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Bumble VS OkCupid: What To Choose

Bumble VS OkCupid: What To Choose

OkCupid was launched in 2004, and Bumble was introduced into the market in 2014. Despite OkCupid coming early into the industry, it still does not have its strategies like the sister companies.

The two platforms have a variety of relationship options. The main aim of comparing them is to bring out the differences that exist in their structures and functioning. OkCupid provides more on top of what Bumble offers. Therefore, it can act as an alternative to Bumble.

While OkCupid has a website and a mobile option, Bumble has a mobile app and an offline magazine.

Looking for matches in both apps is all about swiping. One is allowed to swipe through the numerous profile pictures. When you swipe to the right, it shows that you like the profile. Swiping to the left indicates dislike or lack of interest.

In OkCupid, a roulette type matching feature allows users to react to profiles by either swiping to the left or right. Swiping to the right shows interest, while the left option means dislike.

To know more about the apps and the experiences they offer, read this article until the last period.

How Bumble and OkCupid Function?

The two sites are designed to function differently.


It is a one-stop shop for people looking for a variety of friendships. Bumble allows users to choose whether they are in for a friendship, business, or long-term relationship.

It suggests matches to its users according to their locations. If you are genuinely interested in someone’s profile, the app allows you to Superswipe the profile. Superswipe goes for a fee. It will show the owner of the profile that you spent some money to reach them. This gives room for a possible match.


The site has a Double Take feature that allows users to swipe on their matches. The feature allows members to swipe to the left or right. This depends on their interests in other users’ profiles.

It also presents to users matches who they are more compatible with. Compatibility is measured according to the answers on views, hobbies, and interests.

There are pros and cons of both sites, as discussed below.


Bumble OkCupid
  • Has top safety and privacy functions.
  • Has an exciting and inclusive design.
  • Availability of a video chat service.
  • The unpaid version is robust.
  • A good app for finding lasting partners.
  • It has top safety and privacy functions.
  • The app has an exciting and inclusive design.
  • Its unpaid version is robust.
  • The best app for finding all types of relations.
  • There are inclusive identification options for gender and sexual identities.
  • Search tools can be filtered to display only online users.


Bumble OkCupid
  • Profiles are less detailed.
  • There are unnecessary business and friend-finder features.
  • Important features require members to upgrade their membership.
  • Suggested matches disappear after twenty-fours if the users fail to communicate.
  • It displays user age on the profile.
  • Only women can initiate conversations.
  • Its free interface displays a lot of ads and may invite casual browsers.
  • The search function may return errant results.
  • There is no option for video chat.
  • All uploaded profile pictures are public.

Design and Usability: Bumble VS OkCupid

Both dating sites serve users of both android and mobile devices.

Web & App Design

The outlook of both platforms consists of these two modes:

  1. Picture swiping to find desired matches. Swiping is so engaging. When you swipe to the right, it shows interest. Swiping to the left indicates dislike or rejection.
  2. Text communication to know each other. How members chat on these platforms is not different from the normal chatting on any other messengers.

On Bumble, users may swipe left, right, or super-like a profile using icons at the lower section of their screens.

On OkCupid, a double-take section allows users to swipe left to pass or right to show interest in profiles.

Both Bumble and OkCupid are well designed. Their interfaces are easy to use as they are regularly updated.


Bumble OkCupid
iOS App Yes Yes
Android App Yes Yes
Web/Desktop Version Yes
Sign up with a Phone number or Facebook
(Sign up with Facebook or Email)*

Member Base

Bumble and OkCupid are among the most popular dating apps in the world. Their services are available in most countries, with the United States topping.

Male/Female Accounts


The site derives its benefits from focusing on a certain group of people. From the shared testimonials, the majority of the users are friendly, mature, and understand the main aim of the app. Even though the app has very few features, members do not take centuries to find their matches. Both genders have an almost equal representation.


The OkCupid website is always active. However, most of its daily visitors are young professionals interested in exploring the app and having fun. The site requires members to state exactly what kind of relationship they want from the dating site. The majority of users are men.

a. Number of users


Worldwide, the site has over 42 million paying users. It has 11 million members from the United States. Each month the site receives more than 700 thousand new users. Per month, there are over 6 million site visits.


The site has over 50 million users. In the United States, 10 million people have signed up. Daily, one million new logins are registered.

b. Age

  • Bumble: The site consists mainly of young adults in their 20s and 30s.
  • OkCupid: Users fall between the age range of 25 and 34.

c. Geography

The dating sites offer services to different walks of life. However, the United States has the most members.

Registration & Profile


Account registration takes about 5-10 minutes. During the process, new users are required to sign up from their Facebook account or provide general information about themselves.

Upon completion of that process, the site provides users with a simple questionnaire. The survey seeks to know the members’ likes, dislikes, relationship desires, habits, hobbies, sexual orientation, personality, and religion.

To make your profile look better, you need to add photos from your Facebook account or Instagram.

The profile needs to contain:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Location
  • Email


Registration is very fast and easy. Interested members who do not have Facebook accounts can only sign up via their phone numbers. However, it is encouraged that one should have an account with Facebook. Bumble imports members’ information from their Facebook accounts. These details must also be included:

  • Their gender: It can be male, female, or any other specified option.
  • Birth date.
  • First name.

After linking your Facebook account with Bumble, you need to open up your location in your settings. This allows Bumble to suggest matches that are within your vicinity.

Bumble VS OkCupid: Differences In Searching And Matching

Finding matches in both happens by swiping. However, OkCupid has an advantage over Bumble due to its unique features and site operations.

Possibility to Meet your Love

Users of digital dating sites have continuously experienced challenges with the sites. You may want to end up with a match then things turn upside down. Some users are not after finding long-term relationships.


On the Bumble app, there is a real-time connect option. The feature is majorly aimed at creating real-life meetups fast. It is majorly used for events such as concerts or coffee shops to spot singles around. If a lady spots a single man closer to her location, she can begin the conversation. Only ladies are allowed to initiate conversations.


Meeting your perfect match on this platform has high chances. During signing up, the platform requires members to disclose the type of relationships they want. This allows users to know who to approach and start dating.

Possibility to Find Casual Hookup


Through its features, BumbleBff and BumbleBizz, members who are not in for relationships can swap to creating normal friendships and business contacts.

Due to the structure of the app, most users tend to be serious and determined. Hookups are therefore discouraged. Choosy members may end up losing their matches.


Since members have to disclose their relationship desires, either friendship, hookups, short-term, or long-term relationships, finding matches becomes easy. This very inclusive ecosystem hastens us.

Quality Of Profiles & User Safety

Like in other dating sites, you are not sure about who you will match with. You need to be vigilant with the strangers you meet and how you interact with them.

It is advisable that you keep your contact information, workplace, and address secret until you are sure. Always ensure that the first dates you organize are in public places. Another bit to note is that you need to make a relative or friend aware of your whereabouts.

In the recent past, the majority of people have presented catfishing cases. Some people ask for money online. This is the more reason you need to be extra careful. A person who dearly likes you does not change that for cash. Dating is not all about how much you are to spend on your partner.


Everyone is held accountable when it comes to safety measures. All the users are expected to uphold values such as respect, equality, and kindness. The website administrators take strict actions when people break specified rules on the platform.

The support representatives who assist customers whenever they face a problem are also available. The website requires its members to be more empowered to judge and take safety precautions when meeting strangers.

You should not consider an online partner as a relative. Make a move of informing a friend or a relative when going out for a date. Let them be aware of where and when the date is scheduled. Important to note is that your first date ought to be in a public place.


This site also advises users always to be cautious of possible scammers.

The site has an attractive profile. Below is how the user’s profile looks:

  • The profiles are filled with information.
  • Users’ photos uploaded on the profiles are public.
  • Answering more match questions gives room for getting a variety of accurate matches.
  • When you answer more match questions, you automatically unlock your personality traits. This will make your profile more unique.
  • Members can view the profiles of other users without paying a penny.

Verification of Users

On both sites, users have to be verified.

Bumble: the site does verify members through phone numbers or Facebook account details.

OkCupid: Accounts are verified Facebook or email log in details.

Fakes or Scam

Scammers always find their way on any dating platform. It is upon users to use the platforms at their own discretion. This is how to detect scammers in OkCupid:

  • Their locations are always in countries too far to reach.
  • They normally have at most two or no profile pictures.
  • Their profile pictures are always blurred, seem to be too far, or in bad lighting.

In OkCupid, fake accounts are deleted once suspected.

Pricing Policies


The Bumble app costs 9.99 USD a month. Customers can, however, extend the validity of matches beyond 24 hours.

The app gives users a Bumbleboost option that costs 10.99 USD a week and 24.99 USD for a month. This leaves users with lots of benefits such as:

  • Busybee. They can extend the 24-hour expiry deadline on matches.
  • Rematch. Users can easily connect with connections that have expired.
  • Beeline. Users can see a list of members who have swiped right on their pictures.

However, for users who want to purchase the services once, a maximum cost of 149.99 USD is applied.

The site also operates in coins. A coin is sold at 1.99 USD, 5 coins at 8.99 USD, 10 coins at 14.99 USD, 20 coins at 24.99 USD, and 30 coins at 37.99 USD.

Users are encouraged to pay through credit cards, mobile numbers, or PayPal.

The feature also allows premium users to get the ability to see the individuals that like them.


When compared to other dating sites, OkCupid tends to be average.

Users who opt for A-List Basic Subscription are entitled to a monthly subscription of 7.95 USD. Other standards include a three-month subscription at 19.05 USD and a six-month subscription at 23.70 USD.

To browse more features, users can subscribe to A-List Premium subscription. This option costs 24.90 USD for a month, 68.70 USD for a three-month subscription, and 119.40 USD for a six-month subscription.

The app also boosts members. The boost allows members to get their profiles highlighted and shown frequently on other members’ Double Take Suggestions and OkCupid search. This add-on costs members 1.99 USD for one credit, 9.45 USD for 5 credits, and 16.90 USD for 10 credits.

Interested members in upgrading their membership plan pay through credit cards, PayPal, and mobile phone.

Members who have upgraded enjoy the following:

  • They use advanced search filters
  • They can see who likes them
  • They can see public question answers
  • Have a high messaging priority
  • They get a daily auto boost
  • They experience no ads when browsing

Free Membership

A variety of features freely provided on both sites include:


  • Free members can also create their profiles.
  • Members are given match suggestions.
  • People can use the communication services.
  • Users are awarded one rematch on expired connections.
  • The app does not require any fee to download.


  • Members keep track of those they like
  • They have a chance to participate in Double Take
  • Account registration is free
  • They can message other users
  • They can browse other members’ profiles
  • Easy match searching
  • They can use basic search filters

Final Thoughts: The Winner is…

GOOD FOR ladies who prefer taking first step
GOOD FOR flirting and finding a perfect match

Finding long-term relationships on dating platforms depends on your seriousness. With Bumble, a long-term commitment can be a sure bet.

If the platform does not match your needs, you need to go for its alternative, OkCupid. Its data-driven matches with an inclusive ecosystem make matching easier and sure.

Also, the OkCupid app gives members a variety of relationship options to choose from. The app can help you expand your friendship boundaries too.

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