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Ohlala Review 2024

Ohlala Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 79%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 1 785 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 8.5
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Safe
  • Anonymous
  • For beneficial dating lovers
  • A chance to get paid
  • A great chance to be in control of the date
  • Clear terms
  • Fair use
  • Quick and easy registration
  • Verified accounts
  • Only basic information, no publicity
  • Profile and photo viewing is free of charge
  • A different search system for both sexes
  • Free app
  • Price
  • Chatting is a paid option

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Ohlala is a German dating site that promotes paid dating. How does it work? Men offer a meeting, and women interested in that suggestion, message gentlemen to escort them on a date. It is a mutually beneficial deal as men get a smart and beautiful companion, and females don’t pay for dinner, they receive some extra cash. Another great feature of Ohlala is quick dating. Instead of scrolling through tons of information, you only have limited time to invite each other for a date. That approach takes away from the painstaking waiting period and meaningless small talks.

In the Ohlala review, you are going to learn more about other unique features of the site, as well as its contingent, prices, safety, and many more crucial facets.

When Was Ohlala Founded?

Founded in 2015, Ohlala promptly allows men to go on paid dates with women.

Who Owns Ohlala?

Ohlala was an idea of a German female entrepreneur Pia Poppenreiter. The co-founder and the CEO of Ohlala states that she does not like it when people diminish the site to escort and prostitution, as Ohlala has nothing in common with sex work. Inviting a woman for a date and covering her bill is a traditional practice, so the site has clear terms of beneficial dating. She says, “It is more of a Taskrabbit for emotional labor,” implying that conversations are much more valuable than sex.

Registration and Profile

Registration and Profile

On Ohlala, the registration process is more than straightforward. All you need to do is type in your e-mail address and phone number for verification. Then you can come up with a secure password and proceed to verification. That is all the necessary information to verify your account; you do not need additional data.

Before going to the next stage, you need to verify your account after Ohlala sends you a code onto your phone. To complete the registration process, you have to select the gender. Notably, the searching process is very different for men and women on this site. Here, women receive invitations, and men initiate them. If you want the site to work correctly and in your favor, state the gender honestly.

Ohlala has many useful profile features. It helps you find quick dates and search for people in your area. However, when you want to set up an instant date, there is no need to go through tons of information, questionnaires, answer, and be annoying. On Ohlala, you have all the essential tools to see whether you will like this person. On your profile, there will be the following features: username, country, city, age, bad habits. Another great addon to Ohlala is that viewing profiles, uploading, and scrolling through pictures is free of charge. You can upload limitless amounts of photographic content. Each photo is thoroughly checked by Ohlala administration to make sure all members are real, and photos are according to high standards.


Ohlala works differently from other dating sites. This platform suggests a brand-new concept where women only can browse male accounts anonymously to keep an eye on a handsome potential date. When they see the mutual interest of a man who chose to request a date, a woman can reject or apply the query. Girls can do it for free, but they can’t text males left and right. Men, however, can only view profiles of women who applied the request. This is how matching happens on Ohlala.

When it comes to communication, the process has peculiarities too. Females only have 21 minutes to think over an offer, and then decline or accept it. When the time runs out, the chat disappears. So it would be best if you were active and keep an eye out for potential partners. After that, you will not see the same person twice, nor can you get back to the dialogue. To talk to a certain someone, you need to purchase a chatting option and rate the date, from cheaper to more expensive. The more costly the date is, the more coins you’ll need to purchase.

How to Search for People on Ohlala?

If you are a man, to start searching for girls, you will need to state your location, time, and budget, and start submitting requests. The search panel will include all women who are nearby. Notably, if you run out of time, the chat will disappear, and you will need to start searching over.

If you are a woman on Ohlala, you have all the freedom to choose anyone from the list you find attractive. To choose a partner, simply go through the men’s’ profiles section and select a date you want to apply for. Your account will be hidden from the start. Once you show love to a certain man, your account will appear in men’s requests.

How to Delete Ohlala Account?

To delete your Ohlala account, simply contact the support team via [email protected] and inform the service about your intention of deletion. After that, write your username and e-mail. The team will immediately help you deactivate your account. You will be informed upon completion of the deactivation.

Members Structure

Members Structure

Ohlala has more than 10,000 members, and these numbers grow rapidly. Although the site is not yet mainstream, it managed to arrange thousands upon thousands of successful dates between men and women. Ohlala does not hesitate to show its accolades as its co-founder Pia Poppenreiter says that the concept of beneficial dating gets more and more popular among young people.

Since Ohlala is a German platform, here you can come across mainly Europeans (not only from Germany, but from Great Britain, Spain, Italy, and other countries). Americans do use this site, too, due to location search.

Ohlala has a stricter entrance system. Thus, only members above 21 can verify for this site. There are no borders aside from that, as Ohlala is popular with men in their 30s and 40s. When it comes to women, they tend to be of a younger age, but the age gap is not too drastic.

Sexual Preferences

Predictably, Ohlala is a site for heterosexual hookups. Here you will find all sorts of men and women. Thus, you cannot find homosexual connections, nor can you register as a man searching for men. Ohlala targets women who go on dates when men pay, and there is not much fluctuation of variety to that concept, unfortunately.

Race and Ethnicity

Presumably, since the majority of members come from Europe, Ohlala mainly unites white German and other European people. However, here you can meet Afro-European and Afro-American members, as well as Asian-Europeans. The site shows diversity and love for each ethnicity and race.

Religious Orientation

There is no direct information on the religious divide of the contingent, as the site focuses primarily on hookups and quick dates. Religion is not in the list of essential information, but judging from the location, the majority of members are Christian, Catholics, Lutheran-Protestants, and agnostics.

Pricing Policies

Pricing Policies

Ohlala has a coin payment system. Once you hop on the site, you will receive free 25 coins to test the messaging feature. Once you run out of them, you will have to purchase another 25 coins. Ohlala offers different coin packages that allow you to chat without purchasing a membership. This is a convenient feature as there is no need to pay for things you will not use. Packages differ among men and women.

For females, Ohlala offers the following package:

  • Package S

80 coins for 10 EUR

  • Package M

245 coins for 25 EUR

  • Package L

550 coins for 50 EUR

Men get their own package, which is more pricy:

  • Package XS

40 coins for 19,99 EUR

  • Package XS/S

75 coins for 34,99 EUR

  • Package S

115 coins for 48,99 EUR

  • Package S/M

185 coins for 73,99 EUR

  • Package M

285 coins for 97,99 EUR

Since men are the ones to approach and treat women on Ohlala, they get to buy presents and send more messages. The site is in the mid-high range, being a somewhat expensive service.

If you want to pay for your features, you may do so with SEPA direct debit (the data is encrypted, no need for registration) or Credit card. The site Ohlala accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Free Membership

As a new member, you still can do free stuff at Ohlala. For instance, the process of registration is free of charge. Additionally, you can scroll through photos, upload them, and view profiles for free. As a woman, you can apply or dates and look for them for free. As a male user, you can postdate requests and watch girls who accepted them absolutely free of charge. That is how Ohlala works for males and females.

Unfortunately, you can’t contact a visitor unless you are a paid member. The chat costs 25 coins, and after 21, you will primarily either meet the person or buy another chat with a different user.

How To Cancel Ohlala Paid Subscription?

To cancel an Ohlala subscription, you do not need to do anything, as there is no such thing on this site. Once you decide to no longer buy the coins, the service will not automatically charge you money.

Is Ohlala Safe

Is Ohlala Safe?

When it comes to Internet safety, Ohlala is an entirely secure and trustworthy platform. The site does not report any scammers whatsoever, because the service gets equally paid by men and women. Why is it secure? Ohlala does not use any real names or other personal information. To register on this site, the only thing you have to provide is your e-mail and phone number. Ohlala does not link you up with third-party apps, create Facebook invitations, or use cookies to share the information with other services. Ohlala guarantees a high level of anonymity and integrity with each member.

The next thing that makes Ohlala secure is its verification. To verify your account, you need to provide the phone number, but only to receive a one-time code. The site bans and blocks strange activity, as well as unverified or annoying users.

And lastly, Ohlala requests payment for members to use this site, so there is no need for anyone to ask for money outside the app or trick you to answer them. Once a woman purchased her coins, she is equally in the process as the man, and vice versa.

Quality of Profiles

When it comes to profile quality, Ohlala has pretty standard features. All you can see essentially is necessary information about the user, their photo, location, age, sex, etc. Not everyone fills in all the information, but the photo quality is high. The site allows nudity, but without showing private parts or toys. So you can say that Ohlala has tasteful nudes and little to no information about the user. What else do you need for a quick dating app?

Website Design and Usability

Website Design and Usability

Ohlala has an attractive design that looks modern. The welcome page is made with pinkish tones, positive pictures, and nice testimonials. It is a standard look for a typical dating site. At the top right corner, you can switch between German and English languages, sign in and register, read about Ohlala’s appearance in the press, digital magazines, and other sources, read reviews. You can go through an extensive tutorial with smooth cartoonish animation, read all the benefits, and find other site’s social media. Ohlala works perfectly and has a smooth operation. The site does not lag and have a support team to help you. Here you can also leave feedback f you find ways to improve this site.

How Does Ohlala Work?

Ohlala is a site for beneficial dating that unites singles from your local area. The platform uses a different approach for male and female users, making them play different roles in communication. Once you register, as a man, you can select the dating budget and write down the request. Once you have it open, any girl from your area can accept the request and talk about further terms. You have 21 minutes to arrange the meeting. Otherwise, your data will be canceled, and the dialog will be deleted, making you start the search over. Ohlala teaches you not to focus on so many details and have the time to become self-conscious or doubtful. It is a nothing or everything kind of situation, so if you are interested in this approach, quick dates are definitely for you.

The site uses the coin system. Each chat costs 25 coins, which you will have to renew once you’ve run out of previous ones. The virtual cash lets you escape a boring concept of paying for a subscription every time.

Ohlala App

Ohlala App

Ohlala app is not available for iOS and Google Play. However, it is present and works perfectly with any device in the web version. For the good side, you do not need to download anything and take up the storage on your phone. It is enough to go to the site and enjoy the adapted version for the phone or tablet. The app works great with any mobile phone, screen, or version. You need to have a browser and Internet connection to access the site. The app is free and does not need any payment. It has a simple design and cool features, preserved for your phone or tablet.

But if you still want to use Ohlala from your phone, you can set up the app on your home screen right from the site. The pop-up message will ask you to “Add Ohlala! to Home Screen”, and when you agree, the app will appear on your phone screen. The app does not have tons of ads with suggestive content. It has updates and notifications.

Alternatives of Ohlala

Alternatives of Ohlala

Ohlala is a unique site in many senses. First of all, it introduced the system of different searches for men and women, keeping gender roles strictly divided. There are not many sites that would support the tradition. However, there are some sites and apps on the market that work in similar ways.

For example, on Adultfriendfinder, you can find instant hookups, cute girls and boys, and not fret over reading too much information about the interlocutor. It is a handy site for adult users who just want to have fun and not bore over formalities.

Ashley Madison is another site similar to Ohlala. Here, you are free to choose a date based on location search and your preferences. It is a private site for horny members who just want to have sex and skip the dating part. The site facilitates the search by including many categories and leaves out boring information from the eyes of the viewer.


Ohlala is a mutually beneficial dating site where men and women have 21 minutes to get to know each other and arrange a date. It is a secure but pricey quick dating site for all lonely souls who support traditional gender roles and love pampering women.

Contact Information

Contact Information

Company: Spreefang GmbH

Address: Oberwallstraße 6, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 1590 4040567

Email: [email protected]

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