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Growlr Review

Growlr Review
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Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 23-24
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 9.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A lot of quality profiles of pure-bear-men;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Easy signup process;
  • Standard yet working features.
  • You can seek out users by email.

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Not everyone likes it slender, that’s for sure. The world has learned to use the word “bear type” referring to men, thanks to the homosexual community who has nicely spotted and worshipped these hot, big, and cute creatures.

They are sometimes hairy, and they hide well under swag clothing. Here is why Growlr was born — to let the world notice this breed and to cultivate it. More practically: in this popular app, you can see men photos and chat/meet with them.

It’s like a regular dating and hookup service, with the massive plus of the huge man behind the cartoon bubble icon. If you are a man in a bears’ land, then brace yourself: here, the community is composed of 90% big boys.

A disclaimer first: this review has considered the Android app version. Please note that the iOS version has only slight differences, so you will be able to detect all the features within the same main page. So, pack your hunter’s charm and keep that with you. You are going to explore their land.

When Was Growlr Founded?

Growlr Review

Growlr app is a newborn in the wasteland of dating apps. It was launched in the not-so-far 2008. So, Growlr has now turned 12, and despite it’s not a teenager yet, it shows a fantastic shape. More than ten million members and the vast majority of them respond to the description of the domain’s name: they come from the bear-type (the big man type).

Who Owns Growlr?

Growlr is a trademark of Initech, LLC., company based in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

Registration & Profile

If you don’t want to download the app until you have read everything written about it, that could be a good call. But in this specific case, there’s not that much to say about Growlr.

You will surely need to own a mobile phone. Then, go to the App Store and download it right away. Make sure there’s enough space on your phone.

Next, open up the application and follow the simple steps required. You will need to confirm your mobile phone number and fill all the fields. Neither ID verification nor email is necessary.

It will take you no more than 2 minutes to register, and then you will be on Growlr! Now you really should edit your profile and add a nice picture and a brief description.

Some people keep it fun, while others like it short and effective. Usually, for hookup services, it’s better not to be too serious, or you will frighten the people online. Bears are scary, but they carry a tender soul.


Growlr Review

Now, all the tabs and buttons look pretty clear, don’t they? See the cartoon bubble on the top right of the screen? That is the chat section. Here you will be able to manage your conversation, and you will receive a notification every time some other member reaches you.

Then, you can communicate using the shout message. Send a special text to all the people who live in a 20-mile radius. Unbelievable, but you will need to pay for that. If you are a paying user, some features will be unlocked.

How to Search for People on Growlr?

No way you are staying alone in this chubby and fluffy world: see the icon with those three bears? It will allow you to search for online members — from around the world, locally, or from your favorites.

Do you perceive that option as too-much algorithm-related? So, you can see who has viewed your profile, and you can start a conversation from there.

If you feel old-fashioned and would like to find those wonderful teddies in a timely manner, look for the magnifying glass icon, and you will be done! Here you can seek out guys by description and some other criteria. Here is the first flaw: you can search by email and name, too.

This means that your boss can virtually spot you. If he’s in disguise, maybe you can find some fancies in common and drink over it once back at the workplace. But if not, this discovery could create a bit of a tense atmosphere.

Then, you can use the “Check-in” feature to share your current position and find nearby bears ready to meet you.

Last but not least: the Events feature. You will be able to schedule concerts and events next to you and check who is coming to have some bearish fun together. Then, no kickers here: the “bar” function will allow you to meet in real life at a bar nearby.

How to Delete Your Growlr Account?

Growlr Review

You can quickly delete your Growlr account as easily as you have created it. Just go to the account settings. It’s considered a petty crime, as you will be able to come back at some point in your life.

Remember that you have signed a privacy policy! If you read through it carefully, you will find out that it’s impossible by technical means to keep your data secured and safe within the app.

Some of your information has been sold to third parties for marketing and statistical purposes. Then, Growlr is not able to protect your info from a breach – which may possibly occur.

So, there’s no real point in deleting your account completely. Still, wanting to leave?

Members Structure

A roaring all-male audience is waiting for you. Growlr is packed with bear-style men! If you end up into a Ukrainian women’s website, for example, the vast majority will be formed by men seeking Ukrainian women.

OK, let’s be fair, you probably can’t sign up to both Growlr and Ukrainian women sites. That is just an example; keep it that way.

But this statistical event is not arising in Growlr Land! Presumably, there are a lot of bear-bodied men looking for other bear-bodied guys. That could be the only reason for this high ratio of big people.

Sexual Preferences

Growlr Review

If you haven’t got it yet, Growlr caters to gay men. It’s pretty straightforward, and no further information is needed here.

Race and Ethnicity

There are more Caucasian than other ethnicities. By the way, different body colors are represented.

Religious Orientation

No religion here, or, at least, no one is declaring it under the sunlight. Homosexuals are always welcomed into organized religions. Not to jump into politics, but that would be kind of impressive if a religious homosexual community would develop here, in Growlr.

There are plenty of religious-oriented websites, so religious folks are not left behind and are welcome to find a safe environment to share opinions with like-minded individuals.

Pricing Policies

Growlr Review

You will see a “Shop” and an “Upgrade Membership” tab on your menu. Feel free to check both of them. The former is not within the app; it’s linked to the trademark only. It’s their merchandising, so they have roaring shirts, stickers, caps, and many other options.

Then there’s the premium membership, the only one available. If you are chatting with a paying user, this may enhance the trust between you. If you know for sure that he is spending some money on this, it may mean he’s not a scammer or faker.

Don’t ever trust anyone without physical proof of their existence and good intentions, though.

Free Membership

You can have free access to all of the basic features of Growlr. You can communicate, look for bears in the forest around you, access the shop – yes, it might have been a primary concern or a super-nice gift idea for your bear friend’s birthday.

You can see up to 100 bears in your gallery, have more than 100 research results, view full-sized pictures, enjoy an ad-free experience.

Also, you can enable profile links on your feed, have complete access to all events requests, start a video call, add user notes, have up to 500 blocks, save past researches, and have 200 more bookmarks. All of that for a quite low price of 9,99$/month, 23,99$ for 3 months, 44,99$ for 6 months, and one year at 69,99$.

How to Cancel Growlr Paid Membership?

As you are buying through either Google (if you have an Android phone) or Apple (if you own an iPhone), you will need to go to your app store. Look for the application you have already installed, and check the membership subscription from there.

If you are not sure they will perform the cancellation on time, try to reach out to the Customer Service using the Growlr form or writing to the email address indicated at the end of this review.

Is Growlr Safe?

Growlr Review

Security is a primary concern for Growlr. Despite there is no double-factor verification, you can’t sign up without uploading a profile picture, a valid phone number – the phone number you are downloading Growlr from – and a valid email.

Even though Growlr is free, there are not that many scammers on it, according to users’ reviews. Scammers are like bananas in Costa Rica, they are everywhere, and at first, they taste delicious.

Yes, because a scammer knows how to earn your trust. They are sometimes pathological narcissists, who make you feel just great, they are familiar, confident, and they usually offer you money and a job. But while banana keeps on tasting good, even fried, baked, or thinly slices, you can’t try to slice a scammer. And they are extremely dangerous, no jokes about that. You need to get used to them, at a certain point of your user experience with dating platforms.

Maybe the verification process is keeping them out. Then, the payments are only performed by the app stores, so no need for encryption or other sophisticated measures to secure payments.

It can definitely be said that the security measures are strong, and Growlr is safe and secure.

Quality of Profiles

There are little to no fakers on Growlr. If you find a user asking for money in exchange for a service, remember that in some states, this constitutes a felony. So, if you receive such advances, try not to look too much pleased, and think twice before accepting.

The bears around you are so lovely and so many that there is no point in going after the few professional workers within Growlr. Then, the report function works well, and users are banned all the time.

Website Design & Usability

Growlr Review

The design is very modern and highly usable. Growlr is highly user-friendly. It has many features, and you can understand everything fast. After having read this review, you can’t possibly get wrong.

There’s the menu where everything is displayed. You have already got how it works, even if you don’t know all that in advance, you would have learned by tapping here and there.

The design is bearish, the colors are wild-like, and the spaces are balanced. It’s a pleasure to surf this app. Let’s say they are working hard on making the place as decent and fun as possible, and you can tell that from those small details.

How Does Growlr Work?

As soon as you register, you are free to do whatever you are here for. Don’t be shy and surf the app as long as you can. It will be free forever, but you will have some annoying ads popping up now and then. Try to upgrade on time if you are going to stay.

If you are not sure about what you will do, try to use all the functions you can. Bear in mind (!) that the premium membership will only enhance existing features. So, what are you waiting for?

Growlr App

There are some slight differences between the Android and the iOS app. There is no web browser version, so you will need to download this directly from your app store, depending on the device you use.

No exceptions, apart from you are very good at computer science and plan to use an emulator. Everything is very intuitive, and lots of hints won’t let you get confused.

Alternatives to Growlr

Growlr Review

There is no real alternative to the glowing and clawing Growlr world. Bear in mind that there are tons of working gay male hookup apps, so defining the dominant body type is no guarantee.

To enhance the possibilities of mating a person you physically like, go to the most popular services and take a little more time to look from there.

Still, not everyone comes here just to mate. It’s like a game, like sharing experiences, like flirting a little, finding a fun environment. Then, who does not like a bear?

So, here are the main competitors: Grindr, Gay Cupid, OK Match are the biggest ones. You won’t be disappointed there.


Summarizing all the info: are you going to drop this beautiful bears’ jungle forever? Or were you convinced to choose Growlr without further hesitation?

It’s up to you now to judge the app. If you are more a hookup person and think that here it’s all a cuddle and tickle bellies, it’s not like that. Bears are enormous, they can be strong and gentle, but most of all: they are real people.

Forget about the livestock idea conveyed by the dating services, more in general, and focus on the goal: what would you like to do here?

Contact Information

Company: The Meet Group, Inc.

Address: Attn: General Counsel, 100 Union Square Drive, New Hope, PA 18938

Phone: not available on the website

Email: [email protected]

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