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If Not You, Nobody Review

If Not You, Nobody Review
About Site
Active Audience 94%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 1 000 000
Reply Rate 75%
Ease of Use 8.6
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Highly intuitive and user-friendly
  • Secure platform
  • Perfect for long-term relationships
  • A scientific basis for matching
  • Reveals profile gradually
  • Doesn’t have paid memberships
  • No search tool
  • Still in beta phase

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There are a bunch of online dating apps that operate to match you with as many potential partners as possible. This breeds a toxic environment that leads to people ‘collecting matches’ and, therefore, ‘ghosting’ or ‘benching’ them.

The chief aim of ‘If Not You, Nobody’ (aka INYN) is to treat every individual as exclusive and unique while matching them with potential partners. On INYN, there is only one conversation going on between two people at any given time. This ensures a certain level of trust, unlike other dating apps, where there is no telling how many people your match is talking to besides you.

INYN aims to allow you to develop quality relationships with your potential partners instead of piling up unwanted acquaintances. As such, it seems to be the game-changer that people have been looking for in the industry.

When Was If Not You, Nobody Founded?

The idea of ‘If Not You, Nobody’ was designed in 2017; it was known as Appetence. That version was not as widely distributed as it aimed to conduct intensive research about what people like and dislike about the current online dating industry.

After two years of hard work, the concept was remodeled to meet the needs of those searching for a more stable relationship. Many of the changes have come resulted in the implementation of the scientific basis of personality for matching 2 individuals.

Who Owns If Not You, Nobody?

‘If Not You, Nobody’ is jointly owned by Raúl Gilabert González and Juan Alonso, the co-founders. Raúl is the chief technical officer, while Juan is the CEO of the company. INYN is the brainchild of their collaboration to offer a platform to that cures online dating fatigue.

Registration and Profile

Registration and Profile

If you are looking to join ‘If Not You, Nobody,’ the registration process is quite simple and straightforward and won’t take you more than a minute to finish. There are a couple of ways to sign up. The first method is to go to ‘If Not You, Nobody,’ click on the respective button at the top, and fill out your details. These would initially include just your name and email address.

You will receive an email that requires you to follow the link provided. After that, you can fill in additional data such as name, gender, location, phone number, etc.

The second way is to connect your Facebook profile, so you don’t have to spend any time at all filling up your details. Don’t worry; no information regarding the app will be posted on your Facebook page without your due consent.

Once you log in, you will be required to specify some profile info. The details asked will pertain to your personality type, as depicted in the 16PF personality measure. This makes it much easier for you to meet people who are compatible with you. Since it is scientifically based, the matches are bound to be conversation-worthy.

Though not all of the information that you provide will be revealed to your partner, ‘If Not You, Nobody’ will keep the conversation going as things are gradually revealed over time. Similarly, as your interlocutor’s profile details are disclosed, you will find common ground and things to talk about. Then, you can slowly take your relationship to the next level.


As mentioned, the matching process is based on the 16PF personality measure that connects you with the right people. Unlike other dating apps with their “liking’ technique based on superficial qualities, INYN builds relationships slowly.

Once you are matched, you can rest assured knowing that no one else is talking to your partner. You can start chatting right away. The built-in messenger has all the essential tools you will ever need to converse with your soulmate and send emojis, photos, and other goodwill gestures.

The profile information is also gradually revealed, so you don’t ever run out of things to talk about.

How to Search for People on If Not You, Nobody?

There is no search feature on INYN as users are matched based on their personality, likes and dislikes, life goals, and so on. This ensures that people you meet are not just rehashes of acquaintances and old friends. They, just like you, look for something serious.

How to Delete If Not You, Nobody Account?

If you are looking to leave INYN and deactivate or delete your account, you can do so by heading over to settings and choosing the corresponding option. To unsubscribe from the notifications and emails, scroll down to the bottom of the email and click on “Unsubscribe.”

Members Structure

Members Structure

Given how new ‘If Not You, Nobody’ is, it is not fair to compare audience participation to other already established apps. Nevertheless, even though INYN is in its beta stage right now, it has received an overwhelming response. Below you will find the breakdown of the member structure.

Sexual Preferences

Most people on INYN tend to be heterosexuals seeking a long-term commitment. However, many LGBTQ members have also signed up. They are in smaller numbers as compared to straight people because they form a small minority in the overall population anyway.

Race and Ethnicity

There is not much difference in terms of race and ethnicity on INYN. People of all races and ethnicities have joined ‘If Not You, Nobody,’ and their numbers are negligible.

Religious Orientation

Love doesn’t ask one’s religious affiliation, and INYN members belong to various communities and religions, be it Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, etc. A big chunk of them also defines themselves as atheists, so there is not much to set one community apart in terms of their numbers.

Pricing Policies

‘If Not You, Nobody’ is free for anyone who wants to join and be a part of this virtual dating space. As the website and app are still in beta phase, there is, as of yet, no paid memberships. This ensures that you get all the available features without having to spend any money.

Free Membership

The standard membership on ‘If Not You, Nobody’ is free. All that users have to do is to visit the website, register, verify, take the 16PF test, and complete their profile. Once these steps are taken care of, you can start looking for your potential future partners. Some of the features that you get on ‘If Not You, Nobody’ are as follows:

  • Chat with matches
  • Profile completion
  • Reveal profile details gradually

There are no paid memberships on INYN. This is because the app is still under development. However, users can expect to have new features rolled out soon that can be accessed only through paid memberships.

Until then, all the functionality currently available on ‘If Not You, Nobody’ is free. The platform is the ideal alternative to other dating apps that look to grab your money but provide you with a less than satisfactory experience.

How to Cancel If Not You, Nobody Paid Subscription?

Once the new features are rolled out, users can subscribe to paid subscriptions. If you happen to dislike some features and want to cancel your membership, it can be done by navigating to the settings and choosing a corresponding option.

Is If Not You, Nobody Safe

Is If Not You, Nobody Safe?

INYN has in-built security features. The fact that no one can see your full profile unless they have reached a level of trust and have communicated with you enough is a great function that is impossible to crack.

Furthermore, you have full control when it comes to who you want to share your personal information with. This is ideal for women who are tired of people spamming them on other dating services.

The privacy section of ‘If Not You, Nobody’ spells out all the additional security measures that the company takes to ensure that users are well protected. INYN reserves the right to ban and exclude members who are found to exhibit suspicious behavior. The moderators are always on the lookout for such individuals. They can suspend their accounts or remove them permanently from the community.

The extensive verification process also provides another level of security. All these practices ensure that everyone has a safe environment to get in touch with others and allow their love to bloom.

Quality of Profiles

As mentioned, no one can have access to your profile information unless you chat and get to know them first. During the conversation, based on your behavior, your page will be revealed little by little.

This ensures that your sensitive data is safe from online bullies and phishers. Only those you trust will have access to your photos, videos, and other content you post on your page.

Website Usability and Design

Most people are tired of the clutter on their screen when they use dating apps. ‘If Not You, Nobody’ provides a simple solution to that problem by keeping the website minimalistic and straightforward. This is a welcome respite as the site doesn’t bombard you with unnecessary things that have no practical purpose. Only the content that matters is provided.

The lesser the clutter, the simpler it is for people to settle into something new. The website flaunts a plain background with bold images that inspire love and commitment in the heart.

How Does If Not You, Nobody Work?

‘If Not You, Nobody’ takes a different route compared to other dating services in the market when it comes to profile details and the matching process. As soon as the chat begins, your personal data is revealed to the partner slowly so you can have more time to get to know each other. This ensures that users don’t make any hasty judgments based only on appearances.

The matching process is also quite different. Unlike apps that match based on algorithms alone, INYN relies on their personality as determined by the 16PF personality assessment test. This ensures that you get connected with people on the grounds of who they are.

Furthermore, INYN doesn’t match people who are already having a conversation. This takes away most of the insecurities, and you can safely talk to your mate, knowing that they aren’t secretly seeing someone else besides you.

If Not You, Nobody Mobile App

If Not You, Nobody Mobile App

The INYN app is quite similar to the website. In fact, it is a miniature version of it. It works on the same principles of minimalism and user-friendliness, delivering only the relevant content. The features that are necessary for chatting and matching are given prominence while stripping away all the clutter.

Alternatives of If Not You, Nobody

‘If Not You, Nobody’ has one of the best dating platforms that cut down the infoglut and focuses on you and your potential future partner. It is the ideal dating app for people looking to step away from the hookup culture of our times and move towards something that resembles a long-term and healthy relationship.

However, it would be unrealistic to expect everyone to have the same purpose when they are on a dating site. To those who want to try something else, here are a few worthy alternatives:

  • Bumble: It is ideal for those who embrace the hookup culture and want to be quickly matched with others. The site uses sophisticated algorithms to connect people.
  • OKCupid: This dating app relies on your profile to offer you connections and meet partners for hookups.
  • Match.com: This is one of the oldest dating services that allow you to check your potential soulmates’ profiles and get new matches daily.
  • Hinge: This app is dedicated to meeting the current generation’s needs who are more into the quick flings than serious and committed relationships.
  • Grindr: It is dedicated to people from the LGBTQ community. If you’re looking for like-minded and liberal interlocutors nearby, this would be ideal for you to check out and get paired.



‘If Not You, Nobody’ is a fascinating new dating website in the dating community that looks to be the game-changer that people have been looking for. Instead of focusing on the number of matches, INYN gives prominence to the quality of suggestions and conversations. This takes away a lot of toxicity that may plague users when conversing with their potential partners.

Ensuring that you are matched with your soulmate based on their personality and not on mindless algorithms and superficialities, INYN makes online dating feel natural and humanistic.

All the features are free, and the platform is very secure. For those who need something more than a short fling and want to build a relationship, INYN is the perfect dating site. As soon as you get matched, you can start chatting with your partner, knowing that s/he is not talking to anyone else, ghosting or benching you. As such, ‘If Not You, Nobody’ is the healthiest virtual space in the industry today.

Contact Information

Contact Information

There are various ways to get in touch with the folks at ‘If Not You, Nobody.’

  • Company: The platform is owned and operated by the two co-founders Raúl Gilabert González and Juan Alonso. You can contact them at https://angel.co/u/raul-gilabert-gonzalez and https://angel.co/u/jajajalonso.
  • Website: The official website is https://ifnotyounobody.com/. This is where you can register, log in, and get access to the app as well.
  • Email: If you want to contact ‘If Not You, Nobody’ via email, visit the website. Navigate to the ‘Contact’ tab at the bottom of the page, fill in your basic details, and send the message concerning your issue/query. The support agents will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
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