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BeeTalk Review

BeeTalk Review
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Active Audience 88%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-32
Profiles 5 000 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 7.1
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free platform: It is one of the very few dating services which is accessible without any charges. BeeTalk has no such things as membership, and the app is entirely free of any cost.
  • Sign in: Registration is much simpler and can be done via your mobile phone number.
  • Look around feature: It allows you to find the profiles who are in close vicinity to your location.
  • Multiple clubs and groups: You can always choose to join clubs near your location, which will eventually help you to meet more people, and have some new friends or love relationships.
  • Profile browsing: Visibility of profile is accessible to all the users, and anybody can initiate communication.
  • Notifications: You will be alerted every time you receive a new message or someone when follows you.
  • No censorship: BeeTalk does not keep an eye on censored content and does not eliminate it. Therefore, you can always encounter some obscene material on the platform.
  • Limited popularity: The platform is not very trendy in some countries. Hence there is a chance that you do not find anybody near your location.
  • Profile pictures: Every member can view and access your photos, and therefore it often raises some security concerns.

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BeeTalk is one of the most popular online dating platforms, which has grown exponentially in a short duration and has gained more than 50 million users worldwide. Like all other dating platforms, the primary aim of BeeTalk is to bring two people of the same interests and personality together and have some beautiful moments of love and romance. If you are still single and desperately ready to mingle, you can never get a better chance than this platform. But before just hop onto the platform, you must know how things work over here to have a fantastic journey. This BeeTalk review will clear all your dilemmas and make you confident enough to get your dream partner with only a few clicks.

From young love to mature relationships, you can have all kinds of romance you seek. Many BeeTalk reviews on the internet suggest that you can find all types of people over here. From those looking for casual dates to those seeking true soul mates, the platform is open to sharing the love for anybody older than 17 years. So, if you are fed up with the traditional methods of finding love, you can always give BeeTalk a try. Who knows maybe your partner is also looking for you over there.

What works in Favor, and what’s Against?

BeeTalk world is much simpler than any other online dating platform. And hence the pros of the platform are much more worthy than the cons. So, let’s have a look at it.

When Was BeeTalk Founded?

BeeTalk was initially released in November 2013 with its registered company in Singapore and having a base in Thai capital. Within a few months, it gained immense popularity with more than 10 million users and emerged as the number one app in Apple App Store in Thailand. Most of the popularity of BeeTalk is gained from a short movie made by a local YouTube celebrity, VRZO, which created a buzz of the app and got around 3, 60,000 views.

Who Owns BeeTalk?

It is a subsidiary of Garenas. Forrest Li is the CEO of BeeTalk and is the only person responsible for its massive success.

Registration And Profiles

Registration And Profiles

Many people often find difficulty in registering on a dating platform. So this BeeTalk review will discuss the signup process on this platform in a detailed manner. The app can be downloaded from the Apple app store or Google Play Store for iOS and Android users. The app is entirely free from any charges.

Registration on the BeeTalk is a speedy process and can be done via mobile number only. The signup process has four steps which are mentioned below:

  • Once you open up the platform, click on sign up, and enter your phone number.
  • You will get a verification code that needs to fill on the next page.
  • Choose a username for your profile, which can simply be your name or some additional characters.
  • Upload a profile picture from your gallery, or you can also upload any of your Facebook photos.

With all the above steps followed, you will enter the home page of your profile. You can add all the personal information you want to share with the community in the about you section. You can also choose to add BeeTalk users from your phone contact list in your address book if you want to share your BeeTalk journey. After registration, you can start discovering new people near your locality and get a chance to know them better if they show similar interest in your profile.



BeeTalk is more like a hybrid app formed by taking all the best features of other apps and combining them all. So finding a match on this platform is much more similar to tinder swapping search function. A whole lot of profiles will be visible in your search function. If any of them seems appealing, you can flip right; if not, you can flip left. If the other person flips you right back, then you can start a conversation.

All messaging services on the platform are free, and hence BeeTalk encourages everyone to have lots of chats and bring lots of people closer to you. The secret weapon of this platform is the whisper feature, inspired by snap chat that allows the users to send messages to each other, which will get automatically deleted in a few seconds. Look around feature allows the user to find people using radar closer to your location. Nobody likes long-distance relationships, and hence this look around feature is just a blessing. Location-based clubs are again an exciting way to connect with new people and find some new friends or dates. In getting to know more people, if you ever encounter someone who disturbs you or offends you, you can always decide to unfriend that profile.

How To Search For People On BeeTalk?

Since BeeTalk does not ask for much information from the user; the search function is somewhat limited. Most of the matches you can find are based on location. Some other filters you can use to sort out the profiles as per your interests are:

  • Zodiac sign
  • School
  • Work
  • Age

The majority of the match is based on your profile photo. So you should be very careful while selecting it. It should be sober enough, not to attract one nightstand and beautiful sufficient to get maximum right flips.

How To Delete The BeeTalk Account?

You can always decide to delete your BeeTalk account, but before doing that, you should be entirely sure that, once the account is deleted, it cannot be retrieved. If you are full of this platform, you can drop an email on [email protected] with a request to permanently delete your account, and the app respondents will get back to you shortly.

Members Structure

As suggested by many other BeeTalk reviews, the platform is equally prevalent in both males and females. Whether you are a man or a lady, you have equal chances of finding someone special. Most of the members belong to Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Thailand. The platform is top-rated among the people of the age group 18-35 years looking for casual hook-ups or some cozy time with a romantic partner. BeeTalk encourages people to join various chat rooms and find people of the same beliefs and have a chance to increase your friend circle.

Sexual Preferences

Cute girls or classy ladies and young boys or macho men, all are welcomed at BeeTalk. You can meet new people over here, chat with them, find their interests and life goals, get closer to them, make your first move, take them on beautiful dates, and have some fantastic romantic experiences. The app, however, has no specific policy welcoming people from the LGBTQ community.

Race And Ethnicity

Black or white, negro, Caucasian, or mongoloid have equal access to the app and fair opportunities to find new people. This website is a great platform where people from all races and ethnicities can unite, interact, and get united. So, no matter your origin, you can always find someone of your own like or a person completely different from you and yet so exciting that you want to know more and more about them.

Religious Orientation

Love is not bound to any religion. It grows between people and their beliefs, so BeeTalk also doesn’t divide people based on religious background. However, if you are a person who is interested in people of your religion, you can ask their religious orientation in personal chats and can take things further accordingly.

Pricing Policies

Pricing Policies

One thing which attracts a vast number of members on this platform is its free services. BeeTalk does not have any membership plans, so joining the platform is worthy any way as your wallet is entirely secured in your pockets.

Free Membership

BeeTalk review would be so incomplete without telling you the amazing features of this app. Every element on the app can be accessed as a free member, as it has no premium membership plans. The various free services of this platform are listed below:

  • Flip searched feature: Swiping left or right to your screen while browsing through profiles let you like or dislike profiles, and if you get a right flip back, doors of communication are open for you.
  • Doodles and drawings: Something made up with your own hands often seems more appealing than stickers or emoji. So, you can doodle some lines and make something interesting to grab some great attention.
  • Stickers: If you are not good at drawing, go for stickers to express your feelings better as words cannot always correctly convey your emotions.
  • Whisper mode: Secret talks automatically get deleted after a few seconds, ensure privacy, and encourage more open-minded communications.
  • Radar feature: If any of your contact members are in your vicinity and a member of BeeTalk, you can join them on this platform too.
  • Look around: It allows you to find strangers near your location and get to know them, and maybe you can become good friends or partners in the coming future.
  • Join clubs: Location-based clubs allow you to share your thoughts with the new people, get to know them, and develop bonds, you can always decide to meet them in person as these clubs have members in your close vicinity.

The start point of BeeTalk is that it has no paid services. All the features of the platform are free to use. So, join and enjoy to the fullest without spending even a single penny from your hard-earned money.

How to Cancel BeeTalk Paid Subscription?

No paid membership feature exists on BeeTalk.

Is The BeeTalk Safe

Is The BeeTalk Safe?

BeeTalk registers the user with their phone numbers. These phone numbers are used for all types of financial services like banking, shopping, etc. These numbers are significant for safe handling. Moreover, the app can sync your contacts from the phone into your address book of the BeeTalk profile. Considering all this stuff, the user’s security and confidentiality become the utmost priority for the administrators. The platform uses SSL encryption to encrypt all the photos, chats and messages, and other profile information to protect the users from any kind of data hacking. So, this BeeTalk review suggests that the platform is much secured and encourages a safe dating environment.

Quality Of Profiles

With no option for buying a membership, the user pool for BeeTalk is expanding exponentially every day. The platform reports around 1000 logins per day. People from all sexual orientations, races, ethnicity, age, religious background, join the platform to discover something new, and meet some new people. As reported by many other BeeTalk reviews, the platform gets the least attention from spammers, and almost all the profiles are genuine and real. You can find yourself a new friend or someone to hook up with; if you get lucky, you always have the chance to find your true soulmate.

Website Design And Usability

Website Design And Usability

The platform is not available in the desktop version.

How Does BeeTalk Work?

BeeTalk works on the same principle as other dating platforms, or social networking sites operate. You browse through profiles; you have the option of liking someone or not, you can show them that you liked them, if they like you back, you get the chance to impress them in a personal chat. If things work out for both of you, trust your instincts and go for a romantic date. If not, then swipe through other profiles and try to find another match.

BeeTalk App

BeeTalk App

The app for BeeTalk can be downloaded from the Apple Store or from Google Play. The platform design completely matches its name and is filled with only two colors, i.e., Black and yellow, representing the colors of a bee. The platform has a logo of a bee. The design and usability of the app are quite user friendly. The home page shows five icons for a look around, video, chat, discover, and profile. To access radar and flip features, click on the menu on the upper right side of the screen.

Alternatives Of BeeTalk

  • Ashley Madison
  • Flirt
  • Line
  • WeChat


With all the popular social apps over the internet, BeeTalk allows you to use all the superb features of different platforms in a single place. What makes it more interesting is the fusion of all these features to give a user-friendly interface that is easy to access and navigate. It is a perfect place to spend some good time, finding new people, and checking your compatibility with them. Whether your interests lie in friendships, casual dating, one night stands, or long term serious relationships, you can always find someone having the same requirements as yours. BeeTalk has helped millions of people to find some love and romance in their life and still aim to grow and spread more showers of warmth and affection. If you are still single, hoping to find a lover soon, BeeTalk can make your dreams come true.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Company: BeeTalk

Address: No information available.

Phone: No information available for BeeTalk.

Email: [email protected]

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