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TGPersonals Review

TGPersonals Review
About Site
Active Audience 60%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 750 000
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 7.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Completely free
  • You can’t make payments within the website
  • There are people of all ethnicities
  • It's effortless and quick to sign up
  • Some scammers
  • Not many transgender members

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Is there a safe place on the web where transgender people, or “ladyboys” as they are mostly called in Asia, can be safe and not only considered as hookers? There is a place, and it’s called TGPersonals.

One of the first websites of the kind, totally free, for transgender people who would just like to find a supportive environment to chat, hang out, and possibly date. The fact that their sexual identity is stated from the beginning makes up for speedy connections.

So, if you are a person who is fond of transgender looks, this might be just the right place for you.

When Was TGPersonals Founded?

It was 1999, and Mike Kasper was alone in his NYC room. He knew something about how he could buy a domain, create, and maintain a website, so when the idea of a totally free transgender dating platform came into his mind, he was ready.

Skilled and passionate, Mike bought the domain and started working on it. Step after step, upgrade after upgrade, TGPersonals is now tremendous. In 2011, the brand he had founded switched to Elgg, an open-source company that has helped him keep the site running.

From 2015 on, they also have a mobile compatible version of the same website. This is the platform’s history, shaped on a person and his will to build a friendly environment for people who would like to chat, date, and have some adult fun.

Who Owns TGPersonals?

“Hi! I’m Mike.” This is all that’s written on the company page. They are TGPersonals, and they operate from New York.

How do they pay for the service, then? Well, TGPersonals, as Mike himself states, basically lives on advertising and selling users’ data to third parties. Of course, this does not mean your email will be associated with your name and sexual preference.

It’s about legal selling, and everything is written down in detail in the Terms and Agreements and Privacy Policy. Take your time and read these through.

Now, type ‘TGPersonals’ in your browser. You will see a landing page right in front of you. Is this website real? Not quite. They are just being as transparent as possible, showing you what the site will look like once you have signed up.

If you go to TGPersonals’ main page, you will already see how it is like. To register, you will need an email address and a password, and that’s it.

Hundreds of users are here; see the profile section in the toolbar? Click on it and present yourself properly. You can add a profile picture, which is strongly recommended, as there are a lot of fake users here.

“Presenting yourself” also means that you are going to declare whether you are a cisgender man or woman, or a transgender man or woman, or a non-identifiable-gender person.

Now it’s time for you to start searching and chatting correctly.

Registration & Profile

Registration & Profile

It’s relatively easy to register at TGPersonals, and it doesn’t take too much effort from your side. Make sure to fill out the basic details such as the email address, username, gender, age, and location. Don’t forget to mention if you’re looking to meet men or women — and the scope of the relationship: romantic, love, sex, roommates, or simply friendship. Continue to write something about your personality and describe yourself.

Speaking of a profile, TGPersonals includes plenty of information about users. It comprises your activity, photo albums, friends, and even blogs posted by you.

All in all, it takes very little time to register on TGPersonals, and the profile section is comprehensive enough to help you understand everything you need to know about other users, and whether you should engage in more intimate conversations or not.


Have you ever heard about “matches”? It’s a popular expression used on dating websites, meaning that, mostly, you can’t contact a person if he/she has not contacted you first.

A match occurs when you like someone who likes you back. Here on TGPersonals, there’s no need to be matched to chat with someone. You just have to visit his/her page and ask for a chat.

So, after having registered, all that you have to do is looking for other users, chatting in the chatbox on the left sidebar. You can also take a look at the profiles displayed on the main page. They have been selected according to your taste, filters, and location.

You can get matched in many different ways, and you will find users around you very quickly. Read on the “search” paragraph to discover more.

How to Search for People on TGPersonals?

It works as usual on dating websites: see the search box on the left sidebar? That one, there you go. As you may have noticed, you are free to change the gender you identify yourself with as many times as you want. Then, you can select filters to narrow your search: age range, location, and so on. Choose to see only profiles with pictures. It’s strongly recommended to do so, as many pages here are just to lurk. Newcomers will appear on your screen, and you will be able to search among them manually.

There’s also the “gallery” option if you don’t want to launch the search: TGPersonals offers you a range of members who have been carefully selected for you, according to your parameters, of course.

Here in the gallery, which is right on the main page, you will hopefully find some nice person you like enough to start interacting with. But you will need to sign up and complete your page first.

In the “matches” tab, top toolbar, you will then be able to see who liked you, one at a time. Why not like them back and start a conversation? Maybe you have found your next good friend.

How to Delete Your TGPersonals Account?

As you have already sold your personal information to TGPersonals, there is no point in permanently deleting your account. You can just log out, and no one will disturb you further.

If you would like to delete it, though, you should write to Customer Support. See the “help” tab? You can use that and fill in a form explaining to them why you are leaving already.

Members Structure

Members Structure

There are far more cisgender men than transsexual people. As you can imagine, the trans crowd is considerably smaller than the men’s one, and the ratio is not balanced at all — good news for transgender people looking for men.

Then, as it may happen on totally free websites, unfortunately, there is an army of fake profiles. This is one of the fatal flaws of TGPersonals. A beautiful, brilliant idea of creating a free dating site, the old-fashioned graphics, and the busy interface show more goodwill than those super-polished modern apps.

There’s a useful guide created by Mike, the website’s creator. It will help you detect catfishers, especially from the romance scam type — you will find it in the blog section, clicking on the “news” tab.

Sexual Preferences

There’s no judgment for anyone here. Either you are a transgender or a cisgender, if you can block all the annoying users and keep the right ones, you will have nothing but tolerance for every taste you might have.

Let’s say there are more cisgender people looking for transgender members.

Race and Ethnicity

All the ethnic groups you can imagine are gathered here on TGPersonals. Unfortunately, most of the time, there are not that many users online, so you might be seeing a frozen profile. Let’s balance this pessimism with a best-case scenario: maybe she’s just gone to the restroom!

There’s a possibility some users you see are not signing-in to TGPersonals again. Hopefully, yes, as the ethnic variety of people is quite low, if you only consider online members.

Religion Orientation

If you look at the descriptions above, there is no reference to religious orientation. Plus, not many religions allow people to be transgender, but you can’t judge on that issue.

Religious people can enhance their possibility of meeting new acquaintances through the use of their own websites. Here on TGPersonals, the content is quite explicit. It’s common if you are up to dating or hook-up sites. So, find your own religion-oriented brand.

Pricing Policies

The website is free! No gifts, no cryptocurrencies. Ads finance it, and it keeps running thanks to marketing and data selling. Like Facebook. No more, no less.

Free Membership

With a free membership — by the way, the only one available — you can browse profiles, scroll them up and down, take a look at the pictures, chat, have a coffee, use live cams, and read and post within the blog section.

There is no paid membership. Be wary of people asking you money in exchange for services, as well as people offering you cash for your private pictures. They are usually “with face” pictures, and they will likely blackmail you for them.

How to Cancel Your TGPersonals Paid Subscription?

No paid subscription available; TGPersonals is entirely free. So, nothing to be canceled.

Is TGPersonals Safe?

Is TGPersonals Safe?

One word: it’s safe. Although males compose the most significant ratio of the audience, it often happens that scammers target both men and transgender women, so you should pay attention to this, as you should on any type of dating website.

As the webmaster is explaining in the blog section, there are two main approaches: some users may offer you money. Don’t party beforehand: they will want to pay you with a check, and you may think that’s fine. But after you have deposited the check, bad things start to happen. They claim something has happened to them, and they will start asking for money back.

They are not using regular bank channels, though, but an iTunes card, maybe, or some other money transfer ways, like Western Union. Here comes the bad news: once you have sent all the money back, the bank will likely inform you that the check was bad.

You will need to repay the bank for all the money you have withdrawn the first time. Remember how happy you were about paying your rent? Forget about it. Report the police every situation like that, and don’t ever cash the check: attorneys and police officers are a dreadful scenario.

Then, there’s the second scam, which is similar. Instead of the check, there’s an account number, and also a bank routing number the scammer is giving you to withdraw money from — same pattern.

Here the bank account may be a fake one, or worse, a stolen one.

Then, there are also sneaky blackmails. They happen in real life, so you can picture yourself how they can take place here, in an online wasteland. They are usually nice girls, contacting you for video chat and then asking you to do embarrassing stuff. Then, boom, blackmail.

Quality of Profiles

Most members on TGPersonals are real people who are here just because they would like to have a safe and trustworthy place to share their experiences and maybe find a soulmate.

Some users have been here for quite a long time, enjoying the free environment, and testing their scam-radar with all suspicious users. But a vast majority is composed of people who try to earn your trust and then ask for your personal information, and then it’s a slippery slope.

Website Design and Usability

Website Design and Usability

The website is highly usable, despite the banners and ads of partner sites. The ads come from other platforms, so don’t click on them, as you can’t guarantee they are secure.

If you are not bothered by those banners, kind of explicit most of the time, you can consider your overall experience on TGPersonals quite user-friendly.

The interface is a little cluttered, but it expresses a view: a single person is managing all of this, doing his best to offer users an incredible experience.

So yes, the design is quite old-fashioned, and the tabs are too many. But you will find everything you need, just use a little more patience than usual, and learn from this review, as well! That’s what you are here for!

How Does TGPersonals Work?

You have learned how to sign in, and you already know how to browse members. You can go on and surf through profiles freely, now. There’s not much more to be said about how TGPersonals work. After a chat, it’s up to you to set a date and make things work out.

TGPersonals App

There is no mobile app for TGPersonals at the moment. These days, one can find many free dating apps for other services, so it’s a shame they have not developed one yet.

The mobile browser version optimized in 2015 works well and is light enough to be enjoyed on the go with your mobile Internet connection. Make sure you are using Wi-Fi and that your phone battery is full. If your Wi-Fi is public, it would be better for you to enable a VPN or a private browser.

There are no IP limitations on TGPersonals; they won’t kick you out just because you are not using a regular browser or because your IP is in a blacklist. You are only free to surf the website, chat, meet beautiful people, and maybe find the virtual or real love of your life.

Alternatives to TGPersonals

There are many alternatives to TGPersonals. In regards to transsexual chat and date apps, the most popular ones are My Transgender Cupid, TransDate.com, Transgender Date, My Ladyboy Date, My Transsexual Date, I Date Transsexual, Trans 4 Date, Ts Mingle, I Love TAT. Just to mention the most popular. After proper research, you will find your best fit.



We have sorted out some of the questions and answers that might come in your mind. Scroll down to check below.

Is TGPersonals safe?

It is very safe because they do not even need email verification. You can say, TGPersonals face a lot of scammers, but you must save yourself from scammers. Don’t take any step without research. Search their profile, and if you feel they are real, you should go for it. Also, to be safe, you should never share your credit card details with anyone because TGPersonals do not require money in any form. If any member asks you for money or redirected to any link from any profile that asks money, don’t share your credit card details there.

Is TGPersonals a real dating site?

This is an online dating and hookup site for the LGBTQ community. It is like a heaven for transgender people. Also, you will find gay men and string Men and women who are searching for each other. If you’re looking for anything serious from this site, you are on the wrong website. This site is strictly for casual, dates or hookups for LGBTQ. Every profile has a bio where you can mention your criteria like, if you want sex, you wrote about it; if you wish to love or friendship, you have to say it. In this way, it makes it easier for members to choose a date for them.

How to use TGPersonals?

You have to install the app and create an account. Once you do it, you will be able to access all the exciting features TGPersonals has to provide you free of cost.

Is TGPersonals free?

It is free to use, from installation to account opening, TGPersonals is free. The features mentioned above are all free.

If you wish to subscribe to a paid version to gain more features, here is your payment list,

  • $29.90 for Plan Membership – 1 month
  • $68.70 for Gold Membership – 3 months
  • $101.40 for Gold Membership – 6 months.

Does TGPersonals really work?

Yes, it works best if you fall under the LGBT community or the transgender community.


No way you are going to stay away from TGPersonals if you are looking for a less cisgender place on the web. The community is amazing, and you will definitely find interesting people, so you should give it a try. But then, enjoy your stay and just be yourself. Have a happy chat and match! This site is an excellent place for the trans community, with all its upsides and downsides.

Contact Information

  • Company: TGPersonals.com
  • Address: no address displayed on the website
  • Phone: no phone displayed on the website
  • Email: [email protected]
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