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TrueView Review

TrueView Review
About Site
Active Audience 55%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 23-24
Profiles 1 400 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 7.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Modern web design
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customer support
  • High safety
  • No money refund
  • Less popular in little towns

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TrueView is a dating platform that focuses on helping single men and women find partners for long-term relationships. If you are interested in hookups, you should find another website or application that allows you to swipe profiles to find the one you like. TrueView won a lot of awards in the United Kingdom. A lot of members and experts consider that TrueView is one of the safest dating services on the market.

TrueView offers a reliable and safer dating platform for single people who are looking for long-term relationships. The best thing about this dating service is that you have the right to control your own TrustScore. If you take your online dating experience seriously and put enough effort, you will achieve high rewards and results. TrueView acts as a unique filter system that provides its clients with a natural way of identifying common points and starting a new conversation in a natural and friendly manner.

When Was TrueView Founded?

TrueView Review

TrueView is a modern dating platform. It has enough experience to win the highest award in the United Kingdom. A lot of famous people mention it in their interviews. It is something new on the market of online dating.

Who Owns TrueView?

TrueView is an award-winning dating program. It is location-based and free of charge. Andrew Ibbotson is the owner of this dating platform. He got deeply frustrated by his own unsuccessful dating experience. He spent a lot of time, effort, and money with zero results. Andrew decided to create a more efficient way to find potential matches online. He invited Matt Verity and Damian Mitchell, his best friends, to join his team. These young and talented entrepreneurs from East London created a high-quality dating service. It works like microblogging.

The final result of what the developer presented was much more like a social media network. Its structure has much in common with Facebook or Twitter. TrueView allows you to log in, choose your spheres of interests, and update your daily statuses. You get a unique opportunity to discover the real-life of your potential matches.

TrueView is the right platform for single men and women who are confident about serious intentions. If you want to find a fast hookup, this dating platform will disappoint you.

Registration & Profile

TrueView Review

Now, let’s see how you can register on TrueView. The developer made the registration process easy and intuitive. You will accomplish the signing up process in no time. There are two possible ways to open a new dating account. You can do it by using either your email address or Facebook account. As soon as you have selected the preferred way, the system will ask you to add your profile image and provide your necessary details. If you want to save time, you should sign up via Facebook and get the profile image, and details get set automatically. Now, you are ready to explore TrueView and meet your potential


A lot of new members want to know what happens when TrueView accesses their Facebook details. The company can access your details only if you allow such action. Otherwise, the company has no right to import profile information about users. However, it is very convenient to synchronize your username, age, photo content from your Facebook account. Make sure that your information is up to date. If you notice inevitable mistakes in your profile, you can edit them later.

You should know that TrueView never makes posts on your Facebook account. Your friends will have no idea that you use dating services. Your privacy is safe here. The company asks its new members to verify their phone numbers. Your contact details will not get shared with third parties. It is just a way to check that you are a real person. It is an important step to clear the space from those users who have abusive intentions.

You can change user name, job, ethnicity, birthday, weight/height, and gender in the Personal Settings” section. You have to press “My Profile” and press the icon, which you will find in the top right side corner of the PC screen. You just have to tap on the particular field, which needs corrections. After updating all the information, you should not forget to save changes. So, press the “Save” button.

If you do not like the photos which got linked from your Facebook account automatically, you can modify or delete them. If you want to add new images, you have to press “My Profile” and choose “Add Photo.” Now, you have to scroll down your TrueView profile to check all the newly added images. You can edit them and choose the one as your primary profile avatar.


TrueView Review

It is time to start a new conversation with your potential matches. You can use two ways to launch further interaction on TrueView. You should press the icon, which looks like a love heart, and you will find it in a particular person’s activity. When you send such a message request, you have to wait till your match decides whether he or she wants to continue your conversation. Alternatively, you can press the icon, which looks like a speech bubble, and write a comment. When you write a comment on a shared post, you start a private conversation straight away.

It is possible to see who has viewed your TrueView profile. When you set your profile, it is essential to enable the “Who Viewed You” option in the notification settings. Starting from now, you will receive a notification every time your potential match views your dating profile.

How to Search for People on TrueView?

If you want to modify your match criteria on TrueView, you must find and press the “Matches” tab, and then you should press the slider icon (you will find it in the top right side corner of the pc screen) and customize your matching criteria.

If the system recommends a particular match you do not like, you can block this person. This person will never send you a message or comment on your dating activity. You should not get stressed about a person you have just blocked. The site removes both of you from the feed.

How to Delete TrueView Account?

If a person wants to delete his or her TrueView account, there are two options to leave this dating platform. You have to press the tab called “My Profile” and then click the icon, which you can find in the top right-side corner of the PC screen. You have to scroll down and press “Account Status.”

There is another way to take a break from TrueView. Use this option if you plan to use its dating services in the future. You have to press the green-colored button called “Enabled.” It is the fastest way to change the status of your dating account to “Disabled.” It means you have removed your dating profile from the search/matching results, but you have the right to sign in later. It is the way to hide your profile and re-enable any time you feel.

All the lucky users who have already found a love partner on the TrueView platform may decide to stop using the TrueView dating services. You have to press the “Delete Account” option on the page called “Account Status.” The website will ask you once again to confirm your action and delete your account permanently. Note that by acting like this, you will not be able to retrieve your TrueView account. It has gone forever.

Members Structure

TrueView Review

As the TrueView app was created in the United Kingdom, most active members come from there. However, it is an international dating platform with a diverse member structure. Everybody who has reached 18 years old is welcome to join it.

Sexual Preferences

There are no restrictions for your sexual orientation, as long as you want to build meaningful and long-term relationships. TrueView is not an app for a one-time hookup.

Race and Ethnicity

The TrueView platform does not discriminate against any race or ethnicity. You will meet people from different countries. So, it is an excellent opportunity to learn something new about other traditions and ways of living.

Religious Orientation

TrueView does not put religion on its top priority. You will find people who follow different religions or those who are not religious at all. It is your way to explore the diversity of this big world. You should not judge people if they have completely different beliefs.

Pricing Policies

You can download the TrueView app free of charge. It is available for all types of mobile devices, either Android or Apple OS.

Free Membership

As a free user, you can register, open a new profile, and search for potential matches applying numerous filters.

TrueView offers its clients certain products/services that you can buy through either Google Play or iTunes. If you want to buy a paid subscription or some other purchases, you will have to enter the account details with your IAP account. If you decide to buy an auto-renewed subscription plan, your account will get billed regularly.

How to Cancel TrueView Paid Subscription?

After purchasing the first subscription plan for a certain period, it will get auto-renewed. If you do not want to use your paid subscription plan anymore, you have to modify your auto subscription. So, you have to log in to your TrueView account. The app provides all the needed instructions for you to cancel the auto-renewal. Even if you have deleted your account on TrueView, you should not forget to cancel the auto-billing from your device.

Is TrueView Safe?

The TrueView team encourages its clients to send feedback, which helps to improve dating services even more. The company does its best to fulfill the needs of modern single men and women and help them integrate into this community better. Together you can make this online dating space much better and user friendly. You have to be careful when you get to know a new connection.

Quality of Profiles

TrueView Review

The majority of TrueView members have detailed profiles and appealing photo galleries. You can edit your profile information by modifying your username, job, birthday, gender, and ethnicity. To do this, you have to go to the “Personal Settings” section and press “My Profile.” You must press a cog icon, which you will find in the right-side corner of the screen, and then choose the profile field you plan to modify or update. As soon as you have edited the needed sections in your dating profile, you should not forget to save the changes.

TrueView users have the right to modify or delete images from their photo gallery. If you want to add new photos, you have to press “My Profile”> “+”> “Add Photo.” Now, you must scroll down the current TrueView profile to check all the posted photos. You can choose the best one for your profile avatar—all these actions and modifications you can do by pressing the icon with three horizontal dots.

Website Design and Usability

TrueView Review

TrueView has an impressive web design, which brings you to a new level of high-quality dating platforms. It is bright and straightforward to navigate. All the features are well-organized for you to have easy and fast access. This dating platform deserves all the trophies.

How Does TrueView Work?

The main principle of TrueView is simple. This dating platform allows all its users to express their personality, relationship expectations, and interests as they are in reality. You have all the needed tools to share things you love, and let the platform use these details to match you with people who share the same lifestyle and interests in common. You will find the love partners to build long-lasting relationships.

TrueView App

TrueView appeared on the online dating market as a little start-up from the capital of the United Kingdom. The app has the principal purpose of connecting single men and women through their standard spheres of interests, occupations, and lifestyles. The app works not only as a dating platform but also as an innovative social networking site. You should test this user-friend widget for finding potential matches from all around the world.

The TrueView application is easy to use, intuitive, and perfectly designed. At the same time, it will impress you with its simplicity. All you need is download the app to your mobile device and find matching singles who get registered on it. TrueView starts to be very popular among people who are tired of old-fashioned dating websites full of scammers and fake accounts. The database of users grows rapidly. Even now, the app has a vast base of active members who live in London and many other cities and countries.

TrueView can stand the competition easily thanks to its smooth work and effortless usage. Once a person has tried this app, he or she will never return to other dating platforms. The app never does things complicated. You do not have to undergo time-consuming personality tests or undergo a strict verification process. It is simply impossible to fit all your details on a little screen of your smartphone or any other mobile device. Such modern and innovative apps indeed attract young people.

Using the TrueView app, you can open a new profile, add as many photos as you want, provide essential details, and open your heart to new relationships or friendships.

Alternatives of TrueView

TrueView Review
  1. Badoo
  2. Tinder
  3. GuardianSoulmates
  4. CofeeMeetsBagel
  5. Happn


TrueView Review

Let’s hope that this detailed TrueView review provides you enough information about the same features and procedures. You should try this dating application, which will make your personal life more colorful. Meeting new people has never been so fun, easy, and stress-free. Do not lose your chance to build serious and long-lasting relations through TrueView. While creating your profile, you should not feel shy to speak about your positive traits of character. Creatively express yourself. You can make your account stand out by adding your favorite music, images, videos. Your profile should represent your real and honest personality. You can be sure to find plenty of singles with common interests. You should not hide your personality. Make it shine during conversations. The first thing you see a user’s profile is his or her photo. You should not stop here. Explore all the details a person provides to have a clear idea of whether this connection has the potential for something bigger.

This app welcomes all real people who are looking for genuine relationships. It is your chance to find real love. TrueView is an application for young people who have a strong desire to find a love partner for a serious relationship. A lot of pleasant conversation, passionate dates, friendly and trustful singles are waiting for you on the TrueView app.

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