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Gleeden Review

Gleeden Review
About Site
Active Audience 70%
Quality Matches 81%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 460 000
Reply Rate 75%
Ease of Use 8.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Privilege to women
  • Worldwide members
  • Easy access
  • A silent shadow
  • Nothing comes before your safety
  • Genuine profiles
  • Unfair to men: the site is free for women; however, men have a steep road to walk on.

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Gleeden is a godsend app for you if you are a fun adventurist. Long years of marriages and all that adorable time you spent with your partner looks very cheerful to the world, but only you as one of the partners, know how you had kept that bond still alive. Gleeden is the first online dating website specifically created for women out there to have some extra love by a group of women who understand each other’s problems. The primary goal was to bring back the excitement into the married lives by providing a side affair that can only help release stress. The global reach of Gleeden has only helped more and more women get connected and find a solution to bring some spark into their dull lives. A happy and satisfied woman is something that Gleeden always seeks to create.

When Was Gleeden Founded?

Europe is the origin of Gleeden, where it was officially launched in 2009 for the first time. However, it took almost a year to make Gleeden accessible to the public in Australia and New Zealand. The site faced controversy in the year 2015 when it was sued for promoting adultery. However, since no law considers adultery as an illegal act, the site maintained its popularity all over the globe. Currently, more than 159 countries can have the best of this excellent platform every day. It was the first online dating website initiated by women, available in 5 different languages, namely English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. 

Who Owns Gleeden?

Gleeden is a trendy and successful brand of the Black Divine Group. The mobile app for Gleeden can easily be downloaded from Apple App Store and Google Play Store for free. 

Registration and Profiles

Registration and Profiles

Registering on the Gleeden platform is a straightforward task, which only takes about 4-5 minutes. Moreover, they do not charge for signing up on the platform, which is always a perk. You can simply browse onto the website and select a username for yourself. The only rule applicable to the username selection is that it should not contain anything which reveals your identity or indicates any personal detail. Along with the username, you have to fill up three important fields which are:

  1. Your gender;
  2. The gender you are looking for, which can be the same as yours or the opposite (it is friendly to the LGBTQ community). 
  3. Your location, which will eventually help you to find someone from the same locality. 

Once you fill out the necessary details, you will be redirected to another page to fill up some personal information:

  1. City;
  2. Date of birth;
  3. Email address;
  4. Password.

After filling up all the details, you just need to accept the terms and conditions of the website and enter the captcha code. Next, you will have to activate your profile via email you provided at the time of registration, and you will be all set to enjoy the wonders of the dating world. 

Gleeden is a straightforward website with all its tools easy to access and operate. Your profile will show the necessary information and profile picture. 

However, all the images are first approved by the administrator to ensure that no fake account exists in the community. Three basic options available at the profile page of a user are chat, gifts, and messages. 

Every profile has two albums – Public & Private. The public album can be accessed by everyone, while the private album is your naughty secret room, which can be accessed by a user only after obtaining consent from you. 

All the members can view other’s location, appearance, and marital status. There’s a unique feature available on every profile, known as “Intimate Profile,” where people can see the taste and preferences you are looking for. 

The Crush alert feature helps you express your interest in a particular user, and you can always send virtual gifts to someone to impress them. You can also create a favorite list where you can add all the profiles you want to get in touch with. 



Since women have privileges on Gleeden, all the communication features are free for them. Women can initiate conversations and send messages for free. They can instantly chat with an online user anytime, or can even send messages privately. They can browse any profile and add multiple profiles on their favorite list.

However, it works entirely differently for men. For them, access to this platform is credit-based. You can buy credits and then enjoy the access to various features of Gleeden. 

Free features available for men are:

  1. Profile creation: signing up on the platform is free for everyone. 
  2. Crush alert: men can send crush alerts to interesting profiles for free. However, further communication requires credits. 
  3. Search matches: men can browse around profiles and even access the public photo albums without purchasing any credits. 
  4. Favorite list: if a profile tingles a man’s heart, he can add that profile to his favorites list, which will help the man find that profile in the future. 

However, buying credits can open doors of different opportunities for a man:

  1. Messages: The best way to know someone is to message them and have a conversation; credits allow a man to communicate with women. 
  2. Chat feature: this feature allows you to message a user when they are online instantly; this will give quick results. 
  3. Access to private photo albums: credits enable men to view individual photos of a woman’s profile, but only after their consent. 
  4. Virtual gifts: gifts are the best way to show your interest in someone; this can bring you closer and help you find the right person. 

How to Search for People on Gleeden?

Gleeden is a location-based social networking service; the first step it takes while finding a particular match for you is to look for the users around your location. You can randomly meet people over Gleeden, connect with them, have conversations, and take things further. However, to ease the process of finding a perfect match for you, Gleeden offers various filters that can be applied while searching for profiles. Some of the filters available are:

  1. Personal information
  2. Physical appearance
  3. Location
  4. Profiles with or without profile pictures
  5. The information available on a particular profile 
  6. Marital status

These filters will help you find a perfect match within minutes, and soon you can begin an exotic journey on the lands of Gleeden. 

How to Delete the Gleeden Account?

One of the best features of Gleeden is that you can always opt to come out of the Gleeden world by deleting your account and start living a normal life again. Deleting the account is quite simple; you just need to log into your profile and go to the ‘my account’ tab. Click on the ‘delete my account’ option at the bottom, and that’s it. Your account will be permanently deleted, and you will no longer receive any notifications from the platform. 

Member’s Structure

Member’s Structure

The popularity of Gleeden has peaked in recent years, and currently, more than 4.5 million users are enjoying its sweet benefits all around the globe. However, the majority of its members belong to France. Since this platform gets most of its attraction from married people, its members mostly come from the age group of 30-55 years. However, Gleeden is not limited to married people; many singles also use the platform to find some excitement and fun. 

Sexual Preferences

Gleeden is a global online dating platform. It is not at all specific to a particular sex. Although it is more favorable to women, all men and women are invited equally to share their lives with some exotic moments. Moreover, it welcomes the gay community with open hearts, and hence no restrictions are set up by the Gleeden based on sex.

Race and Ethnicity

People from all races and ethnicities form the members of the Gleeden community. Members of this platform are not limited to a particular country, it’s global, and hence race and ethnicity are not the selection parameters for the service. However, people often try to connect with people of the same race and ethnicity, and hence all kinds of people will find a perfect match for themselves. 

Religious Orientation

Gleeden has never supported any particular culture or religion. It works independently; hence no matter what religion you belong to, no special treatment is provided to its members. Gleeden aims to allow people to meet with each other and have some fun. 

Pricing Policies

Pricing Policies

Gleeden is entirely free for women, so the pricing policy existing on this platform is only applicable to men. Even though they charge men, one should always remember that no dating site is free for anyone and that Gleeden is the cheapest dating site on the internet. 

The platform still provides some features which are free and limit some others which need credits to access. Men can buy credits as per their needs and enjoy the network. 

Features which are accessible at free of cost include:

  1. Sign up
  2. Crush alert
  3. Browsing profiles
  4. Maintaining the favorite list

Features which require credits include:

  1. Chats and message services
  2. Virtual gifts
  3. Access to private photos

The costs of the credits are:

  • 25 credits — $14.99
  • 100 credits — $39.99
  • 400 credits — $99.99

All payments are hidden and can only be made by credit cards. No premium membership of the service is available. One has to only pay for the services they use. 

Credits required to use different features are the following:

  1. Request to view private photos: 1 credit
  2. If the request is accepted: 2 credits.
  3. Initiating conversation: 5 credits
  4. For reading your messages: 3 credits.
  5. Chat invitation: 4 credits
  6. Accepting chat request: 3 credits

Free Membership

Since no premium membership is available on the Gleeden platform, no such options like free membership exist. However, the site provides some free features such as registration, browsing profiles, sending crash alerts, and maintaining the favorites’ list. For any other feature to access, one has to buy credits. The site is free for women. 

No such option as “Membership” exists for the website. However, men can use extra perks by buying credits to access the website’s various features. 

How to Cancel Gleeden Paid Subscription?

Gleeden works on the credit-based system. Once the credits are bought, they are transferred to the user. No refund policy exists. However, there exists no expiry date for the credits once bought. 

Is the Gleeden App Safe?

Is the Gleeden App Safe?

A safe and secure environment is a priority of the Gleeden services. The administrators closely monitor all the profiles to check their genuineness, assess and resolve any kind of threat much before it can reach the user.

Quality of Profiles

The admins work very hard to ensure that all the profiles on the website are genuine and hence all the photos uploaded on the profiles are first approved by the administrator before it’s visible on the platform. All the uploaded images are arranged in two types of albums – public and private, and no one can access the private album without the user’s permission. All the information about the profiles is visible to both the parties. Options like chat, message, and virtual gifts often help to get closer to a person. 

Website Design and Usability

Designed by a group of women, the website is perfectly organized and beautifully laid down. Different shades of purple are used to create a romantic ambiance. All the features are arranged in the form of boxes within two menus – one at the header and another just below it. The chat option is available on the right side, where one can connect to the active users. 

How Does Gleeden Work?

The working principle of Gleeden is similar to any other dating website. One can connect to people anonymously via chats and messages, and send crush alerts to initiate the conversations.

Gleeden App

Gleeden App 

To simplify the use of Gleeden, it’s also available as a mobile app. One can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store free of cost and join the community.  

Alternatives of Gleeden App

  1. LatinFeels: Interested in Latinas? This dating website is the best place to find a voluptuous Latinas.
  2. BrazilCupid: Brazillian People are passionate and adventurous. If you are an adrenaline junkie, this platform might give you some of the best experiences.
  3. Hi5: Another excellent platform; this dating website is for casual conversations and hook-ups.
  4. Badoo: With a user base of millions of people, this is the perfect place to be unapologetically you.
  5. OkCupid: This is one of the fastest-growing dating platforms and is an exceptional alternative to Gleeden.


Is Gleeden Safe?

Yes. Gleeden is safe for users. It has a very high level of moderation to ensure only humans can register an account with the site. The moderators ensure that all members strictly follow the terms and conditions of the website. Furthermore, the site has a strict registration process that ensures that all members remain anonymous.

Is Gleeden a Real Dating Site?

Yes. Gleeden is a real dating site that is different from other dating sites as women run it for other women. The site is the first international dating site for married people. It enables married people to meet and interact with new people without the need to lie about their marital status. The site seeks to create a friendly place where individuals and couples can meet other like-minded individuals from over 159 countries.

How To Use Gleeden?

Once you register a dating account, you should visit the menu at the top of each page to access the main functions. From the list, you will be able to access the homepage for important updates, search, contacts, profile, help, mailbox, status, and manage credits. To start a conversation, you can use the search feature to find members of interest to you. You can then start a conversation by sending instant messaging, crush alerts, and virtual messages. It is free for women to use the features, but men may need to buy credits to use some of the features.

Is Gleeden free?

Yes and No. If you are a woman, you are lucky as you can access all features without any charge. However, men have limits on what they can do for free. Although it is free to register, men need to purchase a credit pack to use some features like viewing private books and initiating a chat session.

Does Gleeden Really Work?

Yes. The fact that the platform has attracted over 6.8 million members globally is a sign that it works. Furthermore, it has been operating for over ten years as one of the earliest dating sites, only possible if it is achieving its purpose. If you are looking for more evidence that Gleeden works, you should look for individual testimonials that are readily available online.


The urge for something new and exotic always bites you even when you are pretty serious about your marriage. Gleeden understands your needs, respects your desires, and offers you the best way to spice up your sex life with a short-termed affair. Moreover, the anonymity provided by the website is one of the best features that protect the users at all times. After reviewing all the features, pros and cons offered by this platform, it seems like you can find your next partner here. Gleeden is a great platform for people who wish to experience the world whilst staying anonymous.

Contact Information

  • Company Name: Gleeden
  • Address: Blackdivine LLC – 60 broad Street Suite 3502, New York, USA
  • Phone Number: No information available for Gleeden
  • E-mail: [email protected]
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