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eHarmony VS Match: What To Choose

eHarmony VS Match: What To Choose

eHarmony and Match dating platforms are accessible globally. The former is suitable for singles interested in serious partners, while the latter suits individuals that want people to marry. The matching method in the eHarmony site is specific. The site has millions of users from various places around the globe. Customers who upgrade their membership can access other users’ profiles better. The available subscriptions are for 6 to 24 months. The site features a straightforward interface.

Match website also has various paid features. Among them is messaging. The platform has over twenty years of dating experience. There is a mobile app that is free to download. The number of users currently is more than eight million.

How eHarmony and Match Function?

The two dating services have various similarities and differences. Below are their advantages and disadvantages.


eHarmony Match
  • The best privacy and safety features.
  • An extensive profile creation activity.
  • There are no in-app transactions.
  • Users can communicate via video calls.
  • Registration is free.
  • Verified profiles.
  • Interactive interface
  • The best filtering tool.
  • Video communication.
  • Users don’t need to pay to download an app and open an account.


eHarmony Match
  • The charges are high.
  • Users need to pay to access certain basic features.
  • The registration activity may be daunting.
  • There is a different site for LGBTQ members.
  • Free users cannot view photos.
  • The service is expensive compared to most similar apps.
  • Profiles do not get approved instantly.
  • The About section is short.
  • The number of inactive members is high.
  • Singles vary per location.

Design And Usability: eHarmony VS Match

In this digital era, user experience is essential to determine if a dating site is good. Having top algorithms and perfect outcomes is not enough to make customers return if the layout is not straightforward.

Both Match and eHarmony operators understand that and have done their best to make the websites stand out.

Web & App Design


The site begins by providing the 1st set of matches. Users can decide to communicate with them or go on searching. However, the algorithm often delivers the best.

The site has a guided communication feature that can make interactions successful. Customers who get stuck have nothing to worry about because there is someone to assist them. Expect the best relationship advice and coaching from experienced individuals.

The best thing about the dating service is that the match compatibility gets determined upfront. Each potential partner gets instantly compared with a 29 dimension personality score. People know how compatible they are with others immediately.

The website interface was designed in a way that enhances dating skills. Customers can also find their dream partners without challenges.


The dating platform also has exciting features that make it unique. The most common one is the reverse search option, enabling people to find partners interested in their qualities. The feature ensures that customers interact with people who suit them.

The website interface, however, has some flaws. One of them is that members need to perform a lot of exploration. Filters are there, but one has to choose whom to contact.

Users can pick the features they like or look for matches among individuals that are interested in them. However, it is hard to know whether the person you choose suits you. The searching exercise consumes a lot of time.

Another drawback is that the website has various confusing features for showing people interest. Among them are:

  • Profile likes.
  • Winks.
  • Favorites.
  • Picture likes.
  • Super likes.

Another confusing thing on the Match website is customers have to pay for Power-Ups separately. The feature allows them to make safe calls or receive read email alerts.

The bottom line is that both dating platforms have a modern look. Match website, despite its flaws, might suit individuals interested in less-commitment dating services. So, if you are willing to spend a lot of time searching for a partner, choose it.

eHarmony, on the other hand, has the best interface that makes its algorithm stand out. Matching users is a priority, and it caters to everything else regarding relationships. So, in terms of interface design, eHarmony beats Match.


Member Base

Most individuals want a dating platform where they encounter attractive and genuine users. The number of members is not as crucial and quality and how active people are.

Number of users

  • Match: The site has over 29 million straight and gay individuals.
  • eHarmony: There are more than 35 million members. The only drawback is that the site caters to heterosexuals only. Lesbians and gays require compatible partners to use the services.


  • Match: Most users are between 25 and 34 years.
  • eHarmony: 37% of the members are between 25 and 34 years. The other age bracket dominant on the site is 35 to 44 years.


  • Match: The users are from over thirty different nations. People from the United States alone are more than 4 million.
  • eHarmony: The website features people from more than 130 nations.

Male/Female Accounts

Registering in any of the two dating websites takes time. Most similar platforms allow users to link their Facebook accounts. Match and eHarmony require people to fill out many details on a form.

Registration & Profile


New users can take up to one how to fill out a form. The site wants to match people who have a lot in common. Anyone genuine about finding a partner will not complain about the lengthy signup activity.

The signup page has two options. Users can join using an email address of a Facebook account. No matter the option you choose, you will still answer a questionnaire and undergo a personality test. The latter comprises things that enable the website users’ personalities. Expect to find situational questions such as What will you do if you meet someone you like?

Compatibility questions entail how people wish their matches to be. Apart from that, one can share particular attributes of the people they want to date. For instance, you can indicate the following:

  • Body type.
  • Country.
  • Height.
  • Weight.

The next step is to post a display picture.


Registration can get completed within 15 to 20 minutes. The exercise is not as detailed as in eHarmony. However, people still put a lot of effort into their profiles. The site guides users in every step, and it is not a must to provide all the specified details at once. The only catch is in the approval stage. It can take up to 24 hours to get approved.

The details needed during registration include:

  • Nation.
  • Birthdate.
  • Email address.
  • State.
  • Sexual orientation.
  • Gender.

Users also have to pick a username and a password. The site next redirects them to an online builder where they fill up their pages with relevant information. It includes:

  • Body type.
  • Height.
  • Relationship.

The builder also requires members to talk about themselves briefly. One needs to write up to one hundred characters.

The following step is to upload a photo. The site does not verify images. Users only have to ensure they use decent images.

After completing the above, you can log into the website and start finding a partner. There is no email verification.

eHarmony VS Match: Differences In Searching And Matching

Both websites offer ways to find suitable partners.

Possibility to Meet your Love

The probability of meeting a life partner is high on both eHarmony and Match websites. However, it is a bit difficult and time-consuming on the former site because users have to do a lot of searching. Match has a matching algorithm that enables individuals to find compatible partners faster.

Possibility to Find Casual Hookup

The probability of finding hookups on Match or eHarmony dating sites is low. However, both platforms focus on serious relationships and connections that can lead to marriage.

Quality Of Profiles & User Safety

Quality of profiles


Most members have detailed profiles since the site requires them to provide many details when they join. People are free to say anything about themselves. The information shared helps others to know whether they match. The search feature works as per the profile details. Providing enough information allows people to find compatible partners faster.

The profiles show the following:

  • Username.
  • Bio.
  • A small information section with images.

The site goes further and offers details regarding what users share. Besides that, users see the compatibility rate between two individuals. If you have many things in common with someone, the percentage will be high.

There is also a suggested feature that shows individuals worth checking out. The site recommends them based on what you want.


Profiles have the details that users need to see. You need to check the About section since it contains detailed information. Members can edit their profiles but not the personality and compatibility test answers.

Profiles also contain details regarding how compatible one is with someone. The finds are as per intimacy, values, etc.


The safety of customers on dating websites is crucial. Both eHarmony and Match have ways to prevent scammers and keep genuine users safe.

Verification of Users


Registration happens through an email address or a Facebook account.


There is no email address verification.

Fakes or Scam


Security is ensured by the members and not the site moderators. There are safety tips to enable people to avoid scammers or any other dangers.

Customers ensure safety by avoiding suspicious individuals. For instance, they do not interact with people with blank profiles or free accounts. Scammers will need to upgrade their membership to make genuine users communicate with them. Paying for the services means the site will get personal details, making it easier to know who they are if they scam other members.


The platform is safe, but customers need to be cautious. For instance, it is not advisable to share personal information or financial details with strangers. Things such as location, bank account, contacts, and others should remain private.

Also, members should be careful not to send money or anything else to people they meet online. The site has the option to block and report anyone that seems fake.

Pricing Policies

Both dating sites require customers to pay to access certain features.


The website charges higher than Match. The one-year plan costs 35.90 USD, and users can pay 59.90 USD for 6 months. The price varies, but it often goes above 20 USD per month.


The platform is a bit more affordable. Customers may pay 35.99 USD every month or 19.99 USD for a 3-month plan. The 6 months plan costs 17.99 USD.

Another option that users can choose is the annual membership which costs 15.99 USD per month.

Free Membership

Free users enjoy the following:


  • One can open an account and create a profile.
  • Individuals can use winks on anyone they like.
  • You can view other members’ profiles.
  • Users can send five website-generated questions.
  • People can create their favorites list.
  • You may search for a match outside your preferences.


  • New members can sign up without paying.
  • They can create a profile.
  • Users can send likes for free.
  • Customers can browse on member search with a free account.
  • People can take part in matchmaking activities.
  • Users get Singled Out matches.
  • Free users can view other people’s profiles.

Final Thoughts: The Winner is…

GOOD FOR finding long-lasting relationships
GOOD FOR finding an ideal partner

Both Match and eHarmony are the top dating platforms for people interested in long-term relationships. Each site has advantages and disadvantages, as seen in the article.

Though Match has top features and is a bit affordable, eHarmony wins. The unique matching process enables users to find perfect partners. eHarmony is even responsible for most marriages in the United States.

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