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Mobifriends Review

Mobifriends Review
About Site
Active Audience 67%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 26-28
Profiles 1 500 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use;
  • A highly understandable interface;
  • There is a mobile app;
  • Now they have risen the security measures
  • Limited domain names are allowed for e-mails.

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The mission of Mobifriends is to make people from all around the world chat in a free environment, sharing hobbies and creating new friendships. Everyone is a free person on Mobifriends. The main website’s goal is to make new people meet each other, trying to ease this process thanks to technology.

The web is once again helping you by making you share just a few personal details and a profile picture. In exchange, the world will be displayed in front of you. You will be able to see what people do, what they are up to, what’s their job, and so on.

Are you looking for a life companion? This might be the right place for you, as well! In this review, we will help you find out if Mobifriends is a good fit for you. We will explore its features and those who succeed. We will take a look at the audience, analyze the interface and usability.

If you read international newspapers, you may also be concerned about their latest data breach in January 2020. At the end of this review, you will be able to tell whether now the website and app are safe or not. Quick spoiler: your data is never safe online. Shall we start?

When Was Mobifriends Founded?

Mobifriends Review

It was 2005 and the dating app world was filled by friendly-dating options. None of them got the same energy that Mobifriends conveys every time you open it. So, the website was bought and the developers started to work on the website, which was launched soon after that.

Who Owns Mobifriends?

Lluis Carreras is the CEO and co-founder of Mobifriends. The company only raised €129.500 over time, so the controlling rights still belong to Carreras.

Registration & Profile

There are two ways you can sign-up to Mobifriends. One is through your personal computer, the other one is via the app in your app store. Either you are using an iPhone or an Android phone, you will easily be able to download the app from there.

We need to tell you both, but actually, the phone process is slightly more straightforward, as you don’t need to click on a link inside a mail you are receiving. But let’s take one step at the time.

From your computer: go to the main page of Mobifriends. If a webpage in Spanish appears, you can click on it. It will be automatically translated once you have filled in the sign-up form. The personal details you will be asked for are nickname, e-mail, password, age, and gender. Then, your birth date and city are required, and finally you will be asked what’s your purpose here on the website.

Are you here to find a like-minded person? Friends? A mate? Just someone to have a chat with? It does not matter, as Mobifriends has enough room for you, whoever you are.

The first annoying bug we faced was the impossibility to register — using several e-mails to sign up, we were told that they were already taken. We understood later that they required a Gmail. We suppose this happens because of their vast data breach, which occurred in January 2020.

After it accepts your Gmail address, an activation link will be sent to your e-mail. All that you need to do is to go to your mailbox and click on the link. You will be automatically redirected to the website. You will be also able to edit your personal information directly on the site as a free member.

From your phone: The same process, but no e-mail verification is needed because you are signing-in from your phone. It is a sort of insurance of your real identity. Of course, they encourage you to confirm your e-mail anyway.

Now you are on Mobifriends. A piece of cake, isn’t it? Now let’s see how you can chat and meet new people.


Mobifriends Review

Chatting here is easy. A page will be displayed in front of you, and you will see a lot of profiles listed. Those are people from all over the world, using the app at the same time you are using it.

Click on each profile, and Mobifriends itself will show you through arrows where you can chat. So easy, you can’t be wrong. It also shows you how to “swipe” on their profiles. You can say that you like these people, or that you don’t.

Swiping “no” always seems a bad option if you are a newbie of dating apps. It’s normal here. You will be shown this profile again, eventually, as here a swipe is not forever, unlike some other dating apps.

Feel free to chat with users. As the app is in Spanish, when you select users from all over the world, you might not be able to understand what they say. Still, there’s a high probability of finding a lot of people from the U.S., as the most significant part of users here is from the U.S.

So, you can send unlimited text messages, use the live chat, and then you can send “mobis”, which are short animated videos. It’s the winking smile in the toolbar; you can’t be wrong.

How To Search For People On Mobifriends

Mobifriends Review

By the sidebar, in the app, and by the upper menu, in the web browser version, you will be able to surf the app through the magnifying glass. You only have some search filters, and you will be able to narrow your search and add some filters by availing a premium membership.

Or, you can choose to see all the profiles at a time, selecting your current location and scrolling the page down. You can pick one profile at a time, and swipe it – as we were saying in the above paragraph. Then, some other useful ways you can find within the toolbar: the “favorites” and those who have liked your profile, as well as those who have visited your profile.

You can start from either of those lists, so to have a striking method to find compatible people around you. If there are few users online, maybe you will need to low your expectancies, and you won’t find that much by using the magnifying glass option. Use the “pure” search function wisely.

With a paid membership, you will be at the top of the other user’s search. Bear this in mind while you see your sad zero-notification inbox. Also, your messages will be seen before others. No pay, no gain.

How To Delete A Mobifriends Account

Mobifriends Review

Go to settings, next to your profile icon (main menu). You will see a “delete your profile” section, go for it. See that here you can also cancel yourself from their newsletter and automatic marketing sending.

You can also disable notifications for basically everything. If you are still not satisfied and would like to delete your profile forever and ever, then go to the “delete profile” section. Two buttons will appear: you can either suspend and freeze your profile temporarily or you can shut it down forever, as explained in detail before.

Bear in mind what we are sure you have read in the Privacy Policy. Remember, the one you have signed as soon as you signed-up? That one, yes. Small writings, difficult font. That one.

It was saying that your data, disconnected from your person, is possibly sold to third parties — like in the vast majority of social networks and dating apps. They have to earn a living out of your fancy, free app, always remember that.

The ads you keep on seeing are not enough. By the way, you can delete them forever, as well. Want to know how? Go to the “paid membership” paragraph below!

Members Structure

There are slightly more straight men than women and fewer homosexual people on Mobifriends. The most considerable part of them comes from North America and Spain, but there are people from Asia and Africa, too.

Some people look like scams, especially some women, but you are encouraged to report them to the webmasters. Then, who cares about fakers if your only purpose for being here is to be entertained while waiting in the doctor’s hall?

Sexual Preferences

Mobifriends Review

As we had said above, there are slightly more straight men than women and fewer homosexual people on Mobifriends. The most significant part of them comes from North America and Spain, but there are also people from Asia and Africa.

In some countries, it is harder to claim that you are homosexual, so maybe you are finding confused users. Don’t judge them and let them speak, if you think they may be interesting people.

Race and Ethnicity

People on the website mostly come from places where the ethnicity variety is wide. North America and Spain are the first two countries, but there are people from Asia and Africa, as we have said before.

Religious Orientation

There’s no telling of religious orientation, here on Mobifriends. Some users are writing in their description that they belong to a religious group, but they are not that many. We always recommend religious people to look for specific religious websites or apps if they are religious persons seeking like-minded people.

Let’s say the environment is not safe enough for you to avoid explicit and adult content. You can report users to the webmasters, in case you are suffering from abuse, and you are strongly encouraged to do that.

The report function works very well, so feel free to use it whenever you feel threatened by another user’s behavior.

Pricing Policies

You can do almost everything with a free membership. You sign-up for free, and then you will see a small number next to your profile picture: those are the credits. Credits will allow you to have whatever membership you like, so you can have free membership and buy credits.

Or, you can have a premium membership, with the 100 free credits/week, and stick to that. Or you can buy more.

Free Membership

Mobifriends Review

With a free membership, you can search for users broadly. You can swipe them as long as you like. You can use the quick chat or the e-mails, then you can buy credits to enhance your experience here on Mobifriends.

You can basically take a look at the website and use it properly. Then, if you think you are going to like the audience, here, you are free to buy a non-free membership, namely a premium membership.

A paid membership is really a lot. Let’s see what it offers: first of all, you can browse using the invisible mode, the smiling ghost into the menu bar. Then, as said before, you will have 100 free credits each week, and you won’t be bothered by ads ever again.

Then, a paid membership will help you showcase your profile: you see new users first, and you are contacted first. You can see who has added you in their favorites, and messages are seen first in the other person’s mailbox. What about the mobis? Your mobi is seen first in your recipient’s inbox, and you can check out who has visited your profile and how many times; you will be able to find out who has liked you.

You will narrow your search by adding extra parameters, and you will have an unlimited chat history. You will receive notification for messages which have been read. There was nothing more they could imagine for a paid membership. That’s it.

All of that for $2.99/week, $19.88/3 months, $29.99/6 months, $49.99/12 months.

How To Cancel Mobifriends Paid Subscription

Mobifriends Review

Go back to the upgrade membership section, and just downgrade it. You won’t be charged at the next billing cycle. Just make sure you have unsubscribed on time, they always need some hours to register your farewell.

If you are using the app, then go directly to the app store, or to the sidebar section.

You can go back whenever you like.

Is Mobifriends Safe?

Mobifriends has suffered an enormous data leak at the beginning of 2020, so it’s sad to see how forced their alleged strict security measures were. So, make sure you are not using your work e-mail when you subscribe. Nothing bad will happen to our identity, but malicious hackers may sell away your identity.

Quality Of Profiles

The overall quality is quite good. Some people really look like fakers, especially women, but you are encouraged to report them to the webmasters.

Website Design and Usability

Mobifriends Review

The usability of both the website and the app is quite high. You will be able to find everything you are looking for within this dark backgrounded app. Then, the orange icon will be visible from your smartphone and shine among the other boring apps.

Highly user-friendly, that’s our take in regards to this app.

How Does Mobifriends Work?

Sign-up for free. See people’s profiles from around the world. Look for them according to your tastes or just scroll all of their profiles down on the main page. Chat with them freely, send them “mobi” video messages, “like” them, save their profiles.

Then, if you like the audience, you can upgrade to a premium membership and showcase your profile better.

Mobifriends App

The mobile app is available both for Android and Apple. You will see them both in the app stores. Make sure the app is in the right language, especially if you are a traveler. There should be both a Spanish and English version so that you can choose among these two languages.

Alternatives Of Mobifriends

There are plenty of free alternatives to Mobifriends. This is a both chatting and dating website/app, but it’s more focused on hobbies-sharing, friendship, and dating than on hookups and adult content.

So, you can go with Tinder, Badoo, Match.com, OK Cupid, if we want to mention the most popular and used ones. It depends on who you are and who you identify yourself with.


Mobifriends Review

No matter if you are a newbie, no matter if you come from a small village and you have never been to a big town, this website is for you. Even though you are an older adult or a geek who does not even smell the air outside your bedroom, there’s room for you, here in Mobifriends.

It’s a Spanish app, which is about to conquer the dating world. We hope you have found this review useful and that now you can make a wiser choice. Have a happy dating experience!

Contact Information

Company: Mobifriends Solutions, S.L.

Address: C/Escorial 180, Bajos exterior, 08024 Barcelona, Spain.

Phone: no phone displayed on the official website

E-mail: [email protected]

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