sense, because even if there are many profiles online, there’s little chance of finding a mate precisely within the time you have picked for this process.

First, take a free look, then decide. There are not that many Ukrainian girls on UkraineDate, as they get caught in the blink of an eye by other Western men.

Free Membership

The free membership doesn’t allow you to do much. You can chat with platinum members who have enabled the chat-with-all function, browse profiles, and select compatibility filters.

You can basically take a look around, uploading your profile picture and your profile.

Free Membership

There are gold and platinum memberships on UkraineDate. With the former, you can receive as many messages as you like. Then, you will get far fewer ads. Last but not least, your memory is doubled, and you can store more information like profiles, saved searches, messages, photos, and so on.

The Gold will cost you 30,98$/1 month, 61,98$/3 months, and finally 123,98$/ 12 months.

As a platinum member, instead, you can appear within the first search results of other users. You can also chat with everyone, basic visitors included. This membership provides you with an ad-free stay on UkraineDate.

The pricelist is: 35,99$/1 month, 71,99$/3 months, 143,98$/12 months. A little expensive, as stated previously, also because there are not may women always online and available.

How to Cancel UkraineDate Paid Subscription?

You should just scroll to the membership page (it depends on the version you use, either the mobile app or the web browser). Go for it and downgrade your membership. Always remember, you can upgrade it again when you like, for example, if you notice more users online.

Bear in mind that you’ll be automatically charged at the end of every billing cycle. Hence, make sure you cancel your paid subscription on time. Otherwise, you will likely be entitled to no refund.

If you failed to cancel it on time, write to the Customer Support, and see what happens. If you have serious issues, they will understand. Just be polite and explain your reasons clearly.

How to Cancel UkraineDate Paid Subscription?

Is UkraineDate Safe?

If you are signing up with a blacklisted IP, for example, a cheap VPN or an anonymous browser, UkraineDate won’t allow you to get in until they have verified your identity. This process may take 48 hours, so if you plan a trip to Ukraine, make sure you do everything in advance.

So yes, UkraineDate is safe. Or, at least, it’s not that easy to circumvent security measures, and the payments are encrypted.

Bear this in mind: if you are using your mobile app, email verification is not required to take a look at the website. You’ll be automatically directed to the main page after you have signed up. Still, a red pop-up will remind you that you should verify your profile or change your email if you have provided a wrong one. Everything else concerning online security is up to your common sense and judgment.

Quality of Profiles

All UkraineDate profiles have been verified. This may encourage people to be more honest and less scammy online. The overall profiles’ quality is high: there are just a few fakers and almost no scammers.

Still, it’s recommended to pay attention and not to share your personal details, like your address, bank account, or anything that can make you a target of blackmailing.

You can be clear and honest with the people you meet. Just remember that you are online, and you can never know who you are going to come across.

Website Design & Usability

The user interface is straightforward to understand. Despite its minimalism, there are a lot of useful features, and no buttons are crowding the pages unnecessarily.

This is valid both for the web browser version and mobile app.

Anyway, in general, the website is highly modern, with its purple bars that allow you to navigate UkraineDate without getting lost.ё

With the upper bars, you can access all the main features of the site. Take a look at it as soon as you sign up for the first time. Ignore the pop-up asking you to upload the profile picture.

Don’t take this action as circumventing the webmaster’s rules. You are just looking around, and you can upload your pic later on. There is the usual profile icon, which you can access to edit it, add photos and a beautiful description of yourself.

Then, there is the search bar, very well visible, which will help you immediately find the person or group of people you are looking for.

Hence, the overall usability is very high, and the design of the 2 versions is generally modern.

How Does UkraineDate Work?

It is not difficult to understand how UkraineDate works. Are you looking for someone? Use the search bar.

Want to see the profiles you liked? Go to the “favorites” heart icon. Want to chat with your contacts? Go to the chat section. Actually, there are only a few functions so that you won’t get lost, and you can do everything you need without having to search for too long.

If you like UkraineDate’s features and want to avail of membership: the section is very well visible, and besides, you’ll not be distracted by the ads from the beginning.

This is how it works. No weird adult games, no roulettes, no extra perks meant to pamper the user. Here, all the functions are plainly displayed and organized properly.

You won’t have to make any useless effort to comprehend how everything works.

UkraineDate App

Excellent news, Ukraine Lover. There are mobile apps, both in the Google Play Store and App Store. You won’t run out of Ukrainian women because of a lack of technology.

Then, more good news: on the mobile app, they won’t wait for an email confirmation, and you’ll be able to get into the website directly. The interface is highly similar to the web browser’s one — purple everywhere, and a single main toolbar allows you to surf the app.

There are the home section, the messages, the activity with all the people you looked for and liked on UkraineDate. Then, the “search” and “popular search” buttons. Finally, your profile: you can edit your page and upload or change your avatar — Settings, Help, and Affiliate pages. No more, no less.

Alternatives to UkraineDate

If you would like to stick to the Slavic type of women, consider International Russian Dating, Date Russian Beauty, Online dating Ukraine, Slavic-Dating.

You may be wondering, “what about women looking for Ukrainian men”? It’s hard for them to find a match because Ukrainian ladies are more requested than Ukrainian men.

Still, you can always go for a popular dating website, no matter which one, and you can pick only the women or men from Ukraine.


Ukraine Date is a relatively simple and convenient site, and you can easily understand how things go here. Below you will find various questions about the site if you do not see them in this review or when introducing yourself to the platform.

Is Ukraine Date safe?

According to user reviews and the Security Policy section, Ukraine Date is a secure site. The site administration takes security communication on the platform seriously, protecting the interests of children and minor users.

Is Ukraine Date a real dating site?

Ukraine Date is a real dating site, although there are many unfilled and fake accounts. The platform was created to unite single people from Ukraine and other countries worldwide. At the same time, the system does not guarantee 100% success in dating, since everything ultimately depends on your communication skills and pure good luck.

How to Use Ukraine Date?

Very simple. Ukraine Date provides you everything you need to start communication quickly. Free registration, match system, search and indication by tags, adding new photos, and viewing other people’s accounts are available on the platform in your few mouse clicks. If you go along fine with social media or on other dating sites, then you can quickly get comfortable with Ukraine Date!

Is Ukraine Date free?

Registration and creation of a profile are free, but to communicate with other users on Ukraine Date, you must buy Gold or Premium Membership from 30 to 150 dollars. Subscription is available from 1 month to 1 year. The longer your subscription, the cheaper the monthly use.

Is Ukraine Date really works?

The site belongs to the Cupid Media group, which has a good reputation in the media sphere. Ukraine Date works for several years, although it has a relatively small number of users to engage.


If you have read this review so far, you may now have a fairer opinion on what UkraineDate is and what you can expect from it. Hopefully, this article was useful. Now you are ready to make a wise choice!

As UkraineDate’s online dating world is waiting for you to join it, good luck with all your searches!

Contact Information

  • Company: Ecom Holdings Pty Ltd
  • Address: Level 5, 2502 / 5 Lawson Street, Southport QLD 4215, Australia
  • Phone: Australia – (07) 5612 5016
  • United Kingdom – 0808 164 8675
  • United States/Canada – 1-844-968-0958
  • International – +61 7 5612 5016
  • Email: [email protected]

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