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OkCupid vs Tinder: The Key Differences

OkCupid vs Tinder: The Key Differences

OkCupid was established in 2004. Eight years later – 2012, that is when Tinder was founded. But when it comes to reviewing each of them, you realize that OkCupid serves its clients well. It has been in the industry for many years, and it has gained much reputation.

The two sites have a lot to offer to the users. Both are on the weighing scale simply to detail their key differences in terms of their features and functions. OkCupid offers better features and a huge user base compared to its counterpart. Therefore, it is a good option for Tinder.

To begin with, OkCupid has a great mobile application and a well-designed website. On the other side, Tinder has a mobile application and a magazine offered offline. Both sites allow swiping to find your preferred match. You can swipe as much as you want to look for that special match you have been looking for. A right swipe indicates that you like the users, while a left swipe shows dislike.

In OkCupid, you can leverage its roulette-themed feature that matches you. You can swipe either left or right. The right swipe will show that you would like to reach out to that match, while a left swipe says lack of interest. Here you will learn a lot about the two apps.

How Tinder and OkCupid Function?

Both sites are not programmed to work similarly.


If you seek various options of affairs, this is your right app. Using this app, you can select your preferred type of affairs.

Users get match suggestions based on locations. In addition, if you really like a particular profile, you can opt to super swipe. The super swipe feature demands an extra fee. The match will know that you have a deep interest in reaching them.


OkCupid offers a Double Take element. This special feature permits members to swipe. You can use it to show interest or lack of it. However, this action is after you have looked at the profile details such as photos and other data.

In addition, you also get to know the level of compatibility with the matches presented to you. The site arrives at the compatibility value by use of the answers on interests, views, and hobbies that users share.

Both platforms have pros and cons.


Tinder OkCupid
  • This site offers improved privacy features.
  • The design is magnificent.
  • It has a video calling element.
  • Users can use its great free version.
  • Tinder is a great site for users seeking long-term affairs.
  • Privacy is a top priority.
  • It offers a free version that is still reliable.
  • Most profiles are unique.
  • It has a search function that helps look for custom matches.


Tinder OkCupid
  • Less-detailed profiles.
  • It has some features that are less important.
  • Its unique elements are premium thus not available to free users.
  • Men cannot start contact.
  • The profile photos are usually public.
  • The search features often give unreliable results.
  • It does not contain a video chatting element.
  • The site has numerous ads.

Design and Usability: OkCupid vs Tinder

This section reveals the web layout and how it is simple to use.

Web & App Design

The layouts of both platforms have 2 modes:

  1. Swiping Profiles to determine alike or lack of interest. As stated earlier, a right swipe will show interest while a left swipe shows dislike.
  2. Text chat feature to start a conversation with the chosen matches.

In Tinder, there are icons at the bottom of each profile for swiping left, right, or just a super swipe.

In OkCupid, you can use its double-take section to express interest or rejection of a profile.

Both OkCupid and Tinder have magnificent designs. They have an interface that is great due to its regular revamps.


Tinder OkCupid
IOS App Yes Yes
Android App Yes Yes
Web/Desktop Version Yes; Register with Facebook or a phone number egister with Facebook or a phone number Yes

Member Base

OkCupid and Tinder are rated among the dating sites with a vast user base. They serve members in the United States and beyond.

Male/Female Accounts


The site has more females than males. And the majority of its members are said to be mature. There are many conversations that take place in the app due to the fact that matches can disappear if you do not contact them.


This platform is ever active due to its huge number of both female and male accounts. Young elites are the most users of the site. The platform asks new members to reveal the kind of affair they are interested in. This platform has more men than women.

  1. Number of users


Tinder has managed to attract millions of members. The United States alone has 8 million citizens registered on this platform. It is reported that the site receives more than 700 000 new users each month. And the site gets more than 6 million visits in just one month.


OkCupid retains a high number of members with a population above 50 million. The US users are more than 10 million. As per reports, the platform gets one million new members daily.

  1. Age
  • Tinder: most users are young- aged between 20 to 39 years.
  • OkCupid: 25 – 34 years of age is the average age of most users.


The dating platforms cover various regions in terms of membership. Thus, you can still become a member. But the United States leads with the most registered users on both platforms.

Registration & Profile


The entire signup process demands a few minutes of your valuable time. You can register using your Facebook account. You can also provide info as requested by the signup step if you do not want to link it with your existing Facebook account.

Once you have signed up, you can now fill in the questionnaire. This is now the time to tell more about who you are. There are blank spaces that need your relationship desires, hobbies, habits, likes, dislikes, religion, personality, and sexual orientation.

You can make your new profile outstanding by uploading photos from either your Instagram or Facebook account.

The profile data;

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Location
  • Email


The signup process requires that you use either your phone number or an existing Facebook account. Basically, using the Facebook account signup option is the best. This is because the platform uploads much of your personal data from your Facebook account.

These are the mandatory details:

  • Name
  • Birthdate
  • Gender

Upon successful signup with Tinder, you should switch on the location. This makes it easy for the app to offer suggestions of matches in your locality.

OkCupid vs Tinder: Differences in Search and Matching

Both sites use swiping features as the main way to find matches. But OkCupid has more handy features to leverage.

Possibility to meet your Compatible match

Members usually have issues when it comes to meeting their soul mates on the sites. Many join the dating platforms with the hope of finding a perfect match, but this never happens. Admittedly, this trend could have been a result of many users seeking casual affairs.


Tinder offers great connections. They have a real-time element that helps users find out if there are matches in the coffee shop, music concerts, or even at the mall. This feature gives them the chance to fast real-life meet-ups. Thus, it is easier to reach out to a member in your location immediately when you notice them using the real-time option feature.


This platform has a high chance of finding a match. If you filled in signup details properly, you would have thousands of matches to select from. Remember, this site has a vast user base. Thus, you will always have possible matches in your daily feeds. It is upon you to choose one of them. In addition, use the search element for the match you prefer.

Possibility of a Casual Hookup


This app is designed to link people with users willing to take on affairs to last both long and short. You can find any type of relationship. Most users are looking for hookups, as Tinder is used more by youth.


OkCupid allows new members to say if they want a hookup, friendship, long-term affairs, or just a short-term relationship. Finding a match becomes simple. This app is highly inclusive, and you can get almost every other affair that you need. You can still get a casual hookup, but you should reveal that during signup.

Details about Profile Quality & User Safety

All the users on both sites are total strangers. Thus, you are supposed to be extra vigilant. You should interact with each of them cautiously.

While using any dating platform, you should not reveal some details such as workplace, address, and contact information too early. Hold this info until you have communicated for some time. The first meeting dates should be done in a public place. In addition, you can inform one of your friends or even a relative about it.


Most profiles here may not have all data. Thus, you will need to ask for more info from the match the moment you begin your conversation. However, you should have a unique profile.

Also, adhere to all safety rules stipulated on the site. Make sure you uphold values such as kindness, respect, and equality. Besides, there are some guidelines that users must follow when going for dates.

To stay safe, you should consider every match as a total stranger until you know them well. You can organize a couple of public dates before you start going to lonely places for fun.


This site asks its members to stay vigilant and cautious of scammers. Thus, if a profile does not seem legit, you should not like it. This is because you might be attracting trouble on your side if you start talking to scammers.

The profiles on this site have good info. Most of them have cute pictures, and the data shared on the profiles are detailed. If you are a new member, the best and right thing to do is to provide all details as required by the signup questionnaire.

Verification of Users

For both sites, new members undergo a verification step.

Tinder: the phone number used during signup or the Facebook account details are used to verify your account.

OkCupid: they verify your email or the Facebook account.

Fakes or Scam

It may not be clear how they achieve it, but scammers will always find their way into a dating site. Thus, you should not just use a site blindly, thinking that everyone on the site is genuinely looking for love. Use these tips to detect scams:

Blurred profile images;

Locations are far away;

Some have no pictures on their profiles.

In OkCupid, all scam accounts are erased upon report and scrutiny by the customer support team.

Pricing Policies


Prices are as follows

One month is 14.99 USD, while a six-month membership costs 8.83 USD each month. This totals to 52.99 USD for the whole period.

Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold premium options are the prices available at the moment. You can use any of them for five super likes each day, one profile boost each month, unlimited likes, and swipe rewind.


A quick comparison of OkCupid to most dating sites will reveal that this site is average on pricing matters. The A-list basic user plans go for 7.95 USD. A three-month usage plan stands at 19.05 USD, while a plan that lasts for six months can go for 23.70 USD.

To browse more features, users can subscribe to A-List Premium subscription. This option costs 24.90 USD for a month, 68.70 USD for a three-month subscription, and 119.40 USD for a six-month subscription.

The boost plan caters to all members willing to reach more users. The boost seeks to highlight your profile and give it multiple times in a user’s feeds. You can pay only 1.99 USD for one credit. However, there are more credits you can buy if you want to boost your profile.

You can pay for OkCupid dating membership using PayPal, mobile money, and credit cards.

Premium Features include:

  • Use of improved search features along with its filters.
  • Ability to see a list of users who have liked your profile.
  • Zero ad experience.
  • You can enjoy an auto-boost of your profile daily.
  • See answers to public queries on the site.
  • Messaging that is unlimited.

Free Membership

Basic Plan offers users the following:


  1. Signup
  2. Profile creation.
  3. Match suggestions.
  4. Use communication services.
  5. One free gift of match rematch on an expired match.


  1. Knowing users that swipe right on your profile.
  2. Take part in double-take.
  3. Signup.
  4. Upload a picture.
  5. Messaging.
  6. Browse profiles.
  7. Use the search feature.
  8. See who is presently online.

Final Thoughts: The Winner is …

You can find a serious affair if you use the right dating app. That is why it is always the best idea to make the right choice of the app before joining. This is because each app offers unique services to its users. For example, if you want to get a partner for a short-term relationship, Tinder would be your right darting website.

In addition, you can try OkCupid, but that would be after failing to achieve your objectives on Tinder. However, you need to know that OkCupid has a variety of relationships. It has casual affair seekers. Thus, you will have to make it known right from day one that you are looking for a serious affair. Let all other users know that you are a young man or woman seeking a long-term affair that could get serious.

Make sure you adhere to the safety guidelines on the site. Use all the features to make sure you get what you are in need of. Also, you can get a casual affair if you just need a partner to satisfy your sexual needs on OkCupid. OkCupid wins since it offers more than just one type of relationship needs.

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