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HookUp Review

HookUp Review
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Active Audience 76%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 20-25
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 87%
Ease of Use 6.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is a very playful site that attracts a unique audience of people who want no strings attached sex.
  • It has simple features and functions that are user-friendly.
  • This site has a swift registration process.
  • The aesthetic is surprisingly good for a startup app.
  • It has a well-functioning mobile app.
  • If you’re looking for love, you won’t find it on this site
  • The profile quality is quite poor
  • The site has an imperfect verification process, making it free real estate for people with bad intentions

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Hookup is a dating site created for people who aren’t interested in serious or long-term relationships. This site is strictly for hookups: one-night stands and no strings attached sex. If you’re looking to fall in love or get into a long-term relationship, don’t waste your time on it. The site uses bots to make its new members pay for their premium subscription.

When Was HookUp Founded?

When Was HookUp Founded?

HookUp was founded in 2014. It was created to provide a meeting platform for individuals who want one-night stands and other sexual encounters of a casual nature. The site has not really grown to become a major hook up site, but it does have dedicated followership. This site is unconventional for its geographical base, which is the continent of Africa, specifically Nigeria. Perhaps this is why it is yet to grow into its full potential. This is one of the most paramount dating websites in Nigeria and West Africa.

Who Owns HookUp?

The owners of HookUp have chosen to remain anonymous for reasons unknown to us. Well, that is their prerogative, after all. Regardless of how well hidden their identity is, they’ve put out a vision that could very well spark a culture switch in Africa. Maybe we are overhyping this, but if this app does take off in the future, it could very well change the nature of dating sites in Africa. And that is a lot, considering that the dating industry in Africa is a bit pretentious. Not to be prudish, but this site has a premium usage.

Registration & Profile

The signing up process on this site is quite quick and easy; it barely takes any time. The first step would be to fill the registration form. The registration form will require information about you. This information will be filled in categories, some of which are:

  • your full name
  • your valid email address
  • your age
  • a chosen password
  • a chosen username
  • your present location

As soon as you fill this form and click the sign-up icon, you will immediately access your profile.

They made the registration process straightforward and easy because they want to get you on the site as soon as possible so that you can see the profiles of all the hot women and men that are users of their website. Within a few seconds of scrolling, you will likely see someone you would be interested in starting a conversation with, or even better; someone might send you a message first. Once you send a message or reply messages, you’ll receive a notification telling you that you’ll not be able to send any more messages unless you upgrade to a premium plan.

The next step would be to upgrade to a premium plan. While there is a free option, you won’t be allowed to do anything worthwhile with your account if you don’t pay first. Once you’ve made the necessary payments, you can then begin the process of updating your profile information.

The user profiles on this site are very dull, display wise, and don’t have enough categories for you to express your identity adequately. So, you’ll have to make up for it by filling the short bio section with as much information as possible without it being boring, of course.



To get matched on this site is a straightforward process. The first step would be to upgrade your account. As mentioned earlier, you have to pay for the premium account before you can get into a conversation with another member, regardless of who started the conversation. Once you’ve done this, you can begin to look through all the suggested profiles.

There are several fake profiles on this site, so read the bio to determine whether the person is real. Most times, the fake profiles have their bios written by bots. The bios that are written by bots are poorly articulated and seem very unoriginal, let this guide you. Once you identify an original looking profile, you can send a message and start connecting.

How to Search for People on HookUp?

Hookup’s interface is a bit disorganized, but it’s not very hard to navigate. On your profile’s homepage, various functions are displayed that will help you search for possible matches to connect with. Your homepage would be stacked with profiles of potential hookup matches that are recommended based on your preferred gender and your proximity to their location.

You will be able to use basic search criteria to filter your search results. The criteria include gender, age, location, online now, and with photo only. There is a feature that allows you to see profiles of members that have just joined and people who have viewed your profile. This site also an algorithm that recommends profiles to you based on the profiles you’ve been viewing. There is also an algorithm that uses your profile info to determine your taste. The algorithm studies its database for profiles similar to yours and recommends them to you.

How to Delete Your HookUp Account?

To delete your HookUp account, you will have to contact their customer support team. Don’t be tempted to do it yourself; you have to contact the support team so that you won’t have any excuse to auto-renew your paid subscription. It is also to ensure that your account stays permanently deleted. So you’ve got to message your customer service and explain precisely why you wish to terminate your account. They will likely try to dissuade you from leaving, but this is to be expected; it is, after all, a business, and the last thing any business wants is customers dropping their service. So they will likely try to persuade you to stay, but if your mind is made up to delete your account, make sure you send your proof of payment along with the message. This way, the whole process will go by much quicker.

Members Structure

Members Structure
  • Members
    This is a small startup dating site. As a result, the member population is quite low. There are approximately 15,000 users of this site. Only 10,000 of those users have the site’s app.
  • Geography
    This dating site is based in Nigeria. Almost all its users are also based in Nigeria, and those who aren’t are based in nearby countries like Ghana and the Benin Republic. This is not to say that only Africans are allowed on this site, but if you don’t live in West Africa, you’ll have a difficult time meeting any of the members in real life. If that won’t be a problem, then nothing is stopping you from joining this site.
  • Age
    Most of the users of this site are young. There are very few members above the age of 30 on this site. Perhaps the reason for this is that older people would be less inclined to join a hookup themed dating site. To join this site, you have to be at least 18 years old.

Sexual Preferences

Unfortunately, this site does not support homosexuality. There are no features that can accommodate members of the LGBTQ community. The reason for this has to do with geography. In Nigeria, homosexuality is a punishable offense, so regardless of the founder’s personal opinion on the matter, they would be unable to create a pro-LGBTQ website.

Race and Ethnicity

Race and Ethnicity

Nearly all the members of HookUp are of African descent. So, if you’re not black and you’re thinking of joining this site, you should be prepared to interact with a primarily black community of users. This doesn’t mean that there are only Africans on this site. You will probably meet other users who are from different racial backgrounds, but the odds of that happening are considerably low.

Religious Orientation

Nigeria has two major religions, Christianity and Islam. So, you can expect that most of the users are either Christians or Muslims. However, there is a low population of atheists, agnostics, and traditional. But a lot of these are closeted with their beliefs because they are considered unconventional.

Pricing Policies

HookUp has two main membership options, a premium subscription, and a free subscription. Your experience on this site will be determined mainly by the membership option you choose. The free membership will limit your access to a lot of features, including essential functions like the chat. Paid membership, on the other hand, provides access to all the features of this site.

The pricing variations are as follows:

  • Free membership – $0.00

Paid membership:

  • One month for $29.95
  • Three months for $69.00

Free Membership

Free Membership

This option gives you free access to the site for as long as you like. If you use the free option, you won’t be able to send any messages or receive any messages. The best profiles will be restricted from you, and the search filter will also be limited. The free subscription is pretty useless if we’re honest.

Under the paid option, you will be given full access to the features of this site. You will be able to chat with other members of the site. You will be able to use the advanced filter search. You will also have access to the matching algorithm functions.

How to Cancel HookUp Paid Subscription?

To cancel your HookUp subscription, you will need to contact the customer support team. Once you have reached them, be sure to explain reasons why you wish to terminate your premium subscription. Then send them your proof of payment. You should also be aware that your money will not be refunded, so you should be sure you want to cancel your subscription before you cancel your subscription.

Is HookUp Safe?

We can’t say for sure that HookUp is safe to use. This is because there is a large number of fake profiles on the site. If you’re not very vigilant, you could possibly fall into the hands of a catfish. So be careful of whom you interact with. You should also make sure you do not give any of your personal information or any information that could potentially harm you.

Quality of Profiles

The verification process on HookUp is terrible. They don’t verify your email address, and this affects profile quality a whole lot. This site has so many fake profiles, and it’s almost as though the customer support is not aware of it, either that or probably, they condone it.

As for the quality of your profile, well, they don’t do so great here either. This site fails to provide a profile template that allows you to express yourself sufficiently. So you’ll have to make up for the reduced model by writing exciting things about yourself in the bio section.

Website Design and Usability

Website Design and Usability

The website design is actually pretty good. It can seem a bit disorganized at first, but you’ll settle into it very quickly. The aesthetics are surprisingly pleasing. It creates a very sensual atmosphere. The interface is straightforward to use and doesn’t take much time to understand and get used to, although it would be much better if the app had a swipe function.

The thing that makes this site user unfriendly is the fact that you’ll have to pay before you can use any of the functions. Plus, the number of ads you’ll be forced to deal with is not very comforting.

How Does HookUp Work?

As soon as your account has been set up, you will have access to numerous functions that will help you search for possible matches and prospective hookups. You can look through as many profiles as you want and message as many people as you want; you’re paying after all. Your homepage would have a section full of profiles you can also look through. The site makes use of different algorithms to provide you with matches. They have an algorithm that uses the info you’ve provided on your profile and in your sign-up process to find users who best suit your tastes. They have an algorithm that uses the information gathered from your online activity that is the information collected from the profiles you’ve been connecting to or just looking through. This algorithm makes a calculated guess based on your data and searches its database to find a match that will suit your preferences.

This site makes use of basic search criteria, which include gender, online now, and with photo only.

You will be able to block anyone you don’t want to contact you. However, all these features will only be available to you if you pay for the premium.

HookUp App

Yes, HookUp has a mobile app that is available for free download. The app has a much better design than the site and is far easier to use. But all the other features are the same for the app version and the desktop version. This app is available for both Android and iOS.

Alternatives of HookUp

  • Naija Planet
    This is arguably the best dating site in Nigeria. It has brought many couples together in its considerably short run. This site doubles as a hookup site. Your profile will have a section where you declare your intentions. This way, those looking for long term relationships won’t mix with those who want hookups.
  • Mingle2
    This site is a social networking site that serves as a place for singles to meet. The community feel of the place makes it so that it’s easier to meet other singles. Plus, the profile quality is very high. This site has a well-functioning mobile app.



It is easy to put this site aside for a safer and more secure option. But if you’re willing to be careful and smart with your interactions on this site, you will have a great time. We cannot confidently recommend this site, but we have no reason to say you shouldn’t try. Ultimately, if you’re wary and don’t give out personal info to strangers, you’ll have a great time on this site.

Contact Information

  • Company: HookUp.com
  • Address: 12 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos
  • Phone: Unavailable at this time.
  • Email: [email protected]
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