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Hitch Review

Hitch Review
About Site
Active Audience 86%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 65 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Get to meet people without relying on profile pics
  • Using friends to match you gives a better match than algorithms
  • No fear of fake profiles and scammers
  • Location-based connections are limited in low-density areas
  • Necessary for a number of your friends to be on the app already
  • Sometimes your friends can really mismatch you
  • Some people are more comfortable viewing profile pics first

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Did you ever wish for those long-ago days where your cousin would introduce you to his awesome buddy and the sparks would fly, old school style? If you find most popular dating apps a bit daunting and fraught with strangers ready to send you a dick-pic at “hello,” then this is the site for you. Hitch allows you to set up two of your Facebook friends who can then begin an anonymous chat. If there is a connection, the two can connect in real-time. How cute.

Hitch dating app lets you connect with friends of friends and locate other singles at locations, events, and happenings in real-time. Hailed as Tinder for blind dates, this app provides an opportunity for people to meet in real-time without the pressure of a formal date. Not only does it do that, but it also lets you put on a pair of wings and play Cupid with friends that are not necessarily part of your immediate social circle.

In a world where left swipes dominate, the constant parade of who’s hot and who’s not can be exhausting. Fancy algorithm-based machine learning technologies abound, with endless personality tests that make you want to cringe. Yet are we any closer to finding our match? Hitch is a refreshing anachronism in this burner culture where people no longer want to take the time to get to know somebody.

In the boomer generation, most of the time you were introduced to your potential love match through your friends and family. No, not the mothers, no, never the mothers! In that way, one already had a sense of whether this person was a hound-dawg or a stand-up prospect. Hitch gives us an opportunity to meet “introduction” style and get to know each other a bit before profile pics come in.

Isn’t it also a novel experience to maybe meet another person at an event or location where your interests intertwine? That being said, we think that location aspect can be used for good or for, well, more shady intentions, but that’s the world in all its polarities.

Hitch Review

When Was Hitch Founded?

Hitch was founded in May 2014 and it seems to be doing a great job ever since.

Who Owns Hitch?

Anton Gu created Hitch when he was confronted by a common problem in the dating world. He had met a woman who was new to him via a circle of his friends. When his nerve failed him, he failed to get her contact details before she left the party. Desperate to find a way to connect with her without asking his friends to provide her number (how awkward), he came up with the idea of Hitch. He based this app’s name on the iconic movie of the same name, starring Will Smith. He subsequently found love through his own site, when one of his friends matched him up. (Sadly, or happily, this was not the lady who got away previously.

Registration And Profile

Registration is a breeze on Hitch, and this app is free to download for iOS and Android devices. You need a Facebook account for that, which will be linked to your Hitch account. This is less scary than it sounds, as Hitch will not post any information about your membership and activities on its site. You will need to change your friend request settings to “everyone.”

Access to the app is strictly by invitation only, via one of your friends, or by a special password that can be found online. This may seem annoying, but it pays dividends in the long run. This is to ensure that all those baddies, like scammers with fake profiles, have a hard time getting onto this site.

You can then select a profile picture that your friends on site will see, but not people outside your chosen circle. Here you get to let people know who you are and where your interests lie in a short bio. Simple as that.

Registration And Profile


It’s really novel and kind of retro that Hitch has brought matches down to their primary component in a rather organic way. With Hitch, you can try your hand at boomer-style matching, where someone you knew introduces you to someone else. If, of course, they think that setup would really suit you. After all, there is no generic personality test or computer-driven algorithm that knows you better than your friends.

There are no annoying search filters to apply to build some kind of virtual avatar of your likes – a 21-year-old blue-eyed, 6ft 3inch, Caucasian, athletic, blonde-haired Adonis who doesn’t smoke and blah blah blah. You also don’t have to wait for some fancy virtual concierge wearing a cloche to deliver you one match a day on a silver tray.

Hitch allows you to match via friends on the app, or search your location for members nearby. This is not the kind of Fling.com location set up; it can be used during events, gatherings, or other common interest locations.


How To Search For People On Hitch?

You can either search for matches via friend suggestion or use location to engage with other Hitch members in your area.

Hitch tries to involve its members in mutual areas of interest and provides a choice of topics that you may find interesting. The “meet” suggestion can be sent to a friend who will then be able to communicate with people that you have chosen for him/her.

The “Discover” feature allows you to check in a location and meet other users checking into the same place in real-time. So, if you are at a bar, a party, or a gallery opening, you can check-in and find people right where you are. If you like the look of someone nearby, you can like them, and if you are both on the same page, you meet.

In order to use your location to check-in, you will be presented with a choice of places near the spot to which you are heading. This is strictly 500 meters from your mobile, and from there, you are presented with potential matches in the same spot as you. Don’t worry if your hangout isn’t on the Hitch list via Google maps.

If you are having a bad hair day, you may turn off your discovery feature, and the singles around you won’t catch you out.

How To Search For People On Hitch

How To Delete Your Hitch Account?

You can delete your Hitch Dating account under “Apps Settings.” Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Delete Account” tab.

Members Structure

Hitch is available in 50 countries across the world, with its largest user base hailing from England, Los Angeles, and New York. Although the largest age demographic on Hitch is in the 25 to 35-year-old range, there is some diversity in its user stats.

Race And Ethnicity

With the flood of dating apps out there, it is a breath of fresh air that you do not have to divulge your race or ethnicity, thanks to the absence of such search filters.

Religious orientation

Hitch has an open policy to any religious affiliations the user may have.

Pricing policies

On a comparative price scale, Hitch prices are on the high end of the spectrum. Users can use “Coins” as credits or purchase a premium membership.

Free Membership

  • View other users’ profiles
  • View list of conversation topics
  • Make comments on various topics

  • Engage in chats with other users

Coin prices:

  • 100 Coins 0.13 USD / Coin 12.99 USD Total
  • 300 Coins 0.10 USD / Coin 30.99 USD Total
  • 1,000 Coins 0.09 USD / Coin 89.99 USD Total

Premium membership fees:

  • 1 Month 43.65 USD / Month 43.65 USD Total
  • 3 Month 30.03 USD / Month 90.09 USD Total
  • 6 Month 26.70 USD / Month 160.20 USD Total

How To Cancel Hitch Paid Subscription?

Hitch site itself does not process payment for its services, and users must ascribe to cancelation policies of the store from which their membership was purchased.

Is Hitch Safe?

The fact that Hitch uses your Facebook contacts and that matches are curated by your near and dear, makes this site a much safer option than many other platforms. Facebook and mobile verification make the likelihood of coming across bots or scammers exponentially less.

Hitch claims to take all reasonable measures to protect user information and only discloses your profile picture and age to agreed-upon Facebook friends who are members of their site. All other information gathered about users on-site will only be used for measuring the quality of user experience, and so, enhancing their user’s online enjoyment.

Due to the geolocation aspect of Hitch app, users must be aware that their whereabouts become public to other users in the same and nearby areas. This site offers safety tips for users, such as always meeting in a crowded place and letting someone know who and where you will be meeting. Standard advice for anyone taking a social media connection into the big bad world.

Is Hitch Safe

Website Design And Usability

The website is hardly a feat of creative design genius. It has a non-threatening feel, though, a certain naïve friendliness and charm right down to the cheesy little heart icon. The interface is easy to navigate and offers concise descriptions of the site’s aims, whilst directing the user to the app download portal.

How Does Hitch Work?

Hitch is an app that functions via a user’s Facebook account by matching with people suggested by friends. When two people have a mutual like, they are invited to chat minus the profile pictures (which can sometimes result in people making superficial choices.)

The matched users can chat about areas of common interest, and if they enjoy their convo, they can reveal themselves and meet. The app also geolocates single friends in various locations for an opportunity to meet casually rather than on a formal date.

How Does Hitch Work

Hitch app

To be honest, the Android app is uber glitchy. The Hitch site is not available in a mobile version, and one has the choice of Apple or Google Play. The Google Play rating is a unanimous thumbs-down, 2.5 stars out of five. Although there are only 23 posted ratings, they unanimously complain of being unable to do the simplest thing, such as log in.

The fact that only 23 users bothered to post a review is indicative of the Hitch app’s real working problems. It seems to have no real marketing promotion online or otherwise. They say it’s available from the App Store and iTunes, but when we tried and googled a rating, we get nada. This app is like trying to find Cupid’s arrow at an international archery event.

Hitch app

Alternatives Of Hitch

Match.com is a great alternative for Hitch because it has an 8 million strong user-base and a reputation built up over 20 years. They even give a guarantee that you will find your match within six months or they will fund your next six months on the site.

EHarmony is another alternative that also matches singles in a more serious type of relationship. Their user-base has millions of subscribers and prides itself on its scientifically based matchmaking models that have resulted in 600,000 marriages worldwide.

EliteSingles is a top-notch site for professionals looking for their other half. Their reputation and focus on quality matches ensure that people get the best chances of meeting up with compatible, long-term potential partners.


Hitch dating app sounds so great on paper. Its retro style “with a little help from my friends” type of date setups is novel and quaint in these “sex-positive, lets meet and bang” times. Anton Gu, the founder, asks why we don’t accept partner suggestions from our friends when we are happy to choose movies, books, and music when proffered?

In the days before the Internet, before personals became ubiquitous on a printed copy. Most lasting relationships were curated, in a sense, by close friends and family. It begs the question if perhaps all these scientific algorithm-based, machine-learning matchmaking tools are pushing us away from our real matches and not toward them?

We are incessantly bombarded with sexualized images where we only engage with a person based on how hot they look in their photoshopped and airbrushed images. The swipe culture has all but buried the possibility of getting to know someone before you do a Queen of Hearts and swipe “off with his head!” Chatting to someone in a truly blind date style before seeing his/ her face is a great idea but also a little utopian and dreamlike. Just like this whole Hitch site seems to be.

Yes, it is a great idea in a happy world where bunnies gambol in the streets, and Cupid wears a mask when he shoots his teeny heart-tipped arrows from his fluffy perch. Hitch seems to have just failed to take off in any substantial way. The whole premise of the success of such a site rests on users’ friends and their friends to be on the app as well. You need numbers, big numbers, to make this arrow fly, and, unfortunately, that is what this app lacks.

The site is pretty dreary, and let’s face it, their dramatic claims to be the “The first dating app to allow singles to check in to locations to find other singles to connect with!” is a bit suspect. Couldn’t we just check in on Facebook to a place or event, and won’t our friends already know? Why do we need to sacrifice our personal information to an app that does pretty much the same thing?

Though the Hitch app is quaint, and we love the idea, it just seems to act as an extension of Facebook and does not really deliver on anything we can’t find for ourselves. Or find somewhere else, for that matter, on another site with a decent local user-base to work with.

Contact Information

  • Company: CyberVision Media Inc.
  • Address: 902-225 Webb Dr.
  • Mississauga, Ontario
  • Canada L5B 4P2
  • Phone: n/a
  • Email: via app contact us section
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