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Chatiw Review 2024

Chatiw Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 70%
Popular Age 18-23
Profiles 1 560 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 8.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • 100% free
  • Works in most countries
  • Plenty of US and international users
  • Simple and straightforward
  • Not function-rich
  • Slow loading
  • Does not have profile pictures
  • No identity verification

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Chatiw is not a classic dating network, but more of a live chat platform. Supposedly, it can introduce you to hundreds of singles for friendly conversations and romantic connections. But will it? Take a look at our detailed Chatiw review to find out.

When Was Chatiw Founded?

Chatiw was created in 2010, so it has been around for quite a while now. Of course, back in the day, it used to enjoy a bit more popularity. Today, however, when random chats have long ago ceased to be a novelty, this platform starts rapidly losing in numbers.

Who Owns Chatiw?

Chatiw is a self-registered company founded in 2010. The domain address for it was created in July 2009, so website developers did not wrap this platform in a single night. However, there is little information on Chatiw owners. Perhaps, one of the reasons we could find none is that this site is no longer a buzz.

Chatiw Review 2020

Registration & Profile

Chatiw has a pretty non-standard approach to registration. Any user who wants to use the site can provide some necessary information, including age, sex, and location. Then, one just needs to create a unique username and start chatting. For this, you do not even need to create a password — these data will not be kept once you leave the site. This is, no doubt, quick and simple. But, should you want to use this site again, you will have to start over.

If you want to preserve your login details, you will need a valid email. Chatiw will send a verification link to confirm the new account creation. Otherwise, there are no other verifications of any kind. And, of course, if you create a more or less regular profile, you will need to think of a password because Chatiw will not generate it for you, for better or worse.

Still, even registered profiles are not detailed at all. Here, you have the same nickname, age, and location. There are no additional profiles fields, and no one can even be certain that the info users put in is valid.


Do not expect to get any matches from Chatiw since it is not a dating site at all. While no one discards the possibility of meeting your one and only via this service, the odds of that are slim — to put it mildly. When you access the site, you will simply see the list of all other people currently online. So, you can start chatting with anyone you like. If you were hoping to see any specific, theme-based chatroom on this site, here is another bummer: all available users are simply listed, pretty much as they would be in any messenger.

The funniest thing about this site is that it gives a limited number of messages to free users. Sure, you can bypass this by logging out and logging with a new username (and IP), but that seems a real waste of time. So, it’s really unclear why the website owners would introduce such weird contacting means.

How To Search For People On Chatiw?

When looking for someone specific, you can always put their username in the search box. In practice, this seems a bit strange because one’s username may vary from one login to another. Chatiw also has some very basic search filters available, allowing people to search for other users by age, gender, and location. That is something, of course, but is still somewhat illogical. After all, if you came for a random chat, why bother?

How To Delete Chatiw Account?

You can delete all of your Chatiw info from the profile settings. It will not take long, even if you are a fully registered user. If, however, you access this platform as a standard, ‘temporary’ user, no need to bother. Your preferred nickname and age will not be stored on the servers for too long. We do not know for sure how quickly this info is erased, but our guess — 48 hours. Why? Well, because technically, this site can ban offensive users, and that’s exactly how long it takes for the ban to time-out.

How To Delete Chatiw Account?

Members Structure

As of today, Chatiw has slightly over 10 thousand visits every month. Over half of its users come from the US. The UK also seems to favor this no-registration chatroom. Still, other countries are barely represented on this site. When it comes to registered users, most are men. Besides, more than 40% of registered Chatiw users are in their thirties, which is a bit surprising for a chatroom. Around 20% are in their late teens and early twenties.

Sexual Preferences

Anyone is welcome on Chatiw, regardless of sexual preferences. Still, if you hope to chat with ladies, remember that they are a minority here. According to registered users’ stat, less than 30% of active accounts are women.

Race And Ethnicity

This site does not collect any data on race or nationality. And, since anyone can just start using Chatiw, we assume that most ethnic groups are represented in these chatrooms.

Religious Orientation

Once again, all denominations are welcome, but we seriously doubt that the faithful will enjoy using this platform. Also, religion may not be one of the common topics on this site.

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

If, for whatever reason, you decide to give Chatiw some money, here is another strange fact for you — users can only pay via PayPal. Yes, that sounds suspicious, but that’s how it is. So, let’s take a look at the difference between free and paid Chatiw accounts.

Free Membership

Given this site’s rather simplistic (and rather illogical) functionality, it’s no wonder that most of its features are free. So, a free user can log in, give any details about their age and location, and go straight to chatting with other users. Searching for people is also available for free, and even though Chatiw does claim to have certain limits on contacting other users, we have not found any exact figures. The free contact options were more than enough to see what this site is about during our field test.

Aside from accessing the site, using the search filter, and contacting other users, Chatiw free accounts can block other members, send media in chats, and check their chat history — if they have any, of course. That’s pretty much it, and technically, this could have been enough. But, Chatiw still introduces paid plans.

So, what are the premium perks of this online chatting pioneer? According to this platform, paying members receive priority in all kinds of services, which, in our opinion, sounds pretty vague because the range of available services is quite limited.

If we get more specific, premium users can send links in chats — something standard cannot do. Then, they have no limits on messaging, get a chance to set a permanent nickname, and have that fancy VIP badge next to their accounts. They are also free from all ads and captchas, which pop up quite often on Chatiw.

Given that the premium perks are not too impressive, their cost is also way below the average market limit. One month of being a premium user comes at $4.95; six months will cost a user $25.95, and a full year of enjoying Chatiw premium is $49.95 in total. So, one’s average monthly price does drop (like on all other subscription-based services), but not significantly.

Also, Chatiw advertises a lifetime subscription at $99.95 in a single payment. Well, if anyone plans to use this site for more than two years, it’s worth a shot; especially given that Chatiw has been around for quite a while now and may keep on going in the future. On the other hand, if you want to throw a hundred bucks away on something pretty useless, there are plenty of other, more enjoyable options. They may not last a lifetime, but they still might be of more use than this ‘real fan’ subscription.

How To Cancel Chatiw Paid Subscription?

Getting a Chatiw paid subscription to auto-renew may be challenging in the first place because this site only accepts PayPal. So, any time you want to pay more, you will have to log in back to PayPal and make another purchase. If, with some dark magic, you manage to auto-renew PayPal Chatiw payments, you simply need to access your PayPal account and prevent new transfers from happening. That’s it.

How To Cancel Chatiw Paid Subscription?

Is Chatiw Safe?

The answer to that will mostly depend on what you mean by ‘safe.’ From the tech side, everything is fine, meaning that users do not have to worry about malware or getting their data stolen. Besides, there is not much data to disclose here in the first place. Also, the fact that this site only accepts PayPal transfers makes it pretty secure from the financial point of view.

As for Chatiw content, this could not be the best place for minors who are technically allowed to chat without disclosing their identity. While this platform has never been engaged in any sorts of conflicts and scandals (like some other sites in this niche), we still do not think this is the safest service for underage users.

The amount of sexually explicit content on Chatiw is moderated, so newcomers will not be bombarded with nudes the moment they access the site. In fact, any users posting inappropriate content get banned from the system. The ban, however, only lasts for 48 hours, which is not much. Besides, any violator can access the site from a different IP address because Chatiw does not restrict VPN use.

So, with this site, safety is a pretty relative concern. We would not advise using this service for landing dates and getting hookups — simply because you never know who you’re really talking to. If, however, you are in the mood for a flirty (maybe even a little naughty) chat with a stranger, there is no danger in choosing Chatiw.

Quality Of Profiles

There are no profiles to talk about since age, location, and username do not give away any real information about the person on the other side of the screen. Besides, Chatiw does not attempt to verify even those. So, when using this site, no one can know for sure their real chat partner’s age and gender. More than that, this site does not allow uploading pictures to user profiles. So, whatever stands for profile quality on Chatiw is definitely not enough.

Quality Of Profiles

Website Design And Usability

Chatiw is not the sleekest platform out there, but it does the job. In terms of design and navigation, everything is simple and intuitive. On the other hand, this site does not offer a lot of features to begin with, so figuring out how to use it could not become a problem even for a person who’s never seen a computer before. Simplicity is a definite bonus, while the lack of functionality and slightly outdated design are Chatiw’s biggest drawbacks.

How Does Chatiw Work?

Even though essential communication functionality on Chatiw is somewhat lacking, the platform does try to compensate for its simplicity with a few additional perks. For starters, they have a blog with dating advice, and absolutely all published materials are available for free. One more section on this site is dedicated to safe chatting tips. In a way, this is a logical continuation of the blog, but they still position it as a standalone feature.

As for the rest, everything is pretty standard. Since a typical session is active for no more than a day, any older conversations users have are not stored on the company servers. Anyone can join and start chatting away, but don’t expect to keep mementos. Even paying users with regular nicknames and login details cannot keep their chat feeds. What they can, however, is to exchange links in chats. Standard, non-paying members, can send pictures, but not links. Basic search filters are available to all users, while the advanced search is non-existent.

How Does Chatiw Work?

Chatiw App

Given how simple the desktop version is, one would never expect much from an app. Surprisingly, Chatiw app actually looks better than the website. It is less cluttered and easier to navigate, even though it does not offer any new features. It does not remove any functional perks either, but if we’re frank — there are few features to dispose of in the first place.

Another minus is that this app can only be found on the Play Market. iPhone users will either have to use a mobile-optimized version of the website or get their MacBooks started.

Alternatives Of Chatiw

Chatiw is not a unique platform, and it has plenty of analogs, including Chattour, Chat Avenue, Chat Random, and other ‘chats’ of the kind. If, however, you want to try a different site because this one is clearly not enough for you, there are plenty of options to consider. For example, people interested in spicy chat and an actual chance at hookup should check AdultFriendFinder. If anonymity is a must, then Ashley Madison is the best call. This is the largest affair site, and no one will bother you with identity questions or expect commitment.

If you would like to get dates but do not discard the possibility of commitment somewhere along the road, why not go with Tinder? This is a massively popular dating app, with plenty of users worldwide. It is more suitable for something more casual than marriage, but we all know that many families started with casual.

If family and commitment are what you hope for, no need to beat around the bush on Tinder. To find your one and only, you can check out specialized platforms like Match or eHarmony. Registration takes a while, but these websites have very complex matching algorithms, and they take great pride in successfully matching thousands of singles.

You can even try international dating if you are looking to chat with people from different countries and cultures. Just pick your location, and there will definitely be a site targeting this particular area. Or, stick with something like InternationalCupid if you have no geo preferences.

Alternatives Of Chatiw


Chatiw is definitely not much. The only thing it can be useful for are random chats with strangers. It is not a dating site where you could land dates, and it is not a massive chat space that categorizes threads by topics. On the other hand, it has been in business for a while now, and if people still use it, they must have their reasons.

Technically, this could be a good spot to relax and flirt with someone you do not know and will never know. If this is your thing, Chatiw is not a bad idea. If, however, you are looking for something more tangible and specific, you’d better try your luck somewhere else.

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