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The Inner Circle Review

The Inner Circle Review
About Site
Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 20-23
Profiles 1 500 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A unique circle of users;
  • High respect and status of the members;
  • The site has a convenient dating app;
  • Suitable for both quick hookups and serious dating.
  • Subscription is a bit pricey;
  • The site is available only in English;
  • The central countries of its activity are the UK, Spain, The Netherlands, and Italy.

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The Inner Circle is the international dating platform that allows only attractive and successful members to join the community. The dating site focuses on helping confident people meet their perfect match. It has both a dating app and a web version for desktops. So you can use The Inner Circle both on your computer and on the mobile phone. You can become a member of the dating community after its members invite you, and the system accepts you. You can also register on your own, but then The Inner Circle team will thoroughly check your profile for a few days. You are (you should be 25-40 years), work, and education are essential in this process.

If you are ambitious and look good, this site is the right place for you. Many members are highly educated. In addition to online dating, The Inner Circle provides its members with many events for clicking singles.

When Was The Inner Circle Founded?

The Inner Circle Review

The Inner Circle was founded in 2012 in Amsterdam and has become one of the most exciting dating platforms in Europe and the UK. In modern realities, it is one of the most significant and unique on a European level, conquering London, Milan, and Rome. These cities have become the real centers helping people search for a partner via smartphones or the site. The offer users elite communities, high-status dating, and unique experience.

Who Owns The Inner Circle?

The company behind this dating resource is called Circle Imperium BV. Its main headquarters is Amsterdam, and some departments are situated in Rome, Barcelona, London, Paris, and Stockholm. The founder and the CEO of The Inner Circle are David Vermeulen.

Registration & Profile

Creating a profile is not easy. The Inner Circle will accept you only by invitation. However, you can also log in via Facebook. Your account on the app will synchronize with your Facebook profile. Before you can use a dating site, the moderators’ team must approve your account.

How does the registration itself happen? After downloading this dating program on your phone or opening it, you will have to enter the information about yourself to fill in the profile. It includes:

  • What have you studied?
  • What work do you do?
  • What are your social contacts?
  • You will have to upload your best photos as well.

Then you can connect the profile to You can register with a connection to Facebook (now an inevitable solution), or the LinkedIn profile. At that point, you can finally enter the platform. After the dating site generates your account, you should fill in the paragraphs about your interests. You do this not only to describe your character and passions but also to find more people similar to yours.

The advice of The Inner Circle, in this first part, is to try to be as precise as possible, paying time and efforts to each different chapter or theme. Then express your tastes and have fun describing the following aspects of your life:

  • Style and clothing;
  • Food and beverages;
  • Free time;
  • Sport;
  • Do you travel? Where have you been?

After passing the app and its staff’s approval, The Inner Circle team will contact you via email to ask you to complete the registration. In some cases, a user can end up stuck in the so-called “waiting list.” Analyzing your profile can take long, but it is necessary, and you cannot skip any part of it. After that phase, you will get access to the dating site, or The Inner Circle will remove from the platform.

It is difficult to understand why exactly some people do not pass the initial application. Many users prove that connecting the profile to other social networks will make a difference. The profiles that have been “confirmed” via Facebook, for example, have more chances of obtaining approval almost immediately compared to those who do not own or insert the profile. Besides, if a profile contains ambiguous or spicy photos, there will be no place for such an account on The Inner Circle.


The Inner Circle Review

Great attention goes precisely to the matching phase. This dating site connects only those who coincide in most of the interests, not only in terms of shared passions but also in cultural and professional affinities. Perhaps because of this high precision, those who do not pass the registration process criticize the site. But, to obtain the best results, you sometimes have to sacrifice something.

The Inner Circle developers say it aims to boost more events and does not plan to make the application process more comfortable. Users can attend events worldwide, and the company exclusively organizes each of them personally. The team even promises that new features will soon be available on the site, enabling people to arrange the events themselves.

The key events which encourage communication between the members of this dating site are wine tastings and joint boat trips. Building a powerful platform for dating, The Inner Circle can sell real tickets for its events and raise money to invest more in developing the site’s infrastructure. The company also hopes to promote growth by focusing on partnerships. For example, The Inner Circle in London has partnered with whiskey brand Patron. The dating company now organizes cocktail workshops and parties for its members.

How to Search for People on The Inner Circle?

The Inner Circle Review

It is essential for the site’s team that they bring all people who want to date seriously or seek a temporary partner. This dating site is an elite community of the entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, models, and individuals who are successful in their spheres. To find your perfect match, you should first pay attention to your profile. Fill it in, link it to the social networks, add as many details as possible, and then other users will also access your account. Because the users treat their reputation on the site seriously, searching for people is easy.

You can adjust the settings in the search section and apply the filters to help you narrow down the results. The algorithm can match people with a particular profession, orientation, age, nationality, interests, etc.

How to Delete The Inner Circle Account?

Deleting your account will result in the full loss of data, and you will not be able to reactivate it later. The system notifies that the information you have stated will be erased from the site, and there will be no way to restore it. If you finally decide to remove your account from the site, go to the profile settings and delete it in clicking a few buttons.

Members Structure

The app’s main idea is that this dating service allows only successful, educated, and beautiful people. Appearance is not the main criterion for them, but it plays a specific role, and all users should upload quality photos to pass the check. There are even actors and actresses from Game of Thrones on The Inner Circle platform. People can have an excellent job on paper, but that does not automatically mean that you are successful. The app has its requirements for evaluating your achievements, but it does not reveal them. Besides, you don’t necessarily have to be between 25 and 45 years old. They also have people who are slightly younger or slightly older.

The long and strict registration process ensures that people who sign up have serious potential to find each other. If The Inner Circle didn’t do this, their aim to bring people together wouldn’t work. If you choose a selfie in front of the mirror as a profile picture or upload a bare-chested picture, you will not enter.

Sexual Preferences

The site is queer-friendly and does not object to gay or lesbian dating. You can meet your soulmate here regardless of your gender. However, most users on The Inner Circle resource are straight.

Race and Ethnicity

The Inner Circle Review

The Inner Circle dating site offers a unique online dating concept that focuses on exclusivity. Not everyone can register on this dating site. You must be invited by someone who has already joined the circle or registered for a waiting list. Only the brightest, most successful users from different countries and cities around the world can use it. The majority of the members are from the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, Italy, and France.

Religious Orientation

People who are seriously looking for someone must join the site. However, this applies mainly to scammers and fake users. The Inner Circle does not object to casual dating and does not ban people who discuss sexual topics in the conversation. The matching is serious, but there isn’t any religious context to it. You can filter people with the same faith as yours, but this is not the main focus.

Pricing Policies

Members pay different fees depending on the region in which they live. However, the majority of the 2 million members appear to have a free profile with limited functionalities. On the other hand, The Inner Circle company is fully bootstrapped and profitable. The founders of the site reported that during 2017 their profit was 4.9 million euros. It means it had grown by 3,460 percent in 4 years.

Free Membership

Membership on The Inner Circle is free but includes some costs and subscriptions to approve the engagement of member accounts and provide the paid users with unique features. Every registered user, out of over a million total active people, will have to collaborate with the staff in a certain form. This transparency allows this dating app to be elite and safe. All free members can register on the site, edit their profile, add photos, see the photo albums of other users, and browse the feed with accounts.

Some features remain “private”. To access them, you will need to submit a subscription. When you purchase the premium membership, you will get to:

  • Read messages and requests;
  • View who winked to you;
  • Buy tickets for events;
  • See who has visited your account.

One week of The Inner Circle subscription costs $5, and it will renew automatically every seven days. This cost is above the average price for the premium dating site membership.

How to Cancel The Inner Circle Paid Subscription?

Your membership renews automatically. You can cancel your membership at any time. The biggest reason people refuse to subscribe to is that they have found a new relationship. You can unsubscribe when logging in through “my account.” Once the team verifies your profile, they will delete all the information completely.

Is The Inner Circle Safe?

The Inner Circle Review

Moderators check the profiles manually. They review whether the information on your Facebook or other media profile matches the information you entered in The Inner Circle and whether it meets the requirements. This examination is part of the concept. So, there are no fake profiles on the site. You will not see profiles without photos or names, either. The privacy policy section states that all confidential information that you share with The Inner Circle is securely stored and protected. We see that the site uses a secure connection https: //, which prevents interception of data. The https: // connection is also used by banks, among others. The search results will not show your data to the users who do not log into the site.

The app attracts many people with intentions other than finding love. But there are no safety problems for them. Anyone can find a hookup partner or a soul mate for life on The Inner Circle. This site is, by far, not the only dating platform that invests in a niche. There are also have websites that focus only on gay people or lesbians or people with a beard. Not everyone can register on those apps. But The Inner Circle is safe for all.

Quality of Profiles

The Inner Circle has attracted worldwide attention in recent years because of its strict concept. Their team pays attention to whether you have a good job, are eager to travel, have ambitions, and whether you are preferably between 25 and 45 years old.

Critics see in the app a driver of inequality and embellished formation, but according to the developers, the concept is successful. There are many success stories of people who met on The Inner Circle. They have married and now have children because this elite community allows you not to worry about fakes and bots and enjoy the communication with respectable people.

Website Design and Usability

The Inner Circle Review

The unique concept of The Inner Circle is also a direct formula for the success of a website. The exclusivity of the dating site makes singles want to join this circle. You can connect to Facebook or LinkedIn through the homepage to register directly. This linking makes the signing up process understandable and convenient. What takes longer is the review process, but here the moderators try to work as quickly as possible.

The Inner Circle has a dating site and apps to enjoy the service whenever they want. You can also attend special events. Various events take place for members of the dating site every month. This way, you can contact not only through a website or contact but also look for physical contact with singles.

The advantage of the site relates to its simple but captivating graphics and the very intuitive app. The matches are precise, and they connect people who have real affinities. The strict and precise selection during the registration phase makes the later matching easier as well. However, the waiting period, in some cases, has even reached a month. And only then, people proceeded to find a partner. Indeed, the admission criteria are far from clear, but some of the requirements the moderators pay attention to are:

  • controversial photos not considered suitable for the public;
  • obscene language;
  • low-quality images that do not portray your personality.

It is an excellent feature to connect at your social profile, whether it is Facebook or LinkedIn, to the profile. The latter seems to attribute greater seriousness to your Inner Circle account. In this way, you will have the possibility to apply the filters related to the course of study automatically and, therefore, also filters on the profession.

How Does The Inner Circle Work?

The operation of the service is not difficult to understand: The Inner Circle focuses on the quality of its members and therefore does not accept large numbers of people. You will immediately notice that the users, and the opportunities for dating, are at a high level. The accounts of the members are carefully assessed. Based on the preferences and personal details you enter on the platform, the staff will accept you to the platform and adjust your matching.

It’s up to you to understand which profiles among all The Inner Circle members are for you. You will be able to participate in exclusive events and observe the first real date to find face-to-face and get to know each other intimately. So, the site focuses not only on the online matching but works thoroughly on the real-life activities.

The Inner Circle App

The Inner Circle Review

Downloading The Inner Circle application is free. The services there are provided free of charge, and if you want advanced features, you should purchase the subscription. Although you can also use the dating site through the desktop, the most popular way to access the resource is their dating app. The Inner Circle offers a good dating app for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and even for the Apple Watch. All options are free to download.

Of course, you must also have a profile with an app to access the dating community. It makes sense to first apply on the site and then download the mobile app. Through the application form inside, you can register for exclusive events, meet foreign members when you are abroad, chat, and flirt. You can also upload photos and update your profile through the app.

Alternatives of The Inner Circle

The careful level of control that the app’s support carries out, the high level of security, and transparency of The Inner Circle are indisputable. Many platforms promise all this, but only a few are capable of creating a dense network of analyzes to allow the success of the protection of privacy.

The services that provide similar concepts of work are The League and BeautifulPeople. You also have to apply for the membership on these resources and wait till the moderating team or other users vote to accept you.


Anyone who wants to meet new people, thus trying to find their ideal partner, will have the opportunity to live a truly unique and different experience on The Inner Circle. Another great advantage of it is the presence of filters, which makes your search easier.

The price politics is not for all, but it doesn’t scare people who are ready to invest in their love search. To enter this elite society, you have to pass a thorough check, but the events, filters, and matching that The Inner Circle provides are worth it.

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