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Connecting Singles Review

Connecting Singles Review
About Site
Active Audience 60%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 26-27
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It has a lot of features.
  • You can sign up with a Facebook account or email address.
  • Everyone can see users’ profile pictures for free.
  • There are a lot of features that make the app look messy.
  • There are no live chats.
  • A newly created account barely functions properly for the first 24 hours.

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Connecting Singles is a dating site founded for single men and women who are looking for serious relationships, dates, and partners. The site is 100% free to its users. Apart from having the features common to most dating sites, Connecting Singles has additional exciting features that distinguish it from the other sites. Some of these features include games, video games, and the poetry section.

As a dating and hookup site, Connecting Single is way different than other sites. It was founded to help singles find true love and partnership. To ensure the site remains true to the reason it was created, the profile registration process requires intending members to explicitly describe themselves and the reasons for their interest in the website.

When Was Connecting Singles Founded?

There is no information as regards when the site was founded, but engagements and activities on the site show that it has been around for a very long time.

Who Owns Connecting Singles?

Connecting Singles is registered with “ConnectingSingles.com.

Registration & Profile

The registration process is quite different but easy and pretty straightforward. During registration, you will be asked to describe yourself in a few words. Afterward, you will be expected to answer a couple of profile questions in at least 50 characters. You are not required to provide information about the number of kids you have, their age, exact address, email, phone number, or other personal information in the profile. You will, however, be expected to be truthful and express your preferences and intents in those few words. These essays will form the basis of your compatibility with other members of the site.

The profile of every member registered with Connecting Singles contains basic information you would find on every other regular dating site such as occupation, preferences, religion, gender, and location, all visible on the profile page.

After signing up as a new member, the profile created will be placed under review for 24 hours. This is done so that the admin can go through the profile to verify the information provided. If they deem the information of the newly registered member accurate, the account will be confirmed. If they find the information provided misleading and inaccurate, the account will be deleted.

Connecting Singles Review


Communication on Connecting Singles is done mostly on forums. These forums are communities where members get to have exchanges of opinions and also engage in discussions. A lot of the members spend their time on the forum rather than searching randomly or aimlessly on “Matches.” Members also tend to find dates and partners on these forums than chatting or flirting with random members on the “Matches” tab.

Every member of Connecting Singles has a mailbox in their account that lets them communicate anonymously with other members until they feel safe and ok to share more information. Every member can send mail to other members they are attracted to, and they can also block any member they don’t like or any member that acts inappropriately to them.

How To Search For People On Connecting Singles?

There are varieties of search options on Connecting Singles. Although users can find random members on the “Matches” tab that anyone can chat with, the search tab’s search options are advanced. If you want to search for any member and go to the search symbol on the page, it will reel search options such as Advanced Search, Quick Search, Username Search, Site Search, Browse by Location, and More Searches. The “More Searches” option has other lists of search options under it.

How To Delete Connecting Singles Account?

Deleting your account is not any problem at all. For any reason you might want to delete your account, just go to your profile page and scroll down, you will see the delete account option. Once you delete your account, it ceases to exist on the site.

If you find it difficult to delete your account on your own from your profile, do not fret, there is another way to delete your account. Go to the “Contact Us” page on your app or webpage; you will see a list of options underneath “Why do you want to contact us?”. Choose the “to Cancel Your Membership” option and submit. The admin will reach out and help you delete your account.

Connecting Singles Review

Members Structure

Most members are looking forward to connecting with other members that are singles, which is why the target audience of the site is singles alone. Although there is no way to verify the relationship status of intending members, the site is specifically meant for singles.

About 50,000 members are from the USA, and 10,000 members of the total population of the site are active weekly. Men and women between the ages of 18 to 55 and above can sign up on the site. 60% of the population are women, while 40% are men. The male members are more active on the forums, while female members, on the other hand, are more active with sending flirty requests on the site.

Sexual Preferences

One of the points members are required to answer is titled “More about my Match.” The answer to this essay is meant to answer questions regarding members’ sexual preferences and what they expect from any member that might be interested in or members that might want to date them.

Make sure to add your sexual preferences in the essay as well as the sexual preferences of your ideal partner. This is how an interested member will know if you both are perfect for each other.

Race and Ethnicity

Connecting Singles is accessible to everyone of any race and ethnicity, although there is geo-restriction to people in some parts of the world. The forum section is divided into six categories: International, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, EU, and Australia. Meanwhile, there are a limited number of countries that fall under the International category.

Connecting Singles Review

Religious Orientation

There is no bias against the religious orientation of users and members of Connecting Singles. It is open to every religion in the world. The diversity of religion makes it more interesting as members get to interact and make friends with people of diverse religious views.

While Connecting Singles is not biased against its members’ religious orientations, the members decide to include their religion on their profile or not. It is nothing to be shy or oversensitive about. Just make sure you indicate your religious preferences in your profile if you wish so.

Pricing Policies

Connecting Singles is free, unlike most dating and hookup sites. Although the site is free, it has a lot of features. All the services on the website are free, and if anyone asks you for money in exchange for any proposed service, you should know that such a member is a fraudster.

Free Membership

Registration on Connecting Singles is free. There is no charge, and membership is also free. There are so many features members can access to on the free membership. Some of these features include reading blogs and articles, participating in free forums, reading and publishing of personal poems, playing games, watching movies, playing music, sending and receiving messages, uploading photos, joining groups for free, creating groups, and posting among other things.

There is no paid membership subscription on Connecting Singles. Everyone has access to the same features on the free membership.

How To Cancel Connecting Singles Paid Subscription?

Since there is no paid membership on Connecting Singles, there can’t be a paid subscription, and there won’t be a need for canceling a paid subscription. You can only delete your account if you need that.

Is Connecting Singles Safe?

Connecting Singles is safe within the purview of the terms and privacy policies of the site. The admins will not use members’ information for any illegal purpose; neither will they ever share members’ information with a third party. In a case of a criminal allegation against any member, all of these rights can be revoked, though. Aside from this, members’ information is safe with the admin.

Between members, there is little that can be said about the safety of Connecting Singles’ users. Whatever members get to share and discuss amongst themselves is between them alone. In other words, members should be careful about the amount of information they share with other people on the site, such as their location, phone number, and email address.

At your end, make sure you keep yourself safe. Minimize the amount of personal information you divulge to members you are not very familiar with yet. You should be wary about giving sensitive information out to even members you must have known for a long time. What if such a member is only building a strong relationship with you to scam you? You should, therefore, try as much as you can to be cautious and safe.

Connecting Singles Review

Quality of Profiles

The quality of profiles on Connecting Singles is one of the most descriptive profiles on dating sites. It is designed to have robust profile information that gives very descriptive information about the profile owner. Some of the features contained in the profile are access to photographs, a photo gallery with pictures of other members, last time online, the ability to change the profile, photo visibility to everyone. Some tabs allow other members to interact with the profile owner, such as “Like button,” “Send a message,” “Send Flower,” “Contact Requirements.”

Website Design and Usability

The website is designed with a simple interface that can be navigated by anyone with little knowledge of technology. The tabs and their options are written at the top of the page. Nothing is confusing about the interface. The colors – blue and pink – are beautiful and symbolic.

This simple but strategic design is one of the reasons why some of the members are attracted to the site. There are no many ads that can make users’ experiences boring and annoying. The ads on Connecting Singles are minimum, and they don’t pop up as frequently as other sites’ do.

The webpage and app are very easy to operate. To search for members, you can either look for random people on the “Matches” tab or use the search symbol on the homepage with a variety of options.

Connecting Singles is also free to all members; there is no paid membership subscription, and as such, everyone can access the numerous features available on the webpage and app.

How Does Connecting Singles Work?

Connecting Singles Review

Connecting Singles works pretty well. Anyone can create an account for connecting singles, but this new account must be reviewed in the first 24 hours by the admin. Creating an account requires an email address or Facebook account.

Once this account is created, there are rules that every member must adhere to. Upon getting to the second part of the sign-up, one will find the site’s rules on the profile page. Any answer provided should be sincere, clear, and accurate; else, the account will be deleted.

During the first 24 hours of registration, new members will be subjected to a review of their membership. Members can interact with one another on the site from creating or joining existing forums. These forums are very engaging because they are the platforms where members get to have interesting conversations about almost any topic brought up.

These forums also reveal the personality, intellect, and social skills of the members. It is no wonder that most of the members find dates, love, and partners on the forums – they are the places where members get to be themselves and open their genuine personalities.

If you find someone that catches your fancy, all you have to do is go to their profile and click on “Like Me” or “Favorite Me,” but if you want to take the game a note higher, send them a direct message.

Connecting Singles App

Connecting Singles Review

The Connecting Singles mobile app is designed clearly and simply. Although the homepage of the app looks crowded because of the many features that can be found on it, it is nevertheless a fully functional mobile app. The app is available only for Android users for now.

The interface of the app looks like a webpage. It might take a while to locate the feature you are looking for because of all the numerous features. This also explains why the app is slow and takes time to load whenever a feature is clicked on.

Alternatives of Connecting Singles

There are a few dating sites that provide the same or similar services as Connecting Singles. Some of these sites include Ashley Madison, Flingster, and Elite Singles.


Connecting with singles from different parts of the world can be a bit challenging. This is the reason why Connecting Singles puts in a lot of effort to make sure singles have the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, and find the love they deserve. If you are single and looking for a chance to mingle with fascinating people from different parts of the world, then you need to sign up with Connecting Singles to have a life-altering life experience.

Contact Information

Connecting Singles Review

Connecting Singles does not have a support email address where members can send them a mail to. However, it has a “Contact Us” page on the website and app where members can inform them of the complaint they have. On the Contact Us page, there is a little indication that informs members that they can find some of the answers to some of their questions on the “Help Pages” and “Sitemap.” They need not further get in touch if they can find their answers on those two platforms.

There is a list of options on why a member would want to contact the admin on the “Contact Us” page. Some of the options are: “report an Abusive Member,” “submit a Success Story,” “cancel Your Membership,” “Advertise With Us,” and “give Feedback.”

Although there is no provision for a phone number where they can be called on nor email address where they can be sent a direct mail, Connecting Singles is registered as a company and does have an address where they operate from.

  • Company: ConnectingSingles.com
  • Address: PO Box 10743 St. Paul, MN 55110 USA
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