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Chemistry VS eHarmony: What To Choose

Chemistry VS eHarmony: What To Choose

Both eHarmony and chemistry are the same; nonetheless, they both have a uniqueness that makes each stand out from the other. Before we get to the difference, let us highlight some of the similarities.

Both sites have a mechanism that does the matching for the user based on their profile details. The user is given daily suggestions of likely compatible dates for their vetting and picking. The users of both sites can create their accounts for free by filling out a guided questionnaire used to match them. However, they both limit profile searches to the system and not the user.

Although both brands are meant for single men or women seeking long-term relationships regardless of gender, age, or religion, eHarmony limits it to all-straight heterosexual singles. However, if you are gay or lesbian, they will redirect you to a sister site.

The other difference is that eHarmony is more popular and has more members than chemistry across multiple counties. The cost of a subscription is also a definite difference between the two and, last but not least, the general outlook and feel of the interface.

How are Chemistry VS eHarmony Function?

Both sites have top-notch features that members can access upon upgrading to a paid subscription, although they both provide a free trial version. These features range from basic dating services to value adds such as live chats or secure calls by eHarmony for premium users to enjoy without revealing their contact details.

Both brands have detailed personal testing mechanism that informs the profile and potential dates. Chemistry has the first meet feature that facilitates meetings and provides suggestions for locations. It also has some games to act as icebreakers in reducing the initial awkwardness between two potential partners. eHarmony, on the other hand, ensures the user has a private and secure call without giving a personal number. Unlike eHarmony, Chemistry users have little freedom to choose their dates apart from matchmaking.


eHarmony Chemistry
  • The site has invested so much in ensuring the privacy and security of the user.
  • It has a video a feature that enables video chatting.
  • The profile creation is thorough and stringent.
  • It does not support in-app transactions, thus eliminating solicitations.
  • Offers more accurate matches based on in-depth information
  • Provide fun and unique messaging functions.
  • Provide icebreakers to help you get started
  • The detailed but fun personality test that informs compatibility
  • Users can get customer support by call or email.
  • Finding a match is based on the user’s information.

Here are some of the notable benefits of using either chemistry or eHarmony to seek a suitable date online.


eHarmony Chemistry
  • It is quite costly
  • Even the basic feature is reserved for the premium packages.
  • The user has no browsing control as the site does the work based on the info provided during registration.
  • The sign-up process is time-consuming and can overwhelm you.
  • It offers limited variety in terms of features necessary for communication.
  • Most features are available for premium users with a limited trial version.
  • Has limited search functions
  • Discourages casual dating and hookups
  • Allows selection based on photos, thus encouraging shallow judgment.
  • Prone to scams and con-artist.

The sites also have shortcomings, some that are listed below.

Design and usability: Chemistry VS eHarmony

Most digital platforms focus on the interface being simple, attractive, and functional. At first glance, it is easy to overlook eHarmony based on aesthetics. However, the lack of appeal is covered by the layout and functionality, i.e., the ultimate user experience.

eHarmony has overlooked the attraction part but excelled in simplicity and functionality. Chemistry has a crowded layout outlook on the flip side but with a decent design, great aesthetic, and functionality. Both sites offer excellent customer support for their users.

Web and App Designs

The difference is in the layout and aesthetics, but both sites have a basic design that is easy to navigate even for non-tech savvy generations. eHarmony has a basic interface layout with minimum virtual enhancements. Unfortunately, Chemistry does not have an app yet; however, the site is responsive across multiple devices.


Platforms eHarmony Chemistry
iOS app ×
Android app ×
Web/desktop version

Chemistry VS eHarmony Member Base

Both sites cater to singles seeking long-term relationships or marriage. eHarmony was founded in 2000 and has approximately 30 million users in close to 200 countries globally. The site is more prevalent in western countries. The site records 16 million logins weekly, with the majority of the users being between the ages of 25-34 years. This shows that the site can draw even more numbers of the younger generation if it addresses the aesthetic issue as functionality alone has captured such numbers.

eHarmony appeals to single heterosexuals seeking serious relationships. Chemistry was founded in 2005. It has 350,000 members in the United States alone. The site has users in their 30s and 40s seeking a long-term relationship and even marriage.

Both brands have users from different ethnicities and nationalities.

Male/Female Accounts

The ratio of men to women in eHarmony is slightly proportional, with men having a 6% majority. The dominant age group of users in the platform is 24-35 for both males and females. In Chemistry, 80% of the users are women, while men take the remaining 20%. These are between the ages of 30 and 40.

Registration & Profile

eHarmony profile entails a questionnaire, a photo, and a summary about yourself. User has to provide details about their preferences and compatibility levels of past relations if any. The users can change or update any details on their profiles. The user must upgrade to view other users’ photos, and each view is based on your view on relationships and personality. This builds your compatibility range. Unlike eHarmony, Chemistry users can see other user’s profiles for free.

Chemistry registration requires just your email address and Zip code for personal info. It is not mandatory to give full names as user names are used instead. The user has to fill the lengthy personality test that doesn’t seem mandatory based on the number of users who didn’t fill it. The site puts more emphasis on photos as members can upload up to 30 pictures.

Chemistry VS eHarmony: Differences in Searching and Matching

eHarmony does the matchmaking for you based on the information you’ve provided in your profile and the more accurate information is, the better chances of best suit. While people have a divergence of opinion on whether this is useful or limiting, it comes down to preference and how much time you have in your hand.

The site provides daily suggestions to allow users to fine-tune their profiles based on age or location for a paid membership. However, if you fail to get a match on a particular day, you have no alternative but to wait for the next day. The site, therefore, restricts the dates you can access in a single day.

The chemistry website similarly displays five matches daily for the free users; the site also provides a filter function that narrows down searches by locality, age, or currently online searches. Sending messages in chemistry is free, and the user is notified when some flirts with them, send a message, or tag them as favorite.

The site provides a set of questions that users can send to another to start a conversation, and it also has a chatroom feature. So while eHarmony does all the work for the user after filling in the details, chemistry offers a little bit of both worlds for its users to sit back and let the site do the work or be directly involved in the site searching and matching.

Possibility to Meet your Love

You are highly likely to meet your love on both sites as both are for people seeking a serious relationship that can eventually result in marriage. eHarmony would, however, provide a more likely guarantee than Chemistry. This site is stringent on registration and profile creation and thus fewer scammers or fake profiles, unlike chemistry.

Possibility to Find Casual Hookup

Again it is possible to get a casual date or hookup on either site. Chemistry has more probability of such than eHarmony owing to its registration and profile creation process and the fact that it gives room for a personal touch. Therefore, chemistry is your place of choice if you are not into serious commitment yet. Nonetheless, we cannot rule out the possibility of finding such in eHarmony entirely.

Quality of Profiles & User Safety

Both sites have mandatory security features such as encryption software, firewalls, and antivirus. That does protect user data on the site but not cushion against scams and fakes. So how do both brands handle this concern?

Chemistry user profiles are pretty detailed and visible to everyone. The challenge is that the fields are not mandatory, and therefore, the information is left to the user’s discretion. This laxity can pose a problem to other users since scammers can take advantage of this to lure non suspecting users.

On the flip side, eHarmony takes profile creation seriously and makes most of the details mandatory. It also does thorough scrutiny of the user before approving their profiles. eHarmony, therefore, does a better job in hindering scams and cons.

Verification of Users

eHarmony requires the user to provide a phone number in which a verification code is sent to them via a text message. This feature uses area code to pinpoint the location of sign-up of the users. On the contrary, chemistry does not have such a verification procedure. However, both allow users to block other users in case of distrust or whatever reason. Blocked users can see or communicate with those who’ve done it.

Fakes or Scam

Based on the profile creation and verification, chemistry is more prone to scams and fake profiles than eHarmony. Chemistry users can skip critical details at will, including not giving their full names. The stringent verification does not mean that eHarmony is free of scam or fake profiles; it’s proof that eHarmony does an excellent job than Chemistry.

Pricing Policies

Whether or not to spend money or invest in finding a compatible partner is a debate that cannot be agreed on readily. Both sites offer a free trial with an option to upgrade to a paid membership is a pointer to this. Here is a breakdown of what it would cost you in premium on either brand.

Paid subscription eHarmony Chemistry Difference
1 month $ 50.95 $ 34.99 $ 15.96
3 months $ 119.85 $ 64.98 $ 54.87
6 months $ 179.40 $ 77.94 $ 101.46
12 months $ 239.40

From the table, eHarmony costs a little more than chemistry on the premium subscription packages. What are you spending your cash on?

eHarmony paid features

  • Browsing incognito
  • See who has viewed your profile and view other person’s photos
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Access to matches outside your preferences and,
  • Ability to see who added you to their favorites.

Chemistry paid features

  • Sending and or receiving messages
  • Profile pro- which is a feature for professionals to do your profile for you
  • Ability to add other users to favorites and get notified if you’ve been added by someone, in addition, to see who is flirting with you.
  • A custom nameplate that highlights your name, making you stand out and visible

Free Membership

eHarmony enables users to enjoy the following for free;

  • Sign-up and profile creation,
  • Sending winks to get a conversation started,
  • Send site-generated questions as well as add other users to your favorites and,
  • Browse matches that are beyond your match

On the other hand, Chemistry users can;

  • Sign up and create their profile
  • undertake the compatibility or personality test
  • Access to a complete profile view of other users and see who has viewed your profile
  • See all the pictures

Final Thoughts: The Winner is…

GOOD FOR people in search of serious relationships
GOOD FOR finding long-lasting relationships

Despite being expensive, eHarmony has outshined Chemistry in almost every area; it has done an excellent job ensuring user safety and security through stringent verification. Besides, eHarmony has an app available for various devices, unlike chemistry that still depends on the website. Most importantly, it provides a better guarantee of finding love by reducing the number of scams and fraudsters. The winner is eHarmony.

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