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Established Men Review

Established Men Review
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Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 20-23
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 9.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free registration;
  • Large selection of girls;
  • Search by geolocation;
  • Site simplicity;
  • Voice mail
  • The lack of a mobile application;
  • Bots and fake profiles

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Established Men are a place where wealthy sponsors look for lovers. The resource is convenient and understandable so that every man can find a girl, a meaningful woman or lover, and girls, in turn, can find a sponsor – a wealthy lover. Established Men is a dating site for rich men and beautiful girls. The word “kept woman” is not always correctly interpreted. She is not a windy or fallen young lady, but a beautiful and educated lady looking for a partner for a serious relationship or creating a family. “Kept Woman” dreams of a permanent sponsor who will support her financially. In turn, the man wants to find a girl for meetings who will not claim to be his constant companion.

Modern and successful men value their time. Being completely devoted to business, they prefer to spend their free time in tandem with an attractive girl at the resort, shopping abroad, etc. If you are looking for a wealthy lover or “Sugar Daddy,” register on the site and leave an advertisement in your profile. Every day new girls are registered on the site looking for a sponsor or partner in life. It’s no secret that a businessman does not need a partner for bedding as a sincere friend who is ready to share his views and thoughts in many aspects of life.

It is no secret that a businessman does not need a partner for bedding, as a sincere friend, ready to share his views and thoughts in many aspects of life. On this Established Men site, they are waiting for a beautiful woman who wants to meet a rich man. If you’re going to get tenderness and get 100% pleasure from a life for which you have so little time and relieve stress due to a hard-working day, you have chosen the right dating site. Dating site Established Men is created for you if you adhere to the rules to get only the best of life. Women will become a pleasant company for men at any event and realize your most exciting sexual fantasies. All girls have a pleasing appearance, excellent behavior, many know languages, and are educated. They can create a friendly atmosphere and communicate with people on different topics. The following pros and cons of the site can be distinguished.

When Was Established Men Founded?

When Was Established Men Founded?

Established Men founded in Toronto, Canada. Secured life is the primary goal of a girl who agrees to the role of a tender and affectionate partner for her hero. Often, beauties go a more convenient way to their dream. They do not hesitate to give up their youth in exchange for all the blessings of the world. And this is not surprising, because they have access to everything they want. For this, the Established Men website created.

Who Owns Established Men?

Simone Dadun-Cohen is the founder and CEO of Established Men. Her life was not sweet; to pay for school, she had to work in a gentleman’s club. Mostly wealthy people who were successful and generous went to this club. She understood that in real life, it would be difficult for her to meet such a person. She came up with the idea to create such a site so that young girls could get acquainted with older men and not have to work in such institutions. It is an opportunity to meet a man of dreams who will protect you and fulfill all your whims.

Registration & Profile

Registration & Profile

Registering on the Established Men site is standard and straightforward. Click on the Sign-up button and start filling out the registration form, you will need to enter:

  • Email;
  • Username;
  • Password;
  • Your details;
  • Your caption/greeting;
  • Date of birth;
  • City;
  • State;
  • Country;
  • Zipcode;
  • Gender;
  • Height;
  • Body Type;
  • Eye Color;
  • Hair Color;
  • Ethnicity

Accept Privacy Policy and accept Terms and Conditions, click on the agree button. A verification link sent to your email; after clicking on it, you will become an authenticated user.


The dating site Established Men promises to lead you to those you destined to be together instantly. The site has access to a vast amount of data, helping to determine qualities that you cannot see in a person. When you view people’s photos, you can analyze a specific person’s actions and behavior at a specific point in time. The analytical algorithms of the dating site Established Men are continually improving when studying the personal characteristics of users and their preferences, without asking unnecessary questions. Algorithms that analyze user behavior can also recognize elusive, indefinable qualities that can use to determine the type you find attractive. The Established Men site allows you to chat, chat in videos, flirt, and give gifts to a stranger. You need to prepare for the fact that you need to look through many profiles before finding your love

How to Search for People on Established Men?

How to Search for People on Established Men?

The search options on the Established Men website allow you to specify the partner’s desired age, gender, and the primary purpose of dating (friendship, correspondence / romantic relationship ). Busy people do not have enough time to look for girls, so it’s convenient. Young beautiful girls should not stay long in offices, doing tedious work. If the girls have an attractive appearance and an incredible ability to express themselves, they will begin to accompany a wealthy man in VIP establishments. Thanks to such actions, they embody their desire to live beautifully—relations built on the principles of benefit for everyone. Find a suitable candidate on the Established Men website.

How to Delete Established Men Account?

How to delete your profile? To do this, you need to perform several actions:

  • Select the menu item “My Account”;
  • Go to “Personal Information”;
  • Click “here” in the “Delete profile” section;
  • Select the reason and confirm the deletion.

Please note: deleting your Established Men profile, you will lose all messages and information about the users you chatted. It is not possible to recover a deleted profile. The data of candidates for acquaintance and interlocutors and correspondence with them, cannot be restored if you register again.

Members Structure

Active members of the Established Men, site are women; they occupy 70% of registered users. 30%, as you might have guessed, are men. Start your acquaintance on the site. You will find a partner suitable for himself and start life from a new sheet.

Sexual Preferences

Sexual Preferences

The sexual orientation of a person is divide into various forms and types. Traditional sexual relationships are heterosexual relationships that form with the opposite sex. All other types of sexual orientation are non-standard sexual orientations. On the Established Men website, you can meet people with a traditional sexual orientation. Two hundred thousand users from the USA registered on the site. The age category ranges from 18 to 55+

Race and Ethnicity

Since many Americans registered on the site Established Men, the principal shooting will be drawn to the race and ethnicity of Americans. The modern American nation is mainly the result of ethnic mixing and the merging of immigrants from different parts of the world, especially from Europe and Africa. The US population represents the three primary races of humanity :

  • Mongoloid;
  • Caucasoid;
  • Negroid

Religious Orientation

Religion plays a vital role in interpreting life events and how it manifests itself in everyday psychological adaptation. Faith is the most common on the Established Men site. The most dominant denominations on the website identify – Catholicism (more than 23% of believers) and Protestantism (more than 51% of adherents).

Pricing Policies

Pricing Policies

If you are looking for affordable services on the Established Men site, then it should be noted that membership on a dating site is the most profitable. Established Men provides the best rates for their customers. If you want to know how much membership costs on a dating site, then go to the site there, is written in detail about prices.

Free Membership

The following free features can use on the Established Men site:

  • For women, you can exchange messages for free;
  • See who is flirting with you;
  • Registration;
  • Upload photos

The advantage of a dating site is the ability to select an interlocutor (partner) according to the criteria advertised “wide assortment,” the possibility of preliminary virtual communication and the possibility of interrupting a conversation with a “user” that he did not like.

The Established Men website offers three types of membership:

  • Intro membership;
  • Executive membership;
  • First membership

Intro membership cost for one month cost- $79

Executive membership cost for three months- $141

First membership cost for twelve months- $300

How to Cancel Established Men Paid Subscription?

How to Cancel Established Men Paid Subscription?

It is not very difficult to delete your account on the Established Men site, but you must understand that all photos, videos, likes, and comments will permanently be deleted. The account name can also not reuse, so if you want to take a break from the social network, it’s better to temporarily disable your account.

If you still decide to delete the account permanently, then follow these steps:

  • Go to the site from the computer and enter the login, password. (Removing a report from the phone is not yet possible);
  • Next, you need to go to the “Delete Account” page;
  • Choose the reason for deleting the account;
  • After that, you need to enter your password again in the field that appears;
  • The final action. Click the button, “Permanently delete my account.” That’s it – your account will permanently be deleted.

Is Established Men Safe?

Is Established Men Safe?

Experts caution that the most dangerous thing is to give fraudsters on dating sites “personal information that is a threat to disclosure.” It can be details of personal life, sexual preferences, or intimate photos. Received such information, scammers go to blackmail, so it is better to avoid such situations. After meeting online, quickly switch to video calling. User requests for money should alert the user. Also, do not use corporate mail during registration and attach your profile to social network accounts. At the same time, experts believe that image search services will allow you to find a user on the network if you have his photo. It should consider when entering the Established Men dating site.

Quality of Profiles

High-quality photos, an attractive profile, and your activity will help you quickly find your loved one. Another important point. Do not forget about scammers on a dating site Established Men. They exist, and you must remember this. Do not be gullible; do not give card numbers or financial assistance. There is a golden rule – if you talk about money on a dating site, something is wrong. To protect yourself from scammers, you must consider that the scammer:

  • Does not publish his photo;
  • Posing with a sullen face (if this is in the picture, then what in life?);
  • In dark glasses (is he hiding something?);
  • Sin an embrace with a bottle or a mug of beer;
  • In strange clothes or weird poses;
  • Publish a lot of photos (they love themselves too much);
  • Fill out too short questionnaires;
  • Instead of real names indicate pseudonyms: Watercolor, Fire, Fairy. Usually, prostitutes hide under them;
  • They assured that they have a higher education, but because of illiteracy or negligence, they make mistakes.

Website Design and Usability

Website Design and Usability

The usability of Established Men is a user-centric design. The site is easy to use, it “flies” in a direct and metaphorical sense, which makes users return to it. When a user gets to the site, he wants to understand how navigation works, use the “call to action” buttons, and find a specific section on the website or information that interests them. On the Established Men website, it’s straightforward to find the parts and functions you need, and the newcomer will immediately be able to navigate the site.

How Does Established Men Work?

Young women go on dates, accompany their “dads” at events and business meetings and sleep with them in exchange for gifts or money. Such relations are called mutually beneficial, and many do not see anything wrong with this – as a result, both parties are satisfied. How do they find each other? On thematic portals, such as the Established Men website, designed to search for relationships of the above type. Those who want to get acquainted on such a site must go through a simple registration, fill out a form, upload photos, and start getting to know each other.

Established Men App

Mobile applications in the life of an advanced person play a vital role. The app can make your life easier – it created to quickly and easily solve all your problems or find the necessary information. Unfortunately, at the moment, the site Established Men has not developed a mobile application. Still, the website is mobile-friendly, and you can access the dating site using a mobile device or tablet connected to the Internet.

Alternatives Of Established Men

An alternative is when you need to choose one of two circumstances. If you are looking for a site similar to Established Men you can select these sites:

  • Seekingarrangement.com;
  • Sugarbaby4u.com;
  • Plentyoffish.com;
  • Hotornot.com



According to forecasts by leading dating sites, in 2020, the demand for “Sugar Daddies” reached a historic high. If in 2010 there were four guys for one girl 18-30 years old and older, then now, at the age of 50, “daddy” has five potential lovers. Among the latter, there are not only US citizens, but also immigrants from other countries who dream of a carefree life. In addition to tuition fees, girls most often want to receive cash from their “daddies,” payment of rental housing, money for shopping, travel, and restaurants. Therefore, the average expense of an elderly “sponsor” is about $ 2,950 per month.

More than 30% of “Sugar Daddies” spend no more than $ 900 a month on their young mistresses, which is falling amid growing demand for older wealthy people. Finally, it is worth saying that the number of girls who dream of having a “daddy” will produce at least until 2025. According to online surveys, more than 40% of American women between the ages of 18 and 30 see nothing wrong with having sex with older men because of their money. Established Men were explicitly created for beautiful young women and for successful older men who need a companion for all occasions.

Contact Information

Company: EM Media, Ruby Life Inc.,

Address: PO Box 67027, Toronto, ON Canada, M4P 1E4

Email: [email protected]

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