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Transgenderdate Review 2024

Transgenderdate Review 2024
About Site
Active Audience 51%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-25
Profiles 1 700 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free membership;
  • Easy signup and registration process;
  • Thoroughly verified profiles;
  • Different modes for communication and interaction among members; instant messaging and chatting, blogs, chatroom, message boards, and so on;
  • Members are active and responsive;
  • You can create a blog as a member.
  • There is no available mobile app;
  • Simple and a little outdated design layout;
  • Limited customer service.

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Transgenderdate is an online dating platform created as a result of a need for all transgender individuals to meet up with new people without stigma or judgment. In the world today, transgenders are a fast-rising group of people trying to make their stand about their choices and feel accepted. This group of people has mostly been overlooked in society today as most cultures don’t agree with the idea of changing one’s gender; such a person are in most cases, misunderstood and seen as a pariah to family and friends.

Thus, many trans people from different parts of the world have been looking for the best space to explore and rule their world. It is why different websites have been working on how best to satisfy this public.

Transgenderdate has made it a mission to provide a safe space for everyone, no matter your sexual orientation or gender, to feel accepted, meet up, find love, and interact with other people. They are similar and truly understand what it feels like to be you.

Transgenderdate is a dating platform that aims at helping individuals find meaningful friendships and deeper relationships. What makes Transgenderdate different from other dating platforms is that it is a breath of fresh air from the usual heterosexual sites and particularly focuses on the overlooked minority; the transgender.

The mission of this site is to provide a comfortable, safe, and friendly environment for the transgender community to interact, meet new people, and form new relationships.

It is a 100% free dating platform that boasts of over 110,000 real members consisting of MaleToFemale, FemaleToMale, androgynous, intersex, and cis individuals from all over the globe.

When was Transgenderdate Founded?

When was Transgenderdate Founded?

This dating site was founded in 2007 and has been one of the leading transgender dating sites to date. Transgenderdate has been in business for over a decade and has helped a lot of individuals find love as well as deeper relationship and friendship.

Who Owns Transgenderdate?

This dating platform was founded by James Sky.

Registration & Profile

With this platform, there is no option of signing up with other social media like Facebook or with a Google account, new users have to register de Novo, but the registration process isn’t complex or elaborate.

To create a profile, you specify your gender (genetic male, genetic female, trans male, trans female, androgynous, crossdresser, intersexed male, or intersexed female), the type of people you would like to meet (same 8 options are available as well), your preferred username (note that this cannot be changed), email address, location (zip code).

There is no email verification, so upon creating a profile, you click the verify button on your profile page, then you’ll be sent an assigned number which you’ll have to take a selfie with—holding up the number with your face clearly showing and then you upload this. It seems like an archaic, too easy method, but it is very efficient.

The picture doesn’t have to be perfect, as it is only needed for the verification process and will be deleted from your profile after your verification is completed. Verification will take a maximum of 24 hours, and while awaiting that, you get on to filling in details about yourself in your profile.

In your profile, you can fill in as little or as many details about yourself that you’d like people to know, like age, weight, location, eye color, religion, and relationship status, none of these details are compulsory and can be changed from time to time, unlike your username.

Transgenderdate allows users to upload up to 500 pictures, and you can even get to add a touch of personalized music to your profile. All pictures posted will also undergo a verification process, and this is because pictures of celebrities or minors, graphic images are not allowed. This process takes a maximum of 12 hours but, most times, way less than that.

You also have control over the set of people who views your pictures and posts by selecting “friends only” or “private.” A “friends only” setting allow just selected contacts, while a private setting will allow only people that you’ve given a password to view your pictures. Nude pictures are only allowed if they’re marked for friends only or private.



Transgenderdate, unlike most other dating sites, doesn’t charge members for any of its features. But it only grants verified members access to all its functions. This is to ensure a safe and healthy environment for interaction between users.

Communication and interaction among members can be via various means, and this includes:

  • instant chat or messaging: at Transgenderdate, members can chat with one another, and emails can also be sent to friends on the site. This email works like a normal email system, and you can attach files and images, you can also see when your messages have been read. However, with instant chat, you cannot send images or other files, but you get to enjoy instant replies with your new friends.
  • chatroom and message board: chatroom or forum is where you meet different people and get to talk about anything and everything, it is an avenue to have an intellectual discussion with people of like mind and also make new friends. There are general or topical forums, so you can join as many groups as you like.
  • blogs: Transgenderdate allows verified members blog within the platform, this gives users a chance to talk about issues they find interesting, just like other features, blogging is not mandatory, and you can limit yourself to reading and commenting on the blogs of others.

How to Search for People on Transgenderdate?

To increase the chance of meeting new people, you may have to register with a complete and verified profile, as this allows you to have access to all the features and functions available on the platform.

With Transgenderdate, all features are free, but not all are available to unverified users. Access to chatrooms, creating a blog, commenting on blogs, all these are perks that can only be utilized by users that have a complete verified profile. To find new people, all you need to do is join chatrooms and check through profiles of members assigned to you based on details you inputted when signing up.

It is not to say that you can’t meet new people without being verified, but having a complete profile increases your chances of meeting a multitude of people and avails you the opportunity to talk about issues and events to other trans people in a safe and friendly environment.

How to Delete Transgenderdate Account?

To deactivate an account or profile, all you need to do is simply click on the account link under profile on the main menu of your page.

Members Structure

Members Structure

Members – Over 110,000

Members activities – Over 500 daily logins

Gender proportion – Males: 80%, Females: 20%

Top geological zones – USA, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Iran

Sexual Preferences

Members of Transgenderdate are single individuals looking for friendship or more intimate relationships. As a member, you need to stipulate your gender and sexual preferences upon registration, and this could range from trans male, trans female, genetic man, genetic woman, androgynous, crossdresser, intersexed male, or intersexed female.

Race and Ethnicity

Transgenderdate is a dating site for people of all races and ethnicity, as stated above, Transgenderdate has over 110,000 members globally. The majority of members are from the United States of America, United Kingdom, Iran, Canada, and the Netherlands.

Religious Orientation

There is no discrimination whatsoever about religious affiliation on this site, as anyone and everyone is allowed to register and become a member. You are free to practice any religion of your choice as long as you respect other religions as well. Filling in details about yourself, such as religion and such, is to enable other members who might be interested to know what they’re working at a glance through your profile.

Pricing Policies

Pricing Policies

In comparison to other dating apps and sites, Transgenderdate prides itself as a completely 100% free dating site.

It does not require subscription or charge its users for an upgrade, verification, or use of any of its features. The platform is also focused on creating a safe environment for members to interact and make long-lasting connections. Hence, you can only access the site’s full features after verification.

Free Membership

To use Transgenderdate to its full extent and have access to all features, you’ll need to upgrade to VIP membership, and this also is completely free. To complete and verify your profile, all you need do is upload a picture of yourself holding the unique code that’ll be sent to you, and you become a VIP member.

Is Transgenderdate Safe?

One of the best things about Transgenderdate is that it boasts of its true and active members. This is because unless you have a complete verified account, you won’t have access to the full features of the platform. This strategy is a means of ensuring that members are proactive and to guarantee safety.

The site also has a very strict policy on bullying or abusive behavior of any kind, that is why members can always contact the admin team or send an email to [email protected] to lodge complaints or report any incident they find hostile.

As a member, you get to upload up to 500 pictures. However, you can limit your audience to just friends by changing your settings to “friends only” or “private.” You also have the option of blocking or unblocking other members by going to the mail settings.

In addition to all these, graphic images, pictures of celebrities, or minors are strictly prohibited, members can also only upload nude photographs if marked as private or friends only. All these measures are put in place to ensure that each member feels safe and prevents abusive behavior among users.

Is Transgenderdate Safe?

Quality of Profiles

A complete profile is not mandatory; however, having a detailed profile as well as verifying and putting up a profile picture has many advantages. A well-detailed profile draws in other members to check you out and find if they like what they see and would be interested in developing a more intimate relationship or friendship.

Features of Transgenderdate profile

  • The profile picture is visible to everyone
  • You can personalize your profile with music
  • You can add a question that’ll serve as prompt for starting a conversation
  • The profile can be as detailed as you like
  • Profile details can be changed from time to time

An attractive profile will procure you lots of benefits as a member, and having gone through the website and several profiles, it is worthy of note that the majority of members have a complete detailed profile.

The response rate is commendable, and the platform fits the bill of a community of serious individuals enthusiastic about meeting new people, sharing ideas, and making deeper connections.

Website Design and Usability

The overall design of this site is simple, but a little bit outdated and banal. The website uses plain but still pleasing colors of baby pink and powder blue, the trademark color of the transgender community.

The fonts, logo, and overall presentation is minimalist and has quite an old school feel to it. But even with all this, the website is arranged and set up in a way that all age groups can easily navigate their way around.

Summarily, for a platform that is free for all members, it makes sense that the web design isn’t as ostentatious or vibrant. The whole look of the website is friendly, neutral, appealing, and this reflects the mission of the site as a safe place for anyone regardless of sexuality, religion, or race to meet new people.

Website Design and Usability

How does Transgenderdate Work?

Transgenderdate is an online dating platform for trans people and everyone actually, regardless of gender or sexual preferences, to meet new people. The site aims to create a safe environment for people to connect, and it has been doing this for over a decade.

To become a member of Transgenderdate, all you need to do is sign up and create a profile, verify it and upload any suitable profile picture and voila you are ready to mingle.

This site grants all verified members access to the free instant messaging, chatroom, email, and blogging; all these features help to foster interaction and communication within the community. The platform is very strict about the content on its website; hence all pictures will have to undergo verification. Blog content, as well as all forms of adverts, are scrutinized and have to align with the theme of the platform.

Transgenderdate App

Currently, transgenderdate does not have a mobile app. One wouldn’t be surprised as the website itself is a little outdated. The only way to access the platform is by going through the address link on a browser. This is one of the downsides to this platform.

Alternatives of Transgenderdate

If you’re interested in meeting transgenders or you’re one yourself looking to find love and deeper connections, alternatives platforms to check out include TSDates, MyTransSexualDate, AdultFriendfinder, and so on.

Alternatives of Transgenderdate


Transgenderdate is not only a dating site for trans men and women, but it is also a community where individuals can ask questions without fear of judgment, open up, and get support.

Although some drawbacks would be its lack of an app and the outdated, too simple website design, all these can be forgiven because the platform is a place where all members are treated with equal respect. It is a site where members get to express their feelings and ideas to an audience that truly understands them.

It is a platform not just for trans men and women but for everyone who is even remotely interested in finding lasting relationships without restrictions of gender, ethnicity, religion, or sexuality.

Contact Information

Company: Transgenderdate

Address: transgenderdate.com

Email: [email protected]

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