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OkCupid VS Match: What To Choose

OkCupid VS Match: What To Choose

Getting genuine love may be too hectic. However, browsing through the apps can lead you to a destined partner. While Match was launched in 1995, OkCupid was founded in 2004, nine years later. OkCupid provides users with a variety of relationship options to select from. Important to note is that the Match group owns OkCupid.

The apps have millions of users worldwide. The number of subscribers also increases daily. It may make you use a lot of energy and data to land on your choice. The two platforms allow users to swipe and scroll on other members’ profiles to save time and energy. It makes finding matches easier.

In Match, swiping to the right shows a user’s interest in a profile. When a user swipes to the left, it indicates dislike or lack of interest. The app notifies users of mutual likes. It means that the two of you can start up a conversation. For individuals who are up to fun or hookups, Match may not be a good option. The platform encourages long-term commitments.

On OkCupid, a roulette type matching feature allows users to react to profiles by either swiping to the left or right. For example, swiping to the right shows interest, while the left option means dislike. To know more about the apps and the experiences they offer, read this article.

How OkCupid and Match Function?

The two apps function differently due to their different features.


The site has a Double Take feature that allows users to swipe on their matches. The feature enables members to swipe to the left or right. It depends on their interests in other users’ profiles. It also presents matches users are more compatible with. Compatibility is measured according to the answers on views, hobbies, and interests.


Match has a straightforward and easy-to-use interface. It allows users to explore more of its features within seconds. After a member has swiped through and gotten a perfect profile, it is easier to start a conversation.

The application also allows members to video chat. It makes it easier to have prior knowledge of the person you will meet. Just like other busy platforms, OkCupid and Match have their pros and cons as follows:


OkCupid Match
  • It has top safety and privacy functions.
  • The app has an exciting and inclusive design.
  • Its unpaid version is robust.
  • The best app for finding all types of relations.
  • Strong profiles.
  • There are inclusive identification options for gender and sexual identities.
  • Search tools can be filtered to display only online users
  • It is majorly for long-term relationships.
  • It has robust, vetted profiles.
  • Allows users to video chat.
  • A satisfying unpaid version.
  • An excellent filtering tool.
  • An intuitive interface.


OkCupid Match
  • Its free interface displays a lot of ads.
  • The search function may return errant results.
  • There is no option for video chat.
  • All uploaded profile pictures are public.
  • Profile approval is not instant.
  • It is expensive.

Design and Usability: OkCupid VS Match

On both platforms, users can access dating services on desktop and mobile devices.

Web & App Design

Both OkCupid and Match have user-friendly interfaces. In addition, they both have two similar features:

  1. Search Filters

The search options allow users to use certain keywords such as education, height, body type, or age when they want to find something specific. As a result, it saves time and energy to land the right match.

  1. Messaging

On both sites, users can send messages. In OkCupid, messaging begins with users liking one another’s profile. The Like button will then change to a message icon. It allows users to start an introductory conversation.

On Match, messaging is made easier for users on the premium membership plan. They can message any person they find interesting.

Both OkCupid and Match dating sites have clean, vibrant, and user-friendly designs. With their unique features, users can interact more with their partners. It results in an engaging user experience.


Platforms OkCupid Match
iOS App Yes Yes
Android App Yes Yes
Web/Desktop Version Yes You sign in with Facebook or Email Yes

Member Base

The sites boast of leading the world in delivering online dating services. The platforms work together, engaging users and helping them find their perfect matches. Both offer services to all corners of the world.

Male/Female Accounts


The OkCupid website is always active. However, most of its daily browsers are young professionals interested in exploring the app and having fun. The site requires members to state what kind of relationship they want from the dating site. The majority of users are men – 65%.


Talking about Match, males dominate the platform with 60% to 40% females. In Match, there are about ten to eleven matches in twenty-four hours. It, however, differs with locations and dating preferences.

Number of users


The site has over fifty million users. In the United States, ten million people have signed up. Daily, one million new logins are registered.


Match serves a population of more than fifteen million people. Its coverage has a presence in twenty-four countries, and the site operates in fifteen different languages.

The platform has approximately forty million visits in one month.


  • OkCupid: Users fall between the age range of twenty-five and thirty-four.
  • Match: The majority of users are aged between thirty and forty-nine years old.


Dating services are global. However, most of their users are from the United States.

Registration & Profile

Both platforms have complex registration procedures. Members have to be keen and provide detailed information about themselves. The reason for the strict process is to ensure members’ security. More so, profiles need to look complete.


Account registration takes about 5-10 minutes. New users need to sign up from their Facebook account or provide general information about themselves during the process.

Upon completion of that process, the site provides users with a simple questionnaire. The survey seeks to know the members’ likes, dislikes, relationship desires, habits, hobbies, sexual orientation, personality, and religion.

To make your profile look better, you need to add photos from your Facebook account or Instagram.

The profile needs to contain:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Location
  • Email


The sign-up process for Match takes approximately five minutes unless you want to do more on the profile. These are essential details needed to complete the profile:

  • Gender. It can be female, male, or any other specified option.
  • Email.
  • Age

The free seven-day trial will let you experience the full suite that Match offers. Important to note is that you need to remember to cancel your membership before the end of the seven days.

OkCupid VS Match: Differences in Searching and Matching

Searching and matching results from how users swipe to find their perfect matches. Users on either Free or Paid versions can effectively swipe. OkCupid has an advantage over Match due to its unique features.

Possibility to Meet your Love

People continuously join online dating platforms to find long-lasting relationships. To some, their efforts are hindered due to the distances and popularity of the sites within their locations.


Meeting your perfect match on this platform has high chances. During signing up, the site requires members to disclose the type of relationships they want. It allows users to know who to approach and start dating.


Match supports long-term commitments leading to marriages. It boasts numerous success stories about marriages, relationships, and babies resulting from people meeting on their platform.

The number of stories is expected to rise as the user base continues to increase.

Possibility to Find Casual Hookup


Since members have to disclose their relationship desires, friendship, hookups, short-term, or long-term relationships, finding matches becomes easy. Thus, this very inclusive ecosystem is suitable for quick casual dates.


It supports long-term relationships and therefore is not suitable for those longing for hookups.

Both sites support long-term commitments. However, with the inclusive nature of OkCupid, it assures users of meeting the longed-for partners. Users should also note that free sites attract many people.

Quality of Profiles & User Safety

Safety in any dating platform is a priority. Users need to take it as their own task. As a user, your personal information should always remain confidential. Unless you are pretty sure of the match, do not share.


This site also advises users always to be cautious with the possibility of scammers.

The site has attractive profiles. Below is how the user’s profile looks:

  • The profiles are detailed and filled with information.
  • Users’ photos uploaded on the profiles are public.
  • Answering more match questions gives room for getting a variety of accurate matches.
  • When you answer more match questions, you automatically unlock your personality traits. It will make your profile more unique.
  • Members can view the profiles of other users without paying a penny.


The site accurately identifies and blocks fake profiles within 24 hours of their creation. The profiles are elaborate to give sufficient information about users.

Verification of Users

On both platforms, users get verified.

  • OkCupid: Accounts are verified through Facebook or email login details.
  • Match: Match uses a selfie shortly to verify accounts. A face-matching software will compare

your selfie and account pictures to verify your identity.

Fakes or Scam

Scammers always find their way on any dating platform. Therefore, it is upon users to use the sites at their own discretion. That is how to detect scammers in OkCupid:

  • Their locations are always in countries too far to reach.
  • They usually have at most two or no profile pictures.
  • Their profile pictures are always blurred, seem to be too far, or in bad lighting.

In OkCupid, fake accounts are deleted once suspected.


The main goal of scammers is to position themselves to appeal to as many users as possible. Since 2013, Match has put tremendous effort into having low fraud rates. The platform can identify up to 85% of improper or fake accounts within the first 24 hours. In addition, most of the emails exchanged by users are thoroughly scrutinized before they are even active.

This leaves the site with about 10% fake profiles.

Pricing Policies


When compared to other dating sites, OkCupid tends to be average in prices. Users who opt for a Basic Subscription are entitled to a monthly subscription of $7.95. Other memberships include a three-month subscription at $19.05 and a six-month subscription at $23.70.

To browse more features, users can subscribe to a Premium subscription. This option costs $24.90 for a month, $68.70 for a three-month subscription, and $119.40 for a six-month subscription.

The app also boosts members. The boost allows members to get their profiles highlighted and shown frequently on other members’ Double Take Suggestions and OkCupid search. This add-on costs members $1.99 for one credit, $9.45 for five credits, and $16.90 for ten credits. Members who are interested in upgrading their membership plan pay through credit cards, PayPal, and mobile phone.

Members who have upgraded enjoy the following:

  • They use advanced search filters
  • They can see who likes them
  • They can see public question answers
  • Have a high messaging priority
  • They get a daily auto boost
  • They experience no ads when browsing


It is the expensive platform. However, it has not made it deny users a chance to explore the site freely. It has a seven-day free trial option. Users are advised to cancel their subscription before it expires. It is because leaving the platform after the free trial may not be easy. Failure to cancel the free trial can force you to purchase any of the available offers.

Upon the expiration of the seven days, you are free to choose which option suits your pocket. The monthly subscription stands at $46.99.

However, it also has more extensive plans. Those are available in a three-month, six-month, and twelve-month duration. The prices are $29.99, $25.99, and $22.99 per month, respectively. The plan lets users have email notifications, first impressions, and highlighted profiles. The basic membership plan provides savings to users who buy in bulk. For a three-month plan, users save 45%, 51% is saved on a six-month plan, and 53% is saved on a twelve-month plan.

Free Membership

Both OkCupid and Match give users free dating services for some features. Users benefit from:


  • Members keep track of those they like
  • They have a chance to participate in Double Take
  • Account registration is free
  • They can message other users
  • They can browse other members’ profiles
  • Easy match searching
  • They can use basic search filters


  • Profile creation is free.
  • Users can upload pictures.
  • Members can freely browse the platform.
  • Users can send and receive winks.
  • Members receive free emails.
  • Members can search for and find their matches.

Final Thoughts: The Winner is…

GOOD FOR flirting and finding a perfect match
GOOD FOR finding an ideal partner

People date online for a variety of reasons. It may be as a result of past experiences or a need to explore more. However, deciding to settle on online dating comes with its challenges. What you need to do is to be extra careful about who you are planning to meet. A platform that gives users a variety of options is OkCupid. However, for those who are tired of dating and just want to settle down, Match is the best site to visit.

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