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FlirtHookUp Review

FlirtHookUp Review
About Site
Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-39
Profiles 4 000 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Verified users are a huge plus: The primary reason for the growing demand of FlirtHookUp is the shocking number of verified users on the site.
  • The rising number of active users makes it exciting: The sole purpose of FlirtHookUp is to communicate with people and hookup.
  • Payment offers are reasonable: The fact about dating on FlirtHookUp is the sum of money you would have to invest.
  • Fantastic customer support teams: Next up in the line that makes FlirtHookUp unique from other websites is the excellent customer support teams.
  • Exceptional Services: The services on FlirtHookUp are facilitated and hosted under a standout, amongst others.
  • This website's main drawback is that one cannot communicate with any of the active users without becoming a paid member.

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FlirtHookUp is ideal for people who are timid and reserved when it comes to interacting with others. FlirtHookUp is excellent for dating someone online and works best for individuals who practice social distancing. Further, just like FlirtHookUp, there are numerous other online dating platforms. Most of these different platforms help allow many new people to socialize and meet. However, there is a handful that are a total disaster and waste of resources and energy. Hence, it is good to participate only in sites that will give you a high socializing success rate. FlirtHookUp is undoubtedly one of the top dating websites in the lot. It is more of a proven fact than just a mere statement. FlirtHookUp testimonials prove that many satisfied users found people on their website and got positive results. This FlirtHookUp review aims at clearing thoughts and doubts you have regarding joining this flirtatious online dating website.

Is FlirtHookUp up to the mark? Various online dating websites promise a ton but fail to deliver what has been promised. Let’s see what FlirtHookUp has up its sleeves to surprise the users.

Overall, the design, a vast number of features, and the overall appearance of FlirtHookUp are not very attractive and should be improved. The website’s outdated appearance fails to catch users’ attraction and eventually results in users switching the platform.

When Was FlirtHookUp Founded?

FlirtHookUp was founded nine years ago, somewhere in 2011.

Registration And Profiles

Registration And Profiles

The process to get registered on FlirtHookUp is, without a doubt, right to claims made by the website on its home page. Moreover, it takes less than a couple of minutes to register and set up your profile on FlirtHookUp. Further, you just have to enter an authentic email address and set a password to access your FlirtHookUp profile and your birth date. Once you have completed that, the website will ask you to provide your location. After the successful completion of these little procedures, you can access your profile and some free features.

Before concluding this super smooth registration process, the user will come across a highly useful note. Right next to the primary registration form, at the bottom of the box, the user must indicate that they have carefully read the platform’s terms. Further, you can find a statement in the website’s privacy policy. It states, “I agree to get notifications from virtually generated profiles, aimed at the user and their interests, the recommendation made by the website.” This line alone will capture the user and make the user pause before even thinking of signing up on this website. If the user tries to dive deep in the policy & terms of usage of the platform, the user will discover that FlirtHookUp takes your user rights to what one would term as “bots.” These “bots” basically talk to its members. The website then uses these bots to redirect its users to a third party service.



You will not be able to access all features, find matches, and communicate with other users unless paid.

Once a user becomes a paid member, they will contact active users and participate in stress-free relationships with no commitments.

How To Search For People On FlirtHookUp?

The FlirtHookUp search function is not entirely reliable. The only search filters you are allowed to use for sorting your search results are as under:

  • Distance
  • Age Group
  • Pictures the user posted on his/ her profile
  • If the user is online right now

Based on testing, search results displayed after applying various parameters and filters were inaccurate and needed lots of time and manual filtering effort.

How To Delete The FlirtHookUp Account?

Members who are not satisfied with the FlirtHookUp dating app can quickly delete their FlirtHookUp account by email to [email protected].

Members Structure

Members Structure

Members on this dynamic platform are mostly between 20-39 years of age.

Very few individuals are members who are over the age of 45.

Sexual Preferences

The online dating platform FlirtHookUp only permits straight men and women. Lesbians and Gays are not welcomed on this platform. Other forms of sexual orientation are also not appreciated.

Race And Ethnicity

People from all parts of the globe are welcome to join FlirtHookUp. It makes Flirhookup a multicultural platform.

Religious Orientation

The religious orientation of members is confidential and only disclosed upon verification of the person they are in close contact with.

Pricing Policies

Pricing Policies

The website has priced its premium plans moderately so that users do not hesitate to upgrade their membership to benefit from features and tools exclusively available to premium members.

Free Membership

You will have free access initially to limited tools to get an overview and see if you want to move ahead with it. You can access various features and tools on the website without spending any money, the free features available on FlirtHookUp are:

  • Free registration
  • Free profile creation
  • You can limit or completely delete your profile
  • Browse around accounts of different people
  • Use basic search filters

However, to access all the profiles and communication features available, you need to upgrade your membership to premium.

The monetary value of FlirtHookUp membership is economically acceptable and reasonable to some but invalid for others. Unfortunately, since several others get trapped in this maze, it is very frustrating.

The subscription for one month costs $29.95. You can also opt for a three-month membership at $59.95.

If you love using FlirtHookUp, you can choose the best value option, which is paid for six months in advance for only a total of $99.95.

On selecting one of these three options, your profile immediately gets upgraded within just 60 seconds.

Some users state that the FlirtHookUp is not worth spending a single penny upon. According to other users, if you want to broaden your horizon, you could begin by enrolling in multiple websites that can push you forward and get you whatever you need. In this same way, a user will have more choices than just one decision. Furthermore, always read the terms of agreements, results, and much more, to have the most fantastic experience possible.

In the online platform, the best projection of you is your profile. All you need to understand is the best way you can set it up.

Users can start by choosing a recent, beautiful picture that they love and go along with it.

How to Cancel FlirtHookUp Paid Subscription?

You can email FlirtHookUp and ask them to cancel your paid subscriptions.

Is The FlirtHookUp Safe

Is The FlirtHookUp Safe?

According to FlirtHookUp, the privacy policy mentioned on their website states that they will be accountable for taking all of the precautions to ensure their users’ safety and protection. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the safety of this platform.

Quality Of Profiles

Since individuals are required to pay for a membership, the users can be assured that the people they meet are more likely real than fake and unreliable.

Further, the website does take serious measures when an issue is reported, so it is definitely worth your time and energy.

Website Design And Usability

Although the website does not keep updating its structure, users seem to show disappointment in the outlook and the user-friendly interface.

How Does FlirtHookUp Work?

The old-fashioned FlirtHookUp user interface results in awful and disappointing user experience. Moreover, in this aspect alone, FlirtHookUp takes a terrible situation like this one further and worsens it. During several of the user testing encounters, users complained of bizarre and horrifying experiences. Right from the time of the very first access of the platform, it was observed that the user began receiving tons and tons of notifications of updates and other messages coming inward.

On this stage, the user did nothing — the user did not modify the profile and had not even subscribed to a premium membership plan. The only details the website had on the user were the very few precise information that the user had provided when registering.

Upon further reviewing the user’s inbox messages, it was not a surprise to find out that the website originated from chatbots. It was time-consuming. Dating platforms like these have been around on the Internet for very long now. A new, uninformed and unaware person decides to check out the messages and is now further excited to find out that a sexy young-looking girl, who claims that she is a member of the platform.

Moreover, when he decides to respond and proceeds to reply — a pop-up message blocks his actions and asks him to subscribe to one of the premium plans to return to the received message.

To make things even more disturbing, the user now enrolls in membership and pays so that he can reply to one of these messages he is receiving. Finally, out of the total 60 messages that were responded to, it was found that no one decided to take the conversation further. It implies and merely confirms that profiles on this website are not entirely reliable.

Further testing suggested that when 50 outgoing messages were sent to supposedly female members. The numbers of replies received were simply none, i.e., no one replied to these messages.

FlirtHookUp App

FlirtHookUp App

The FlirtHookUp app is not accessible and available on Android phones. However, they did release an iOS app to enable users to access their website facilities through the app. Any user can download this app for free from the Apple App Store. The app’s iOS version is available on the Apple App Store with an overall rating of 3.6 from 143 reviews and is labeled appropriate for 17+ age. Further, the app requires Apple devices with iOS version 8.0 or later to function well. Further, the app requires Apple devices with iOS version 8.0 or later to function well.

The FlirtHookUp app does not share or disclose any of your personal information.

Rest assured, all of the user’s information is kept entirely and entirely confidential. You can block and report a user if you face any disturbances, which makes the app truly worth the try.

Once you access the FlirtHookUp dating website, the user will notice that it is very simplistic. It is minimalist not only in outlook but also in the substance. A look at the website navigation bar will let the user know how weak the site is on features.

There is a messages section that contains all of the messages that the user has sent and received. There is another section called “matches.” This section is where users can see accounts of their fellow users and also people who have liked the user’s profile. There is a feature called a “hot” list. It contains all of the profiles that the user has selected to add to this specific list. Beyond that, the only other feature that can allow the user to filter profiles is “currently online,” it shows a list of all the online users.

Alternatives Of FlirtHookUp

Alternatives Of FlirtHookUp

FlirtHookUp has a few other options mainly:

  • MeetMe
  • OkCupid
  • Badoo
  • Be2
  • eHarmony



Overall, FlirtHookUp is one of the world’s dynamic online dating platforms for individuals having a straight sexual preference. The brilliant testimonials and history prove that this is your go-to platform if you are looking for a stress-free relationship that is free of commitment.

It is the best site, to begin with for the event that you have never attempted web-based dating. If you decide to go out on the town with a companion, and today see someone, you might want to thank FlirtHookUp.

Online dating websites have so many mixed reviews that make you afraid to try it. However, when you hear about this website and start to look around a bit, you’ll receive emails and likes from different users within a few days, which will interest you.

It is observed in a lot of websites that they have thousands and thousands of registered users to draw people into their lap of trouble. However, only afterward do users come to know that more than half of the profiles are inactive accounts or fabricated. It is not something that you have to worry about when it comes to FlirtHookUp. The website has more than 90% of active users with whom you can talk to and chat with any time to fill the missing pieces.

The hired admins are yet another positive aspect of FlirtHookUp. The website has hired admins who can help you whenever you face any issues with the website. They are willingly there to help you with your experience in FlirtHookUp to better the site for further use and convenience.

There are countless online dating websites on the Internet, and people often tend to incline towards the one with the cheapest subscription rates. While it may seem reasonable right in those moments, you are going to regret the decision later. Some online dating websites provide everything but security, which should be the top priority because they are getting paid to ensure that people are socializing in a safe space. Don’t wait for another second, signup on FlirtHookUp today.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Company: Flaming Head Limited

Address: 9A, TheodorouKolokotroni, Geri, 2201 Nicosia, Cyprus

Phone: +1(661)464-2038

Email: [email protected]

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