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Zoosk vs. POF: hookups or casuals?

Zoosk vs. POF: hookups or casuals?

Many dating sites promise to gratify your search for love, including Zoosk and POF. Trying each of the sites would be ideal, but it would be time-consuming to hop from one site to another for the same reason. Are you conflicted between Plenty of Fish and Zoosk? This guide is resourceful in decision-making.

Zoosk is unmatched for founding app-based relationships. The site boasts over 50 million global members and is the ultimate choice for singles looking for real-life and actual dates.

Plenty of Fish is renowned for being matchmaking yet networking site. It has attracted close to 80 million worldwide users and receives tons of new users weekly.

Which site would be perfect for you? Where will your love pursuit be quenched? Read on for comprehensive details about Zoosk vs. POF.

Zoosk vs. POF: The Key Differences

Plenty of Fish and Zoosk are popular in the online dating niche, but this doesn’t mean that one can substitute for the other. How do they differ?

Plenty of fish has a simple but overwhelming to navigate for first-timers. POF’s technical team is continually improving on the design. Zoosk has a more appealing easy-to-use design. The functions are well highlighted for an impressive experience.

POF avails almost free features to its members, whereas Zoosk limits a user’s functionality without upgrading. First-timers would find Plenty of Fish appealing because of the free features.

Another notable difference is in the matchmaking algorithms. Zoosk automates matches based on the user’s preference. Plenty of Fish has lots of features for finding compatible matches. You can customize your options using search filters and other algorithms like meet me and nearby. Read on for other contrasting features.

How are Zoosk and POF Functions

Both POF and Zoosk have put their best foot forward to ensure members have an incredible dating experience, as noted in the design and available functions. However, each site stands out in terms of functionality. Zoosk has more functions for premium subscribers compared to POF. Some of Zoosk’s functions include:

  • Carousel: This is the main matchmaking feature that presents a list of compatible suggestions.
  • SmartPick/Behavior matchmaking: Other than the carousel, you can connect with other people through SmartPick. This function avails a list of users based on your activity on Zoosk.
  • Connections: Anytime you find someone interesting, you can show interest by hitting the heart icon, and the user becomes a connection. This feature is a replica of bookmarking, where you add profiles to the favorite list.
  • Super send: Zoosk has pre-written messages for users to send to multiple users at once.
  • Dating sites: This section is based on your activity on Zoosk. It features suggestions on who you like and what you prefer.

Plenty of Fish doesn’t disappoint either. Some of the functions include:

  • Chemistry predictor: This is an optional quiz that helps you find a perfect match.
  • Ultra Match: The function consists of suggestions with higher compatibility.
  • Top prospects: Do you want a summary of people you’ve reached out to too frequently? The top prospects section presents such details for activity within 30 days.
  • Priority messages: Users can turn on the ‘send priority message’ tab to get a recipient’s attention as it will appear on top of their chats.
  • Self-care resources: Plenty of Fish has partnered with Shine (a self-care app that helps reduce anxiety) to provide resourceful materials about Covid-19.


Have a look at the interesting features:

Zoosk POF
  • Huge user-pool with a diverse membership from all walks of life
  • User-friendly interface
  • Available on web and APK
  • Excellent matchmaking
  • Strict verification with a commendable support team
  • Huge user-pool with different dating pursuits (long and short-term)
  • Find compatible matches using search tools
  • Accessible via desktop and app
  • You can initiate conversations using icebreakers.
  • Unlimited messaging for every user but premium members can limit who messages them


The downsides of using Zoosk and POF include:

Zoosk POF
  • It doesn’t have a search option to customize matches.
  • Sending messages is limited to premium subscribers
  • Quite expensive
  • A handful of match suggestions, limiting your chances of connecting with countless people.
  • Using the carousel function is limited to users with a credible photo.
  • A lot of fake profiles
  • You can only view complete profiles with a premium subscription.
  • Little can be said about the support team, especially when reaching out via email.
  • You can’t browse anonymously.
  • Distinguishing fake profiles from genuine ones is almost impossible.

Zoosk vs. POF: Design and Usability

Both Zoosk and POF have done an excellent job of ensuring that their functionality is simple. However, Zoosk limits accessibility when using the app – the web is more user-friendly. Unlike Zoosk, Plenty of Fish has all features integrated on the app and web though new users might find navigating the website overwhelming. POF wins when comparing design and usability because all features are available on the desktop and APK.

Web and App Design

Plenty of Fish has a simple, user-friendly functionality; the icons are straightforward to use without tech expertise. The site is dominated by green and white colors but lacks the appealing factor. Most users prefer using POF’s app over the web version because of its convenience. Zoosk’s design is equally simple and appeals to 21st-century users. The layout has a blue-grayed theme with accessible functions on the go.


Zoosk Plenty of Fish
Android App
Web/Desktop Version

Zoosk vs. POF Member Base

How do Zoosk and POF compare regarding demography? The former boasts of over 40 million worldwide memberships with 1.5 million weekly logins. Most of the users are aged 25 to 36 and looking for meaningful relationships. A majority of the subscriptions are from the United States.

Plenty of Fish has recorded over 80 million global memberships with 3.6 million weekly logins. Like Zoosk, POF has a significant membership of users aged 24 to 35, with most of the logins recorded from the United States.

Male/Female Accounts

Both sites have fewer women compared to men. 40% of POF’s members are female, while the rest are male. Zoosk seems to have an almost equal ratio of male to female, of 54% to 46%, respectively.

Registration and Profile

Plenty of Fish has a simple registration process that takes 5 to 10 minutes. The registration process has a section for occupation, hobbies, friends and family details, and relationship history. Free users can upload a maximum of eight photos, while VIP users can upload up to 16. Note that photos with filters will not be allowed. The last step when signing up is to define the relationship you intend to find.

Signing up on Zoosk is straightforward due to the leading questions. You will include your location, age, ethnicity, level of education, among others. New users can skip some sections if they find them time-consuming. You will receive a confirmation link or code to validate your profile when done.

Zoosk vs. POF: Differences in Searching and Matching

How do you find ideal partners? Zoosk has two main matchmaking algorithms; the carousel and the smart pick function. The carousel feature requires a maybe or not input –you will receive a match and decide whether you want to meet and match that person or not.

The other matchmaking feature, smart pick, collects match suggestions based on your activity. For instance, the profiles you view and those you have to send smiles to could appear in your suggestion list. Unfortunately, there’s no way for users to customize match suggestions other than the carousel and smart pick.

Contacting someone on Zoosk is not straightforward for members without a paid subscription. You are limited to sending flings and buying gifts – you can upgrade to utilize the chat function.

On the other hand, POF matches people based on the chemistry predictor. There is a provision for the search function to meet people you prefer. Plenty of Fish has a game-like feature known as ‘Meet Me’ where a member will view a profile and decide if you want to meet the user by ticking yes and no if you are disinterested. Communication is available even without purchasing a membership plan. Female subscribers have the upper hand in sending messages privately compared to their counterparts. You can also send voice notes and pictures to your partner on POF. One striking thing about communication on POF is that abusive, pornographic, and the technical team and block can detect malicious texts from the intended recipient.

Possibility to Meet your Love

Zoosk is home to many serious individuals looking for meaningful relationships. Unfortunately, the prepaid idea seems to put off joy riders. Though you could find casual hookups, Zoosk is ideal for actual dates and true love.

POF could be viable if you customize your dating interests clear when setting your profile.

Possibility to Find Casual Hookup

Plenty of Fish is home to millions of global users. Most of them are less interested in real-life dating but casual encounters, but it won’t be surprising to find singles looking for relationships worth the commitment. For instant hookups, one-night stands, and undefined dates, POF should be viable.

Quality Of Profiles & User Safety

Both sites have quality profiles with information about the user’s interests in dating. POF’s profiles are detailed with informative details about the user. Premium members can tell what a user is looking for in a casual or defined relationship. In addition, there are detailed questions every new member responds to during registration. POF also discourages the use of profile filters when uploading photos.

Equally, Zoosk has complete quality profiles with visible photos for everyone. Each user’s interests are displayed on the profile to determine if that person is compatible. Verification of new profiles is mandatory, eliminating the possibility of finding fakes. Subscribers can compose an introductory story that will feature on their profiles. You can also see gifts the user has received.

User’s safety is excellent and almost guaranteed on Zoosk. However, Plenty of Fish’s counterpart needs to do a little more to aid safety from fakes.

Verification of Users

Zoosk verifies every new user before confirming their account –every new member must verify his details before proceeding (you will receive a confirmation link). You cannot use VPN to sign up as it will be detected. Adding your social accounts like Twitter and Facebook is another way to increase your profile’s credibility. The technical team checks each profile for authenticity and removal of doubtful accounts.

Plenty of Fish verifies new users during registration but has been less involved in removing fake profiles. The support team isn’t helpful either – the only way to evade malicious and suspicious users is to block such profiles.

Fakes or Scam

Plenty of Fish has very cheap membership options, thus attracting more members. Besides, most of its features are accessible at no cost. There’s nothing against free functions and cheap pricing plans, but they are a reason why fakes, scams, and predators join POF. On the other hand, Zoosk is more stringent on membership and even puts to task the technical team to eliminate fake profiles. Therefore, Plenty of Fish has more fakes and scams compared to Zoosk.

Pricing Policies

The best way to find love on either Zoosk or Plenty of Fish is to upgrade your membership. The reason behind a membership package is that you will unlock features helpful in meeting genuine members.

POF has three premium options for its members, that is:

  • Two months would cost $38.80
  • Four months at $51.02
  • Eight months worth $81.50

Zoosk membership packages are as follows:

  • One month costs $29.99
  • Three months cost $59.99
  • Six months is worth $74.98

Other than premium membership, users can purchase coins on Zoosk to access some features. You will pay $19.98 to get 180 coins and $39.99 to receive 480 coins.

Comparing Plenty of Fish and Zoosk’s premium plans, POF is less expensive.

Free Membership

What can you do on Zoosk or POF?

On Zoosk, you will:

  • Create an account and complete your profile
  • Share hearts and smiles with other users
  • Find suitable partners
  • View details of a particular user

Plenty of Fish avails the following at no cost:

  • Download the app and create a profile
  • Get matches and send messages to anyone
  • Save users to the favorite list
  • See active users
  • Answer the compatibility predictor quiz
  • View complete profiles
  • Participate in forums
  • Send voice messages
  • Find nearby members

Final thoughts: The Winner is Zoosk

It’s been a tough battle comparing Zoosk and POF. Plenty of Fish thrives in several aspects like free features, but Zoosk outshines it with plenty of genuine profiles. Zoosk is the winner in this contest for verifying profiles and an excellent support team.

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