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JPeopleMeet Review

JPeopleMeet Review
About Site
Active Audience 63%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 30-35
Profiles 680 600
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Registration is free.
  • Your profile is activated as soon as you’re done signing up.
  • The site is easy to use and has a functional design.
  • The paid subscription option is very affordable.
  • It has a beautiful and warm aesthetic.
  • It has no mobile app.
  • It has a low membership population.
  • It has no automatic matching algorithm.

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JPeopleMeet is a dating site for Jewish people who want to date other Jews. This is a niche dating site, but it isn’t entirely exclusive, unlike other niche dating sites. The founders of JPeopleMeet encourage non-Jewish people to join this site and experience Jewish dating and culture. This is a legitimate site and is not fraudulent in any way.

When Was JPeopleMeet Founded?

JPeopleMeet was founded in the year 2000. This site is owned and operated by People Media, Inc, a company that is responsible for the creation of many other niche dating sites. JPeopleMeet was created to link Jews in the North American region with each other on a platform that fosters a romantic relationship. This is a task JPeopleMeet has been working on for 20 years.

When Was JPeopleMeet Founded?

Who Owns JPeopleMeet?

The People Media network owns JPeopleMeet. People Media owns a series of niche dating sites under IAC, the parent company of Match.com. Their purpose is to create dating platforms for people with personalized dating tastes. People’s media was founded in the year 2002.

Registration & Profile

To join JPeopleMeet, you will have to register a new account. This is a simple but time-consuming process that requires a little bit of patience. But you can be assured that you’ll have your account activated once you’re done and ready for you to explore. The first step in creating an account is to fill the registration form. You must not provide any falsified information as you’re filling the registration form. They will likely find out and have your account blocked, especially not your location, because this site makes use of a location search tool to decipher your true location.

If you’re dishonest about your location, they’ll assume you’re a catfish and prevent you from opening an account on their site. To get to the registration form, you have to go to the site’s homepage. You will see an icon asking you if you want to discover singles near you. This icon is a link to the registration page, click on it. The registration form has a list of several sections which you are required to fill. These sections include:

  • your date of birth;
  • your sexuality;
  • your first name;
  • ethnicity, occupation;
  • zip code;
  • email;
  • desired password.

After this, you can click the sign-up button and proceed to the JPeopleMeet site. Once you’re on the site, the next step would be to kick-start the process of creating your profile. Your profile will require you to fill in a lot of information about yourself. The information you will be filling in your profile will be considerably more personal than the information you filled in your registration form. Your profile will require information on your personality and character. This is because you will be judged on the quality of your profile. If your profile is very insightful and interesting to read, you will have a much higher chance of getting a message from another member or getting replies to messages you sent out.

Your profile will require you to fill in a bio about yourself. Your bio can be short, but it has to be meaningful and interesting. If your bio is insightful, you will seem more approachable, and people will be more comfortable starting a conversation with you.

As for your account, it has a straightforward design and is quite easy to use. Everything you need is displayed on your home screen and is easily accessible. The taskbars are all located on your home screen. This makes your account very easy to use and simple to navigate.

Registration & Profile


If you intend to get matched on JPeopleMeet, the first thing you have to do is update your profile. This may seem pretty obvious, but it is very common for profiles on dating sites to be inadequately filled. A lot of people just slap on a profile picture and think that’s all necessary to make a good profile.

These days, people are very suspicious of poorly filled profiles because it is a big indicator that the account is fake, and there is no genuine personality behind it, to the point that even catfish accounts have well-detailed profiles these days. If your profile is poorly updated, you can expect to have an unproductive dating experience on JPeopleMeet. So you have to make sure that you use all the writing prompts on your profile and fill them accordingly.

Also, you have to write an interesting bio that isn’t too long but is informative and insightful. JPeopleMeet provides multiple-choice personality questions that encompass your interests, icebreaker questions, your passions, and lifestyle.

The next step to take would be to use the search function to look for profiles you might be interested in. As long as you’re on a paid subscription option, you’ll send messages to anyone on the site. The key is to be friendly, polite, and engaging. If you don’t actively engage in each conversation, you’ll be considered boring and could end a good conversation. No one likes to fight for attention.


How to Search for People on JPeopleMeet?

Searching on JPeopleMeet involves using the use of the search function. You can easily find your search function in your taskbar, which is placed on your homepage. To use the search function, you can fill in any keyword that is useful to your search.

There are special filters available to those on a paid subscription. These filters give you advanced search options that enable you to narrow your results down to specific criteria. The criteria include age, proximity to your location, gender, online now, etc. However, the advanced search feature is only available to paying subscribers.

How to Delete JPeopleMeet Account?

To successfully delete your JPeopleMeet account, the first thing you will need to do is to contact the site’s customer service team. Because this site does not have a working email, you will have to either send a letter through the post office or contact the site’s number, which is a much easier and faster solution. Your phone call or mail should include your reasons for wanting to delete your account.

To get their contact details, you will need to look through their contact us section, where all the means of contacting them are made available. If you subscribe to a paid option, please send proof of your payment to the email you intend to send. This will save you a lot of stress and ensure that you get a swift response. You should expect them to try to persuade you to stay, and they can be very persuasive, but the decision of whether to stay or leave is ultimately yours.

How to Delete JPeopleMeet Account?

Members Structure

  • Members
    This site has a considerably low membership population. There are approximately 200,000 members, with only 15,000 being active per week. This can be a huge disadvantage, especially if you’re using a free subscription option. It greatly lowers your chances of getting discovered or even communicating. Even as a paying subscriber, you will have to struggle to meet someone who is online and is a good match for you. This is, after all, a game of numbers. Part of the reason this site has such a low membership population is the fact that this site does not have a mobile app.
  • Geography
    Most of the users of JPeopleMeet are based in the US. This is because Peoples Media chose North America as their geographical audience. This site targets Jews in the diaspora; if its target audience was Jews in Israel, then it won’t be a niche dating site; it would be a local dating site. Unfortunately, the Jews in other continents will not enjoy this site. Unless you’re willing to travel to North America, you’ll have a challenging time getting a match, not to talk about meeting anyone in real life.
  • Age
    This site is surprisingly not diverse when it comes to age. Most of the users are between the ages of 25 and 35. The users that don’t fall within this age group are a very small minority. The reason for this is not very obvious.

Members Structure

Sexual Preferences

This site is very open to all sexualities. There is no discrimination on this site, and any form of discrimination that any member carries out will lead to the termination of said perpetrators’ accounts. Although there is a meager population of people from the LGBTQ community on this site, it is not insignificant. As long as you’re Jewish, your sexuality doesn’t matter. You’re free to sign up on this site.

Race and Ethnicity

This site welcomes people from all ethnicities. Anyone that identifies as Jew is welcome to this site. Although there is a much larger population of white people on this site, there is a minority of people from other ethnic groups. Also, the terms of use and membership agreement of this site discourage any form of racism and punish any acts of racism by terminating any account involved in racist acts.

Race and Ethnicity

Religious Orientation

Though this is a Jewish site, the site targets the individuals that are a part of the culture. This is not a religious dating site. It focuses on people of Jewish heritage and provides a platform for those looking to date other Jews or at least people from a Jewish background. So even if you’re not of the Jewish faith, you’re still welcome on this site.

Pricing Policies

This site has a free sign up, but there is a huge difference between free accounts and those who upgrade to a paid subscription option. The pricing variations for the paid subscription are:

  • 1 Month $13.99 ($13.99)
  • 3 Months $8.999 ($26.97)
  • 6 Months $6.49 ($38.94)

Free Membership

The free subscription option on JPeopleMeet is quite unsatisfactory and needlessly limiting. Although it comes with some useful features, these features are made meaningless by the restrictions. The free option allows you to like and comment on photos, to search for matches, and to upload pictures. However, the one necessary feature to give you a high-quality dating experience is restricted to the paid option, which is the chat function. You have to upgrade to a paid subscription option before you can send messages to other users on this site. You will also have to deal with a lot of ads. Your profile will rank much lower in search results, to make matters worse.

Free Membership

The paid subscription option is far better than the free option. It allows you to access the chat function and unlimited messaging. Because you’re a paying customer, your profile will be ranked near the top of search results. You have access to advanced search filters and all the features available to non-paying subscribers. To make it all better, you will have an ad-free experience.

How to Cancel JPeopleMeet Paid Subscription?

Your JPeopleMeet subscription is automatically renewed until the cancelation. You have to use the external service (Apple Store, Google Play, etc.) you used while subscribing to cancel your paid membership. You also can have a refund for the unused time of your subscription. You can read more useful information regarding a refund on the JPeopleMeet website in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section.

Is JPeopleMeet Safe?

JPeopleMeet is safe to use, and your information is very secure on this site. They have protocols to protect their users from possible hacking activities and prevent catfishes and trolls from joining the site. They run a location check on the aspiring members using the zip codes they provide in the registration form.

If they discover that the information provided is invalid, the account will be blocked from joining their site. JPeopleMeet has anti-discrimination laws in their terms of use. If these are ignored, they instantly remove the profiles responsible that perpetrate such acts. But as much as the site does to protect its users, users mustn’t give out information to strangers that could lead to a breach of security.

Quality of Profiles

The profile quality of JPeopleMeet is well organized. They have a well-detailed layout and are very structural about how they present your information. The information is displayed in such a way that the profiles will give other users insight into the personality of the person behind the account. The profile picture is the first thing you’ll see. After viewing the profile picture, you then see details about the person’s character and personality, followed by a bio. Your profile will tell other users the key things that make you unique.

Quality of Profiles

Website Design and Usability

JPeopleMeet has an easy to use interface that is designed to provide easy navigation for the site’s users. The design is a bit old and can do with an upgrade, but if you don’t mind it, then you will be delighted with its functionality. It’s just not very aesthetic or modern. The functions are easily identifiable, accessible, and simple to use. All the functions you need are displayed on your taskbar. You have quick and easy access to your private inbox, your search, and the community section. You also a ‘contact us’ function, which helps you contact the customer service team directly.

How Does JPeopleMeet Work?

JPeopleMeet is very easy to navigate through. Starting on a new dating site might seem daunting, but this site is pretty easy to work through. As soon as you’re done sorting out your registration and payment processes, you can begin to connect with other members on this site. You can develop a high-quality profile to attract more possible matches.

To do this, you have to write a short bio that details interesting things about yourself. You should also answer the multiple-choice questions suggested in the profile section. You should follow the writing prompts about your hobbies and your Jewish background. You can then begin to search for matches by using the search function to look for profiles that you like and send messages to them.

JPeopleMeet App

This site does not have a mobile app. This is unfortunate because this site would likely have a much larger membership population if a mobile app were available. On the plus side, you can easily use this site on any of your phone’s mobile browsers. The website has all the features you’ll need to enjoy this site.

Alternatives of JPeopleMeet

  • JDate
    This site has been around for 23 years and has a fantastic track record. This is a niche dating site that is for Jewish individuals who are interested in dating other Jews. It has a mobile app that is available for users on Android and iOS. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to communicate with anyone without upgrading to a paid option.
  • Zoosk
    This is a dating site for Jews. This site targets a primarily younger audience, falling between the ages of 18 and 30. This site has a mobile app that has a nice aesthetic and an easy to use design. It also has an automatic matching algorithm.


Is JPeopleMeet Safe?

Yes. Each account on this platform has the Report icon to make a complaint in case you find a fake profile or notice malicious activities like stealing other individuals’ private data. The site also additionally offers a link with helpful security guidelines.

Is JPeopleMeet a Real Dating Site?

Yes. It was created in 2000. The goal of the service is to enable Jewish males and females to mingle. People Media Company is the owner of JPeopleMeet.

How to Use JPeopleMeet?

After signing up, people look for their matches. The search can be narrowed down by using filters, such as Kosher Eating and Synagogue Going. The users can also like and leave comments on the pictures of people they deem interesting. They can write and receive messages, but this requires to upgrade their accounts.

Is JPeopleMeet Free?

You will sign up, build a profile, share photos, find matches, check other accounts, like your matches’ photos, send flirts, and add people to favorite lists for free. However, if you wish to write and read texts, know who flirts with you, and enjoy several other perks, you should upgrade to the paid account.

Does JPeopleMeet Really Work?

Yes. It is a useful matchmaking platform for Jewish users or any person interested in marrying Jews. JPeopleMeet has all kinds of members. It provides the best solution to anyone interested in the Jewish religion. Some people also shared their success stories of how they had met their soulmates on this site.


Overall, this site is pretty good on a functional level, as long as you’re using the paid option because the free option is pretty useless. This site would be much better if it had a larger membership. The design and the aesthetics are pleasant and effective, but nothing is worth noting about the site itself. It doesn’t get our recommendation, but we won’t discourage you from using it either.

Contact Information

  • Company: PeoplesMedia.inc
  • Address: 555 West 18th Street
  • Phone: 2113-314-7300
  • Email: [email protected]

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