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Cuddli Review

Cuddli Review
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Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 23-24
Profiles 1 700 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • As it is developed, keeping in mind the passivity of the nerd community, in general, helps an individual find an ideal mate with the majority common interests and thoughts.
  • An easy to go registration and user-friendly interface makes it a popular choice.
  • You need not compel to stop your nerdy self to invoke conversation, as the other person shares the same geeky mindset as yours.
  • One of the cons is the app’s weak support system on the iOS platform, whereas it is compatible with the Android version. The iOS platform still has a long way to explore it’s way to excellence.
  • Compared to the other apps, Cuddli is still attaining popularity for its features as a new-comer in the world of dating.
  • Due to shyness inbuilt in nerds, they tend to prefer chatting rather than meeting up in the real world. Due to the same level of shyness, it might take a long time over here compared to the other dating sites offline.

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Are you looking for a well-suited dating site with preferences of your choice? You know the pain of scrolling through various websites and looking up for a realistic and decent review. You are here to save your day from all the troubles you go through while finding a suitable dating platform for yourself that is ‘Cuddli.’

If you can relate yourself more as a virtual game and Comic-Con lover, then Cuddli is the perfect app for finding a companion with the same interests! Cuddli self- describes itself as a “dating app for geeks.” This app is best described as the world for all the nerdy cocoons looking out for something more relatable and sharing a similar field of interests as theirs.

The company’s key goal is to help you find the nerd of your dreams with the same compatibility and understanding while keeping in mind your safety and security without compromising the fun and enjoyment. As geeks tend to have a very introverted nature, they usually prefer chatting over meeting up face-to-face.

It is entirely compatible with Android, as well as the iOS platforms. It can also be used with ease on the desktops. It is available for free on Google play store and Apple store. You can access the app on desktops via its link.

One of the app’s key features is the usage of a plethora of icons to represent your choice and interests, eliminating the tedious work for typing lengthy paragraphs.

When Was Cuddli Founded?

Cuddli Review

It was developed by a team of technicians who worked in companies like Microsoft, NBC Universal, and Verizon in 2017. The main co-founders of the app are Steve Tauber, Robert Walker, and Pinguino Kolb.

The developers designed this app in California, and it was inbuilt along with its software development in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb.

Who Owns Cuddli?

Robert Walker, along with his childhood web-developer friend Steve Tauber found the app. Steve Tauber then introduced his friend Pinguino Kolb to Robert, and she led on to become the third co-founder. Initially, Robert Walker was the CEO and ended up being the COO of the app.

They carefully analyzed the people on the usual dating site and created this platform for categorizing themselves as introverts, nerds, spod, or geeks. Such people face difficulty to communicate even on virtual platforms.

You know that this app is made for you if you can phrase yourself correctly, using the creator’s exact words, “To geek out.” The app was initially developed on the parameters of keeping it safe as well as fun for the geeks, thereby giving them some interest in the big nerdy thing like gaming or the most popular Comic-Con.

Registration And Profile

Cuddli Review

The best part of this app is its handy time-saving registration. It doesn’t ask futile complicated questions minimizing its weariness. Like every other dating app, you need to provide your email and details or directly connect your Facebook or Google+. The second step will ask you to fill up the necessary information, including name, gender, date of birth, where you live, age, sexual preference, etc. Then comes the step where you can upload your images and selfies without the fear of getting judged by anyone.

Then comes the most eccentric feature of the app. You may find the lengthy areas missing from the structure of the app. Well, this app works fascinatingly than one can imagine. It uses icons to describe your passion and interests. If you are a comic con nerd, you will be able to find a suitable icon representing any geeky interests or passion you have. It’s fantastic, right!!??

With its minimalist layout and user-friendly or rather its geek-friendly interface, you would not encounter any problems while using the website on the Android version. But you can face a bit of difficulty with operation on the iOS version. With its geek-friendly interface, it is easy to navigate through. The layout and design are ideally suited for both mobile and desktop versions.

Communication And Matches

One of the key features of the app is its capability to match profiles. It uses the information from users’ profiles to suggest the user with suitable matches. You can then either like or pass on each proposed match.

Once you fill out the details, you can freely text anyone if a love match takes place. The more prominent part of this feature is that you can communicate in the language of your choice. That means it can accept the HTML language if you wish or can even use the language of hobbits. It makes it more habitable for the geek’s community.

How To Search For People On Cuddli?

Cuddli Review

The interface based on the information or icons provided in the profile plays cupid and directly matches the users’ profiles. You can either add or swipe past the profile.

Along with this, one more remarkable feature of the app is its invisibility setting. When someone adds you, then you become invisible to a different person. Until and unless you add them back, they’ll never be able to find you. There is no way the opposite person could find you on any other social media in case you reject or block them.

How To Delete Cuddli Account?

If you want to delete your Cuddli account, you will have to contact them via email and explain why you do want to delete your account.

Member Structure

One of the key aspects of any dating app depends on the type of users using the interface. It determines what type of dating platform it is. One of the company’s key objectives is to help you find a geek that can make your heart skip a beat. If you are looking for something as such, then only prefer signing up for this app!

After you find the perfect geek for yourself, the four-square integration system helps you to find a suitable place for a date or suggests appropriate interest activities and events, keeping in mind your interests. It syncs with your Google calendar, obliterating the chances of forgetting the date.

Sexual Preferences

You can fill out the form for sexual preference at the very beginning of the registration procedure. There you’ll be asked about your sexual preferences. The interface makes sure to find suitable and compatible matches based on that.

Race And Ethnicity

The majority of app users are citizens of the United States and the United Kingdom, which constitutes at least three-quarters of the users. The rest users are spread all over the world.

Religious Orientation

Cuddli Review

As most users are of the United States, you can find that most of the users are Christians. But that doesn’t mean one cannot find a mate of their religion. You can easily find people of every religion on this app. And you can match according to your preference and choice.

Pricing Policies

There is no need for any kind of payment to relish the full benefits of this app. You can use all the functions and tools for free of cost. It is all free of charge from downloading the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store to finding a nerd who makes your flutter. All you need to do is get yourself registered.

Free Membership

It’s all free of cost. You can get the full user benefit without any money expenditure. All that it costs is your data!

Despite its free membership, it is perfectly designed to keep all your data safe and sound. There is no security breach taking place in this app. So you can stop worrying about your valuable data and can plunge into the world of dating to find your special nerd.

It is a completely free dating app. The app went viral in the US due to coverage from media. It helped the app to reach a subscriber base of 100k members. It is the only dating app, which provides all of its services free of cost without charging anything from its members. The idea of the app was unique, and it struck a chord with its target market.

How To Cancel Cuddli Paid Subscription?

The company doesn’t have a paid subscription model. Unlike most dating apps, which claim to be free but later charge money, Cuddli is free to its members. They only asked payment for custom made digital stickers. They had it in their terms and conditions regarding the cancellation of subscription only for a future scenario if they ever planned to monetize the app. If you make any subscription with the app for any service, you may cancel it without any complications. When you cancel your subscription, the cancellation will take place the following billing period, for that will be the time when the payment will become due. You won’t receive any refund in case you have already paid for the future. Your subscription will be canceled after that period. You will continue to receive service for the time you have paid. You will also not receive a refund for the services you have already availed.

Is Cuddli Safe?

Cuddli Review

It is a very safe app with a stringent policy regarding the collection of data from its members. The app respected the privacy of its members. They assured its members through their security and privacy policy that they never intend to collect information from its users for any wrongdoing. The app made it very clear that any information collected was used to know the user’s preference and to enhance the members’ services. The detailed privacy policy and terms & conditions show that the app is very particular about providing its services to the users so that they feel safe and secure about giving information to the app.

Quality Of Profiles

The app was developed targeting geeks who were into books and science fiction movies, games, and comics. These people generally found it difficult to find partners who had the same interest and didn’t find them annoying. It was when Cuddli came to the rescue. It helped in creating and connecting a community that was full of geeks. The people who became members were good users who wanted to connect and build a relationship. There were little to no spammers in the app. The number of fake profiles was also deficient. It ensured that the profiles were authentic geeks looking for their love. The users of the app were quality people who were honest and gentle. They were genuinely looking to find their better half through the app.

Website Design And Usability

Cuddli Review

It is available on Android as well as iPhones. The design of the app is simple and very effective. The primary color theme of the app is Red, White, and Black.

The app’s design and layout were not very complicated and would cater to geeks and nerds. The android version of the app received excellent reviews from its users while there were some iOS version problems. The app was pretty much self-explanatory and did not require any kind of instructions and guidelines. The app is easy to use and operate due to its simplistic design.

How Does Cuddli Work?

The app uses GPS to know the user’s location and find matches for him/her. A user could not obsess over you and message you creepily until and unless you added the user. A member wouldn’t be able to initiate a conversation until both the members are mutually matched. Members couldn’t find and talk to new people until they dealt with their existing requests. There is also an option to change your profile to the couple’s mode. This mode helped users to chat exclusively with their match without any disturbance. The app has a feature called ‘Foursquare.’ Foursquare is a useful and unique feature of the app that helps users find restaurants in his/her locality if they plan to go on a date. This feature is so useful that members can even find a restaurant if they were new to the city.

Cuddli App

Cuddli Review

The accessibility of the app is great as it is available in both Google Play and App store. Like any other app, this app also asks its user to link the app to their Google account or Facebook. It would help the user later for Foursquare while making a reminder for the date. When a user starts with their registration process, they have to answer specific basic questions like Name, Age, Address, Sexual Orientation, etc. The user also has to upload some pictures to give other users some clarity about their physical appearance. The user had to choose specific icons to show what geeky things they were into. These icons are elementary to understand and were more effective than long essays.

Alternatives Of Cuddli

Cuddli Review

Cuddli was the first site to do business out of the romantic life of geeks. The app has the legitimate purpose of bringing together people who connect over the comic con, science, Marvel, DC, etc. even so, the app came under the category of dating apps/websites. It is a competitive market which is already lead by apps like Tinder and Bumble. There are a few more apps that carry the same honesty. Some of these platforms are Coffee meets Bagel, eHarmony, OkCupid, Match, etc. There is a platform called SoulGeek, which has the same basic idea. They are an app that similarly tries to bring together geeks. However, the design and layout of its app is not very good and needs an urgent update. Another unique dating platform with a niche target market is Gamer Dating. It is an app that is exclusively for gamers. If you are still looking for a player 2 in your life, then this can be your go-to site to find that player. Even though the male-female ratio is equal, the app has got limited members and is still developing. The small population of users makes it less effective.


Cuddli Review

Cuddli can be called as an app ahead of its time as it is continuously facing problems. The owners’ moral values to keep their users ahead of the business itself is commendable, but this can lead to their downfall. The app has the potential to explode into something bigger. Still, the limited growth of members and the free app to the users is making it impossible for the company to make revenue out of this business. Cuddli is brave to venture into something that is niche from the start. The closure of Cuddli will be a huge bummer for many geeks and will hit the hope of its users who are still finding their partners. Cuddli is a reference to any company that tries to enter a niche market in the online dating world. They will teach entrepreneurs about how to come up with an excellent idea and what to do and not to do while executing it.

Contact Information

Company: Cuddli, INC

Address: Greater Los Angeles Area, West Coast, Western US

Phone: Not available

Email: [email protected]

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