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MuzMatch Review

MuzMatch Review
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Active Audience 84%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 24-27
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 7.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • MuzMatch keeps it simple for single Muslim men and women to find their partners for marriage.
  • The app is most popular in the US, Britain, and Canada though it operates in lots of countries. It is the best medium for every Muslim individual looking to find a perfect and relevant partner.
  • One of the major pros of this app is that all accounts are verified, which means there is less chance of cat-fishing.
  • In addition to that, the app also ensures complete privacy and safety of the users.
  • This app has a significant problem when it comes to the status of profile as most of them are simply not active, or their profile pictures are blurred.
  • Customer service is not at all satisfactory.
  • Most of the search filters can only be accessed with the premium membership.
  • Although it clearly states that the premium membership would allow the users to have advertisement-free access, it is not the case.
  • The app also has many glitches, which adds to the disappointment of the users.

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MuzMatch is an app that finds marriage partners for the members of the Muslim community around the world. It has a reasonably good pool of verified individuals looking to find a match for themselves. The site is not the typical dating app but is more inclined towards helping people find their marriage future spouses. It is one of the biggest online platforms where Muslim individuals can connect with the hope of getting married to their perfect match.

MuzMatch is a unique dating app that brings single Muslims together. There are around 2 million users of the app looking to find their partners from around the globe. It has successfully managed to bring more than 45000 people in matrimony, which speaks of its success.

When Was MuzMatch Founded?

MuzMatch Review

MuzMatch was founded in the year 2014 to provide a platform for Muslim singles to find their partners. MuzMatch is an app that was built to cater to Muslims seeking life partners. It has provided its services to more than 2 million users from 190 countries across the world. It is a unique platform and is the world’s largest online Muslim community.

Who Owns MuzMatch ?

MuzMatch is the brain-child of Mr. Shahzad Younas, a 34-year-old former banker in Morgan Stanley partnered with 25-year-old iOS developer Mr. Ryan Brodie.

Registration and Profiles

The registration process is relatively simple and is similar to most of the apps that we find online. Users will have to first install the app from either the App Store or Google Play. To gain access to the site, users need to sign-up through their email, Google account, or Facebook. Once that is done, the users need to provide information about their gender and birth date.

The user will then get access to the app, whereby they have to create their profile and can start chatting and finding their prospective partners.

While a user is creating their profile, they will need to answer a few questions.

The first thing a user needs to provide is their nickname, occupation, ethnic groups that they belong to, followed by their branch, which has three options that are Shia, Sunni, and others.

After that, the user has to upload their profile picture, which has the option of blurring in case they don’t feel comfortable displaying their photograph.

Finally, the user needs to take a selfie for verification purposes, which isn’t displayed in the app.

Once all of the steps are completed, the user can start their search to find their partners.


MuzMatch Review

Once the registration process is complete, the users can search for other profiles. You can simply swipe right on their profile if you think they are a match for you. If you don’t like the profile, you can swipe left to skip. If you like someone’s profile and they like you back, it means that it is a match, and you’ll both be notified and start a chat instantly.

How to Search for People on MuzMatch?

To find people on MuzMatch, the user will have to go to settings in the menu tab. The user can then use the filter features to limit the options as per their requirement or likability. The distance limit can also be used to find users nearby.

Alternatively, select Limit by Country and the countries you wish to filter by. Profiles shown in Explore and Discover will now only be from within this distance or country.

How to Delete the MuzMatch Account?

If you want to delete your account permanently, simply go to the Menu tab in the app. Once the users click on the menu, they can see the option of “Settings,” and further onto the tab, they are provided with the “Deactivate” tab. Once that is done, they can send feedback, which includes leaving the community. Once the users fill the feedback form, they can finally delete their accounts permanently.

Members Structure

MuzMatch Review

There are 2 million members from 190 countries on this app. However, most of the community’s users are from Europe, USA, Asia, Middle East, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Turkey. Almost 40,000 members are active on the MuzMatch app every week.

The gender proportion in the app has an equal percentage of both genders.

Sexual Preferences

MuzMatch is a Muslim community that is more inclined towards conservative norms, has no other sexual preferences than straight.

Race and Ethnicity

The MuzMatch app has options for users where they have to provide information about their race and ethnicity they belong to. Apart from these, users also have to provide information on their religion, which is divided into three categories: Shia, Sunni, and the third option classified as others.

Religious Orientation

MuzMatch represents strictly Muslim religion/community. Although there are three branches in it, all of them come under the Islamic faith that the user can choose from depending on what sect they belong to.

Pricing Policies

The price for the premium account can be paid per week, which is just 4.88 USD. Other than paying directly, users can also use credit points. The value of 1 credit is equivalent to 0.05 USD, which means that the more credit the user has, the more benefit they can reap from the credit points gained. Using a referral code also enables the user and the person who referred to earn credit points, which ultimately can be used to unlock the premium version of the MuzMatch app.

Free Membership

MuzMatch Review

In the free membership, you can easily explore, reset swipes, send invites, and exchange messages. However, there are some limitations like the inability to use the filter feature and block other users.

If you get a paid membership, you’ll get some additional advantages of the MuzMatch app. Such as – Instant Match, Premium Preferences, Unlimited swipes, Change likes, Passes and blocks, No Advertisements (as stated).

How to Cancel MuzMatch Paid Subscription?

On iOS

If you have an iPhone, simply go to Settings on your apple id and then go to subscription into the MuzMatch premium section. Once you click on that, there are options to manage subscription, and you can choose to cancel your subscription to the app.

On Android

Go to your Google Play Store, tap the menu, go to subscriptions, and tap MuzMatch app. Choose to cancel and ‘yes,’ to confirm the cancellation, and your status will be changed from subscribed to cancel.

Is the MuzMatch App Safe?

MuzMatch Review

When it comes to security, the MuzMatch app is quite safe. It ensures that the privacy of the users is protected. This app is safe to use for the members. Profile moderation is done extensively in the app to ensure no one mishandles the platform.

  1. Chaperones: In Muslim culture, chaperon is essential, especially for women. This app gives the same security and privacy for both female and male members. And some users choose to include chaperones to their conversation to maintain a sense of support and protection.

The Muslim community, being a little more on the traditional and conservative side, especially when it comes to women in general, the option of chaperones seems like a unique notion to this app.

  1. Selfie verification: This feature is dedicated to ensuring the authenticity of the users. The real-time selfie has to match the profile picture that the user chooses to upload, ensuring no fake profiles in the dating app. But the user does have an option of blurring out their profile picture, and the selfie isn’t visible to the public. So, the users can be sure about the authenticity of any profile without compromising on privacy. If the real-time self-taken picture and the display picture don’t match, the user can no longer use the services of the app.
  2. Community Rated: One of the best parts of this app is that all the users are rated by the community. The members of the app can rate the profile in terms of the user’s behavior and feedback that they received from fellow members. This, on the one hand, encourages ethical conduct, and the users can be assured about the nature of the person.
  3. Dad Verified: Asking permission from the parents of the person you wish to marry is a pretty common notion in most of the Asian as well as Middle-Eastern Communities. MuzMatch, being a Muslim community app, encourages the same tradition as well. The app has an option where the user can talk to their partner’s father with the “Dad Verified” feature. This feature is available for both the genders where they can audio or video call their prospective father-in-law.

Although it may be an unusual feature in a dating app, the users seem to appreciate this function. MuzMatch does not regularly encrypt user messages, but they have the right to access those under their terms and conditions.

  1. Fair collection of personal data: Although this app provides its services to the general audience, it does not deliberately collect, maintain, or use information from members. This app updates this Privacy Policy occasionally to reflect changes in law, data collection, use of practices, the features of Service, and advances in technology.

Quality of Profiles

MuzMatch Review

Users do not need to worry about any spam or scam. In this app, every profile is verified.

  1. Be honest: Being honest is a way to gain a potential partner. If you are dishonest about yourself, you can lose your suitable partner. The app encourages users to provide reliable information about them while they fill out the registration form.
  2. Sell yourself: Selling yourself is the way to make your profile unique and eye-catching because you will have to compete with thousands of others on MuzMatch. Your profile should always be updated, and correct information should be provided.
  3. Selfie Verification: This app has a unique selfie verification feature. You have to take a real-time selfie so that they can match your photo to your profile picture to ensure that all the users share their correct identification.
  4. About me: You have to write something about yourself that you want to share and some general information. Such as:
  1. Where do you live?
  2. What is your profession?
  3. What is your educational qualification?
  4. What do you do in your spare time?
  1. Status: The user’s status should represent the person and present a more delicate side of his/her persona. Correct information about the user should be displayed in the app.

Website Design and Usability

MuzMatch Review

The MuzMatch app design is straightforward and functional. The display of this app is full of bright colors, trendy icons, and readable fonts. All these things make the presentation very appealing to the users. The app is relatively easy to use, and no complications are there in the app.

How Does MuzMatch Work?

You can simply install this app from the app store or Google Play for free and then sign up in less than a minute.

After registration is complete, you can see others searching for their life partner. Swipe left to skip the profile and right to like the profile if you think that they are suitable for you. And if anybody likes your profile, you’ll both be notified, and you can start chatting instantly.

MuzMatch App

MuzMatch Review

This is the best Muslim dating app so far. It provides the perfect platform to meet new people that share your faith and values. The app adheres to strict Muslim beliefs and has features to support the platform while still following religious principles.

Alternatives of MuzMatch App

There are lots of alternatives to the MuzMatch app, such as SingleMuslim, MuslimMatch, Muzproposal, MuzChat, etc. You have a wide range of options if you want to find your Muslim partner.


MuzMatch Review

MuzMatch represents the Muslim community. It is an app that strictly adheres to the Muslim faith and religious belief.

So, if anybody wants to find their life partner in the Muslim community, they can use it. This app is secured. They maintain the user’s privacy and security good enough to let users remain safe while they are looking for their love.

Being one of the biggest platforms for the Muslim dating community and successfully matching 45000 people together in marriage is something the app takes pride in and reasonably so! It indeed is a safe platform where people can communicate and find their partners.

However, this app also has some flaws. Although the premium version promises to be an ad-free experience, unfortunately, that isn’t the case in this app. Even in the premium version, users are bombarded with ads while they are using the app. The re-occurring glitches further add to the disappointment for the users.

Although the profile blurring feature was incorporated to ensure the privacy of the users, it seems that most of the people aren’t able to see each other. Other than this, there are some complaints about the filter feature, which creates an issue for the users.

Overall, the MuzMatch app is a well-designed app with a good intention of serving the Muslim community.

Contact Information

Company Name: Muzmatch, Inc.

Address: 249 Cranbrook Rd. Ilford, England, IG1 4TG

Phone Number: N/A

E-mail: [email protected]

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