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Feeld Review

Feeld Review
About Site
Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 27-30
Profiles 2 500 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.6
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It has fantastic profile quality
  • It has a working mobile phone application
  • It has a beautiful and clear user interface
  • Subscription is very affordable
  • It is mainly for hookups and not serious relationships
  • It doesn’t have strong security features
  • There is a lack of video chatting option

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Feeld is a new online dating platform that offers members many options, whether they are paying subscribers or otherwise. It services the general public and does not discriminate against any religion, culture, or sexual orientation. This online dating platform is a relative newcomer but has made incredible strides over the last couple of years.

Feeld was founded in 2014 and was launched in the US in 2015. It was founded to help members go out of their comfort zones and find love with relative ease and without the prying eyes of judgmental family members. Feeld operates with a mantra of making users happy and giving them a worthwhile user experience.

Who Owns Feeld?

Feeld is owned and was discovered by Dimo Trifonov. He conceived Feeld as an idea in the later months of 2013, and he partnered with a UK based development company to bring his plans into reality. This application has a target audience of single users looking to test the dating waters while experimenting. Dimo Trifonov made the app available on both the iOS app store and the google play store.

Registration & Profile

Registration & Profile

These days there are more and more online platforms that offer dating services on the World Wide Web, and most of the sites can be easily found through searching for the keywords on Google. Feeld is no exception. To check out the Feeld online dating platform, you simply go to Google as this site is for public viewing; you might have been introduced to Feeld by a friend, and that’s okay too.

Following the friend shared link, you can sign up and fill in the necessary fields on the homepage with due care and skill as this would provide the backdrop to anything you do on this online dating platform.

Ensure you fill up all the fields. You then check out all the privacy and policy agreements, after which you will be granted access to your profile interface. You then subscribe to a plan to have unlimited options and the added advantage of a plethora of unique user options. You can chat with anyone as long as they like your profile and vice versa.


Getting matched on Feeld is quite simple. All you have to do is ensure that you fill in your signup details with care and skill. This is essential for the duration of your stay in Feeld; this is the data that would be used in the long run in all your Feeld user searches, making up your online profile. The site gives you a plethora of options regarding pairing and matching as it furnishes your timeline with hundreds of matches each day; these matches are people in your city using this same online platform.

They are well and truly ready to mingle. The only step you have to go through before chatting with such matches is that you have to like their profiles and hope that they like yours. As long as this is done, then you can proceed to chat up your match; the better your profile, the better your matches. The more likes you get, the more chats you can be involved in as there is no limit to how many active chats you can engage in.

How To Search For People On Feeld

Searching is a massive necessity in online dating platforms since without search it is next to impossible to find a perfect partner that will fit all your descriptions and dreams of what a date should be. The best online dating platforms usually invest a lot in providing powerful algorithms that make this search process less cumbersome and more fruitful.

Searching on Feeld is a breeze. Firstly you go to the search toggle, which is denoted by a microscope looking button. You press it and see a lot of filters that can be adjusted to your specification. Following this, you proceed to tune in the filters and get your requirements. You proceed to press on a result and you will see almost a hundred profiles that fit your description.

However, if such filters are unreasonable, you will get unreasonable results too. You like the users’ profiles that have been brought up by the custom search and wait for a response. If they respond, then you proceed to messaging them.

How to Delete a Feeld Account

Feeld is an awesome online dating platform. It is well thought out, innovative, and largely free, and it caters to its members’ cravings. However, like every good thing in life at some point, it is simply time to move on. Users of Feeld are usually quite content and impressed with the service rendered; however, they might decide that it is time to move on for some reason or the other.

Maybe they finally got a stable relationship, or they aren’t really in the online dating business anymore. Hence to delete your Feeld account, you do not have to go through so much fuss. You go to the profile interface on which you will see multiple options and toggles following which you go to the settings section. After that, you click on it, and you scroll sideways to the permanently delete section. You then proceed to click on permanently delete profile.

You will be asked if you wish to delete your Feeld account permanently. Press ‘Yes’ if you still haven’t changed your mind. Ensure that this is truly what you want, as it is irreversible.

Members Structure

Members Structure

Feeld is a top-rated online dating platform that caters to the dating needs of a wide variety of people with different religions and sexual orientation. It has a mantra of leaving people with a smile on their faces after every single online date.

Over the years, Feeld has grown more popular and has extended its arms to a variety of cultures. Feeld has over four million users, of which more than half are very active on the platform. It aims to give every member something to be happy about right from signing up to the member’s first real date with a partner he or she met on the Feeld platform.

  • Geography
    Feeld is now global. It might have started humble with a small base in the United States of America, but now Feeld has the majority of its users (55%) domicile outside the United States. However, up till the last check, Feeld’s top geography is the United States of America, as data has shown that 45% of its members reside in that nation.

    Feeld is also gaining popularity in Asia and Africa. Still, its main continental geography is North America, while countries like Canada and Mexico are home to a high number of frequent users of Feeld. Feeld is also one of the most downloaded applications in North America and is one of the fastest growing online communities out there.

  • Age
    In the United States of America and most Northern American nations, it is a significant crime to expose minors to explicit content. This is punishable by huge fines and occasionally lengthy jail sentences depending on the seriousness of its nature. Hence online dating platforms have put security checks in place to avoid being held liable for silly teenagers breaching security protocol and creating laughable catfish accounts.

    Feeld is not different. It ensures that no one under the age of eighteen is allowed on the online date platform or mobile phone companion application. It has a strict policy against that – such a breach of this policy will have a user suspended or his account terminated. As Feeld is mostly a hookup website, most of its users fall between the ages of the early twenties and late thirties.

Sexual Preferences

Feeld allows everyone to benefit from its wide variety of functions and does not give the male gender preferences over the female gender or vice versa. It admits both members and gives both members a level playing field in finding love. Feeld is also an experimental online dating platform that aims to allow members to get immersed in various fun sexual escapades.

It allows couples to register together and get the chance to get a partner from the wide dating pool. It also does not discriminate as regards sexual preferences. Straights, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, and queer people can all call Feeld home and enjoy its services with no fuss whatsoever. The world LGBTQ+ community has been a firm supporter of Feeld as a result of its known all-inclusive nature.

Race and Ethnicity

Some online dating platforms are closed in terms of race and ethnicity; they do not allow other racial demographics entry on their platforms, and even when they do, there is a marked difference in how they offer those services. Feeld does not fall in that said category. Feeld allows all races and all ethnic groups. It does not discriminate; neither does it segregate users from enjoying its wide plethora of options. Feeld is not like sites such as LatinoMeetup that only offer their services to a specific group of people.

Religious Orientation

A lot of online dating platforms are affiliated with a particular religion or so. ArabLounge is associated with Muslims, while Christian Mingle is associated with Christians, and many lesser-known platforms are closed in religion and not open in accepting diversity.

Luckily, Feeld does not buy into such ideas as it allows all religions and religious orientations or leaning to its platform. However, Feeld does not permit religious propaganda to be forced on existing members by new members. If this is found out, the wrong party might be removed from the platform before the event gets blown out of proportion.

Pricing Policies

Pricing Policies

Majestic Membership (will renew after 30 days) costs:

  • 1 Month 11.99 USD / Month 11.99 USD
  • 3 Months 8.00 USD / Month 23.99 USD

Free Membership

There is a free user option on Feeld, and a member of Feeld can even choose to be a member without paying any additional fee. As a free user of this online dating platform, you can search for other users that fit your specifications. You will also be open to a lot of matches on your timeline, and there is also a medium of communication with the customer care team. You can chat with anyone as long as they like your profile and you do likewise, once this is done you can have fun on this awesome platform.

While free users can enjoy a plethora of options with relative ease on this platform, buoyant users can decide to go the extra mile and pay a subscription fee and have a few extra features in their arsenal. A paying subscriber can also hide his or her profile from public viewing.

Such a paying subscriber will have advanced search options and the existing free search feature he is a party to as a member of this online dating platform. Such a paying subscriber will also have better and more concise filter options to get exactly that they desire while searching for a partner.

How To Cancel Feeld Paid Subscription?

For a variety of reasons, a paying subscriber might choose to terminate their paid subscription package and revert to being a simple free user. This is possible as nothing is forced on Feeld. Everything a user has to do is go to the Contact us section. On getting there, you simply press the email option. After that you just send a mail that has your username, your subscription plan, and proof of payment. Ensure that this is what you want, as this decision is irreversible. Make sure that you turn off the auto-renew option on paid subscriptions to ensure that you don’t get debited for a service you aren’t using anymore.

Is Feeld Safe

Is Feeld Safe?

Feeld is very safe and secure. It has invested in a lot of awesome safety methods that make it nearly impossible for outside data thieves to hack their database. It has also passed numerous security checks. It has an email verification procedure that helps weed out potential robots and catfish accounts. Feeld has awesome app reviews on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

Quality of Profiles

The Feeld profile quality is classy and quite surreal. It has numerous features and nice widgets that can be easily accessed on the website. Your profile is your gateway to other users’ good books. To ensure that you get adequate likes and views, make sure your profile is catchy and easy to grasp for onlookers. It has widgets and toggles in easy to see places, which makes the profile interface one of the most applicable.

Website Design and Usability

Website Design and Usability

The Feeld website is easy to use as it utilizes a trusted online dating recipe that big competitors such as Tinder, Biker Planet, and Mamba use. The design is clear and romantic, ше draws the user into the website, and makes him or her unable to leave and even recommend friends to this friendly site. Its website design is similar to the mobile phone companion application layout.

How Does Feeld Work?

On accessing the Feeld website for the first time, you proceed to set up your profile via the website or the phone application. Following this, you can sign in at any time you desire. On becoming a member of Feeld, you can chat with relative ease. Feeld is a free online dating platform; however, you can subscribe for extra coverage and a few added features. As a user, you might constantly be on the move, but no need to worry as you can download the mobile phone companion application to ease the user process.

Feeld App

Feeld App

Feeld has a working mobile phone companion application, which is very similar to the website. It is available on the App Store and Google Play Store, for iPhone and Android users respectively. Feeld is an innovator and quite modern in its dealings; hence there is little surprise that it has an awesome mobile phone companion application that helps users that are constantly too busy to access the Feeld website and want an on the experience.

Alternatives of Feeld

Alternatives of Feeld

Feeld might be moving quite well in the online dating community; however, it has some competition. Competitors include the following.

  • Mamba
    One of the best online dating platforms in the whole European continent was founded at the turn of the century in Russia and catered for a diverse clientele giving users the chance to find love and ease of having flings with no strings attached. This is a no-holds website, which has over 30 million users worldwide and a drive to constant improvement.
  • eHarmony
    eHarmony is a first generation online dating platform that has been described as a business masterpiece. Its owners started the website to populate the online dating community and have expanded to numerous nations and many continents. It has an awesome application and has earned a worldwide following through its ease of service and awesome customer care team.



Feeld is an awesome online dating platform that is a little new to the hierarchy of top online dating platforms but seems to stay. It has a lot of members who were gained in such a short time frame, and luckily the users of the site and application respond to chats quite quickly. It constantly improves its policies and services too. Feeld services a plethora of worldwide users, and it has a great mobile phone companion application. Give it a try!

Contact Information

Contact Information

  • Company: Feeld Ltd. (previously 3nder Ltd.)
  • Address: FeeldLtd Companies HQ, United Kingdom.
  • Phone: Not Available
  • Email: [email protected]

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