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Little Armenia Review

Little Armenia Review
About Site
Active Audience 74%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 28-33
Profiles 459 500
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.4
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It presents you with specific people you are interested in.
  • Members on the site share a rich cultural history.
  • Most of the site members are looking for a serious relationship, hence not wasting each other’s time.
  • There is a free membership that you can take advantage of if you are not sure about paying for membership.
  • It is strictly for the Armenians.
  • It is designed for people looking for serious relationships. If you are looking for a fling, you will not fit in.
  • The website does not have the popular matching feature

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When Was Little Armenia Founded?

There is no specified time of its existence.

Who Owns Little Armenia?

No information is available about the owners of the dating site.

Registration & Profile

If you want to join the site, you will need to register by visiting the website. You will take up the registration process, which takes a short time to complete. You will provide information about your gender and what gender you are looking for. You will then give your valid email address and select a password. You also choose a username for your account. Lastly, you will fill out your personal information. The site will ask for a lot about you. They want to know as much as possible about you. It will help other users who are also looking for a partner. Your profile will also demand a lot of personal information. The information includes your full name and age. You should not worry about it because the more you give, the higher your chances for a prospective partner. Once you are through and accepted on the site, you can now start by choosing to use the free membership or go for a premium membership. You can now log in and get started. The site is strictly for Armenians looking for a commitment or marriage. It is one of the reasons you provide a lot of personal information. The site can know you better and will match you with the most compatible members. The other members on site will see your information, and so will you see theirs. It will give a potential partner a chance to know you and determine how serious you are.

Registration & Profile


You are free to contact anyone you want. You can contact members through chatting, email, and texting each other. The users contact each other based on the information each has provided on their profiles. You are allowed to filter the numerous profiles to find your perfect match. When you come across a user that you are interested in, you can contact them through their DM and start a conversation. You can also use the voice chat and the video chat for a more intimate encounter with your prospective partner. The site has another search feature that can help you see the online members. You can see someone that excites you. You are advised to send them a message immediately to secure your chances of winning them. Several features will make your experience better on the site. Some of the features include:

  • Search option
    The search option will help you go through several profiles and even view their photos. You will then choose whoever excites you and pursue them.
  • Chat option
    The chat option allows you to communicate with whomever you want. You can start a conversation with them easily. You will also be able to see who is online and start a conversation with them.
  • Voice and video chat option
    It is a more advanced connection option you can use. It helps you to connect with your potential partner and get to know them even better.


How To Search For People On Little Armenia?

To interact on this Armenian site is quite simple. You simply use the search option. It will help you find online users. You can then check if they interest you. When you find a member that you like, you start the conversation and move on.

How To Delete Little Armenia Account?

You can delete it from your profile. However, you can deactivate it by hiding it from other users. No one can view it. With this option, you can log in and reactivate your account.

Members Structure

The site is designed with a target of Armenians in Armenia and anywhere else in the world. It does not matter where your location is. The basic requirement is for you to be Armenian. There are both male and female members on the site. Gender is a balanced one. The atmosphere is good for dating, and there is no trolling. The site has not given any directives on sexual orientation, probably because of the LGBT community’s Armenian resistance. However, the site does not restrict same-sex relationships. Even though they may try a match but the site is not the best for their sexual orientation. There are members of all ages from the age of 18. All members on the site are interested in serious relationships. Most of the members are between mid-twenties and late thirties.

Sexual Preferences

The Armenian community does not support any other sexual orientation apart from straight ones. Therefore, the site is meant for straight relationships, although no specific information is provided about LGBT participation.

Sexual Preferences

Race and Ethnicity

The majority of users on the site are whites. As much as there are black Armenians, the site may not be the best for you if you have racial diversity in your mind.

Religious Orientation

Religion is not a requirement to join or participate in the dating site.

Pricing Policies

You are open to using a free membership or paid membership. Both options give you a chance to access the site. However, the paid membership comes with more benefits. The free membership may limit your satisfaction. You have the following payment options to choose from;

  • There is a free trial
  • One-week subscription at 0.99
  • One-month subscription at 0.99
  • Lifetime subscription at 9.99

Pricing Policies

Free Membership

You can access the site for free and still enjoy your experience. You cannot access all the features offered by the site. The greatest disadvantage of free membership is the constant ads on your page. You will get annoyed with the constant interference.

Paid membership, on the hand, is a better choice than the free one. Paid membership guarantees you two things;

  • You get unlimited access to the site
  • You don’t get any ads while working on your page

How To Cancel Little Armenia Paid Subscription?

For you to cancel your subscriptions on little Armenia, you need to communicate with the customer support by either sending an email or call them directly. Once you present your issue, they will contact you as soon as possible. In your email, you need to state why you are canceling the subscription and attach your proof of payment. You do not get a refund for whatever reason, so; you need to be sure that you want to cancel the subscription. Your profile will still be active even if you cancel the subscription.

How To Cancel Little Armenia Paid Subscription?

Is Little Armenia Safe?

You are safe on the site as long as you don’t give information that may compromise your safety. You should contact the customer care anytime you feel threatened. You are advised to do some research about the site and find its safety features before signing up.

Quality of Profiles

For you to access the site, you will need an approved account. For your account to be approved, you need to verify your email address. The verification process adapted by the site is rigorous. The strict verification process intends to get rid of possible trolls and any spammers. When you provide your information during registration, you are required to be as detailed as possible. It is a boost to the quality of your profile. Your profile quality is fully on your control. Other users will be attracted or discouraged by the information you provide. The same way you will read other users’ profiles and like or dislike them is the same way they look at yours. If you want a compatible partner, ensure that you talk about yourself very well. You will attract your perfect match. A decent looking profile is also a plus. You will get more contacts from the look of your profile. A good and clear profile photo is attractive. Everything must be clear and attractive. A great dating site profile is a successful profile. You can be sure it will pay off.

Quality of Profiles

Website Design and Usability

The Little Armenia website has a simple design that the users can easily navigate. It is attractive with cool colors and graphics. The graphics are simple in a way that does not overwhelm the users. You can easily browse the site from your mobile phone. There is no mobile app for the site, but you can browse it on your phone browser. You will get the same great experience like the one on the desktop. It is user-friendly that even new members can easily browse through the functions even without help. The functions are placed in a manner that anyone can identify and use them. The fonts are neat and well set with a cool white background. All these contribute to an exciting experience for the users.

How Does Little Armenia Work?

The site works to create meaningful relationships among users. For you to join the site, you will need to register. A lot of information is required before your account is approved. The site will ask a lot about you because it aims to build long-term relationships and strong bonds. The information helps in knowing each member in detail. After filling in the registration, you will now open an account for use on the site. You will provide your full name, age, email address and password. The system will check your registration then accept or deny your profile. If you are accepted, you will choose to be a free member or go ahead and pay for membership. You will still enjoy the site as a free member, but you may not access some benefits. When you pay for the membership, you will access every feature on the site without limit. You will also not get ads on your page. Once you are through with making your profile attractive, you can go ahead and start searching through the profiles for a potential partner. You can search using the options available. The search option will assist you in identifying an online user. You can go ahead and contact them for further communication. You can repeat the process for as many profiles as you can. You will eventually settle for the ones you think have the qualities you are looking for. The site does not have a matching process for its members. You have to do the work for yourself. The detailed profiles will assist you with this. When you pay for the membership, you will not get distracted by the ads on site. You will browse through peacefully. However, some can still work well with the ads and successfully find a match.

How Does Little Armenia Work?

The Little Armenia website has no mobile app. All the dating activities and communication takes place on the website.

Alternatives of Little Armenia

Other alternatives can offer you the same or better services than little Armenia. Some of them include; Armeniapassion, Kukuarmenian, and Armroom.

Little Armenia App


Is Little Armenia Safe?

Yes, Little Armenia has employed certain measures to make sure that you and your data are protected. Its double-blind system protects your identifiable information such as your email address, last name, home address, etc.

The site leaves it to your discretion to share these details as you see fit.

Is Little Armenia a Real Dating Site?

Yes, Little Armenia is a legitimate dating site where you can meet and connect with people. It matches you with other users through an equal amount of technological algorithms and helps from the staff.

Rest assured that other people that you will meet on the site are as real as you are. We’ve met some of the best people on the site – and we hope that you do too.

How to Use Little Armenia?

Using Little Armenia begins with you signing up for an account. Once everything has been set up, you can meet people, connect with them, and possibly even make plans to meet up. All of this is possible with Little Armenia.

It provides a platform for you to find real connections in today’s online dating scene.

Is Little Armenia Free?

Little Armenia offers a free sign up and membership. It gives you access to all the features necessary to create a profile and find your match. It does, however, offer a Platinum membership as well. With its added features, you can find your match more easily and, in turn, will be more discoverable to other users too.

Does Little Armenia Really Work?

In all of its intents and purposes, Little Armenia works just as the developers have imagined it would. It provides a safe virtual haven for people to sign up and find other users who might match them. With this in place and a solid interface and design, it then leaves the messaging to you.

It provides you with all the tools to connect with someone – and it is up to you how you want to go about using it.


Everything that has an advantage has a disadvantage. The little Armenian site is a wonderful site for the adults looking to find a long-term relationship or a commitment. The major constraint is the fact that it does not admit non-Armenians to the site. It is restricted to a specific ethnicity and race. Although you are not restricted from signing up, you will not find a match if you are not Armenian. Even the black Armenians find it challenging to get a match with the white Armenians.

All in all, it is a perfect site for the Armenians to look for strong bonds and relationships. The site is determined to make quality relationships for its users. On registration, you are required to provide a lot of information about yourself. It is important for letting other users know more about you. When other users read this information, they can tell if you match their requirements. You can also read other profiles to know more about the users and find yourself a match. You can communicate with anyone that you want. With the search features available on site, you can identify online users. You contact them and find out if you can make a match. If so, you go ahead and try out. The site is generally for men and women looking for life partners. There is gender balance on-site, so no one should be worried about missing a partner. The site is, however, not specific on the sexual orientation. The Armenia people do not approve of the LGBT community; the more reason the website does not give it attention.

The members on the site are generally focused on straight relationships and commitments. The users are adults of 18 years and above. The age of the user ranges from 25-35. Some older users find it difficult to date the younger ones. It takes a lot of time for such users to find their agemates. The site does not offer any matching process. The users have to go through the profiles to find a potential match. That is why you are required to give enough information about yourself when creating a profile. It is what will market you to potential partners. The website interface is user-friendly. The users have a great time without difficulties. However, the younger users may not enjoy the site if you compare it to the tinder’s likes. But then that should not be an issue since the two sites have different intentions. You join any of them with their terms and conditions in mind. You can join the site as a free member or a paid member. Both options work well, and you can find a match. However, the paid membership has an advantage over the free. You can access some specific features when you are a paid member. The free membership, on the other hand, has a problem with constant ads distracting you. With a paid membership, you enjoy navigating without annoying ads every time. If you want to enjoy the site fully, paid membership is the best. Little Armenia does not have a mobile app. However, you can access the site on your mobile phone browser. You will still enjoy the site just as you would on the computer. The site has a customer support team that helps the users in case of a need. They also work to ensure that the users have enough security on site.


Contact information

No contact information is provided for owners or managers of the site.

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