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OutPersonals Review 2024

OutPersonals Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 95%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 1 300 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.4
Popularity 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • There is a strong verification procedure
  • It has a large gay community
  • It is easy to register on this platform
  • It has an awesome and easy to grasp website interface
  • It is largely geographical specific
  • A lot of scammers are resident on this platform
  • The site is prone to frequent crashes

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Intimacy and worthy scenery to experience it — this is a huge challenge for most dating websites these days as most users simply don’t care anymore. Coupled with millions of users and being able to hide behind the cloak of invisibility, the sites now accuse users they pay so much to join. Well, that was before OutPersonals came along.

When was OutPersonals Founded?

OutPersonals was founded in 2010 to be the biggest gay-specific online dating platform. It is part of the FriendFinder network.

Who Owns OutPersonals?

Andrew Conru owns OutPersonals as a subsidiary of his Friend Finder Networks, an American Company that deals in adult entertainment, online dating, and social networking services.

OutPersonals Review 2020

Registration & Profile

Exclusive sites for gay, lesbians, and bisexuals are quite rare, and it is mostly made up of a select clientele that knows how to keep their mouths shut and enjoy the ambiance. Over the years, the LGBTQ community has made giant strides in blurring the lines of what acceptable sexual preferences are concerned.

Exclusive sites are now a click away, and members or proposed members have to input only a few keywords on a search engine and viola they can get what they desire. OutPersonals is not any different. So, all an intending user needs to do is simply go to Google or click on a friend shared link, which will, in turn, redirect to the main website home page. On getting to the homepage, you will be allured by the plethora of beautiful people you stand to be acquainted with by merely being on this online dating platform.

You will fill in the medium-length questionnaire, which will be your gateway to having a super fun time on this dating platform. You state your preferences and what you would be looking for in the same-sex lover. After doing that, you will get a verification message in your registered email address, which is your ticket to online verification as a certified member of OutPersonals.

You click on that link and get verified immediately. It is also necessary but not quite compulsory that you take out time to subscribe to a plan which will give you access to all the features on this dating platform. Once you are done with all this, you are now a full-fledged member of OutPersonals.

Registration & Profile


Your preferences will help the site’s algorithm to find a match for you. That is why a prospective user that wants to enjoy the full benefits of this online platform should endeavor to take out time and fill this form appropriately. If you don’t and you get a couple of mismatches, don’t go running to the customer support team as they will show you your inadequacy and where you pressed skip at the initial stage.

On logging into the site and upon gaining verified status, you will be furnished with different attractive and similarly single guys and girls depending on your sexuality.

As you are now a verified member, to be able to chat with such users, you have to ensure that you are on a subscription plan, which will enable you to send out chats and reply to messages from that sexy hunk or lass. You can send a chat to members and expect replies if they are equally attracted to you as you are to them.

If the fellow user is interested, he or she will send a response right back, and you both are official OutPersonals friends. You would be able to chat with each other and see online notifications with relative ease. There is a live video chat option on this platform as you could get more intimate and personal from the comfort of your bed or couch.


How to Search for People on OutPersonals

Using the search option on OutPersonals is quite simple as all you got to do is go to the search toggle at the top of the screen and carefully sort out filters. On doing this, you will be given a list of users to select from. Once you are done with that and are sufficiently satisfied with your choice, you can now send the said user a chat which he or she would reply to if there is a similar interest. Kindly note that the chat option is only available for paying members and no other person.

How to Delete OutPersonals Account?

After getting what you wanted from OutPersonals or maybe because you just want a change in scenery, you might decide to delete your account on this online dating platform. It is quite simple as you have to follow just a few steps. Firstly, you go to your profile interface and scroll to the settings section. After this, you reach the place of the setting, you will then find the Permanently Delete Account icon at the bottom of the screen, and you click on it. It will ask you if you are sure you choose to do this.

Click “yes” again, and you have officially deleted your OutPersonals account. Tread carefully as there is no going back from this and should be merely the last option. There are no take-backs. On deleting an OutPersonals profile, you will lose all your subscription plans, and you will be entitled to zero refunds. Also, ensure that you cancel all auto-renewals to avoid subsequent transactions on your debit card.

How to Delete OutPersonals Account?

Members Structure

  • Members
  • To be quite honest, the world might be more tolerant of the LGBTQ community, but it is still yet to show on the world stage. We still have so few gay hookup spots; we barely have gay mainstream sports stars, and this attitude has also been carried to the world dating industry.

    It is this unsurprisingly that there are just a paltry 1.3 million users on OutPersonals. People are still frankly scared of joining an exclusively gay community for the fair of being found out and the resulting backlash at their workplaces and religious organizations. This thus gives OutPersonals intimate scenery amongst its few users.

  • Geography
  • OutPersonals was created by American founders and capitalized on its ever-growing and the hyper supportive LGBTQ community. It has a target audience of fresh-faced and curious gay men, lesbian ladies, and bisexual lovers. Hence, its top geography in the United States of America. This online dating platform claims to have worldwide coverage and a corresponding viewer base.

    They have little or no members in Africa and Asia. However, they have a solid base in Canada, a neighbor of its biggest nation, the United States of America. It also has a decent following in the United Kingdom and its resident countries. There is no discrimination as regards users; however, it is out of convenience that the geographical specific seems to lie in the United States.

  • Age
  • OutPersonals is a mature online dating platform that posts regular adult-themed and explicit pictures. Wouldn’t it be unfortunate if a child stumbles upon such a site either, unfortunately, or on purpose? Sometimes too, these young lads are on this site to perpetrate scams and frauds which play on the member’s lovestruck demeanor and optimism about finding a great match on this application.

    Members of OutPersonals must be eighteen, and anything below that would not be acceptable. If such a minor still goes on to create a catfish account and is caught, the young user is caught that the user profile will be deleted promptly and ultimately blacklisted. OutPersonals also provides for older users as they are not left out of the fun. So far as they are gay, exciting, and up to no good, they can have an awesome time on OutPersonals.

Members Structure

Sexual Preferences

An online dating platform is known for its fluidity, and no holds barrier at going for the jugular. OutPersonals is one of its kind and a true innovator in the rainbow nation donning the rainbow flag with such shameless grandeur. This site is for gays, lesbians, gay couples, and bisexuals who are not scared to get freaky and naughty with any of the other one point three million users from primarily the United States.

It is the main exclusively gay online dating platform on the internet, and it is like BiCupid in the sense that it has no provisions for straight users that can not conform to its very strict gender-fluid mantra.

Race and Ethnicity

OutPersonals claims to have worldwide coverage and backs up that claim by being open to all races and ethnic groups available on the internet. It has only one condition, which is to have tolerance and love for the LGBTQ community. Once that is sorted out, all races will be welcomed with loving arms to the OutPersonals online dating platform.

For years this site has been one of the go-to spots for Blacks, Whites, Asians, Hispanics, and Latinos, giving them an equal chance and awesome platform to find the love of their fantasies, be it from their race or a different one altogether. There is no discrimination whatsoever, and all races are afforded similar opportunities to find love or lasting sexual experiences. It does not operate like sites such as Latinomeetup, which serves only one particular race.

Religious Orientation

It would be laughable to think that a graphic and non-apologetic online dating platform such as OutPersonals would have a specific religious orientation or even tolerate religious experiments in any shape or form. Common, this isn’t Christian Mingle. OutPersonals is not religious orientated in any way, and if there is another way to put it, it is largely nonreligious inclined. It has numerous x-rated pictures that would be considered sacrilegious in any religious setting, and it does not allow religious sponsored posts or ads on its homepage. Thinking of converting a user, well, then think again.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

Pricing is usually a stumbling block for online dating platforms. The pricing options for OutPersonals go thus:

  • 1 Month Membership- $29.96
  • 3 Months Membership- $38.85
  • 12 Months Membership- $83.40

Free Membership

As a free user of the online dating platform OutPersonals, you are eligible to enjoy a few functions. It is inferior to the paid subscription plan on offer, but free users can search on this platform and also get matched. They can update their profiles and stay visible in the meantime.

However, what is the point of being on a dating site when you cannot date, and how can you date if you cannot chat? As a free member of OutPersonals, you cannot enjoy the video posting and the unique video call feature, which is one of the selling points of this site. This is coupled with the fact that you cannot even a message or reply to messages of interested users—you should upgrade to a paid subscription plan.

Free Membership

As a paid subscriber of OutPersonals, you are now a top dog or cat as the case may be. You are now eligible for the plethora of functions that make this site the hottest property in the online dating industry. There are unlimited features and possibilities as you can now chat and send flirts to fellow users.

There is a full erotic gallery that you can view to get in the mood, and let’s not even start talking about the fact that you can finally chat with matches and search results. Speaking of search results, don’t forget that you have more advanced ways of searching, coupled with more filter options as a paying subscriber.

How to Cancel OutPersonals Paid Subscription?

You’ve got what you want as a paying subscriber of this platform, and you could with some time with your newly found lover. Or maybe you are running behind in rent money, and you cannot afford to auto-renew such subscription plans. It is time to cancel your paid subscription plan, and you don’t know how to go along with the plan.

Do not fear—it’s quite easy. All you have to do is email the customer support team. In that email, the message will contain your username, email address, the reason for this, and your membership type. On doing all this, you will click the send button, and the customer support team of OutPersonals will indicate its receipt of the said message. There are no refunds, so kindly ensure that is what you truly want.

How to Cancel OutPersonals Paid Subscription?

Is OutPersonals Safe?

The OutPersonals online dating platform is very safe and secure. It has passed various national, regional, and international security checks. It has excellent online reviews for its enviable is security measures garnered to protect users and fulfill the terms of confidentiality and safety agreements. You should, however, beware of scammers and rotten eggs. Resist from giving out your login credentials to anyone as this is an unsafe and unethical practice that can lead to dire consequences.

Quality of Profiles

The profile quality is classy, and it gets you where you want to go effortlessly. It does so by having multiple and awesome links, which tells you all you have to know without having to text the customer support team or hit up Google.

Quality of Profiles

Website Design and Usability

The website is versatile and was well-designed to give users the complete package at an easy glance. It has all functions at a simple glance and offers users a worthwhile experience that represents great value for money for laid subscribers and value for time for free users. The website possesses super cool toggles and widgets. It has an attractive interface that makes OutPersonals the envy of competitors and audiences alike.

How does OutPersonals Work?

This is a gay and lesbian site, so do not start expecting that you will find it happily ever after. This site is mainly for experimenting, cheap thrills, and worldly flings. As evidenced by the explicit content, it promotes a ploy to get you in the mood. Not suitable for kids; hence it is strict no minors policy—it does not allow members that are below the age of eighteen to join the site.

Once you pay a subscription fee, it lets you benefit from all its functions. Now you will get matched, or you could search for your fancy after which, if the attraction is mutual, you then proceed to live video chat to get to know your crush better. You can flirt, and this is mostly a hookup site.

How does OutPersonals Work?

OutPersonals App

OutPersonals has a working mobile phone companion application that is available on both the iOS app store and the Google Play Store for iPhone users and Android subscribers, respectively. It has most of the website features and was simply developed to give users an on the experience.

Alternatives of OutPersonals

While OutPersonals is enshrined in the annals of erotic dating history, it has some healthy competition when it comes to the crown as the undisputed king of flirtation.

Such competition includes the following.

  • Be Naughty
  • A sexy and modern online dating platform specializes in hooking up paying subscribers to horny users with the guise of sex, money, and a good time. It is ironic to describe this platform as a dating site as more efficient for casual flings and short thrill-seeking endeavors. It has an app available on both the iPhone and Android app stores.

  • Adult Friend Finder
  • One of the original erotica themed dating sites, this online dating platform, has been described as the erotica themed brother of Tinder as it offers users worldwide the chance to get freaky and naughty with little or no restrictions.

Alternatives of OutPersonals


If you’re looking for a gay hookup site, OutPersonals is your home base. Blessed with numerous options and not holding back when it comes to customer satisfaction, this is truly one for the hall of fame. It has been around for ten years and is efficient and ever-improving on its service to a loyal fan base. It has some flaws but has mostly good vibes. As for whether it is worth giving a try, yes, it is certainly worth it.

Contact Information

Company: FriendFinder Network

Address: 910 E Hamilton Ave Campbell, New York City, New York, USA

Phone: (408) 702-1040

Email: http://www.ffn.com/outpersonals

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