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Tagged Review 2024

Tagged Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 90%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-25
Profiles 1 000 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.3
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Possibility to customize profiles;
  • Easy and quick signing up process;
  • Joining is free;
  • Users will never run out of new people to meet from all over the globe since Tagged is growing rapidly!
  • People can have fun in all sorts of ways, including playing apps such as Mafia Wars and Poker.
  • Website design can get a bit overwhelming;
  • If you are looking for a child-friendly platform, it does not make the cut based on some of its ads;
  • Users are not exactly protected from spambots;
  • If you want full access all of this platform's features, you need a VIP membership, which isn't free;
  • You might be opening your address book to spam invites, which your friends might not be so happy about.

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Once a social network for teenagers, Tagged has become one of the most rapidly growing sites of its kind today. But maybe most importantly, for us, at least, it is also a dating platform now. You can easily find hookups and dates, and Tagged makes sure you’ll have a great time! Besides some complaints regarding performance and email spans, this site seems to have created quite a stir among its users in the best way imaginable.

Due to its fast-paced growth, this platform keeps things exciting and fresh, providing its users with a customized experience and allowing them to create new friendships. Probably due to its roots, Tagged has quite a few useful personalized features. The latter include editing one’s profile, along with the possibility to tag friends and post on their profiles. This functionality ensures that users get to know as much as they need about the person they are interested in, before meeting face to face. This platform keeps things interesting and exciting throughout, providing games and apps for its users and adding more to their list consistently. So, even if you don’t feel like meeting someone new quite yet, you can still have a fun time with Tagged.

When was Tagged Founded?

Since its birth in 2004, Tagged now has over 300 million users along with its fellow brand site Hi5, from the group “The Meet Group.” It aims to make an enjoyable experience out of people seeking companionship through friendship or dating.

Who Owns Tagged?

Its creators, entrepreneurs Greg Tseng and Johann Schleier-Smith, seem to have wanted to come up with a platform that would be like a “Yahoo!” for a younger audience or something on the lines of MTV. As far as we can see, they even succeeded in doing so!

Who Owns Tagged?

Registration & Profile

Signing up could not be any easier. The only thing newcomers have to do before they have an account is providing some basic information about themselves, such as name, gender, location, email address, and a photo. After users go through an email address verification, which involves entering a code provided via email, then, new community members will have access to all the platform’s free features. From editing your profile and posting to messaging other members and playing games, it is all within your reach.


The most exciting part is that users don’t even need a premium membership to message fellow members. Quite surprisingly, unlike many other websites we took a look at before, Tagged doesn’t seem to be a dating site primarily. Instead of giving a royal sit to daily matches on one’s homepage, first and foremost, it keeps people updated by posts from either their friends or from everyone, depending on each user’s privacy settings. The dating part has a whole tab dedicated to finding your matches, which by the way, isn’t based on a set algorithm! It is a great design decision because it allows anyone to have the experience they decide right then and there. If users are just browsing or looking for friends, they can totally do that; and if or when they decide to look for something more, they get the full experience, separately.

How to Search for People on Tagged

Searching for friends or matches is based on a few general criteria such as gender, age, country, city, and proximity. This last feature is especially thoughtful, making sure that any desired relationship can cross the border from online and into real life.

How to Delete Tagged Account?

If you ever decide that the fun is over and you want to delete your account, Tagged will respect your decision and make it a very simple process. Simply select “Account” on the top navigation bar and then go to “Settings.” There, you will find the option “Cancel Account,” where you will find the “Cancel your Account” link and follow a few simple instructions. Once you click on “Yes, I want to cancel my account,” all that is left for you to do is enter your password one last time and select “Cancel Account.”

How to Delete Tagged Account?

Members Structure

Tagged exploded in 2011, gaining 230 million new users due to its acquisition of Hi5. It means, for good or for bad, that only about one-third of its current users actually made a conscious decision of signing up this website. Its demographic is quite young, given its past as a teen-only platform. Still, it seems that some of its past users stayed on. Today, 11% of users are teenagers, which is below Tagged dominating, 18-34 years old, category. This site can be enjoyed both as a mobile app and as a desktop website. It also seems to be doing great in both versions. Its users are divided almost in half when it comes to their device preference.

Sexual Preferences

Tagged is inclusive when it comes to sexual preferences and accommodates all: straight, gays, lesbians, and bisexual; everybody is invited to the party!

Race and Ethnicity

As we established above, this platform does not discriminate in any way. So, 42% of its members are African-Americans, closely followed by Caucasian at 41%, and Hispanics at 12%.

Religious Orientation

It seems that Tagged thought of everything when it comes to providing a personalized experience. This platform gives you a chance to fill in your religion, but you don’t need to do it. So, if it is important to you, you can interact with like-minded individuals when it comes to religious beliefs, but you are not obligated to, as most of its users do not care. Either way, this world-wide community reunites users from various religions, including but not limited to Islam, Hindu and Catholic.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

As we established, you can sign up for free, and that allows you to access streaming services on the app and send and receive messages. Additional premium features come with an upgrade to the VIP subscription. Two virtual currencies are available to Tagged members. One is called Gold and can be spent on certain features or buying things for other members; the other one is called Diamond, which you can earn by streaming your own broadcast, which other members would spend their Gold on.


  1. 1 month for $12.99
  2. 3 months for $8.99 per month ($26.67 total) Save 31%
  3. 6 months for $6.49 per month ($38.94 total) Save 50%

Gold virtual currency

You can either purchase Golds or earn them by watching video ads, which will add up to 16 golds; or, you can complete other offers, like taking surveys. Then you can spend your coin on virtual gifts, which range from 500 to 100.000 golds or on other member’s streams. Super Likes cost 750 golds and will earn you five more, which you can use in the Meet Me section.


  • 5,000 Gold for $6.49
  • 20,000 Gold for $12.99 (100% extra)
  • 50,000 Gold for $26.99 (150% extra)
  • 150,000 Gold for $66.99 (173% extra)
  • 400,000 Gold for $134.99 (264% extra)
  • 800,000 Gold for $269.99 (256% extra)

Pricing Policies


Diamonds are earned when a member sends a virtual gift to a streamer, and the amount varies based on the gift cost. They can also help monitor one’s popularity: the more diamonds a streamer receives, the more visible they become to other members. Also, they can be traded for cash or Gold after a certain amount has added up.

Cash Rewards:

  • For 80,000 Diamonds receive $200
  • For 200,000 Diamonds receive $500
  • For 400,000 Diamonds receive $1,000

Gold Rewards:

  • For 200 Diamonds receive 2,000 Golds
  • For 500 Diamonds receive 5,000 Golds
  • For 2,000 Diamonds receive 20,000 Golds
  • For 10,000 Diamonds receive 100,000 Golds
  • For 40,000 Diamonds receive 400,000 Golds

Free Membership

A free membership will presuppose creating your profile, searching for other users, commenting on photos and giving likes, exchanging messages, and using the Meet Me feature to locate users. It is a generous enough offer already, but there is even more. Free users can view other members interested in them, watch and broadcast their own streams, and play the Pets game.

Free Membership

A paid membership will include everything from the Free Version. On top of that, it gives users access to additional features such as:

  • advertisement-free experience,
  • list of members who like you in Meet me
  • a chance to retract your last Meet Me vote
  • seeing who checks out your profile
  • getting read message receipts
  • setting attractiveness in browse filter

Plus, you will gain access to the most popular users, see the new incomers first, and will have priority customer service! All in all, not a bad deal.

How to Cancel Tagged Paid Subscription?

You can easily cancel your subscription both on the website and on the app in the Account section. Just find billing, and the rest is pretty standards.

How to Cancel Tagged Paid Subscription?

Is Tagged Safe?

Tagged allows members to customize their privacy settings according to their preferences. You can choose to share your private information only with friends and also make your profile invisible when searched. Another useful feature is a chance to check out comments before they are posted on your profile and block any unwanted members from accessing your profile information.

Quality of Profiles

Tagged keeps it fun all the way! You can choose to have a GIF instead of a regular profile photo. Also, you can choose from many different themes from the Skin section. Through this feature, you can change everything from header background, font, paragraph headings, and more! Not to have a debate on taste and aesthetics, but to us, this feature seems a little old and tacky. At least you have the option.

Website Design and Usability

We are not crazy about Tagged design. It makes it difficult to keep track of everything that is going on, from games and pets, potential matches, and a feed, which never takes a break. Another concerning aspect is the almost pornographic nature of most photos and posts, which makes matters worse, given the fact that there are not just a few minors on this platform. Tagged’s censorship is definitely something that we cannot applaud.

Website Design and Usability

How Does Tagged Work?

The process of using Tagged is quite easy: you use Browse to find other members close to you, with a chance for some extra filters and better results. With the Meet Me feature, you can either Like or Pass on people that you located in your search. You get notified as soon as there is a match, and then you can start exchanging messages with each other. In the Chat section, you will find all your conversations. However, if you are on a free subscription, beware of the ads!

One brilliant and very successful feature of Tagged is its Live feature. Any member can set up a broadcast that can be visible to anyone (if not blocked). Also, you can chat live, instead of just the usual one-on-one chat. Virtual gifts that cost Gold seem to be quite a popular feature with its users, but be careful: they can cost actual money! Not the most romantic feature for the ones in search of love, but they certainly keep users entertained.

The Pets feature something that reminds us of Tagged roots. It is a social game meant to help members interact. It allows you to buy and create a collection of other members solely in the game, and each time yours are bought, your value increases, and you receive half the profit. The goal is to have the most valuable collection. You can also buy Pets Cash if you are impatient and instead of waiting around until someone buys your pets. Well, this is a pretty fun and unique feature for those who consider Tagged a dating site.

All in all, Tagged targets young adults from people in their twenties to their forties. You are not meant to find any nudity here, but as we said, some photos tend to be quite risky than those you would find on a regular social platform. But Tagged does seem to be very good at the two things it aims to do most: live streaming video and allowing people to chat and meet up. So if you are interested in seeing people live, getting their attention by sending virtual gifts or engaging in a harmless and fun competition of who has the most pricey pet collection, then this might be for you! And also, if you want to take things to the next level and are actually looking for a romantic experience, Tagged helps you find someone wherever you are in the world. Of course, finding someone who meets your criteria may be tricky, but Tagged still gives its users a chance to use different filters when looking for potential partners.

Tagged App

Tagged App

The Tagged app looks more like a dating service than the website, by making the Meet Me its main feature. Another advantage of the app is a more thought-through design, which passed on the option of having customizable skins. The app seems to be doing very well since it has over 10 million downloads. Also, it addresses all the criteria that we found overwhelming and unnecessary about the Tagged website. All in all, the app version is a big improvement!

Alternatives of Tagged

There are plenty of alternatives to Tagged, depending on what you’re interested in, such as Facebook, Meetzur, Friendster, MySpace, Badoo, Netlog, and MeetMe, just to name a few. These examples can be called Tagged alternatives for those interested in its social media functionality. If, on the other hand, you are looking for dates (for hookups or long-term romance), practically any other dating app, starting with Tinder, would be better than Tagged.


If meeting people from all over the world is what you are looking for, then Tagged might be just the place for you. Its many features allow you to create your customized interaction experience. If a hookup is what you’re looking for, Tagged has got your back also. With millions of users, it’s hard to think that you won’t find someone like-minded to talk to or even meet in person. Whatever you want your experience to be, Tagged will keep you entertained with its many creative and fun features. Sure, it is still more of a fun site than a dating site, but let’s face it – sometimes love finds you in unexpected places. Tagged, technically, could become one of them.


Contact Information

Company: The Meet Group, Inc.

Address: 00 Union Square Drive, New Hope, PA 18938

Phone: (215) – 862 1162

Email: [email protected]

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