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Tinder VS Match: What To Choose

Tinder VS Match: What To Choose

Both Tinder and Match cater to persons over 18 years looking for love or romance or date online.

However, Match is perfect for both casual and long-term relationships, while Tinder is ideal for quick hookups. Your desire for a date can therefore inform which is best suited for you in this regard. Tinder is for those seeking good times with less or absolutely no commitment, but Match is for people with lasting relationship goals.

Tinder has a global market share of 7.8 million, while Match has 1.9 million based on the platforms’ monthly usage. Match loses in the popularity contest, but that shouldn’t halt your pursuit of online romance.

However, some reasons make Tinder more popular than, and the cost is one of them. This is because Match is a premium model with limited usage for a free subscription. Match has several functions accessible for free, although it also has paid subscription options for a satisfactory experience.

The other notable difference between Tinder and Match is in the sign-up. Match requires information such as your ideal date, opinion on having kids, and your zip code. You must also upload a photo that has to be vetted. This is understandable given that it is for those who seek to settle down or have commitment. Things are a little different with Tinder as you’re required to give basic preferences, for example, age, gender range from your location. You only register by connecting to Facebook.

How are Tinder and Match Function? demands a profile that provides adequate information to the person you want to commit to in a relationship, something that is unavailable for Tinder users. Nonetheless, Tinder has an innovative interface that makes it easier to find love. You swipe either right or left to accept or reject a profile respectively. Match allows you to browse compatible suggestions or use specific search criteria, whereas Tinder displays hundreds of profiles in your proximity. Comparing the two and possible relationships, you could use Tinder for hookups but opt for for long-term connections.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, both Tinder and Match have capitalized on the video-chat to improve the intimate dating experience since physical meet can be a hassle. Tinder has rolled out a Face to Face video function and removed the restriction on the passport function. This is geared towards facilitating global interaction where movement is restricted.

Similarly, Match’s Vibe check enables consenting users to start a video call with a block option if things take an unexpected turn. This way, you can easily connect virtually.

Another notable difference is the presence of a blog section for Match users availed by its expert panel. Members can read about social distancing, dating advice, and how to find a partner when using the website. Contrary, Tinder doesn’t have such information — you have to trust your instincts when hooking up with other subscribers.

The only common thing about Tinder and Match is that both have diverse memberships globally. This fact makes it easier to find hookups regardless of your location. Both have millions of subscribers within different age groups. Whatever your dating needs are, you will be spoilt for choice on Match and Tinder.


Here are some pros of both Tinder and Match.

Match Tinder
  • Detailed vetted profile that eliminates fakes
  • Has excellent filter function to reduce time wastage
  • Video call with a block option ensures discretion and eliminates sexual manipulation.
  • Intuitive user interface that ensures a great digital experience
  • Guarantee of real relationships
  • Free to use basic up with a paid option giving users a choice.
  • It has a simple, innovative modern user interface
  • The video chat feature improves physical intimacy when a meeting is impossible.
  • Swiping feature that is easy to use. It acts as a filter for unwanted dates.
  • Tinder has outstanding global popularity; therefore, you can get a date from anywhere in the world.


Match Tinder
  • Vetting of a profile is not an instance, therefore, limiting turnaround time.
  • It has a paid subscription that is a bit costly.
  • Match suggestions are based on profile information
  • Limited active users possibly owing to premiums
  • Matchmaking is not as in-depth compared to other sites.
  • Promotes non-commitment in relationships owing to hook-up approach.
  • Annoying ads in the free option
  • Lacks profile detail, thus more fakes and scams.
  • Shallow judgment based on a user’s photo and scanty information.
  • Non-objective choice based on swiping rather than information.

Design and usability: Tinder VS Match

The overall designs of both are great, but you need to understand the icons to navigate effectively on the platforms. The Match app has a 3.9 Google rating compared to Tinder that has 4.0.

Furthermore, Tinder has 34 languages supported in the app, while Match has only one. Tinder, unlike Match, has a free app and is integrated with social media such as Facebook. That is a 4-0 score for Tinder in design and usability in comparison to Tinder users can import a Facebook picture, and it has a photo gallery. These are not at the disposal of Match users.

However, Match users can capture photos. They also have a news feed and a search feature that Tinder lacks. Both brands are available across multiple devices via website or app.

Web and App Designs

Match has a desktop as well as a mobile option available to their users, whereas Tinder is available via APK or web version. Match’s design is plain simple, with all icons arranged on top and a few across the screen. Tinder has a slightly different interface with a swipe icon dominating the screen. It features a modern futuristic design that appeals to younger generations.

Usability across devices

Platforms Match Tinder
iOS app ✔ available ✔ available
Android app ✔ available ✔ available
Web/desktop version ✔ available ✔ available

Tinder VS Match Member Base

Tinder has millions of members globally. The United States leads with over 8 million members. The majority of the users are aged between 18-35, and the site records logins of up to 8 million per week. Tinder has users of varying backgrounds such as race, religion, gender, and geographical locations.

On the other hand, Match was founded in1995 and is operational in over 50 countries. It has over 20 million users majority of whom are residents of the United States. The predominant age group is 18-30. Match records approximately 3 million logins per day.

Male/Female Accounts

63% of Tinder users are male, with females taking 37%. Contrary, Match has an almost proportional ratio of male to female profiles. 55% of the over 20 Million users are male, while 45% are female.

Registration & Profile

To sign up in Match, you just have to fill in your email address, date of birth, country, and gender. There is a feature known as profile builder to help with the rest. The process can take up to 5 minutes. Tinder’s sign-up process is even easier as you can only create a profile by submitting a valid Facebook link.

Tinder VS Match: Differences in Searching and Matching

Tinder uses GPS to facilitate meets locally as broadened by the passport feature that makes it global, especially those traveling. Tinder also allows users to specify their sexual orientation, making it easier for potential dates to identify you. The swipe feature enables a user to select or pass a date.

On the other hand, Match doesn’t require users to specify their orientation. The site has a filter search option that enables the user to seek potential mates using specific criteria. Besides exploring compatible partners, you will receive suggestions based on your personality.

Match users are charged to send a message and engage in the chatroom. Sending likes is, however, free. Match has a feature known as ‘discover’ that filters profile based on age, gender, or shared interest and lifestyle. This gives you an additional search using keyword ability. Therefore, in Match, searching and matching are based on more detailed information, unlike Tinder, which is basically about what you see on a subscriber’s profile.

Possibility to Meet your Love

Match offers more possibility of finding love than Tinder. This can be attributed to the fact that it is a paid platform, and therefore, it intends to attract serious people who are willing to spend their money and commit to relationships.

On the contrary, Tinder being a free-with premium option, attract all sort of people who are just out to have fun. This, however, does not rule out the possibility of finding love in Tinder as well. So, yes, one can find love in either, but it is a gamble in Tinder.

Possibility to Find Casual Hookup

Tinder is more renowned for hookup relationships than Match. Just like it was impossible to rule out the possibility of finding love in Tinder, finding a casual hookup in Match is possible too. This is because people have different motives when it comes to dating, particularly online.

Quality of Profiles & User Safety

Tinder users provide general information such as age, gender, and preferences. Match, on the other hand, provides users with more specifics such as height. Tinder is a bit slack when it comes to profiles. This doesn’t mean that it is unsafe to use the Tinder platform. This is because photo verification is done, and Tinder enables a user to share a location with someone close to them. Match has done more with detail of profile and vetting process to ensure minimum fakes and scams. In addition to profile builder, Match users have to write a summary of themselves, a list of likes, and upload photos. But it should be noted that no online platform is completely safe. Nonetheless, Tinder is a little casual about profile quality and user safety compared to Match, making Tinder prone to scams and fake profiles.

Verification of Users

In Tinder, after providing a phone number or email, a verification code is sent to the contact to complete the registration process. doesn’t need verification, probably because of the more detailed information requirement.

Fakes or Scam

It is impossible to rule out fakes or scams in both Tinder and Match as both have a mechanism in place to moderate usage. That said, Tinder is a bit prone to such than Match.

Pricing Policies

Although Match is primarily paid, it has a free option but with very limited features. Contrary to Match, Tinder can be free with a paid option as most of its features are available without the upgrade.

Tinder has three categories of paid options, namely, Tinder Gold, Tinder Plus, and Tinder Platinum, with each having its unique exclusive features. The packaging is further divided into two classes based on the user’s age, i.e., below 28 or above 28 years.

Duration Cost per month Total
Tinder Gold under 28
1 month $14.99 $ 14.99
6 months $ 8.83 $ 52.99
12 months $ 6.92 $ 82.99
Tinder Gold over 28
1 month $ 29.99 $ 29.99
6 months $ 18.83 $ 112.99
12 months $ 12.50 $ 149.99
Tinder plus under 28
1 month $ 9.99 $ 9.99
6 months $ 5.83 $ 34.99
12 months $ 4.58 $ 54.99
Tinder plus over 28
1 month $ 19.99 $ 19.99
6 months $ 10.00 $ 60.00
12 months $ 6.67 $ 80.00
Tinder platinum under 28
1 month $ 14.92 $ 14.94
6 months $ 8.35 $ 50.10
12 months $ 5.97 $ 71.64
Tinder platinum over 28
1 month $ 17.99 $ 17.99
6 months $ 10.50 $ 63.00
12 months $ 7.50 $ 90.00

Equally, Match has two categories of paid memberships; standard and premium plans. There is also a coin option for those who need to boost.

Duration Cost per month Total
Premium plan
3 month $ 14.99 $ 44.97
6 months $ 11.49 $ 68.94
12 months $ 8.99 $ 107.88
Standard plan
3 month $12.99 $38.97
6 months $ 9.99 $ 59.94
12 months $ 7.99 $ 95.88


  • 1 credit $0.99/credit total of $ .99
  • 5 credits$ 0.80/credit total of $ 4.0
  • 10 credits $0.60/credit total of $6.0

Free Membership

Tinder free membership

Users can register, download the app and upload their profile photos. They can find other users near them, left a swipe on a profile, and send one super-like per day. The user has to upgrade to the premium packages above to enjoy other features like the right swipe.

Match free options

User registration and profile creation are free. The user can be able to browse other profiles and even send likes. Additionally, they can take part in match games and view profiles.

Final Thoughts: The Winner is…
GOOD FOR finding an ideal partner
GOOD FOR communicating people from all over world

It is a tie. Despite Tinder being primarily free and popular, Match handles safety and security more elaborately. Moreover, getting a date on Match is based on information rather than looks which can be deceptive instead of doing the same in Tinder, where it is a simple swipe. Considering the response to dating during the lockdown, both have done their best to ensure intimacy through video chats. Nevertheless, Match stands out with plenty of options for its users.

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