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POF VS Tinder: What To Choose

POF VS Tinder: What To Choose

While POF was launched in 2003, Tinder was founded in 2012, nine years later. POF was introduced as an alternative and a mix of dating sites as well as a matchmaker.

Important to note is that the two platforms can support short-term relationships. Getting genuine love may be too hectic. However, browsing through the apps can lead you to a destined partner.

The apps have millions of users worldwide. The number of daily subscribers also increases daily. This may make you use a lot of energy and data to land on your choice.

To save time and energy, these two platforms allow users to swipe and scroll on other members’ profiles. This makes finding matches easier.

Do you want to know why POF has plenty of fish for you? Do you know why you should settle on Tinder for exclusive hookup services? Read this article to the end to explore more.

How POF and Tinder Function?

These two apps function differently due to their different features.


POF has unique features that make it a loveable site by most singles. Both its mobile app and website are designed in a similar way to provide equal services to the users on both ends.

With its matchmaking feature, the users can see profiles that are compatible with them. It provides users with a list of recent contacts within the last thirty days. However, people have been losing contact when their favorite profile appears in other members’ top prospect lists.

Just like other dating sites, POF can notify a user of profiles that are close to them. The application uses information from members’ phone locations. If you do not want a long-distance relationship, then you should be keen on the ‘near me’ feature.

Another feature to note is the Super Yes. This feature allows users to know how much a profile is into them. With the feature, getting matches has been improved.


Tinder works through swiping of profiles either to the right or left. Swiping to the right indicates interest, while to the left shows dislike.

If you accidentally disliked a profile, you can undo it by clicking on the rewind icon.

The application allows users to send likes to their top choices. This is made possible by the Superlike feature.

The pros and cons of the two sites:


POF Tinder
  • Allows room for live streaming
  • There are very few messaging limits
  • A lot of prompts to send quality messages.
  • Simple onboarding
  • Users are connected to plenty of fishes
  • It has extensive search filters.
  • The best app for those who want short-term commitments.
  • Its interface is straightforward and continuously updated.
  • It has a very simple swiping feature.
  • The basic app is free.
  • There is a section for video chat.


POF Tinder
  • The app cannot link outside accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, or Spotify.
  • Free messaging can result in lots of scams.
  • The app is for hookups, thus making it difficult to find serious partners.
  • Many people use fake profiles.
  • Users’ profiles are not well detailed.
  • There are many bots.
  • There is a limited number of swipes.

Design and Usability: POF VS Tinder

On both platforms, users can access dating services on desktop and mobile devices.

Web & App Design

Both POF and Tinder have user-friendly interfaces. In addition, they both have two similar features:

1. Poke/Wink features

This allows users to know who has an interest in them. Once you receive this notification, you can respond by poking the person or liking their profile. With this, the two of you can start communicating.

2. Sexual orientation

Both sites allow members to state their sexual orientation.

Both POF and Tinder dating sites have vibrant, user-friendly interfaces. This contributes to an engaging navigation experience.


POF Tinder
iOS App Yes Yes
Android App Yes Yes
Web/Desktop Version Yes Yes

Member Base

The sites boast of leading the world in delivering online dating services. Both offer services to all corners of the world.

Male/Female Accounts


Male singles dominate the platform. They have registered 60% male users compared to females. According to the platform, over 10 million conversations are registered daily. One million couples are also created every year.

POF only allows members to connect according to the compatibility of their profiles.


The website gets 2 billion views daily. The site has recorded over one million dates per 7 days. The number of matches since its emergence has also risen to more than thirty billion. Tinder covers a population in more than one hundred and ninety countries.

Men dominate the website by the number.

Number of users


This is the largest online dating site with over 90 million subscribers since its launch. 78 million subscribers are from the United States.

Approximately 3.6 million people log into the site daily.

It operates in only 5 different languages.


In the United States alone, the app benefits from over 8 million users. Worldwide, the number of active users every week is almost 8 million too.


  • POF: The site is full of young adults around the ages of 25 and 34.
  • Tinder: The majority of users are young adults.


Both dating services are global. There is no disregard for races, religions, or sexual orientations of interested users. However, most of their coverage is in the United States.

Registration & Profile

Both platforms have complex registration procedures. Members have to be keen and provide detailed information about themselves. The reason behind the tight process is to ensure members’ security. Also, profiles need to look complete.


Unlike other online dating sites, registration in POF begins with a detailed profile questionnaire. The questions asked include gender, education, language, ambition, type of relationship sought, type of properties you own, and desire to have children.

POF does not link to other social media accounts during sign-ups. It, however, does allow users to import profile pictures from Facebook, Instagram or upload them manually from their gallery.

Upon completion, members can start enjoying using a variety of features. For the premium services, one has to upgrade their subscription.


For users to sign up on the Tinder platform, their phone number plays a key role. It is also used for verification purposes. After providing your basic information, such as name, gender, and birth date, you will be required to add the schools you attended. This is then followed by the uploading of pictures.

Users are also allowed to add music to their profiles to add more beauty. An option of linking your profile with Instagram and Snapchat accounts is provided too. This enables users to know more about you.

Upon finishing, users can start browsing again.

For both apps, users have to provide detailed information about them. They can start using the apps immediately after registration.

POF VS Tinder: Differences in Searching and Matching

In POF, searching and finding a match depends on the compatibility rate. This is tested based on the site’s chemistry predictor. Users-confidence, family orientation, self-control, social Dependency, and easygoingness are considered. The information is taken during the registration process.

Besides giving personal information, users are also required to provide their opinions on social issues, political, behavioral, and religious views. This helps the app suggest matches of the same interests and views.

In Tinder, finding matches is all about swiping either to the left or right.

Possibility to Meet your Love

People continuously join online dating platforms to find long-lasting relationships. To some, their efforts are hindered due to the distances and popularity of the sites within their locations. Only determined individuals emerge victoriously.


POF has a Relationship Chemistry Predictor feature that allows users only to meet people they are compatible with. It also gives users an option to be suggested to other users. This assures users of finding their perfect matches.

It also possesses the UltraMatch feature that tells members the users who they are most compatible with.


The site majorly supports people who are not serious about dating. The site also suggests top picks to its users, and thus honesty is key. How honest you are results in accurate suggestions from the site.

Possibility to Find Casual Hookup


Finding a casual hookup is easy. The site asks members to describe the kind of relationship they want. Users specify whether they are for hookups, long-term relationships, or marriage. This increases the chances of reaching who you want.


It is an ideal site for hookups. Almost all the singles on the platform are dating for fun.

Swiping on profiles is based on the physical attraction of the owners. This is common in most relationships that have no commitments. Once two users like each other, the other allows them to start immediate communication.

POF gives room for users to select which kind of relationship they want. Tinder is designed for hookups. To have a variety to choose from, POF is ultimately the best choice.

Quality of Profiles & User Safety

The privacy of your profile is key. As a user, you need to be extra careful about those you are going to meet and share your information with.


POF has very detailed profiles that allow its users to know other members more. The profiles provide information about the kind of relationship a person is looking for. Beyond that, information about a user’s family, siblings, and the length of the user’s longest relationship. The information allows you to gauge yourself and see if you are a true fit for the user.

POF is also the first site to ban face Filters. This allows users to get what they see on profiles.

Profiles containing sexual language and photos are also deleted.

POF has been topping in terms of security. It uses its algorithm and computer-based system to check on the user’s privacy.

In Tinder, users have the option to block and report malicious people. In addition, it encourages its members to make use of the feature when they feel a match is not genuine.

On the site is a feature called Moonlight. The feature allows users to share where, when, and who they are meeting. Through the feature, a user can get emergency services when things fail to go as agreed on.

Users are therefore advised to turn on their GPS locations while using the app or site.

Verification of Users

In both platforms, users are verified.

  • POF: Verification using the anti-robot verification process for security from bots.
  • Tinder: Verification is done through a phone number.

Fakes or Scam


Scammers are all over the internet, and POF is no exception. It is upon the users to be careful of people who request money and more personal information. As a user, treat every person you meet online as a stranger.

If the POF administration comes across a fake profile, it deletes it immediately.


Members are encouraged not to disclose their private information to other users. A series of false profiles have been recorded. People with a single photo accompanied with no bio tend to fall in the same category.

Pricing Policies

Digital platforms have all come with a tendency of charging users. Online dating sites, with millions of subscribers daily, also at their revenues through subscription fees.


To explore a lot of services provided by the platform, users are encouraged to upgrade their membership. Subscribing to a 2-month plan costs 38.70 dollars, a 4-month plan goes for 51.00 dollars, and an 8-month subscription costs 81.00 dollars. POF receives payments through PayPal, Mobile phone, or credit cards.

The premium features on the platform include:

  • Seeing extended profiles
  • Seeing details when someone views your profile
  • Possible increase of received emails
  • Sending three gifts a day
  • Standing out on the search results
  • Knowing the status of your sent messages
  • There is an Ad-free experience

For your profile to be boosted in terms of messaging, you need to buy tokens. A token goes for 1.99 dollars, 5 tokens at 8.95 dollars, and 10 tokens at 16.90 dollars.


Tinder has been free since the time it was launched. It was then easy to download and freely use the application. However, as many free dating apps continued to emerge, administrators started monetizing some of the crucial services. Users are required to pay for the features to have more experience.

To make the change more gradual, the app started by lowering the number of swipes per day. A user is provided with one hundred swipes only for a day. For members who swipe faster and are choosy, the number of free swipes may not be enough.

For people above the age of thirty, a Tinder Plus costs 19.99 per month. On the other hand, in the age range of eighteen to twenty-nine, the subscription goes for 9.99 dollars a month.

Members who have upgraded their Tinder membership plans enjoy the following services:

  • The number of right swipes is unlimited.
  • They can undo left swipes.
  • They get five super-likes daily.
  • The site offers them a single free boost every month.

When people swipe in the location, the feature pushes their profiles to have Tinder app also has Gold members. Subscribers to this pay an extra 4.99 dollars. Here are the added features they enjoy:

  • They are able to see members that swipe right on them.
  • They are provided with a selection of people that might interest them.

Free Membership

Both POF and Tinder give users free dating services for some time. Users benefit from:


  • Downloading the app and creating an account.
  • Finding matches
  • Viewing a profile
  • Sending text and audio messages
  • Participating in forums
  • Seeing online and nearby members
  • Adding a member to favorite list
  • Taking the chemistry predictor test


  • Downloading and registering the app is free.
  • Members can swipe to the right or left to find matches. Communication begins once there is a mutual swipe.
  • Users can see other matches as far as a hundred miles.
  • When a user shows someone an interest, they get a super like daily.

Final Thoughts: The Winner is …

GOOD FOR communicating people from all over world
GOOD FOR finding a perfect partner

Dating online has been made easy. It only requires your commitment to scrolling and swiping profiles.

If you want a variety of relationship options to choose from, try Plenty of Fish. For those who are not interested in a long-term commitment, Tinder is the way to go.

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