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BBWCupid Review

BBWCupid Review
About Site
Active Audience 71%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 24-25
Profiles 1 900 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Usable interface;
  • A lot of profiles, and there are no fakers, apparently;
  • There are mobile apps, both for Android and iOS;
  • Good quality profiles.
  • The main page is a little cluttered;
  • You can’t do anything if you are using a free account. Basically, you have to trust the website or good reviews of it.

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An easy way to find precisely the body type you are looking for. Here on BBWCupid, you will meet hot female bodies, with a feature in common: they are beautiful and big.

This is a popular dating and hookup website, where some people meet only for chatting and sexting. BBWCupid has some excellent features and some flaws, which we will talk more about in this review.

Keep on reading if you feel you are the right person to be on this platform. Either you are a Big Beautiful Woman or a man looking for that kind of body in a partner, this place needs to be experienced before paying for it.

When Was BBWCupid Founded?

BBWCupid Review

Cupid Media Pty Ltd was founded in 1999. It looks old, but luckily, the developers updated the design with the oldest fantasy of many men out there.

BBW body type is as old as humankind, and you can tell this from small statues found in ancient Babilonia and Greece, for example. Even if the website has been founded in the 90s, it represents an evergreen human taste.

Who Owns BBWCupid?

Now BBWCupid is held by Cupid Media Pty Ltd, a trademark of Ecom Holding Pty LTD, as well as the Cupid Media Logo. Ecom Holding Pty is an Australian company, still seeking to acquire dating platforms from all over the Web.

They are unstoppable and keep on making confidential appraisals to companies operating in the dating business. Like an online empire, they manage several dating websites successfully.

Registration & Profile

A smiling blue-dressed woman is smiling gently at you from the background — a hand on her heart, a deep glance. She is looking at you, but she’s more welcoming than testing you.

Forget about her and look at what’s written on the page: there’s a form, right? Well, skip it, as if you are reading this paragraph, you probably not a member yet. Scroll the page down until you find the “Join Free Now” tab.

Everything will be so comfortable that you will find yourself inside without even noticing you gave up your email address and password. And age. And nickname. Ok, maybe you should have paid attention, as you will need to remember both user and password later.

No email verification needed: as promised, you are in!


BBWCupid Review

As soon as you sign up, you will be asked to upload a profile picture to boost your page and be noticed more. You can wait for a little before feeding strangers with your dear personal photos.

You will see some BBWCupid profiles displayed on the main page, below the menu toolbar. They are people next to you, but you will be able to see even more. You can chat by pushing the “Chat” button below a profile. You can either like or visit it, but there’s nothing that stops you from beginning a new conversation with them.

So, just write to them. You will receive a notification as soon as they contact you back.

How to Search for People on BBWCupid?

See the small number at the top left of the main page? Those are online users. Now, let’s see how you can browse their profiles and select your perfect match. Well, if you are already on BBWCupid, you sure have noticed it: use the search bar.

You can filter the results using quite common parameters, like age, location expressed in distance from you, male/female, country, state, and city. Once you have selected all of your favorites, push the “search” button.

New profiles will be displayed right before your eyes.

How to Delete Your BBWCupid Account?

Deleting your account is not possible without contacting the Customer Support directly. So, feel free to get in touch with them through the corresponding form and express your reasons.

As you may have already signed for, your data have been partially sold to third parties. So, if you would like to delete your account because of that reason, be sure that not everything you gave away will come back to you. It’s virtually impossible.

If you are unsubscribing because you don’t want to receive notifications anymore, there’s always a way to stop them by going to the “settings” mini-gear at the top right of the page. Here you can log out, as well.

Members Structure

BBWCupid Review

There are not many men on BBWCupid, there are far more females, and if they are bots, they are really sophisticated ones. The platform hosts hundreds of users, not a crowd, but still a good number. You should check if your town is represented on BBWCupid because not every city may be here, considering that the community doesn’t amount to billions of users.

Once you have checked, take a look at the profiles. They look real, don’t they? The members are mostly from the US and Australia, but there are some exceptions from Europe, as well.

Sexual Preferences

If you are here, either you are a Big Beautiful Woman or you are a Big Beautiful Woman’s worshipper. The second type is more represented on BBWCupid. To be here, you need to be straight, as there is no real middle way. Here is the first flaw, as you can virtually select the sex of people you are looking for, but the browser is not working very well.

Race and Ethnicity

No dominant ethnicity here — some female body types may not seem to be BBW style. This will help you understand there’s everything here. Start chatting with real people, and not looking for them like they are just a face. Because this is a dating website, this means you are allowed to look around like a buyer selecting the best goods on the market.

Religious Orientation

No religion on BBWCupid. Of course, you may find religious users, but most of them attend to specific websites, containing their religion’s name within the domain name.

This environment is quite clean. Still, there’s the idea that who’s here is screaming his sexual preference loud. So, maybe not the best place if you are going to stick to moral behavior, and you don’t even want to risk offending other people.

So, no religion, like in John Lennon’s Imagine song.

Pricing Policies

BBWCupid Review

Imagine all the people living life in a free (membership) environment. With a free membership, also called here a “standard,” you are allowed to see other user’s profiles and search.

You can’t chat unless you are contacted by a paying user (who is paying for you to communicate). There are also Gold and Platinum subscriptions.

Free Membership

As said some minutes ago, with free or standard membership, you can do nothing. You can only take a look at BBWCupid’s design and interface and see where the features are and how they are displayed. You can do a basic search and create an essential matching by seeing other people’s profiles.

A match happens if you are sending interest to a person, and he/she is writing you back, or sending an interest back. It’s mutual! This is a match!

The paid memberships here on BBWCupid are Gold and Platinum. No Silver, Premium, or VIP, everything has the most precious material ever.

With a Gold one, you can browse other pages anonymously. You can send messages to all the users and receive their answers even if they are not paying visitors.

Then, there’s the Platinum. With it, you will be able to be at the top of the search results. You can use an advanced filter, double your profile space, and translate all the texts into your language.

The Gold is yours for 29,98$/month, or 58,98$ for 3 months, and 119,98$ for 6 months. Of course, the longer it goes, the cheaper it will be.

Then, the Platinum is yours for 34,99$/month, or 69,99$ for 3 months, and, finally, 139,99$ for 12 months. Pay attention: the latter option is the cheapest solution ever, but you need to be convinced about BBWCupid, as they have a no refund policy.

How to Cancel BBWCupid Paid Subscription?

BBWCupid Review

A BBWCupid paid subscription is like a car. As long as it goes, you don’t really say, “thanks to you, I’m not shoveling coal into an old-fashioned train.” But this is what happens: you own a real privilege. Since you are a paying subscriber of BBWCupid, you don’t notice the immense advantage you have over other free participants.

You can communicate and chat properly. Many more people contact you because you are at the top of the searches. But when you decide to downgrade because you think you are committing too much, everything bad happens.

To cancel your subscription, just go to the “Account,” using the main menu toolbar on the main page. To be sure the subscription has canceled, write to the Customer Support Team.

Is BBWCupid Safe?

BBWCupid is using two of the most credited SSL certifications online, which are Thawthe and McAfee protocols. Not everything is safe if you are misbehaving; still, it’s good to know that your payments are encrypted and secured from random online scammers.

They care a lot about security on BBWCupid, so it’s up to you and your common sense not to break the rules and reveal your credit card details or home address to strangers.

The general safety level is high. As for privacy, it’s always recommended to carefully read the privacy agreement before signing up for every service. Here, they state they are selling your data to third parties only when it’s necessary.

Your privacy is safe, but BBWCupid is using your details to profile you and your purchases to create future marketing strategies. Are you OK with that? Sign the agreement, and nothing bad will happen to you.

Some people feel better about being profiled and having only relevant ads displayed. Some other users value privacy more than the quality of entertainment. That is why many political movements struggling for increasing privacy measures all over the Internet.

Or at least, the struggle concerns the transparency of privacy measures. Are you selling users’ data? Let them know. Here on BBWCupid, everything is written down, and you should read agreements before signing them, especially if you are an ideological person or fond of extreme privacy.

Quality of Profiles

BBWCupid Review

There are such a few female profiles, compared to the men’s ones, that it’s quite hard to make an overall impression. Let’s say those female users look great. Some of them are not BBW, so it’s not clear why they are here. Maybe they are looking for other women, but they have their settings wrong.

It’s probably not very pleasant to be a profile different from the average, and we imagine that the non-BBW on BBWCupid can feel exactly like that.

However, the female pages all seem to be of quality.

Male profiles are not bad either, and generally, everyone has the decency to put an avatar. It doesn’t make much sense to register on a dating site and not even upload a photo, does it?

Website Design and Usability

The user interface is straightforward to understand, although perhaps there are too many buttons that crowd it unnecessarily. Anyway, in general, it is quite modern, with its blue bars that allow you to navigate BBWCupid without getting lost in its meanders.

Thanks to the upper bars, you can access all the main functions of the site. Take a look at it as soon as you log in for the first time. There is the usual section of the profile, which you can access to edit it, add photos, and maybe a beautiful description of yourself. Then, there is the search bar, very well visible, which will allow you to find the person or group of people immediately.

So, usability is quite high, and the website design is generally modern. Maybe the only flaw is all those tabs repeating themselves.

How Does BBWCupid Work?

BBWCupid Review

It is not difficult to understand how BBWCupid works. Are you looking for someone? Use the search bar.

Want to see the profiles you liked? Go to favorites. Want to chat with your contacts? Go to the chat section. The few functions allow you not to get lost, and you can do everything you need without searching too long.

Ah, let’s not forget: do you want to buy a paid account? The section is very well placed, and besides, you will be tormented by the ads from your first login.

BBWCupid App

Good news for you, BBW lover! There is both an Android and an Apple mobile app for BBWCupid! Just open your app store, and you will find them right away.

Alternatives of BBWCupid

There are some similar websites, even though it’s recommended to try “regular” and top popular apps and check if there are people who have the body shape you are looking for.

However, the main competitors in the niche are BBW Dating, Large Friends, BBW Hookup, BBW Friends Date, andfat.com, BBW Romance.


BBWCupid Review

If you have read this review so far, you may have a broader point of view right now. Hopefully, this article is useful for you, and you can make a wise choice. As BBWCupid is waiting for you to join it, god luck with all your searches!

Contact Information

Company: Ecom Holding Pty LTD

Address: Level 5, 2502 / 5 Lawson Street, Southport QLD 4215, Australia

Phone: 61 7 5571 1181

Email: [email protected]

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