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PinaLove Review

PinaLove Review
About Site
Active Audience 84%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 22-40
Profiles 3 500 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 8.4
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It has an excellent mobile application for iPhone users
  • Top security features
  • Numerous unique tools
  • You can do a lot as a free visitor
  • Most of its members are men, a staggering 70%
  • It has a poor profile interface
  • It only offers Filipino women

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Do fantasies and reality live in the same world? You probably never noticed how blurred the lines were until you started checking out online dating platforms. PinaLove is an amazing discovery, indeed. You can find love with minimum fuss. It offers a plethora of top-notch features, care to take a look?

When Was PinaLove Founded?

PinaLove was founded in 2002. It has operated with a mantra of providing amazing services and a good time for the past eighteen years. It gives users value for money and ensures that they are eager to refer their friends to this platform.

Who Owns PinaLove?

Oxixo Private Limited created PinaLove in 2002 as a medium for young men to find awesome women from the Philippines to settle down with. It is a part of the group of companies that run a global agency, intending to give the best value for money and lasting satisfaction.

Registration & Profile

Registration & Profile

Like every useful organization or platform, PinaLove can be found on Google. This website is available on different search engines, so to become a member, all you got to do is follow a few well-ordered steps. You go to Google and search for the PinaLove site; on doing that, it will redirect you to the homepage, which will serve as your introduction to the PinaLove world.

Now that you are here, you will proceed to fill in all the options and answer the given questions, such as your name, email address, sex, what sex you are interested in, nationality, and your password. After that, a message will be sent to your registered email address, which will contain your verification link. Click on it, and it will redirect you to your profile interface, which will, by now, feature the info you filled initially on the homepage. Take your time to browse through the site and check out the toggles and widgets. They are easy to spot, so the experience should be worthwhile.

Ensure you also spare a few minutes to beef up your profile, which is the first thing that fellow users see. It is quite basic but can be optimized to a respectable point. Now that you’ve done all this, you can proceed to enjoy PinaLove in its full glory. Congratulations, you are now a part of PinaLove!


These days, numerous online dating platforms and websites have invested in unique, state-of-the-art algorithms that ensure members do not always need to search and go through the arduous process of looking for their specifications for hours unending. Well, unfortunately, PinaLove did not do that. As such, there is no medium on the homepage to specify your taste and, thus, no unique matching feature.

As a verified user of PinaLove, your profile will be visible to other users who have an established following. Once you are approved, you will also be able to view newcomers as soon as they register. As a free visitor, you can send messages to fellow members.

Still, you can only send one message every ten minutes. This might seem worth it, but as a new participant, you will receive a ton of texts from current users. Thus, it might be smarter to pay for a subscription plan that will ease your flexibility in the long run. This will also expose you to more features and give you the chance to reply to more candidates.

How to Search for People on PinaLove?

Searching on this website is not hard at all. All you have to do is sign up properly, get verified, and take your time to click on the search toggle at the top of the screen. Once you do this, you proceed to organize the filters and state your preferences just the way you like it.

Click “Search,” and it will bring out a few users who fit in the filters you fine-tuned. On doing this, you can text any of them. As a free visitor of PinaLove, you can only send one message every ten minutes while, as a paid subscriber, you can avail of unlimited messaging with relative ease.

How to Delete Your PinaLove Account?

Everybody has a reason for joining a big-time, multimillion online dating platform. Some of them are there to find a life partner and enter a commitment for life. Now that they have done that, what’s next? It’s time to move on; you can uninstall the app, but some prefer not to look back and delete their accounts.

This can be done by simply going to the user settings. Scroll down the screen, and you will find them; you will see the “Delete” option. Be careful as this is irreversible.

Members Structure

Members Structure

  • Members
    With a total number of over one million members, PinaLove can claim to be distinguished and well-followed. It might not have a massive crowd like Tinder, eDarling, Biker Planet, Wamba, or even Latinomeetup. It certainly caters to its target audience and gives them a plethora of unique features that keep them glued to their screens and incredibly happy with the service being rendered. The website goes for quality over quantity as its users are reputed to be some of the most cordial and responsive out there.
  • Geography
    PinaLove claims on its homepage to be a worldwide dating platform that services the needs on a global stage, meaning that users from all over the world can find love and sweet friends with benefits here. However, the top geography for PinaLove is the Philippines, and it is quite a woman-friendly. It caters to their needs quite well.
    The majority of its male users are from the United States of America, and quite a few thousands of people come from the United Kingdom and Australia. This site is accessible worldwide, and it has also done a great service to the community, with its phone app being even stronger than the website and reaching more traffic.
  • Age
    Like every responsible and legal online dating platform, PinaLove has a strict, no minor policy. It frowns at users that are below 18 and claim to be above that age. “Why,” you might ask? PinaLove is an adult online dating portal with explicit content and things that young people should have no business viewing.

    This is coupled with the fact that younger users tend to be quite immature and have the tendency to create catfish accounts that defraud older members into parting with money on the pretext of love and other sentimental things. The PinaLove customer service team ensures that accounts with such tendencies are quickly flagged down and taken off the website. Prevention is better than a cure.

Sexual Preferences

PinaLove is an online dating site that offers members the chance to find love and have a great time while doing that. As far as sexual preferences and orientation are concerned, it caters to men looking for women and vice versa. It does not satisfy the requirements of homosexuals, bisexuals, transgender, or queers.

The LGBTQ community has widely criticized this site, but are you stunned? The Philippines have been known to be mostly homophobic and intolerant, primarily to members of that said community. However, there are quite a few man-ladies here. If you belong to the LGBTQ community and look for love, this website is not the best place for you.

Race & Ethnicity

As far as race and ethnicity are involved, PinaLove does not discriminate or segregate. It allows everyone to participate. It will help people find fellow members of their ethnicity, allowing them also to explore and meet individuals of various races and ethnic groups. It is all-encompassing.

All races are welcome to join the PinaLove website and mobile application. It is different from the many race-specific online dating services that are all over the market these days, such as Latinomeetup that only caters to a particular ethnic group.

Religious Orientation

The Philippines is a religious country, with its main religion being Roman Catholicism. You would expect similar sentiments to be carried into the terrains of one of their most prominent online dating platforms, but no, that is not the case. PinaLove accepts people of various religions and cultures. Over the years, its consumer base has significantly increased, primarily thanks to its inclusive nature. The years have gone by, and it has kept up the good work of making members feel more than welcome, without feeling slighted or snubbed.

Pricing Policies

Pricing Policies

There are various price ranges and options for a user of PinaLove:

Duration Credits Coins Costs Total
1 Month 24.95 USD/Month 24.95 USD
3 Months 16.65 USD/Month 49.94 USD
6 Months 11.66 USD/Month 69.95 USD
1 Year 99.95 USD/Month 99.95 USD

Free Membership

PinaLove allows visitors to browse for free; however, this comes with a few cons. As a user, you can only send one message every 10 minutes, either initiating the chat or replying to someone’s text. You can still search with the toggle at the top of the screen, and you can also get matched with relative ease just like paid subscribers do. However, you cannot avail of the super cool real-time live chat option and view someone’s status posts or online video updates.

PinaLove has a paid subscription option, which offers you many great functions of this online dating masterpiece. You can send and receive unlimited messages and do advanced searches while being open to more accurate matches. You can also enter the live chat and create short videos that paid users can view to know exactly what you look like. This is an awesome feature, as honestly, your profile does not do justice to the looks and traits of registered members. Why be a second-class citizen when you can easily change your status?

How to Cancel PinaLove Paid Subscription?

Canceling a paid subscription plan on PinaLove is quite simple. All you have to do is follow a few steps. Firstly, click on the “Contact us” button. Then, you will get an email address to specify your request. Title the message appropriately and make sure to include your name, email address, complaint, and proof of subscription. Be careful as it is an irreversible action. Cancel the auto-renewal function to avoid being charged after leaving PinaLove. You will be refunded in two weeks. This is awesome, as most online dating platforms don’t offer refunds.

Is PinaLove Safe

Is PinaLove Safe?

It is safe but not very secure because PinaLove has poor firewalls that are relatively easy to breach. The site has passed a couple of online security tests. Sadly, it has a lot of catfish accounts. Members should desist from disclosing personal info as that is the best way to ensure their safety on this platform.

Quality of Profiles

The profile quality cannot rival sites like Tinder, eDarling, eHarmony, and the likes, as PinaLove is still on the rise. It is average at best and seems quite basic. It does not give a user an excellent medium to express themselves. This website, however, offers its community the chance to post online videos and show off their best traits. Tend to your profile interface as it is your gateway to better matches.

Website Design and Usability

Website Design and Usability

PinaLove is basic as it affords users an easy perusal and proper viewing. Any person can operate a clear interface with minimum fuss and Google searches. This website has nice user colors, giving the audience a semblance of romance with its super cool interface. Its widgets are clear, and they denote all the website functions, which serve as links to the necessary options. Toggles are well displayed by symbols, just like a magnifying glass indicates the search feature. You can get what you want with ease.

How Does PinaLove Work?

You sign in to the website through a Google or reference link. Following this, you proceed to operate the platform and read the terms and conditions to ensure that you follow all the privacy policy requirements. You subscribe to a plan that you can afford, and now you can enjoy all the functions of PinaLove.

PinaLove App

PinaLove App

PinaLove has a useful mobile counterpart that is available for download from the App Store. Sadly, there is no app for Android devices. Most of the visitors are Americans, and the application has similar functions to those of the website. It also happens to be cheaper.

PinaLove Alternatives

PinaLove is an excellent online dating platform. However, it has a couple of strong competitors.

  • Latinomeetup

    This is the main Latino-oriented online dating service on the Internet. It caters to many nations and has a great interface. It is Latino-specific, with a rich history of giving members amazing opportunities and great features.

  • eDarling

    This is the German branch of the great eHarmony group. It is blessed with a fancy interface and a plethora of functions that users can optimize to get what they want. This site keeps on growing and servicing the public.



PinaLove is a great invention and one of the modern mainstays on the best dating website lists. This is an awesome platform with a super cool mobile app that is compatible with iOS devices. Users can enjoy a lot without paying, which is a great way to score Filipino chicks from across the border. Go give it a try!

Contact Information

Contact Information

  • Company: Oxixo Private Limited
  • Address: 30 Raffles Place, #17-01 Chevron House, Singapore
  • Phone: 095120709542
  • Email: [email protected]

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