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SexFinder Review

SexFinder Review
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Active Audience 88%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 18-23
Profiles 2 500 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 7.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • An international site with a focus on webcams and erotica;
  • The great character of the community, many members;
  • Erotic experiences are possible around the clock;
  • Each user can become a model (webcam actor);
  • Suitable for heterosexuals and homosexuals.
  • Lots of advertisements;
  • Complicated page structure;
  • Video loading errors occur;
  • Men make up the majority of userbase.

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SexFinder is an erotic portal with an emphasis on sex in webcams and pornographic amateur footage. The portal is international.

There are many members of the United States. The share of female members is lower because women mainly are the models here, and men watch them. The focus is on the use of erotic webcams. Women and men of all orientations, ages, and preferences worldwide meet in live chats. Models who present themselves erotically and like to chat work around the clock, and users can pay to join their stream or see a video.

When Was SexFinder Founded?

SexFinder Review

SexFinder history dates back to 1996 when the company which owns it started developing this site and several other services. The service does not provide information about the exact date of its foundation. The one thing is sure — in recent years, this erotic platform has gained significant popularity.

Who Owns SexFinder?

Various Inc. is the company behind SexFinder and a few other dating sites with an erotic focus such as NoStringsAttached and Passion.com. This American network unites several dating platforms, and its headquarter lies in the USA, California.

Registration & Profile

You can register for SexFinder by entering your email address. Because there are notifications and promotional emails, it’s good to create a separate address to use SexFinder. During the registration process, you must select a title or short description for your profile. Immediately after registration, you receive an opportunity to purchase a gold membership, but this is not a requirement. The registration on this site has the next characteristics:

  • Quick registration by email is possible;
  • The system will ask you to provide the username;
  • When you register, you can immediately see the previews of live streams and videos of the members;
  • The moderating team first checks the content downloaded to the profile;
  • Under certain conditions, the site can allow photos with explicit content.

Editing your profile is simple and straightforward. You click on the “Edit profile” button in the “My Settings” section, and you can add information or upgrade the account. However, note that the support team confirms all changes, and you must wait until the new information appears on the profile. Whether you’re editing your text or uploading new photos, support will first check what you’ve done.


SexFinder Review

Apart from the regular chat, SexFinder offers its users a webcam chat. The webcam room is a good and safe preview of the first date. You can send a person a gift first to attract their attention and show your intentions. Then the user will accept your offer or reject the suggestion to meet live.

Communication on SexFinder has the next features:

  • Chatting with others in search of sex;
  • Contacting users via chat is possible;
  • Sending messages (classic version);
  • Direct contact through flirting;
  • Sending advice;
  • Contact is also possible via cam chat.

SexFinder has a variety of ways to connect with your potential sex partner. The classic is still the message — but users of this site rarely use it. Instant Messenger is a more accessible way to reach out to someone. Using it, you can communicate directly with the person of your choice. If the user you like is offline, they will see your message the next time they log in. If another user is also online, you can chat with them directly or launch the camera.

If you are shy or just want to attract attention, you can send a flirtation. It is a symbolic gesture with a predefined caption that another user will see and know the addressee. You can also send gifts. These items are public, and as soon as you give someone a present, other users will see it on their profile. You can follow it with an excellent text. There is a charge for gift delivery because this function is not free on SexFinder.

If you do not feel like giving a gift, you can contact the person straightaway. With direct contacts, the things are the same — you let the person know you like them and text to attract attention. Ordinary chats split into numerous rooms: from heterosexual to homosexual, city-connected, and much more, you will find a separate room for almost every topic. When searching for the evening’s activity, you can choose whether you want to chat in a private erotical room or accept a group chat.

How to Search for People on SexFinder?

SexFinder Review

The Sexfinder website offers you simple search criteria, such as:

  • Sex;
  • Age;
  • Only with photos;
  • Online now.

Advanced search provides more specific search criteria. Local search allows you to find people in your chosen area. Usually, on great dating sites, it can be challenging to attract enough attention from other members. There are just too many members with very similar profiles, which makes it challenging to select. Fortunately, SexFinder offers a paid list of your profile, so more users will see your profile in search. You can also add videos to your profile to stand out from the crowd of other members.

Or, instead of specifying the search, you can join the live groups on interest. The SexFinder site provides various such chats in their description, and you are sure to find something for yourself. The users there are already like-minded people united by the same sexual preferences, fetishes, or orientation. This way, your chances of meeting the perfect match rise tremendously.

How to Delete SexFinder Account?

SexFinder Review

To remove your account from the platform, you should go to the “Edit Profile” section, and you will find options of deactivating, hiding or deleting the profile there. If any problems arise, be sure to read the FAQ of the site or contact the support team.

Members Structure

SexFinder has a surplus of men. Looking for live camera chats, you will find many women who are streamers and fewer video rooms with men. Women are more common during the day, while gays, single men, and heterosexual couples predominate at night. In the modeling area, the chances to run across women are higher. There are a few male actors. In general, the community of SexFinder has the next typical features:

  • The male part of the community is more significant;
  • Women are often online every day;
  • Most members are from the United States and Asia;
  • There are many models or so-called “actresses” registered.

There is a difference between models and regular members in SexFinder. Models are professional users who offer their webcam streams and videos for money. You can watch a free video or participate in a dressed free chat or pay for a nude chat. Naked chat is private and allows you to get closer to your chosen model.

The cameras of the participants are different; here are the members of the SexFinder stream, who are free to decide whether they want to shoot. The percentage of models on this dating platform is more significant; the number of regular members is still low. The number of participants who are registered not only to view but also to stream is even less.

Such a ratio is, of course, the best for the men and homosexual women. For them, the variety is wide, and there are many options to choose from. Different chatrooms and group streams are to their service.

Sexual Preferences

SexFinder is the site that focuses specifically on sex and hookups, as well as online and kinky dating. Here the intimate preferences of the users play the most crucial role. They define the search and form the group chats and streams. People in such groups unite based on their preferences and can communicate erotically there. The members of different orientations, ages, fetishes, backgrounds, and body shapes will feel comfortable on SexFinder.

Race and Ethnicity

SexFinder Review

The users are free to choose the complexion or ethnicity of their potential matches. They also state their cultural background in the profile description so that the system shows them according to other users. Users of all races appear on the site, but the majority are either Asian or white.

Religious Orientation

No religious focus is present on the site. SexFinder does not specialize in religious dating and does not act following any moral or traditional frameworks.

Pricing Policies

Gold membership allows you to use numerous features and establish contact with other members. Anyone who is a Gold member can view each profile and contact all members. They also can buy points to pay for prompting or sending gifts. No trial periods are available. Even gold members should pay for the majority of unique features with points they purchase separately. To prevent any payments, you should cancel the membership on SexFinder. Let’s look at the subscription options, their characteristics, and prices.

Free Membership

SexFinder Review

Free functions you receive as a user include:

  • Seeing one live camera chat daily;
  • Clicking on likes on the photos;
  • Simple search;
  • Uploading photos;
  • Using chats;
  • Reading the site’s blog;
  • Creating a profile.

SexFinder Review

Paid services are as follows:

  • Advanced search;
  • Seeing more information on profiles
  • Sending messages;
  • Viewing photos in full screen;
  • Watching the videos;
  • Commenting on photos and videos;
  • See live webcams;
  • Sending a request to friends;
  • Send flirtations and gifts;
  • The support team will respond to you within 12 hours.

The prices for the subscription are next:

  • One month of gold subscription costs $40 per month;
  • Three months of the gold subscription cost $27 per month (a total of $81);
  • Twelve months of the gold subscription cost $20 per month (a total of $240 per year).

You can pay for the membership with a credit card, direct debit authorization (SEPA), and bank transfer.

The other paid features include:

  • Standard contract costs $9 per month (a total of $107 per year);
  • One month of private chat rooms costs $10 per month (a total of $10);
  • Three months of private chat rooms cost $7 per month (a total of $21);
  • Six months of private chat rooms cost $6 per month (a total of $36 per half a year);
  • Twelve months of private chat rooms cost $4 per month (a total of $48 per year);
  • 200 credits cost $0.02 per credit (a total of $3);
  • 500 credits cost $0.01 per credit (a total of $6);
  • 1,000 credits cost $0.01 per credit (a total of $10).

How to Cancel SexFinder Paid Subscription?

SexFinder Review

If you do not cancel your subscription, it will automatically extend it for a previously selected period. Termination must be in writing, email, or confirmation. The buyer may cancel it at any time before midnight on any working day from Monday to Saturday.

Is SexFinder Safe?

SexFinder allows you to block certain members from contacting you. This feature can be especially useful if you receive too many messages from members you are not interested in. You can usually add multiple images to your profile. SexFinder allows you to create private photos so that only those members who you choose will have access to them. Some dating sites have a panic button that guarantees immediate redirection to a harmless website. This feature is not available on this dating service.

The SexFinder Terms and Conditions allow the work of moderators and animators is to encourage communication and thus entice you to a premium membership. However, most users find this deceptive because there is no real way to meet these animators.

Besides, the moderator team approves all photos must before they appear on the dating page. The site doesn’t block nudity, and the moderation takes place because of other reasons. SexFinder cares about its users’ privacy and will block you if the moderators detect identification or address information on your photos.

Quality of Profiles

If you want to be even more successful with other users, you can verify your profile in two ways. The first method requires you to upload a photo of yourself holding a sign with a previously created number and your username. You send this photo to support, where the SexFinder employee confirms you.

The second method requires filling out a form with personal data, and then download a copy of the identity card. After you do this, the support team will check your data, and your profile will be specially marked. In this way, you give other users the affirmation that you are a real person.

You can also upload photos and videos when you create a profile, but they will also undergo the check first. Nude images are allowed if you follow the terms of use. You can appear naked or using sex toys on the videos and pictures you upload. If there is another person in the profile picture, you must be a couple. Photographs of animals and children in any form are prohibited. The SexFinder support team will also remove comics or anime images.

The next applies to the quality of profiles:

  • Many candid profiles are available;
  • Profiles a for a fee;
  • Gold membership or cash payment is possible;
  • A preview is already available during the registration.

Most profiles are very candid and contain at least one detailed nude photo. Videos with explicit content are also common. If you want to see more, you can start a paid video chat with your chosen person.

Website Design and Usability

SexFinder Review

The SexFinder design is understandable and straightforward. The numerous erotic sketches and previews make you want more. The functionality is excellent, most pages load in a few seconds, and failures are rare. There were only difficulties with the transmission of some model cameras because the images were not always loaded immediately or transmitted asynchronously. Browser updates helped in most cases.

There is the Blog section on the SexFinder site. If you are a standard member, blogs offer you the opportunity to read other users’ erotic fantasies or share your own. What you write on the blog is up to you — you can later understand whether the users liked it form the feedback, likes, and comments.

Another key feature of the site is “What’s hot.” This one is a game in which you rate photos of other users. You can sort these images, make the top list, and even contact the users they show.

How Does SexFinder Work?

You can only view other profiles on SexFinder if you pay for the subscription or special features. You can order a gold membership and visit each profile or pay separately. As a base member, you have no way to see other profiles.

If you use a search, you will see thumbnails of the results. You will already see the most critical profile information if you move the mouse cursor to the previous image. Other people’s descriptions and requests pop up in a small additional window. Here you will find a button to visit the profile. The profile visit is registered and shown to another person.

SexFinder App

FriendFinder (a company that also owns SexFinder) is only available for iOS / Apple users. The app can be downloaded directly from the SexFinder website. To use it, you should register on the site first. The application is a bit like Tinder for adults. You see the photos of sex-interested members, and you can choose who you like and who you don’t. If you and another user find each other attractive, it’s a match, and you can proceed to chat.

Android users do not have the app, but they can still use the mobile version of SexFinder. The site set and optimized the mobile version so that you have no problems using it. The conclusion about the app:

  • The application is available only for Apple;
  • The mobile version of the site is available for Android;
  • The app is similar to the adult version of Tinder;
  • Registration through the application is not possible.

Alternatives of SexFinder

SexFinder Review

C-Date is one of the most famous dating portals for casual dating and optional erotic adventures since 2008. About 25,000 new members register daily to find a partner for everyday sex and erotic games there. C-Date is recommended for users looking for business, affairs, or a partner for casual adventures with particular preferences.

Secret.com is a platform for casual dating or erotic flirtation, where men, women, and couples can meet. Of the 850,000 members, 90,000 are active each week, slightly less than at C-date. Secret.com is ideal for meeting potential sexual partners for a love affair, partner exchange, love affair, or overnight events.

Lovescout24 is another well-structured site where diversity reigns, and the main focus is on sex dating. More than 6,000,000 people in the search for partners make Lovescout24 a high-quality portal. With a detailed search function and high-quality profiles, this service offers exciting dates and butterflies in the stomach.


SexFinder is a safe site that takes the protection of its users seriously. You must verify your email address before activating your user account. Although fakes happen, SexFinder is one of the safest platforms out there. Despite the high prices, you should try this site because the subscription is worth it.

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