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Joingy Review

Joingy Review
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Active Audience 66%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 23-24
Profiles 1 350 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 9.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You will find matching partners to chat quickly.
  • There is no strict registration process.
  • Webcams support mobile devices.
  • Free service.
  • You can use the site anonymously.
  • A vast user database.
  • There are plenty of horny users.
  • The users’ database could be more significant.

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Joingy is a fun roulette-kind platform for fun chatting with people all around the world. In this review, you will learn a lot of exciting things about chatting roulette. It is a reliable webcam chat room, which is full of options. You will appreciate having high-quality video quality, which is very important. Otherwise, it makes it impossible to chat. The Joingy team works hard to deliver the best roulette-type experience. If you have never tried this type of interactive communication, it is the best service to try to have the first positive impression. Joingy has both text and video chat options, which get packed with excellent functionality. Navigating is fun and smooth. The platform uses efficient and safe technology to connect people fast.

Joingy Review

When Was Joingy Founded?

Joingy Review

Joingy is a popular video chat website. It gives the possibility to meet a lot of new people in a short period. If you do not have a webcam, the site has a solution for you. You can communicate with men and women using the text-only option. Unfortunately, the official website does not have the information when Joingy appeared on the market. Obviously, it is a new type of dating and communication, which does not have a vast database. However, the number of new members continues to grow rapidly.

Who Owns Joingy?

Joingy protects the anonymous status of all clients. They prefer to keep the name of the owner secret as well. At least, you will not find this information on the official website. You can do your own research or send this question to customer support.

Registration & Profile

Joingy does not have a registration or signup process. The service focuses on connecting people instantly without the necessity to create a new member’s account. You do not even have to create a username because it goes against the company’s ethics. This chat roulette community is 100% anonymous.


Joingy Review

The communication on Joingy is entirely free. You can start chatting with people immediately. It is not a problem to find a matching man or woman to chat.

The website gets divided into several sections:

  • Adult Chat
    You will meet a lot of strangers on the Joingy platform. It is an international community of fun singles. You should not lose your time and start interacting with hot and like-minded adults in numerous video chat rooms. The developer does his best to keep the Joingy website as clean and friendly as possible. You will find a lot of exciting and engaging topics for joint discussion. Note that you should avoid having sexual conversations with the community. As soon as people get the freedom to chat online, some men and women may behave or speak inappropriately. There is no difference between an online and offline way of proper and respectful behavior. If a particular user makes you feel uncomfortable, you can always disconnect and report an abusive user.
  • Teen Chat
    The website allows teenagers to use the platform. It is a fun way for young people to communicate safely with other teenagers without even leaving their homes. You have to use the option called “Interests,” then you must enter as “Teenager.” It is an exclusive moderated section for minors. It is essential to mention that you can join the website if you are 13 years old. All users who have not reached 18 years old have to provide permission from their parents. You should never provide your personal details or contact numbers while using this chat roulette. If you want not to have any safety issues, you should stay anonymous.
  • Singles Chat
    Joingy has a lot of successful stories of couples who share their experience and the way they found each other on the website. It is an excellent way to meet single men and women. You can modify your search and choose to chat with singles only or with people who do not want any strings attached. You just have to open the box called “Interests,” press “Next,” and type “Single” in the section for all available options.

    Joingy is not a typical dating website. You must see the difference. So, you should take the chatting here less seriously. You should just enjoy connecting to new people and sharing a pleasant conversation on various topics altogether without any commitments.

  • Gay Chat
    People of all the variety of sexual orientations are welcome to participate in Joingy. The developer has structured the website in the way it caters to singles of all kinds of lifestyles. The site welcomes straight, lesbian, gay, etc. Everyone will fit here. If you want to enter the “LGBT” section, you just have to mention it in your interests. Users can specify the topic of their interests by writing the matching keywords.

    You can choose whether to use the text section or switch on your webcam and enjoy communication within a fun video chat!

Joingy Review

How to Search for People on Joingy?

Joingy provides several features, which can help you find people for chatting with similar interests. The website offers you several random features the “Webcam” section offers to you. Thanks to the roulette-type theme, you have a unique opportunity to communicate with strangers using the option for random chatting! When someone sends you a new message, the website sends you the notification. You can find new people to chat by using your mobile device. You can access a video chat using your Android/Apple smartphone or tablet. You can search for people in many different countries because you have access to a substantial international audience.

How to Delete a Joingy Account?

You can use Joingy services without creating your personal account. So, there is no need to remove/cancel anything. The moment you do not want to continue using the platform, you just close the site and look for something else.

Members Structure

It is not allowed to use Joingy in case you are not 13 years old. All new members under 18 years old have to provide their guardian/parents permission. Otherwise, you can’t use the website. The majority of users are adults who come from different countries.

Joingy Review

Sexual Preferences

Joingy allows everybody to use its services. You can be a person of traditional sexual orientation, lesbian, gay, trans, etc. Just join the website and enjoy chatting with interesting people with similar preferences and interests.

Race and Ethnicity

There is no restriction in terms of ethnicity or race. You will meet a lot of friendly people who are curious to learn about new languages, cultures, and traditions.

Religious Orientation

Joingy does not focus on religion. However, you can meet singles who have the same religious beliefs. Most people are interested in love relationships or hookups, so religion does not play a significant role here.

Pricing Policies

Joingy does not offer any premium subscription plans or fees for using its services. It is a 100% free online chat. Nowadays, it is rare to find such high-quality online service which you can use free of charge. That is why you risk nothing to give it a try.

Joingy Review

Is Joingy Safe?

A lot of new users wonder whether the admin moderates the Joingy website and its mobile version. This chatting platform has automatic detection for spammers.

The site gets improved all the time. Joingy blocks the users who do not want to follow the official rules immediately. However, Joingy is a very popular and active chatting community. The moderation system makes mistakes sometimes because nothing is perfect. The wise does not allow people to act vulgar or inappropriate. You should find another chat if you are interested in adult chats only. You are responsible for your behavior, so do not be surprised if you get blocked by the admin.

If you want to write your feedback or report bugs or suspicious people, you have to refer to the Joingy contact page. You can get in touch with the admin by fulfilling the official form. The admin will help you to solve issues related to technical or security issues too.

Quality of Profiles

Joingy is not a typical dating website where people have to register and create their dating accounts. You just need to join the video/text chat and enjoy a pleasant conversation.

Website Design and Usability

Taking the fact that Joingy is a free website, there is nothing unusual in its web design. The developer can’t afford to make an exclusive design due to high costs. However, the user interface is friendly and quite intuitive. You will face no problems while navigating the principal functions. If you want to have a complete experience, you should purchase a high-quality webcam.

Joingy Review

How Does Joingy Work?

Before you start using Joingy, you should read the following rules that all the users have to follow. As a new user, you have to acknowledge these regulations and agree not to violate them. The website never owns your content or shares it with third parties.

As we all know, the nature of humans is difficult to get under strict control. By using the site, you will connect with plenty of different people. You have to be ready that some men and women may behave rude or strange. They are entirely responsible for their inappropriate behavior. The website encourages you to disconnect immediately from the chat with a person who breaks the following rules and makes you feel uncomfortable.

  • It is not allowed to use the chatting services of Joingy if you are not 13 years old.
  • All the members who have not reached 18 years old have to provide permission from their parents or any other guardian.
  • The website asks all its clients to avoid chatting about sexual nature.
  • It is prohibited to share nudity video or text content, which is illegal in its nature.
  • The website does not tolerate chatting between people, which involves harassment, bullying, racism, or sexism. You should forget about speaking vulgarity. If you notice such a way of behaving, you should disconnect and never chat with this person.
  • You should try not to be too creepy. Different age groups use Joingy, so you should all try to keep the chatting platform friendly and pleasant to spend time here.
  • It is not allowed to spam the chat rooms of Joingy. You have no right to post a lot of links, which lead to third party websites. It is not the place for free advertising or promoting your services or goods. You should read what spamming means and avoid it by all means.
  • The developer does not recommend its users to create automated programs, which help launch a new chat on the Joingy site/app.
  • Joingy uses English as the primary language for chatting with people. That is why you should use English only if you do not want to have difficulties in understanding people. Joingy offers its clients an online translation tool. It will help you navigate the platform during cross-language chatting. If you want to meet people whose native language is not English, you have to use the “Interest” to set your search criteria. You will achieve better search results if you write the following keywords: Spanish, French, Russian, etc.
  • Some people may try to hack the Joingy website or send malware. That is why you should be very careful in pressing the links you receive from complete strangers. You never know the real intentions of a particular person. Maybe he or she hides terrible intentions and just wants to share a site with a virus. Keep in mind that Joingy can’t control such third-party platforms.
  • You should not even think about sharing violent, pornography, disgusting, or shocking video or text content. It will be qualified as illegal, and you will lose access to the website.
  • You have no right to share private details of other peoples without their permission. Also, you should be very careful about sharing your life details as well. You should avoid revealing your real name, place of living, age, income, and your contact information.
  • Parents must know that their teenager uses Joingy. Their permission is mandatory. You have to teach your child how to use the internet in a safe mode.
  • The website does not tolerate when people violate intellectual property rights.
  • Finally, it is not allowed to do any action, which may ruin other people’s reputation.

Joingy Review

Joingy App

You have the choice of whether to try using Joingy on your desktop computer or your mobile devices. Both options work excellent. Using a mobile app is even better because you do not have to invest extra money into purchasing a webcam for your desktop computer, you have it inside already.

Alternatives of Joingy

  1. CooMeet
  2. Omegle
  3. YouNow
  4. PalTalk
  5. Tinychat

Joingy Review


You should try Joingy if you are curious about chatting with complete strangers. It is an awesome chat service, which is free of charge. It’s your unique opportunity to test a webcam roulette. You will get connected randomly with strangers from all over the world. You should try video chat first in case you have a webcam. Otherwise, you can chat with people using the “Text Only” mode. You will get the chance to send private messages. Such anonymous conversations are fun. You do not know what your partner looks like. So you just have to observe the flow of your chatting and let your imagination do the job. Both are fun and engaging! You just have to select the area of your interests, and the system will match you with a potential partner. All users hide their real names to ensure privacy and 100% anonymity. Joingy allows you to try the “Interests” feature by specifying the topic you are interested in the most. Joingy tries to connect complete strangers with many things in common. Do not lose your time, enter the chat roulette, and check who is online and ready to chat with you on Joingy.

Contact Information

Company: Joingy

You can also use the contact form on the website to notify of an issue or submit an inquiry.

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