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Meddle Review

Meddle Review
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Active Audience 88%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 24-25
Profiles 1 600 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A decent and legit app to find new friends or dates;
  • Easy interface;
  • Strict identity verification so that little to no fake users can get in;
  • Friendly environment, a lot of young and fun people;
  • Unique concept.
  • When you first set the search parameters, Meddle may freeze. Only for the first time, and then it goes back to regular activity.

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Are you tired of the average swipe dating app? Here on Meddle, they have thought about an entirely different solution for you. A simple idea stands at the beginning of the Meddle creation: who knows you more than your friends?

Remember what our ancestors did? A friend used to make their friends meet. Families merged thanks to common members dating and then marrying. OK, let’s not rush into marriage, now… But you got the point.

Let’s say that Meddle makes the whole dating process less automatic and less filters-based. Some users could not find within dating apps the right fit for them. Too many profiles, too much constriction behind them. Then, the search function.

Then, there was the swipe — a more friendly and human way, which worked like the real world. You are at the club; you see an exciting pair of shoulders passing by. You swipe “yes” in your head. Then that person goes straight into the bartender’s arms. You wish you could un-swipe.

Now, on Meddle, the swipe function is performed by the buddy sitting next to you. “Hey, have you seen that one?” the buddy is asking. Then the approach is up to you. This is how Meddle means to help you with your dating experience.

In this review, you will find out if they succeeded.

When Was Meddle Founded?

Meddle Review

Launched in the USA… Seattle, 2017. First, the app was available in Seattle, now it has spread and is downloadable from all over the world.

Who Owns Meddle?

The Meddle company’s full name is Meddle Group Inc. It is based in Seattle, where everything was started.

Registration & Profile

The registration process is almost effortless. “Almost,” as they require you to verify your phone number. This security measure is appreciated, as it keeps fakers and most of the scammers away.

Go to your apps store (there is no web browser version available) and download the application. If you don’t find it at first glance, try looking for “Meddle Dating,” and it will show up.

Then, download it and go on through the signup process. You will be asked about your birth date and your nickname; then, a verification code will be sent in the text message.

Copy and paste it — done! You will now be asked to update your location by enabling your phone GPS. You can skip that part if you wish just to take a look at Meddle. So, an easy menu will be displayed above the main page.

Now it’s time for you to edit your profile. You won’t be able to see other people unless you update your location, your gender, and birth date, so do that in the first place.

Then, you may experience a slow-down. It’s a bug that Customer Support should be aware of, but everything will be fine in the end. You will be able to interact with others.


Meddle Review

See the tabs at the top of the screen? They are asking you if you are a Meddlee or a Meddler. What if you have already chosen? It doesn’t matter, and you can switch whenever you like.

It looks a little tricky at the beginning because you can’t tell where the profiles are, and where you can start chatting. Now, go to the Meddlee section. You can “beg a friend” to begin swiping for you. By switching to Meddler, instead, you will actually be able to see other people’s pages.

Don’t worry if you don’t see the chat. In the cartoon bubble icon, in the lowest menu, you will notice the “matches” automatically showing up. Then it’s up to you: chat, dabble, and schedule as many dates as needed.

How to Search for People on Meddle?

If you are a Meddler and would like some filters to be applied to the people you see, go to the top-right icon in the menu, “settings,” and select the age range, sexual preference, etc.

You will need to have a friend who to Meddle for, so select the “friends” icon on the menu, and ask your contacts to join the app. Are you looking for a match? You can’t request strangers to do that for you. You’ll need to open up your friends’ section, too, and invite your contacts to join the app and start meddling on your behalf.

What happens when you invite a friend? He/she will receive a text message to their mobile phone, wondering if you can Meddle for him/her. They explain a bit of what the app is and how it works so that your friend won’t call the shrimp for you immediately.

Then, a link is provided, and by clicking on it, they will be able to join Meddle or sign in.

What if they are on the app already? No way, you are not going to find them on the search browser. You will need to invite them through their phone number. Otherwise, you could just type names randomly and find non-friends to help you.

What would the whole point of Meddle be, then?

How to Delete Meddle Account?

Meddle Review

Go to the last filters icon. Now, tap the top right of the screen where the mini-gear of the settings lays. There you go, you are in the settings. If you want to delete your account because you were receiving too many notifications, here is the right place to unsubscribe.

Your default mode allows them to send you a notification every time you receive a message, a new match, and every time Meddle has any type of update. If you are techie enough, you might have blocked every new notification from newly-downloaded apps, but not everyone is that smart.

Now, you may be here because you don’t like the app. Few features, and your friends are too busy gaming, and watching Netflix helps you out shaping your sex life.

So, scroll this page down, and you will find the “delete account” tab.

Members Structure

There are thousands of people using Meddle in North America. There are not that many in Europe, but the app trend is going up. As there are a lot of dating services, it could be hard sometimes to become popular.

Still, they have such a peculiar business idea that people are getting to know it, and everything seems good. About the members, they are more young people than over 50 and slightly more men than women.

Sexual Preferences

You can select a bisexual, homosexual, and straight sexual preference, so there’s no virtual limit to the people you will find here. Even though they claim they have no filters, they have at least the decency to show you the sexual preference you have selected.

Race and Ethnicity

Meddle Review

As North America is an entirely multi-ethnic place, there are people with different skin colors. It’s hard to tell that as within the search filters, you can’t select ethnicity or body type or anything like that.

Here lies the whole purpose of Meddle: they try to keep it as human as they can. You are not at a grocery store, so imagine the shop owner showing you one item at a time.

“Carrots, sir?” “No, thanks, I am a meat lover.” “Peanuts?” “Thanks, no, I’m allergic!” “Well, sir, you should have put that in your profile description, then!” This means the shop owner is not a real friend. We hope your experience will be less deathly and more effective on Meddle.

Religious Orientation

Well, there is no telling. This is not a religious app, so make sure that if this is your priority, you go to the right place. One tip: avoid bigotry (see Terms and Conditions).

Pricing Policies

Meddle is entirely free at the moment. If you read through the Terms and Conditions, you will see that they are talking about “paid services,” so they will likely activate them in the future.

Rush and sign up to be in this paradise with a toll-free ticket! This review will be updated as soon as any change occurs or if the company changes the signup policy.

Free Membership

Meddle Review

Only free membership is available. For free, you can sign up, create and edit your profile. You can invite as many friends as you like – actually, the more they are, the happier Meddle’s developers will be — and you can create matches and chat.

There are no gifts or credits, not even paid memberships at the moment, so you are virtually free to do whatever you like to do on Meddle.

There is no paid membership at the moment of compiling this review.

How to Cancel Your Meddle Paid Subscription?

As there is no paid subscription, there is no way for you to cancel it.

Is Meddle Safe?

Meddle Review

Security is a primary concern for Meddle. First, there is a double-step verification, as you will receive a text message with an activation code in it. You can’t sign up without it.

Even though Meddle is free, there are no scammers on it, surprisingly, as the app has been live for more than a year! Scammers are like bugs in a country house. You need to get used to them at a certain point of your user experience with dating websites.

Maybe the verification process keeps them out, but, the webmasters are likely to be thanked for this absence of scammers. Then, there are no payments here, so no need for payment’s encryption or any sophisticated measure to secure transactions.

There is not one single user’s review concerning a request for money from another member. Maybe, that’s also because you are using your real location. At last: it can be proudly stated that the security measures here on Meddle are high and that the environment is safe and secure.

Quality of Profiles

Meddle Review

Have you ever heard about Dates Checker? This company offers an extra service of profile validation. This is an independent company, not owned by Meddle — they are providing identity services to dating apps’ users. If you ask them to verify your profile, they do that.

If you are a real person, meaning you like kittens and chocolate chips cookies – only a robot can be insensitive about both – you will be able to earn this certificate and carry their logo on your page.

You may now think, “Wow, what a wonderful feature, if that were a blockchain feature, everyone should use that!” Well, this is not blockchain, just a trusted authority, Dates Checker, who checks. The app needs to have a convention with Date Checker, as the logo needs to be within the app.

Otherwise, you could just add it to Photoshop. This is like a governmental approval. So, if you see the Dates Checker logo on a profile’s picture on Meddle, this means the person you are talking to is a real one. Try the do-you-like-kittens question, and this will work like a Turing Test.

The profiles’ quality, to give you a punch line, is high.

Website Design and Usability

Meddle Review

The app is highly user-friendly. It does not have that many different features so that you can understand everything at a glance. After having read this review, you can’t possibly get wrong.

There’s the menu, where everything is plainly displayed. You already know how it works. Then, there is the invite-your-friend trick, which is quite understandable. That’s it — even if you don’t know all that in advance, you would have learned by tapping just once or twice.

The design is modern, the colors are plain, and the interface is balanced. It’s a pleasure to surf Meddle, and the people inside look more beautiful and intelligent. Let’s say they spent much effort trying to make the place as decent as possible, and you can tell that from the small details.

Now, a small disclaimer about the snowflake in the menu: this is a pre-Coronavirus outbreak. It’s their logo. It’s not a Coronavirus homage. So please, don’t write to the customer support a fire letter blaming then for low compassion or tact.

How Does Meddle Work?

As easy as a regular dating app: you sign up and add some friends who will be in your crowd. You ask them to Meddle on your behalf. Or, on the contrary, you register because a friend of yours asked you. You swipe profiles for them.

The huge plus of all this is the highly usable interface, the friendly community, the young, and nice people online. All of that comes without getting bored by ads or flooding messages from anywhere.

It’s simple, plain, intuitive.

Meddle App

There’s, unfortunately, no web browser app. You can download Meddle for free and use it for free from your Apple Store or Google Play Store.

The download might be a little slow, but no more than 1 minute with a working Internet connection. You will then be able to use it without big data-consuming issues. It’s a regular dating service, so make sure you disable notifications if you don’t want to be bothered by them while you are at your workplace.

Alternatives to Meddle

Meddle Review

There’s no real alternative. This business idea of inviting your friends to Meddle for you is kind of unique. Or, at least, the safe space that Meddle has created has something one has never heard about.

Then, if you are just looking for a safe and decent dating application where you can search for people yourself, you can go for Tinder, Match.com, eHarmony, OK Cupid, Elite Singles, and many others.


Ready to make your friends participate in your own life? If you trust them to help you out and are willing to do that through a dating app, Meddle might be just what you are looking for. This Meddle review contains as much useful information as possible, so make sure you take what you need and give it a try!

Contact Information

Company: Meddle Group Inc

Address: 4509 Freemont Ave N. Unit 2, Seattle, Washington 98103

Phone: no phone number displayed on the website, nor in the app

E-mail: [email protected], or [email protected]

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