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Swoop Review 2024

Swoop Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 83%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 1 500 000
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 8.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is great for billing and has fast, easy tracking.
  • It has a great app available on both the iPhone and Android user app stores.
  • There are advanced chat options, like voice and video chats.
  • An efficient and reliable customer support team.
  • The interface isn’t appealing, and there are quite a couple of bugs.
  • Swoop is marketed as free when it isn’t.

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The online dating world has been sadly populated with sites that offer sex and flings as clickbait for unsuspecting viewers. The sanctity of marriage and the beauty of a loving and long-term relationship has now been relegated. This is sad, but it’s refreshing that we still have some good dating sites out there. Swoop is one of them. Care to take a trip?

When was Swoop Founded?

Swoop was founded on April 8, 2016, by a group of innovators. They aimed at populating the internet with a quality dating website and application that is an answer to the world’s Instagram and Snapchat.

How Owns Swoop?

Swoop is self-owned and funded by the Swoop Group of Companies that have their base in Los Angeles in the United States of America as well as select offices in several other countries. This aids flexibility and customer sampling.

Swoop Review 2020

Registration & Profile

Becoming a member of Swoop isn’t rocket science. I’m sure you’ve heard of stories of hookups, and lasting commitments on various group pages, or maybe your neighbor met her perfect husband online. You asked her where online, and she whispered in your ear ‘Swoop, of course’.

After this, you quickly clicked on Google and got the Swoop website link which you clicked once again. This link will redirect you to the Swoop website, and you will see all you have to do to register there. Now that you are here, you proceed to impute your details like age, username, e-mail address, height, and weight. Not a fan of websites? You can get the Swoop mobile companion application on the iOS app store for iPhone users or the Google Play Store for Android owners.

It might take a while for you to complete the sign-up process, but it’s certainly worth it in the long run as it is this profile that you are filling that will enable you to feed the algorithms that will give you matches and quality search results on the long run. Following this, an e-mail would be sent to your registered e-mail address, which would contain your verification link, click on the verification link, and you are ready to go.

Congratulations, you are now live! Furthermore, ensure that you pay a subscription fee, which would open you to a world of awesome options that are not available to free users that do not cross paths with anything whatsoever. You are also advised to read up the terms and conditions of Swoop and ensure you comply with the privacy and policy to avoid being on the foul side of the law in the long run.

It’s time to enjoy the ride, contact the customer support team if need be, or have a set of pressing questions that Google cannot solve.


First, you have to ensure that you have signed up for the Swoop service via the website or the mobile companion application. After you have done that, you should purchase a subscription plan with a fee that seems right. As a free user on Swoop, you would be ineligible for a plethora of awesome features that are available to even the least paying members on the platform.

After you have subscribed, you can now sit back and watch as the website does its thing. Depending on what you selected initially as preferences matches will be sent to your timeline for your kind perusal. You proceed to select your fancy, and after you take time to like their profiles, liking their profiles is like the equivalent of what it means to send a follow request like on Facebook. If they like yours too, then both of you become friends, and you can now text, or video chat your match.


How to Search for People on Swoop?

On some dating websites and applications, searching seems to be the hardest of all prepositions. The users find it easy to register, pay, beef up their social interface. But when it comes to searching for a catch that catches their fancy, they simply fold. Either from their error or due to the application’s troublesome website interface.

This is quite different on Swoop as users can do this with relative ease. Searching is quite simple here. All you have to do is head off to the search toggle at the top of the screen, which is denoted by a microscope like a toggle. On doing this, you proceed to tune your filters into the ones you desire; then you calmly watch as your search gives you a range of users that fit your preset preferences and your current search filters.

You then make your pick and like their profiles. If they scheme through what you got, and they like back, you can chat, simple as a dove, right? It is easy to search on the Swoop website or its companion application compared to a bunch of other similar service providers in the field.

How to Delete Swoop Account?

Sometimes you get tired of the things that meant so much to you. If Angelina Jolie could get tired of Brad Pitt and Princess Diana could get tired of the royal family, it is no surprise that as a mere mortal, you too could get tired of Swoop. As such, a user would not be forced to stay if he or she feels like his welcome has exceeded the duration.

All you have to do is simply go to the user and scroll a few clicks down; on doing that, you will see various unique options. Ignore the rest and click on the permanently delete account option. You will be asked, are you sure you want to delete your Swoop account permanently? Once again, click yes, and finally, your Swoop account will be closed. Be careful and make sure that is indeed what you wish for as there are no take-backs or sappy messages of how you made a mistake, and you’ll love to be back. You will have to start from scratch.

How to Delete Swoop Account?

Members Structure

  • Total Members
  • Swoop has over three million global users with a particular bias detected at its American users. It has over half of its users domicile in America and significantly more in neighboring countries too. This has been acquired over the years.

  • Top Geography
  • The top geography of Swoop as a dating application or an online dating platform in North America or the United States of America specifically. Swoop has a majority of its clients there, and this should not come as such a surprise. The typical American goes for quality over quantity, and the ratchet, as such, the quality of Swoop convinces such users to make the website their own.

    However, Swoop claims to be worldwide even if that is quite laughable as African users cannot also access the site to talk more create an account. Most of its reviews come from places like Atlanta, Las Vegas, Georgia, and California. The website owners should look at this as the global dating market has remained mostly untapped by Swoop since its foray into the dating scene.

  • Age
  • Curiosity killed the cat, and arrogance made the kitten homeless. These days minors see older people perusing online dating platforms and want to be a part of it. Hence, they create catfish accounts to get in on the fun and occasionally scam well-meaning clients playing on their lovestruck demeanor. Swoop, as an online dating platform, frowns at this greatly and only allows users that have reached the legal of eighteen to be a part of this family. The site occasionally has explicit content, and it would be unfortunate and worrisome to expose a young mind to such things as adult themes.

As such, Swoop has invested in unique algorithms that can tell if a user is lying about his age or merely being economical with the truth. If this is founded out, then the ailing account will be deleted from the website by the developers immediately, bearing in mind that the website or mobile companion application is largely made up of adults looking for serious relationships that would most likely result in marriage.

Top Geography

Sexual Preferences

Swoop is a modern dating platform that understands the climes and nature of romantic relationships these days. Members should not be bound by gender binary as this century has been one of fluidity and incredible harmony. As such, Swoop welcomes individuals and couples of all sexual orientations and preferences to its all-inclusive site.

It was one of the first sites to include the binary icon on its homepage, and it remains one of the major trailblazers in the industry as far as change is concerned. It has earned great plaudits from the LGBTQ community and significant praise for all the things it does.

Race and Ethnicity

The dating industry and internet, in general, are largely race-oriented, and most websites seem to exhibit signs of bias towards a specific race or ethnic group without knowing this. However, at Swoop, this is certainly not the case. This website and mobile companion application make it possible for all races had ethnic groups to feel part of one large family.

It is home for Blacks, Whites, Asians, Hispanics, Latinos, and what have you? It is one of its core foundational promises, and it strives to keep such a diverse flag flying for the foreseeable future. There is no cultural segregation or discrimination on this online dating platform or its mobile phone companion application. Unlike some websites like Latinomeetup, this online juggernaut opens its doors to the general public despite its skin tone. Isn’t that super great!

Religious Orientation

In the online dating industry these days, it is rare to see dating applications that specialize in appealing to a specific audience, be it specific sex or a specific ethnicity or even a specific user religion. However, that is not the case for Swoop. Unlike a plethora of online dating industry platforms, this website is not religion specific or even religious-oriented. It is not like Christian Mingle or Muslim Connect. This platform blurs the line in religion, and all that obtains in it. It opens its doors to all religions and gives users an avenue to find anything from a casual fling to a lasting life partner. Why not take a chance and see if you can take her to church?

Religious Orientation

Pricing Policies

You could either be a free user or a paid subscriber. The cost of the paid subscription is:

Type Membership Length Membership Cost Total Cost

  • Premium Membership 1 Month $49.99 total $49.99 total
  • Premium Membership 3 Month $34.99 per month $104.97total
  • Premium Membership 6 Month $24.99 per month. $149.94 total

Free Membership

As with most of the major online dating platforms available to the mass user, consumption Swoop offers users the chance to be free users of its platform, albeit with only limited options and possibilities. As a free user of Swoop, you will be matched with fellow users; however, you cannot chat or send pictures to such users; additionally, your search option would be drably coupled with limited and bogus filter varieties. The website would then proceed to litter your page with ads and try convincing you to subscribe to at least the cheapest available package and rightly so as this free user offer is quite a chore.

Swoop allows users to purchase paid subscription plans coupled with the longer you subscribe, the less you pay offer, which exhibits quite a value for money motive. This is certainly the real deal as you will be eligible for a plethora of advanced and super cool features.

You would be gifted better matches, and you can now text users or even video chat them up. Different in large ways from the services that free users get, right? Now you can even go ghosts on the platform or the app for a couple of days by utilizing the hide my profile feature and having better search options and a series of more customized filter possibilities. Why have all of that and choose to operate free?

How to Cancel Swoop Paid Subscription?

After a while, you might have found what you are looking for via Swoop, and now that you got a partner in tow or a new hobby, what is the point of paying money for a service that you hardly ever use. You can at least cancel your paid subscription to avoid automatic renewals and unforeseen happenstances.

You simply message the customer support team whom you can access their hotline and e-mail address through the Contact Us section either in your user interface or at the bottom of the screen. On doing this, you proceed to send them your username, e-mail address, the reason for cancellation, and your payment plan. Be careful that this is what you indeed choose to do as there is a strict no refund policy

How to Cancel Swoop Paid Subscription?

Is Swoop Safe?

Swoop is safe, secure, easy to use, and effortlessly serviceable. It has passed a series of national, regional, and international security checks sanctioned by notable world bodies for company registration. It has a stupendously high review score on Google Play Store, which can be accessed by Android owners and a similar score on the iOS app store for their iPhone counterparts.

Quality of Profiles

The profile quality is quite advanced and state of the art. That is why the initial sign up process feels like a chore as you are made to answer a plethora of questions ranging from general tastes to specific preferences. As such, your Swoop profile should be carefully groomed and artfully trimmed as it is your gateway to the minds of fellow users. As a paid subscription holder on Swoop, you have a diverse array of options to choose from.

Quality of Profiles

Website Design and Usability

The website is finely designed as it has futuristic themes and insightful gadgets for a mere dating platform that could rival mainstream applications like Instagram and Snapchat. Coupled with so many modern features and armed with strategically placed widgets to optimize a user’s website experience. This is certainly one of the better ones out there. If you got a problem or a set of questions that need answering, you could talk to the customer support team if need be.

How does Swoop Work?

Swoop is a generational masterpiece in the online dating world, and as such, it should be afforded that respect. You take your time to sign up and proceed to subscribe to a paid subscription plan. Following this, you are now live on the Swoop website, and you search or get matched with fellow users as you please. You can like fellow users’ profiles, and if they like you back, you can engage them in voice chats, video chats, or simply text each other. It is that simple.

Swoop App

There is a working Swoop app that is available on the iOS app store and the Google Play Store for iPhone users and Android subscribers alike. The mobile phone companion application has similar features and an equally awesome interface, which is reminiscent of its website contemporary. This is laudable as it is modern and up to speed to what obtains in the modern world as most serious companies now have mobile phone companion applications that take the business off the web and on the go.

Swoop App

Alternatives of Swoop

It is a known fact that Swoop has changed the online dating game; however, this is a moving sport as sites are springing up every passing day. Other sites are aiming for the throne. Competitors include the following.

  • Tinder
  • The biggest online dating platform out there with a super dating application to boost, the biggest name in the online dating industry, and the standard most sites aim to reach. Around for over a decade and a huge part of popular culture, Tinder is certainty a juggernaut in this field.

  • Christian Mingle
  • Christian exclusive answer to Tinder, this site has amazing features and is open to a worldwide viewing; it is awesome and offers users cool upgrades each passing season. The site you want to be if you are looking for a happily ever after.


Swoop is an awesome online dating platform that provides for all kinds of users and does so with such vigor. It has new and cool features like video call and lives viewing settings coupled with possessing a sweet customer support team that is cordial and up to the task. It also has a great app that can be gotten on the iOS app store and the Google Play Store. It’s one of the fastest moving dating platforms out there, so it’s certainly worth giving a try.


Contact Information

Company: Swoop Group of Companies

Address: 5151 W Rosecrans Ave, Los Angeles, CA US

Phone: 1-587-441-1001

Email: [email protected]

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