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Brilic Review

Brilic Review
About Site
Active Audience 95%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 23-24
Profiles 1 600 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy interface;
  • Bright colors;
  • A lot of marriage-minded users;
  • There are both iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • The signup process is a little tricky: it blanks and freezes without even telling you why;
  • It takes a long time to sign up from the app.

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Are you a person looking for a reliable partner? Are you an elite single? Are you on a budget? Well, good news, you may have found the right app. There’s room for you in the Brilic community!

The owners of this company invested a lot in marketing, as their page looks really good and well organized. You might be struck by their formal decency and forget about doing your research before signing up.

Well, lucky you, you have this fair review. If you don’t want to fool around subscribing and unsubscribing to tons of dating apps, waiting for the right one to come, hopefully, this article can help you dispel your doubts.

We will explore Brilic’s best features and its most fatal flaws. If you would like to know more about Brilic, this might be the right moment for you to find an honest and clear review. Ready to go!

When Was Brilic Founded?

Brilic Review

It happened a long time ago when the web dating app universe was dark and full of terrors. Here you could find armies of scammers, fakers, and few people who were really interested in real friendship or relationships.

Let’s say Brilic has been founded to make you feel a human and not just a customer. You are not your profile, and, mostly, you are not only the data you feed it with.

Back then, in 2011, the scenario was like that. That was precisely when the Brilic domain was bought. Many ideas were floating in some developers’ and managers’ heads of Brilic Media, a sister company of Brilic.

Once Brilic was created, all the users had to know this fantastic new platform and mobile app. The features the website offers are growing through time, and for example, now access is free for people from certain countries, like Ukraine, just to make an example.

Brilic has gained thousands of members so far. From a small mating-oriented site to a top-rated and elite-oriented app.

Who Owns Brilic?

Brilic Review

Brilic Dating is a company related to Brilic.com. in fact, this is a parent company to Brilic Media, a broader organization dealing with several kinds of media communication. A lot of interviews have been made to Alex Ainsworth, the spokesperson from Brilic Media.

He speaks a lot about how dating works, and thanks to his job, he knows how to convey messages which are documented, and yet clear and understandable by the greatest part of the Internet dating crowd.

He especially talks about an exciting topic: the games for dating purposes. If you have mating goals and not a good chatter or writer, you might be driven to this kind of adult entertainment and video gaming experience.

If you would like to know more about the company, they provide a wide range of different services. Most of them dating-related. So, take a look at their website! This will also give you a broader idea of what you are – maybe – going to subscribe to, and, eventually, who you are giving your money to.

Hopefully, this reference has been helpful for you. Let’s move on and talk a bit about the registration process and the profile creation.

Registration & Profile

Brilic Review

Signing up is pretty easy unless you consider a large amount of time it takes you to understand what Brilic is telling you. If you first go to the site and think, “Wow, that easy, there’s the application form,” you may be disappointed.

It’s not a labyrinth to sign up on Brilic, but there are some hurdles you may need to know before subscribing. First of all, the browser. You can’t basically use a VPN or an anonymous browser. So, if you would like to sign up from a public Wi-Fi network, forget about that.

Go back home and try to form your private Wi-Fi. Nobody is saying this to you within the website, and it might be helpful, as you are not a criminal just because you are joining them from a public Wi-Fi.

Still, it is what it is. Once you have the right network, you will be asked to give your gender, birth date, country, sexual preference – which you will be able to change once you have created a profile – and some other basic information about yourself.

You will see below the signup box a 3-step path, comfortably showing you where you are within the Brilic registration process. There’s one unexplainable gap between step 2 and step 3.

At some point, you will be signing in the form, and you will be ready to press “next.” But the “next” tab will be disabled. You can wait for minutes, and nothing will change. Just try several times to sign in; probably, there is some bug.

It’s a little annoying and not very user-friendly. A customer might be driven to going to another one without bothering that much asking or an explanation —considering the wide variety of dating services on the Web.


Brilic Review

Here you are, ready to communicate with others. Maybe, the slowdown in the signup process was due to the Coronavirus outbreak, which leads thousands of newcomers to dating and chatting apps.

So, don’t blame Brilic for it, and, hopefully, they will fix this unpleasant event.

The good news about Brilic now: you don’t need the machine to create matches for you. This is when they start being different from other dating apps, despite the long signup process performed at the beginning.

If you stick to that, you will understand why so many profiles are being displayed in front of you. You can’t swipe them and create virtual matches as you are used to doing on other popular dating services.

Here you just find people. See the chat cartoon bubble? As you may have guessed yet, that’s for chatting. Select the people who look more interesting according to your taste, and keep your standards high. However, don’t set them too high. On Brilic, there are people and not robots; ordinary people don’t have the marketing ability to create a beautiful and appealing profile.

Maybe the person who’s standing in front of you has a wonderful personality, which is just waiting to be showcased. Don’t disappoint her/him! Give them a try! That’s, after all, the primary goal of Brilic.

How to Search for People on Brilic?

There’s no algorithm performing the search function in your place. You will just see all the profiles listed on your main page, and by looking there, you will be able to chat and interact with them.

“As our ancestors did,” will tell you the Brilic company, explaining this feature. If you are a newcomer into the dating app world, this might not seem awkward to you. You will feel confident enough to give it a try.

But if you are a long-time user, it will be a little strange, indeed. It’s easy to forget how simple things stick to us and shape us into the individuals we are at the moment. Simple things are sometimes the best way to reach goals in our lives.

If you would like to keep the search process simple, then Brilic is right for you. You will have the possibility of seeing other members’ pages, as well as if they are VIP users. One last thing to know: you can’t chat without paying.

How to Delete Brilic Account?

Brilic Review

You will be able to delete your account by selecting the “settings” tab and going straight to the profile settings. By removing it, you won’t cancel your membership, which is a good thing to know.

You will need to perform a specific action to delete your paid membership, but this will be discussed later on.

So, if you delete your account, your profile will be frozen. It will remain frozen for a certain amount of time, and then you will be able to get back on your virtual feet on Brilic and start chatting and meeting exciting people again.

If you would like to cancel it permanently, just go for the Help and Support section, and ask them to do so. Eventually, your account will be deleted permanently, even if you have only frozen it.

Members Structure

There are thousands of members, all seeking different things. The company website claims you can find everything here, from the one-night stand to the serious, long-lasting relationship.

It’s like in real life where you don’t really know what the average is like in place, like a pub, a party, or a beach. Here, imagine all the people walking with a tag on their foreheads – aka the profile – saying what their intentions are.

It should work like that, but not everyone states honestly what he or she wants from life. And from Brilic, most of all.

Sexual Preferences

Brilic Review

There are both homosexual and straight people and a quite balanced ratio of men and women. By the way, girls from certain Eastern countries are allowed to become members for free, so they balance the usual discrepancies there is between male and female users.

Race and Ethnicity

One good thing about Brilic is that it allows people from all the countries to sign up, chat, and meet exciting people on the website or in the app. So, ethnicities are many.

Religious Orientation

There is no primary religious orientation on Brilic. At least, only a few users are claiming they are religious. Luckily, they will believe in the religion of love.

Pricing Policies

As was mentioned before, Brilic is totally free for people from certain countries. At the moment, those countries are Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Philippines, Thailand, and China.

Free Membership

Brilic Review

You can register for free. However, you can’t do that much as a free user; you just can take a look around and lurk a little. You might get contacted by other users, but you will need to ignore them unless you are availing of a membership.

There is only one way to communicate with others without the need to pay for membership: if a VIP participant contacts you first, you will be able to reply.

Bear in mind that if a paying member is not active anymore on Brilic, you will not see him or her. So, you may understand how difficult it is to detect how many users there are on the site once you have logged in.

Brilic Review

Here are the prices of the paid membership: 89.99$ is the price of 1 month, then you can go for six months and pay 359.94$. And, finally, the cheapest if compared to the other monthly fees: 12 months — 479.88$.

Good news, once you have subscribed, you can start a free 3-day trial! Keep in mind—you should switch off the automatic renewal as soon as you can, from your account settings, if you don’t want it to be renewed at the next billing cycle.

Another way to spend money on Brilic is to buy credits. Those are a sort of virtual coins that you can earn or win within the website – it’s quite long to explain the whole process, so if you think you might like this sort of gaming attitude, read more about it on the official Brilic site.

What can you do with credits? You can only purchase virtual gifts for other users, like teddy bears, roses, champagne, hearts. The gifts vary according to your gender and the gender of the person you are sending them to.

Here you are the credits’ prices:

Two hundred credits will cost 9.99$, while 1k credits cost 39.99$. If you think you can go for more, you can buy 3k for 89.99, or 10k for 199.99$. Are you not convinced yet? 40k credits stay at 399.99$, which is the lowest price ever (0.01$/credit).

How to Cancel Your Brilic Paid Subscription?

Go straight to the account settings. Remember, there’s an auto-renewal on, so you will need to unsubscribe beforehand. They will need approximately 24 hours at least to finalize the change.

Is Brilic Safe?

Brilic Review

During the signup process, you can’t use a VPN or an anonymous browser. So, if you would like to sign up from a public Wi-Fi network, forget about that.

Go back home and try to form your private Wi-Fi. So, this is a high-security parameter. It’s good for you to be within an environment where all the users have been sort of verified.

The payments are encrypted, so nothing to be worried about. Make sure you really want to pay for the service, though, as it is quite expensive. Plus, be wary of people asking your money, personal information, or requesting you to do strange things.

You might want to perform the sugar daddy part, but here it’s all about your online safety. Use your judgment. If you are not sure about your Internet know-how, just search “safety tips online” in your browser.

Be aware that they are using EULA and GDPR privacy security protocols.

Quality of Profiles

In the “members” paragraph, you will find every information you need about the quality of profiles here on Brilic.

Website Design & Usability

The design is highly understandable, and the website is average in user-friendliness. You won’t get lost as everything is plainly displayed in the main toolbar.

How Does Brilic Work?

You are coming here with an intention: either it is a one-night stand or a life-long relationship. Sign up, fill your profile, and start over with your virtual identity. You can chat and find your own niche and new friends.

Brilic App

Brilic Review

There is both an Android and an Apple mobile app for Brilic. Good news for you: they are not marked as “explicit,” so you can easily find them in your App Store or Google Play Store.

Alternatives to Brilic

You can basically use any other popular and trustworthy dating websites like Match.com, Tinder, OkCupid, Elite Singles, Date My Age, and many others.


If you think you are ready to make a wise decision, then brace yourself for your new dating experience. This article contains all the essential information to get you started on this dating platform. Make sure you recheck the vital things and give it a try! Hopefully, this review was useful! Good luck!

Contact Information

Company: Brilic Media

Address: Chisinau, Moldova

Phone: not displayed on the website

E-mail: [email protected]

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