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Down Dating Review

Down Dating Review
About Site
Active Audience 75%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 21-24
Profiles 1 600 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Down Dating app is compatible with Android and IOS;
  • Has privacy settings;
  • There are many free features;
  • Has a yes/no selection function;
  • Allows you to evaluate daily matches;
  • Shows Facebook mutual friends;
  • A lot of user photos;
  • The anonymity of browsing;
  • Registration takes approximately 5 minutes.
  • Low user activity;
  • You friends will know if you use the site;
  • An insufficient number of successful matches.

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Down Dating is the app and dating service specializing in casual dates (occasional sex) with your acquaintances. The main idea behind its work is “why beat around the bush if you can find a partner for the night straight among your friends?” The range of connections the service offers range from one-time sexual encounters to long-term arrangements outside of traditional romantic bilateral relationships. In this type of dating, women and men meet for an extended period but still do not stay in relationships. Down Dating is sure that you should make life more comfortable. Why not try out that erotic fantasy about your friend in reality?

When Was Down Dating Founded?

Down Dating Review

The app’s history is long, but we cannot trace it further than to 2013. That year, the rebranding happened, and the Down Dating appeared on the market. Before that, the service existed under the name “BangWithFriends”. It was a startup of three young men from America who had some experience in developing dating sites and a crazy idea about the new niche of dating. The founders of Down Dating were the authors of the “HeardAboutYou” site initially. This one had a similar concept, but then it grew into BWF. As you can see, the Down app is a third generation of the same dating site, focusing on casual hookups with friends.

Who Owns Down Dating?

The CEO of Down Dating and the co-founder of BangWithFriends is Colin Hodge. The guys behind the app wanted to stay anonymous as long as possible. In 2013, someone unintentionally leaked their names after the rebranding. The service was bought by the biggest dating app and social networking platform in Asia — “Paktor” — in 2017.

Registration & Profile

Registration on Down Dating takes a few minutes and is free. After entering your Facebook email address and password, you will immediately receive a confirmation, and the system will link your profile to create an account on the dating platform. After logging in, you can create a profile: choose an account name and sexual preferences, fill in more information about yourself, and search details (criteria that a potential flirting partner must meet).

Then you should enter more detailed information about your preferences and interests. Later, participants can view these details and assess whether they want to hook up with you. The necessary information you provide is marital status, number, height, etc. You should also state the appearance features like eye color, hair color, hair length, weight, clothing style, body jewelry because Facebook profiles do not contain this information.

The account on Down Dating will synchronize the details about your lifestyle with Facebook and fill in the education and professional background. You can later add drinking habits, diet type, language skills, and more hobbies or interests.

You cannot upload photos from your camera roll. The only picture other users will see is your Facebook profile photo. In general, the profiles are brief but informative. The Down Dating app will link your list of friends and that of friends of friends, you that is enough to search.

After the rebranding in 2013, the app allows you to send anonymous hookup requests to your friends and everyone around you with a Facebook account. So, you can choose the search criteria for potential flirting partners based on your information. These criteria divide people into the categories judging from their data.


Down Dating Review

The main principle of the Down Dating app is to match you with people you would like to hook up with if this interest is mutual. The features of this outstanding matching algorithm are the next:

  • When you choose “friends” on Facebook with whom you would like to have sex, they receive an email telling that an anonym in the Down Dating app would like to bang with them;
  • If they want to know who that was, they have to install the app;
  • There they have to link their contacts as well and start ticking people which attract them;
  • Only if they choose you as their potential partner for the night receive a notification about your initial interest.

This result is a win-win situation because you will not reveal yourself until the person accepts your offer.

No one starts blind, and future partners discover each other after they are sure they like each other. This genius plan allows people who already know each other to try something new and become significantly closer. In case the other user does not choose you, they will never know about your attempt to seduce them. So, you do not lose anything but in case of a match only win.

If Down Dating notices a match, you can proceed to communication inside the app. The person may evaluate their chances with you again based on your details. Another reason to respect this service was that other Facebook users do not know that you’re using it. However, after the controversy scandal and a lawsuit in 2013, the app now has to notify other users that you download the service. Let’s look at the bright side: if your friends know about Down Dating and notice that you have it, they may try it themselves. So, if you were long dreaming of a hookup with a specific person, they may see it and install this app. This way, you get potentially closer, and maybe you will create a good match!

All in all, the service matching process is pretty straightforward. You should download the app, link your profile, tick the members you like, and wait until they do the same for you so that the system matches you.

How to Search for People on Down Dating?

Down Dating Review

You can quickly contact people when you choose each other for a potential hookup. Some services allow people to communicate freely and text first in case any user attracts you. Down Dating is not one of them. You cannot search for people based on specific criteria, the system matches you to your Facebook friends, and you can only choose among them. Or you can see people near you with the geo-located search feature. Those people should tick you as a potential sex partner, and only then will you be able to communicate.

If you have acquired the right to contact another member, you can chat with them face-to-face and exchange photos, messages, and emoji. This chat is a pretty standard messenger that lets you decide whether you two can make out further. Of course, no one bans you from contacting the person later in any social network. The principle behind all of this is to let people know they like each other if they are too shy to say it in real life.

Down Dating aims to broaden the circle of your potential matches, allowing you to flirt with the people you know but would never approach in real life. After all, this isn’t a usual thing to come up to your friend and suggest to bang, right? But in this app everything is possible and sometimes it is even better than the regular search of users. Strangers can be suspicious and do not inspire confidence. While flirting with your acquaintances, you risk only one thing: you will discover their wild temperament and regret that you didn’t know about it before.

How to Delete Down Dating Account?

You can do this by tapping the button in the right top corner on the site or in the app settings. Scroll down to the very bottom of the settings and click on the “Delete account” button. After you remove your profile from the userbase, you will have to create a new one if you decide to use it again. Because the app synchronizes with the Facebook page, fortunately, to do this is quick and straightforward.

Members Structure

Down Dating Review

The users of the app are mainly your Facebook friends and acquaintances, and there are some other people within easy reach among them. The more contacts you have, the higher the chance you will meet on the Down Dating app. Here the system suggests you let them know you want them and then makes them aware of this. But the process can take up to several days.

It consists of many steps from first downloading the app, ticking those you like, and maybe receiving some matches. Then those uses which do not have the app should also install it or register on the site and do the same thing. Only after they tick you as a potential sex partner, you can communicate. There are some disadvantages to the matching process this long. But it guarantees the quality over quantity and helps you get closer to those you would never approach in real life. As you can see, the members of the app are not diverse. Those will be mainly people you know because this is the main twist to Down Dating.

If you have a lot of Facebook friends, and many of them already have this app, you will receive the best user experience. But if you do not have a large follower base, it makes little sense for you to register on Down Dating. Because the members on it are people, you already know.

Sexual Preferences

Sex is the main focus of the site. It dedicates its work to connect people who seek quick hookups and do not object against an occasional bang with a friend or even friends. Down Dating allows you or specify some sexual preferences in the description or match the people around you better. But the overall structure of its members is quite fluid.

This service unites people of all ages, orientations, and fantasies. It does not reveal those details until you have a mutual interest. Whatever your sexual preference is, you can safely enjoy this dating platform. But keep in mind that it is not for serious dating. Down Dating focuses on hookups and relationships without obligations.

Race and Ethnicity

Down Dating Review

There isn’t any racial division inside the app. All members are equal and form a diverse community. The percentage of people of different nations, ethnicities, and races is almost the same on Down Dating. If you have more friends who belong to a particular nationality, then the chances of meeting them on this app are higher.

Religious Orientation

The main principle of this service is to unite you with people who have a similar background. In case you are a representative of a particular confession of faith, you will meet the same people on Down Dating.

Pricing Policies

Like Tinder, this dating app allows you to browse comfortably without a fee and enjoy almost full functionality for free. But as a free user, you get to see only ten member accounts per day.

Free Membership

The next services are available to any regular user:

  • Initial registration;
  • Viewing people’s profiles in the quantity of 10 per day;
  • Editing your profile;
  • Specifying the desired age range of the matches;
  • Chatting with your match;
  • There are no advertisements, even in the free version.

This set of functions is pretty enough to find a partner for the night and occasionally swipe some people. Even if 10 of them per day is not a significant number, you can use the Down Dating app for free without a problem.

Down Dating Review

Upgrading to a paid subscription enables you to:

  • Boosting your matches;
  • Unlimited number of profiles for your consideration;
  • “Down Compass” feature which shows you people in any location other than your local region;
  • Hiding your account from your Facebook friends. This mean, when they download the app, they will not see you in their lists;
  • Seeing who ticked you as a potential hookup without the match.

The prices are as follows:

  • The free trial membership costs $20;
  • The private membership for one week will cost you $10;
  • The private membership for one month will cost you $17.

How to Cancel Down Dating Paid Subscription?

To cancel the subscription, you should go to the app market settings you use on the chosen device platform. Open your setting on Google Play Market or App store and annul the subscription there. Later, you will receive the letter confirming that the membership is off.

Is Down Dating Safe?

Down Dating Review

After the rebranding in 2013, the app became less anonymous. But Down Dating still cares about the safety of its users. You cannot change the nickname or profile photo inside the app. It synchronizes with your Facebook data. This linking makes it possible for other uses to recognize you. But, if you upgrade to the Premium private membership, you can hide your account from your friends.

The site uses cookies, which makes the program easier for the user. For example, you can save your password so that you do not have to log in every time. Individual settings apply to different devices on the page.

Can you use Down Dating without a Facebook account? No. And this makes fake accounts on the app practically impossible. Even if you create a new account to log in to the system, you will not have any friends. However, you can immediately upgrade to the paid membership and see people near you.

Quality of Profiles

Many authentic profiles have real-life encounters. On average, Down Dating has slightly more women than men because this is the regular ratio of Facebook users. The concept behind its work enables this dating platform to connect you only to the real people, and here you can be sure about the quality of profiles.

Website Design and Usability

You can easily report problems with communication directly to the secret customer service, which will immediately check the profile and delete it if necessary. Down Dating offers a variety of ways to contact them, which members use extensively. The flirting partners know what they want and only have to tick the friends they like.

Your profile consists of a profile photo from Facebook, the most crucial information about gender, age, search radius, and some additional details you add to the description.

The overall interface is pleasing for the eyes and reminds of Tinder in terms of usability and design. The site and the app look sophisticated and straightforward; nothing seems odd or stands out without reason. The animations and transitions are smooth. Down Dating has a taste and allows users a new and comfortable community to communicate.

You can swipe back to see the people you have ticked as potential partners; this is very useful and makes the user experience more stable. While on many other dating apps, this feature is paid, Down Dating allows people to adjust the search and correct their lists. You can swipe on a person to add her to favorites and then look back at your options. If you change your mind, you can redo this action.

How Does Down Dating Work?

This dating platform has a long history, and its concept was always about allowing people to anonymously like their friends and send hookup requests. Now, the level of security is not as high because Apple did not like this idea. In 2013, they removed the app from the App Store, and the developers had to change the principle of Down Dating work to meet the new requirements. However, its users can still enjoy a certain security level and try their chance to seduce the closest people.

Down Dating App

Down Dating Review

The app of this dating service has the next features:

  • Compatibility with IOS and Android;
  • Privacy settings;
  • High feedback rate and positive review;
  • Pleasant and sleek design;
  • Smooth interface and cool transitions;
  • The swiping choice function;
  • Profile editing and settings;
  • Showing the list of your Facebook friends who also have the app;
  • Supporting only the English language;
  • Showing the potential matches within a particular location;
  • The list of matches.

The Down Dating app is free to download on any platform. It can boast of the high rating, massive global community, and sleek design.

Alternatives of Down Dating

Many apps are similar to Down Dating, but none of them has the same concept. You can try Tinder if you enjoy the swiping algorithm and are a fan of geolocated matching. If you enjoy casual dating and quick hookups more, then download SexFinder — an app that focuses on sex connections and searching potential partners for the night.


Down Dating Review

The main idea which was behind the app is not working today. When a person installs the Down Dating app, they see other Facebook friends who have it. Unless the latter hide their name from the lists and pay for the paid subscription. This openness can have a positive result too. You can contact the person you would like to hook up with on a safe platform where no one judges you. Down Dating gives you a pleasant environment to stay open about your desires and show them to people.

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