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Zoosk VS Match: What To Choose

Zoosk VS Match: What To Choose

While Match was launched in 1995, Zoosk was introduced in 2007, twelve years later. Despite Match gaining popularity before Zoosk, the latter has earned a good number of subscribers. It also contains more features compared to Match.

Important to note is that the two platforms are for long-term relationships. So if you have been struggling to find genuine love, then the two platforms are a solution.

Choosing the right partner may be hectic and tiresome. This is due to the millions of subscribers the platforms get daily. To save your time and data, the sites allow users to swipe profiles to find their matches.

Swiping to the right indicates your interest in the profile. When you swipe to the left, it shows that you dislike the profile or have rejected it. When a profile you liked responds by liking your profile too, both of you get a notification alert. This implies that you can start up conversations and plan for dates.

If you are after fun or looking for hookups, you may end up in marriage. This is because the sites majorly focus on long-term commitments.

This article elaborates more on the two sites. Continue reading until the end to make an informed decision.

How Zoosk and Match Function?

Both Zoosk and Match have slight differences in how they function.


Zoosk provides users with a fuss-free dating experience. It has multiple verification features to confirm the legitimacy of an account. After signing up, you are required to choose either of the options for your profile verification.

Through taking a selfie video. This usually takes as long as the video has to be sent to the moderators.

Through a phone number. The platform sends a unique PIN via a text message. The process is then completed within seconds.

Through linking your Facebook and twitter account. Linking these social accounts makes your profile verified immediately.


Signing up on the Match platform is easy. However, users are not required to create a half-baked profile. Users are to pay a starting amount of 44.99 USD a month. Once your profile is complete, a welcoming email is sent to you to notify you if your profile has been approved, and then a few check-ins over the following days.

The two platforms have their pros and cons as discussed below:


Zoosk Match
  • The platform is designed for long-term commitments.
  • It has a straightforward sign-up process, even though time-consuming.
  • It has a very simple swiping feature to find matches.
  • It has a diverse group of active users.
  • The odds of finding a Miss or Mister Right are so pretty due to its vast user base.
  • Users enjoy live support via email and phone.
  • It has multiple verification options.
  • Makes use of a behavioral benchmarking feature.
  • It is majorly for long-term relationships.
  • Has robust, vetted profiles.
  • Allows users to video chat.
  • Has a robust unpaid version.
  • Has an excellent filtering tool.
  • Has an intuitive interface.


Zoosk Match
  • Users have to make extra payments to enjoy unlimited features.
  • Zoosk’s coins are quite expensive.
  • There are limited match suggestions on the free version.
  • Profile approval is not instant.
  • It is very expensive.
  • Limited number of users.

Design and Usability: Zoosk VS Match

Both platforms allow users to access the dating services on desktop and mobile devices.

Web & App Design

The both platforms have two similar features:

  1. Search option

This enables users to use certain keywords when they want to find something specific, saving them a lot of energy.

  1. Poke features

This allows users to know who has an interest in them. Once you receive this notification, you can respond by poking the person or liking their profile. With this, the two of you can start communicating.

Both Zoosk and Match dating sites have vibrant and clean user interfaces. This contributes to an engaging navigation experience. In addition, with their unique features, users are able to interact more with their partners.


Platforms Zoosk Match
iOS App Yes Yes
Android App Yes Yes
Web/Desktop Yes You can sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account. Yes

Member Base

Both Zoosk and Match are among the world’s populated dating sites. They are famous for leading users to long-term relationships. Their services are also available and can be accessed from any place around the world with those that meet their requirements.

Male/Female Accounts


Females dominate the platform. They have registered 52% female users compared to males. According to the platform, over three million messages are exchanged daily.

The most crucial bit of the Zoosk platform is its openness to single users of all ages, races, religions, and sexual orientations. With Zoosk, you are not old or late to get your Miss or Mister Right. The platform is, however, not a suitable choice for those looking for casual dating.


Just like Zoosk, females dominate the platform with 52% over the males. In research conducted by the Match team on different profiles, there are about ten to eleven matches in twenty-four hours. This, however, differs with locations and dating preferences.

Number of users


The platform is always active. Zoosk has registered over 40 million members to the site since its launch. The population cuts across 80 countries in the world and operates in 25 different languages.

An approximation of 25 million users visits the platform on a monthly basis.


Match serves a population of more than 15 million people. Its coverage has a presence in 24 countries and operates in 15 different languages.

The platform has approximately 40 million visits in a period of one month.


Zoosk: The site is full of young adults in their 20s and 30s.

Match: The majority of users are aged between 30 and 49 years old.


These dating services are global. There is no disregard for races, religions, or sexual orientations of interested users.

Registration & Profile

Both platforms have complex registration procedures. Members have to be keen and provide detailed information about themselves. The reason behind the tight process is to ensure members’ security. Also, profiles need to look complete.


Registering may seem to be easy for the members who have Facebook or Twitter accounts. However, other members are required to start by filling out basic information such as gender, sexual preference, date of birth, and location.

After that process, details about the level of education, religion, ethnicity, height, and body height are also filled.

Upon completing the account creation, you will be required to upload a profile picture. This you can do manually or lift one from your Facebook or Twitter account. The last step requires users to add a bio describing themselves, explain their ideal dates, and perfect match.


The sign-up process for Match takes approximately five minutes unless you want to do more on the profile. These are important details needed to complete the profile:

  • Gender.
  • Email.
  • Age

To start enjoying the free seven-day trial, you need to also sign up for the version. The version will let you experience the full suite that Match offers. Important to note is that you need to remember to cancel your membership before the end of the seven days.

Zoosk VS Match: Differences in Searching and Matching

Searching and matching on both platforms result from how users browse to find their perfect matches. Browsing or swiping does not depend on the paid versions or free versions.

You should not be shy to join online platforms to look for your match.

Possibility to Meet your Love

People continuously join online dating platforms with an aim of finding long-lasting relationships. To some, their efforts are hindered due to the distances and popularity of the sites within their locations.


Zoosk supports long-distance relationships due to its vast coverage outside the United States.

When you keep on swiping, you are likely to find your perfect match and plan a date out.


Match supports long-term commitments leading to marriages. It boasts of the numerous success stories about marriages, relationships, and families that result from meeting on their platform.

The number of stories is expected to rise as the user base continues to increase.

Possibility to Find Casual Hookup


It gives slight chances for members who only date for fun and are not yet ready for marriage. If you are looking to get serious quickly with a relationship, Zoosk may not be your best choice. It has a less defined crowd in terms of what relationships are being sought after.


It is not a hookup platform. Instead, the main reason behind the invention of the app was to help members reach their soulmates via the digital platform.

Bottom line

Both Zoosk and Match are popular for long-lasting relationships. The sites offer pretty chances of finding your soulmate.

Quality of Profiles & User Safety

As you join the platforms, you need to know that those you are going to meet are not relatives. You and the matches you are to find are total strangers. Some people may show interest in you to bring you down, disappoint you, or make you hate dating for life. Others may be as serious as you are. Just do not stoop so low to be open to everyone before going through their profiles.

Suppose you notice something suspicious, ease conversation. If the person has linked his or her other social media accounts, make an attempt to follow them up.

Through online dating, people have lost their lives, families, friends, property, and even their jobs. But, unfortunately, you are not a particular case.


Zoosk uses GPS to know the locations of its members. It is therefore advisable that you always turn on your location while using the app.

It also allows users to get support from the customer support representatives through phone or email, social media handles, and FAQ pages.


It has a robust system aimed at dealing with fake profiles. It accurately identifies and blocks counterfeit profiles within 24 hours of their creation.

Verification of Users

In both platforms, users are verified.

  • Zoosk: They verify their members using phone numbers, emails, or Facebook/Twitter accounts.
  • Match: Users use their biometric technology to verify their ID. Match projects use a selfie in the near future to verify accounts. A face-matching software will compare your selfie and account pictures to verify users’ identities.

Fakes or Scam


Just like other dating sites, Zoosk is not yet out of the numerous romance scams.

It also misleads users by giving them fake likes and matches. It has been achieved through populating users’ views to make them frequent the site more. The platform has, however, prioritized its efforts to deal with automated bots.


The main goal of scammers is to position themselves to appeal to as many users as possible. Since 2013, Match has put tremendous effort into having extremely low fraud rates. The platform is able to identify up to 85% of improper or fake accounts within the first 24 hours. In addition, most of the emails exchanged by users are thoroughly scrutinized before they are even active.

This leaves the site with about 10% fake profiles.

Pricing Policies

Pricing is a common practice on busy working platforms. Online dating sites, with millions of subscribers daily, also at their revenues through subscription fees.


It offers its users a lasting free account. What is to be consumed is thus limited. Messaging your potential matches or enjoying additional premium features requires members to pay. The membership plan has options for a monthly subscription at 29.99 USD, three months at 59.99 USD, six months at 75.99 USD, and for twelve months at 149 USD. Users who opt for an annual subscription enjoy a reduced benefit of a monthly plan to 12.50 USD

The premium features on the platform include:

  • Messaging services.
  • Zoosk coins. This is a virtual currency system that purchases virtual gifts to lure potential dates.
  • Carousel. This feature allows users to start a profile they have fancied. The owner of the profile will then know that you have an interest in them.


It is the most expensive platform. This has not made it deny users a chance to freely explore the site. It has a seven-day free trial option. Users are advised to cancel their subscription before it expires. This is because leaving the platform after the free trial may not be easy. You will have no option but to join.

Upon the expiration of the seven days, you are free to choose which option suits your pocket. The monthly subscription stands at 46.99 USD.

However, it also has options, either basic or bundle plans. The bundle plans are not available on a 3-month plan, 6-month plan, and 12-month plan at 29.99 USD, 25.99 USD, and 22.99 USD per month. The plan lets users have email read notifications, first impressions, and highlighted profiles.

The basic membership plan provides savings when users buy in bulk. For example, for a 3-month plan, users save 45%, 51% is saved on a 6-month plan, and 53% is saved on a 12-month plan.

Free Membership

Match gives users free dating services for a period of time, while Zoosk has a lifetime option for a free version.


  • Downloading the app or signing up is freely charged.
  • Users can view other people’s profiles.
  • A lot of free features.
  • Everyone can subscribe to the free option from any place.


  • Profile creation is free.
  • Users can upload pictures.
  • Members can freely browse the platform.
  • Users can send and receive winks.
  • Members receive free emails.
  • Members can search for and find their matches.

Final Thoughts: The Winner is …

GOOD FOR finding perfect partners
GOOD FOR finding an ideal partner

Other dating platforms may have instilled fear in you about online dating. After carefully reading this article, you can now understand that you still stand a chance to get your love. However, you need to be extra careful about who you may want to date.

For individuals who want serious relationships but not marriage, Zoosk is their option. However, if you feel like your time is ripe and you need access to a real partner, join Match today.


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