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Bumble VS Hinge: What To Choose

Bumble VS Hinge: What To Choose

The hinge was developed in 2012 whereas Bumble was introduced to the market in 2014. Having stayed in the market for more years, Hinge has confirmed a lot of dates. This is through its numerous testimonies from members who got matched.

The main connecting factor between the two dating sites is that they are both mobile applications. Both apps use GPS to find the location of their members. Users are also able to see who is near their location and therefore making it easier to meet up.

In both apps, there is a connect in real-time option. The feature is majorly aimed at creating real-life meetups fast. It is majorly used in events such as concerts or coffee shops to spot singles around.

The apps also allow users to share their information to other popular social networks.

Before settling on Bumble or Hinge, you need to go through this entire article. It is more elaborate and will give you more experience that will determine your success in meeting up with your love.

How Bumble and Hinge Function?

Bumble offers a platform for serious relationships. However, the majority of its users tend to be afraid of making the last step. Only 4% of men end up marrying and 1% of women get married. It is more about empowering women than hooking them up for life.

On the other hand, Hinge is designed to help serious individuals find their real-time partners. Since the app does not support casual affairs, the app’s team requires that the users delete the app after finding their love. It does not allow users to stay for long on their app.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the two apps


Hinge Bumble
  • There are multiple ways to like profiles.
  • Profiles are robust
  • It exhibits a great interplay between photos and texts.
  • The application has a modern design.
  • It shows users their mutual Facebook friends.
  • It has search filters.
  • It is best for finding long-term relationships.
  • Has top safety and privacy functions.
  • Has an exciting and inclusive design.
  • Availability of a video chat service.
  • The unpaid version is robust.
  • A good app for finding lasting partners.


Hinge Bumble
  • It does not offer proper background checks.
  • It is a mobile app only.
  • Accidental unmatching or skipping of profiles, you cannot undo it.
  • It does not support video chats.
  • There is limited user stay.
  • Has very limited likes for free users.
  • Profiles are less detailed.
  • There are unnecessary business and friend-finder features.
  • Important features require members to upgrade their membership.
  • Suggested matches disappear after twenty-fours if the users fail to communicate.
  • It displays user age on the profile.
  • Only women can initiate conversations.

Design and Usability: Bumble VS Hinge

Both Bumble and Hinge are only available on mobile phones.

Hinge has a tablet-optimized version of the app, thus giving users more experience.

Web & App Design

Bumble is designed to allow users to swipe through profiles to meet their matches.

The swiping feature is very interactive. For example, when users swipe to the left, it shows dislike, while swiping right expresses interest in a profile.

Hinge, on the other side, involves tapping on the heart button to like a profile. Sending a like, however, involves choosing a particular part of the profile. This can either be a photo or the user’s answers on top of the profiles.

Both dating apps have a good design. They are easy to use, and they get updated each time.


Platforms Tinder Bumble
iOS App
Android App
Web/Desktop Version

Member Base

Bumble and Hinge are the most populated mobile dating apps that exist. The apps are used in most places around the world.

Male/Female Accounts


The site derives its benefits from focusing on a certain group of people. From the shared testimonials, the majority of the users are friendly, mature, and understand the main aim of the app. Even though the app has very few features, members do not take centuries to find their matches. The ratio of men to women is almost equal.


Hinge has a high population compared to Bumble. The site is dominated by men. Their population takes around 64%, while females are 36%. Most of its users are those who are tired and want to get off dating sites.

Number of users


Hinge has over five million users worldwide. The majority of its users come from the United States, United Kingdoms, Canada, Australia, and India.

The platform has over six million active users per month.


Worldwide, the site has over forty-two million paying users. It has eleven million members from the United States. Each month the set receives more than seven hundred thousand new users. Per month, there are over six million site visits. The ratio of men to women is almost equal.


Hinge: The site is full of young adults between the ages of twenty-four and thirty-two.

Bumble: Most people are between the ages of eighteen and forty-four.


The dating services provided by both platforms are global, though most common in the United States.

Registration & Profile

To join most of the dating sites today, users undergo short or long registration processes depending on the platforms. However, in these two platforms, registration is done in seconds. Both platforms require their users to register their accounts using the same media and procedures.


In this platform, members need to sign up using either a Facebook account or a phone number. The sign-up process is guided by a step-by-step procedure. Upon completion, users’ accounts are verified. It is obligatory for members to upload six of their photos.

The site automatically gets the six recent profile photos for users who choose to import photos from their Facebook accounts.

Users are also required to have at least one writing prompt to answer. Prompts are questions you need to answer or incomplete sentences that need to be completed correctly. Your response appears on your profile. This process makes accounts outstanding and creates room for getting real matches and more likes.


Bumble allows users to add their images manually or import them from their Facebook accounts. The below details must also be included:

  • Their gender: It can be male, female, or any other specified option.
  • Birthdate.
  • First name.

Bumble VS Hinge: Differences in Searching and Matching

Finding genuine matches in both apps happens through swiping. However, on the Hinge site, the possibility of losing a perfect match is high. Users should therefore be keen before skipping or disliking a profile.

Possibility to Meet your Love

Online dating platforms continue to flood with people in search of partners. Problems with dating sites also continue to rise. After you have found your perfect match, it is advisable you organize a date that will lead you both to marriage.


Hinge has a ‘We Met’ feature that allows users to message the team informing them about their dates with particular matches.

Upon sending your feedback, Hinge tends to question how the date was. It can also recommend better matches. In case all went well, the site’s team will encourage you to get off the app.


Just like Hinge, the possibility of matches meeting is high.

Possibility to Find Casual Hookup


The dating platform does not support casual relationships. Since its upgrade, the app has continuously supported serious dates. Users can also miss their lucky matches unknowingly through disliking or unmatching their profiles.


Bumble gives women the first priority to initiate conversations. Hookups on the platform are limited since the suggested matches disappear within a period of twenty-four hours. So, if you fell in love with a profile and failed to respond immediately, you stand a chance to lose a ‘maybe’ partner.

Due to the structure of the app, most users tend to be classic, serious, and determined. Hookups are therefore discouraged. Choosy members may end up losing their matches.

Bottom line

Both the platforms support long-term commitments that lead to marriage. Despite their designs, the possibility of ending up together is determined by the seriousness of the users.

Quality of Profiles & User Safety


Hinge profiles show information that users agreed to show up on their profiles during the sign-up processes. Some of that information includes personal details, photos, and written answers. This information will alternately present itself on the user’s profiles.

To see more of a member’s information and photos, you need to scroll down to the bottom.

On each profile section, there is a heart that users tap to indicate that they love a profile. Also, there is a hovering X at the bottom left side. This can be tapped when the user wants to move to the next profile.

With the tedious sign-up process in Hinge, fake profiles are hardly found. The site still expects its members to be cautious with users who may have bad intentions.

When users suspect a member to be having ill-intentions, the administrators advise blocking them by first reporting them. They also need to indicate a reason why they want to report them.


Everyone is held accountable when it comes to safety measures. All the users are expected to uphold values such as respect, equality, and kindness. The website administrators take strict actions when people break specified rules on the platform.

Also available are the support representatives who assist customers whenever they face a problem. The website requires its members to be more empowered to judge and take safety precautions when meeting strangers.

You should not consider an online partner as a relative. Make a move of informing a friend or a relative when going out for a date. Let them be aware of where and when the date is scheduled. Important to note is that your first date ought to be in a public place.

Verification of Users

On both platforms, new users have to undergo a verification process.

  • Hinge: Verification is done through a mobile number.
  • Bumble: The members are verified through a phone number or a Facebook account.

Fakes or Scam

While the platforms do their best to erase fake profiles and scams, it is difficult to eliminate all risks at once. For example, users are warned against sending money to strangers or sharing their financial information with anyone on the apps.

Pricing Policies

Both the platforms provide users with free subscriptions to their members. Since the introduction of premium services, the apps started monetizing some of their special features. Members have to subscribe to a given membership plan to browse them.


Hinge encourages serious online daters who want long-term commitments to sign up for their premium option.

It provides users with different payment standards as follows:

  • One month subscription at 12.99 dollars.
  • Three months subscription at 20.99 dollars. This option allows users to pay a minimum of 6.99 dollars per month.
  • Six months subscription at 29.99 dollars. Members who subscribe to this enjoy a reduced payment of 4.99 dollars a month.

Upgrading your membership on Hinge provides the following:

  • They can talk with relationship experts who are able to handle any challenging dating questions.
  • They can send unlimited likes, hence stand a possibility to win twice as many dates.
  • They can see everyone who favorited them.
  • Ability to set their advanced preferences such as vices, family plans, politics, and education.


Bumble app costs 9.99 dollars a month. Customers can, however, extend the validity of matches beyond twenty-four hours. The feature also allows premium users to get the ability to see the individuals that like them.

Free Membership

Users enjoy various features for free.


  • Ability to give up to ten likes per day.
  • Users have access to standout and discover feeds.
  • There is unlimited messaging with mutual matches.
  • A filter potential matches with selected filters.
  • The users enjoy one free rose every Sunday.


  • Free members can also create their profiles.
  • Members are given match suggestions.
  • People can use the communication services.
  • Users are awarded one rematch on expired connections.
  • The app does not require any fee to download.

Final Thoughts: The Winner is …

GOOD FOR ladies who prefer taking first step
GOOD FOR finding love

These two platforms have tried to ease online dating. If you are tired of continuously dating and want to give it a final try, then Hinge is the best and last option for you. Its features are so amazing that it will also help you conceal your secrets.

However, for members who are not yet tired and want to explore more options, Bumble serves them better.

Bumble is also a good choice for those who want to meet more respectful, mature, friendly, and kind people.

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