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Heated Affairs Review

Heated Affairs Review
About Site
Active Audience 85%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 20-22
Profiles 2 200 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Filter and search functions;
  • Simple interface
  • Mobile-friendly site
  • No mobile application;
  • Expensive subscription

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The dating site Heated Affairs focuses on presenting external data and personal preferences, motivations, and attitudes of the individual, practically ignoring the dynamic aspect of the personality and significantly reducing the role of the social component of the character. These pages focus on the element of bodily self-awareness, the emotional and motivational spheres of personality.

In addition to having a detailed description of interests, life priorities, favorite activities, favorite music, sexual preferences, the site provides an opportunity to write a biography about yourself.

You can highlight the following positive and negative aspects of the site.

When Was Heated Affairs Founded?

Heated Affairs Review

FriendFinder is the founder of adult dating sites. Heated Affairs is one of the company’s most famous sites. The site is viral all over the world and unites different nationalities, races, and ethnic groups.

Who Owns Heated Affairs?

Friend Finder Networks (formerly Various, Inc.) is an American company that later dating sites and founded in 1996 by Andrew Conru. The main office in Boca Raton, Florida, has branches in California, New York, and Taiwan.

Registration & Profile

To register on the Heated Affair site, you need to fill out five registration forms. First step: when entering the site, you should choose your orientation:

  • Man;
  • Woman;
  • Couple;
  • LGBT;
  • The couple, group, or TS / TV / TG. “”

After you select an orientation, click on the “Join for Free!” button.

The second stage of registration includes:

  • Date of Birth;
  • Place of your birth (choose from the catalog);
  • Postcode;

After filling, go to the 3rd stage, here you should write:

  • Username;
  • Password;
  • Email

In the fourth form, write about your physical data (what is your physique, height, weight, etc.)

In the fifth registration form, you should write a short biography about yourself. To active profile, the site will send a link to your email. Go to it, and your email will be confirmed.


Heated Affairs Review

In virtual communication, non-verbal communication is very affected, which, according to many experts, can carry up to 70% of the information. The importance of speech as a communication tool increases due to the absence or inability of non-verbal communication. Almost all researchers of virtual communication emphasize the crucial role and compensatory nature of discourse in virtual connection. The site offers chat communication where you can enter different chat rooms or, if you wish, create a chat room yourself and communicate with site participants on various topics.

On the Heated Affair site, each user who has registered in the system and passed a psychological test selects a partner. This portrait is compiled by a system that analyzes user responses to test questions and processes them. As a result, the user periodically receives messages that they have found a suitable compatibility partner. It is enough for a person to look through the questionnaire and decide whether he will communicate with the candidate. You can also use the standard pair search system if the system’s choice does not suit you.

How to Search for People on Heated Affairs?

Usually, virtual dating services contain functions for searching profiles by specific parameters specified during registration. The Heated Affair user can change registration data at any time. After registration, the user can send messages to other users, receive messages from other users, and reply to them. After more or less lengthy communication, users of virtual dating services can continue to communicate “in real life.” Owners and administrators of dating services monitor the observance of order; sometimes, they block users who violate the etiquette of network communication.

How to Delete Heated Affairs Account?

To successfully delete the Heated Affairs profile, you must go through several steps:

  • Log in to the site. If you forgot your password, you could use the data recovery assistant;
  • Copy the link with your profile. It will be required to verify the successful completion of the manipulations;
  • Go to the settings menu of your profile;
  • Find the button “Delete profile” at the very bottom;
  • In the new window, select the reason for the removal, the easiest way is to indicate that you have found love on this resource;
  • Click the delete profile again. That completes the process.
  • Before you delete a profile, think carefully because the deleted profile cannot restore.

Members Structure

Heated Affairs Review

The Heated Affair site positions itself as a service of severe acquaintances, from which real love and strong friendship grow. Site developers offer to pass a psychological test, and. Based on the test results, candidates selected from 101 million registered participants. Of these, 30% are women, and 70% are men.

Sexual Preferences

Sexual orientation includes many aspects of life: who attracts us the most, with whom we have sexual relations and our identity. Heterosexual, bisexual, and gays orientations are the three primary sexual orientations of site members. The site has registered more than 101 million users, of which 30% are women, and 70% are men. Age category of Heated Affair site members from 25 to 55+

Race and Ethnicity

A special place in international relations is the question of the identity of each person with an ethnic group. This decision becomes the basis for making this or that decision, recognizing the value and acceptability of a particular style of behavior, readiness to support the favorite social or political movement. The meaning of the term “ethnic group” is broader than a racial group, which can also attribute to ethnic groups. It associates the physical characteristics of the group with the race, and the cultural ones with ethnicity. The primary Heated Affair users’ races are Caucasian, Oriental, and Negroid.

Religious Orientation

Religious behavior is a series of acts that implement religious precepts and performed by ethical norms. It is symbolic, expresses the moral values and meanings. /Users from all over the world registered on the dating Heated Affair site, we can assume that the religious orientation of the site’s members is diverse:

  • Catholicism;
  • Protestantism and all their directions

Pricing Policies

Heated Affair site users can purchase the Gold membership:

  • One month -$39.95;
  • Three Months – $80.85;
  • Twelve Months -$239.40

But that’s not all; you can also purchase additional functions, such as:

  • Heated Affair standard contact;
  • Points;
  • Adult movies;
  • Search Highlights
  • Heated Affair Private Chat Room

When you purchase Standard Contact functions, members who do not have a membership will contact you; they can also view your profile. Heated Affair Standard Contact Price:

  • One month – $19.95;
  • Three Months -$35.85;
  • Twelve Months -$107.40

Points function – are needed so that users can get points for using live cameras. You can buy:

  • 200 Credits- $3.00;
  • 500 Credits- $6.00;
  • 1,000 Credits-$10.00

The Adult Movies feature allows you to watch adult movies, as well as download them. Prices:

  • One month – $18.95
  • Three Months -$12.95

Search Highlights function- is a function with which your profile will always be under attention and will be on the top. Cost of Search Highlights:

  • One month – $9.95;
  • Three Months -$8.95

Heated Affair private chat room even though Heated Affairs has many chats for adults, you are allowed to create your private chat room, and you will have to pay for this function:

  • One month – $9.95;
  • Three Months -$6.95;
  • Six Months- $5.95;
  • Twelve Months-$3.95;

Free Membership

Heated Affairs Review

The Heated Affair site offers its users free services such as:

  • Registration on the site;
  • Creating and editing a profile;
  • Upload photos and videos;
  • Use settings and filters;
  • Send Messages in Instant Messenger

In addition to free options, the Heated Affair site also offers paid ones, such as:

  • Unlimited viewing of photos and profiles of other participants;
  • Add favorite members to your “Hotlist”.;
  • View members video;
  • Use the advanced search function
  • Ability to send requests for flirtation and friendship
  • How to Cancel Heated Affairs Paid Subscription?

    Several options always work:

    • Looking for official documentation on the Heated Affair site, in particular, you will need an offer. The offer must indicate how you can terminate the contract;
    • The second option, which often works, is looking for support contact information – email, messenger address, or, in extreme cases, a phone number and write to them about your desire to refuse services and stop debiting.

    Is Heated Affairs Safe?

    Users of dating sites need to follow several information security rules so as not to become a victim of online scammers. It would help if you did not share a lot of information about yourself in your profile and correspondence with other users of the site. You should not follow suspicious links shared by unfamiliar interlocutors and install applications from dubious sources. It would help if you were equally skeptical about requests for money – for example, for a ticket to a meeting place – and generous offers addressed to you. In general, the number of fraudulent crimes that victims of dating sites are targeting is growing. For security, the Heated Affair site uses user verification to minimize the number of users.

    Quality of Profiles

    How to make your Heated Affairs profile accessible?

    Many users wonder why on dating sites without obligations, they do not always achieve the desired goal and attract a lot of fans. So, the main problem of most users of such websites is that they do not create a successful profile. Often they upload bad resolution photos with bad angles (if at all) to the gallery, leave patterns blank, and write obvious things about themselves.

    Here we will consider all possible ways to improve the profile on the Heated Affairs site:

    • Select standing photos
      This rule is universal for everyone. The first thing that any user (including you) pays attention to is a bright and attractive image. In no case do not upload low-quality photos to the site, too dark or too bright, with standard retouching, and an unsuccessful composition – this will undoubtedly push away a potential partner and lead to failure.
      To make your photos attractive, you will have to try a lot – at least ask your friend to take a picture of you. As a maximum, order a professional photoshoot (and this will be the best option). Selfies will also come down, but only if you are confident in the quality of the photo and know which side you look best. Remember that your profile photo is your face, as you show yourself, other users will think about you.
    • Take time to fill out the questionnaire
      Usually, dating sites of sponsors and sponsors ask their users to fill in the fields with real data, data on nature, type of employment, and hobby. Do not exaggerate, otherwise when a person later meets you live and is disappointed, you will not only lose this potential sponsor or kept woman. Still, you will also be at risk of not receiving new invitations. Make sure that all fields are filled honestly and in full. At the same time, you will find a pleasant bonus-form point.
      The second stage is a few lines about yourself. It is essential not to be too dry (like most sponsors) or to pour water (as keepers can do). No one is interested in knowing that you are sociable and love adventures, give specifics. Even risk writing a strange fact about yourself – this will attract the attention of the opposite sex.
      Also, indicate what you are ready for in a relationship and what you expect from a partner – the presence of intimate relationships, sexual experiments, etc.
    • Update your profile
      Work on your profile until you see a positive result – the reaction of sponsors or keepers in the form of personal messages.
      It is important to update information because some sites may display the date of the latest updates. And therefore, if you have not updated the profile for a year or more, this may cause suspicion and doubt among other users. In the end, updates will help other users understand that you are still active and interested in a relationship without commitment.

    Website Design and Usability

    Heated Affairs Review

    Any site visitor must immediately understand where and how to look for the information he needs. Good navigation helps the user communicate with the Heated Affairs site and keeps him on the site, contributing to the improvement of behavioral factors.

    The basic principles of a convenient site navigation system:

    • Clarity and clarity. The development of the sites site’s interface and navigation is logical so that the user understands where the sections need locating;
    • Recognizable and understandable navigation;
    • Convenience and transparency;
    • High speed. Navigation is fast, and the user does not have to understand the system for a long time and spend a lot of time studying its functionality;
    • Intuitive transitions;
    • Menu items are clear and informative;
    • General style. The general concept of the site remains harmoniously combined with the overall design and structure of the resource.

    How does Heated Affairs Work?

    After successfully registering HeatedAffairs.com, users will be able to upload photos for the main profile photo; there is the opportunity to create your photo album and upload pictures there. Filling out the profile is necessary to help the user to match with other site participants. Therefore, it is essential on the site. If you are an active user of the website, you will follow all the rules; then you will be awarded specific points. Points can be awarded if you:

    • Uploaded a photo;
    • Wrote a blog post;
    • Commented on someone else blog post;
    • Reply to a message, etc.

    If you collect enough points, you can buy site membership on them.

    Heated Affairs App

    Mobile systems have already become an integral part of this world. These types of devices can become not only an excellent means of communication. With their help, you can get a variety of data, make payments, work, and even get to know each other. Unfortunately, at the moment, the mobile application of Heated Affairs is not developed. Cheer up! The company is working on this, and the app will appear shortly.

    Alternatives of Heated Affairs

    There are a massive number of dating sites in the world. But it is worth noting a couple of sites that are alternatives to the site Heated Affairs are:

    • NoStrings.com;
    • AshleyMadison.com

    On these sites, you can virtually communicate without any restrictions. That is an opportunity to find a new person who, in the future, may become your family and friends.


    Heated Affairs Review

    It’s 2020, and dating on the Internet is no longer perceived as something exotic and reprehensible. On the contrary, future couples find each other on the network, but we all know that this is not an easy one. It is especially difficult at times to take the first step, gain courage, and write to a stranger. No integration with social networks and other sources of personal data leaks provided, so that you will learn about others only as much as they thought is necessary to report.

    Of course, no one guarantees you a successful dating, and any dating site is just one of the many links in a complex chain. An expanded user base of the Heated Affair site will not keep you waiting long to find one from 100 million international users.

    Contact Information

    • Company: c/o Various Inc.
    • Address: 910 E. Hamilton Ave., Sixth Floor, Campbell, CA 95008, USA
    • Phone: US: 888-575-8383/UK:0800 098 8311/AU:1800 954 607/Worlwide:048-702-1033
    • Email: [email protected], [email protected]
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